The Princess is Going on Strike


The Princess is Going on Strike Chapter 3

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Belfort nodded softly, wearing his signature business mask.

"Yes. It's not the whole shoes but if you step on the wet ground, water leaks from the bottom. I don't think it's a big deal when I'm training on cold grounds; although, the risk of frostbite increases if water leaks into your feet. So, I'd like to check if there was a problem with the manufacturing process."

“That’s weird. I don’t see anything wrong with the manufacturing process. If you said it occurred in the city, it could be an administrative mistake could it not?”

“The equipment is strictly under control of the knight’s headquarters. We’re taking care of any rust and defects.  In one case, water seeps into the weapons 1 out of 10 times. It’s not an easy matter to overlook.”


In response to Belfort's logical argument, Olden leaned back in his chair contemplating if he should be worried about the matter or not.

He gave me a meaningful yet criticizing look as he bowed his head to think but I didn't say anything when his gaze demanded an answer. 

As I hid under the mask and gazed at him quietly, Olden frowned at me.

Just as I was about to say something, Belfort spoke, “It happened with our military boots, but if there is a problem with its manufacturing process we will have to conduct inspections on all heavy armor, light armor and various other equipment. And if the problem persists we’ll ask for compensation immediately.”


If the military asks for compensation, the amount must be paid which could be a great deal. The amount of money that the military spends on maintaining its equipment for a year will create a large dent and it won't be affordable for the duke.

Looking at the two from afar, I laughed from under the mask. I was very comfortable because I don't have to lift a finger and he can't ask about anything unless it's about the leak. The situation flowed on its own with me staying quiet. This was a satisfactory peace.

I knew the answer to what Belfort was saying. As he said, it was a problem in the manufacturing process.

Some of the boots were defective because as the paintwork was being added to the boots, it was found out that some pieces did not fit the thread specifications.

And that’s not all, the same process was done to the full-plate mail and steel armor to save on manufacturing costs. The situation will be especially worse in armor, huh?

When I had delved into this matter, I found that a military official was turning a blind eye to corruption while receiving bribes and put the blame on us. Because of that the Brixia family were charged with everything.

I fixed it, but I finally understood at this moment that Olden was more incompetent and greedy than I thought.

I looked at the noisy Olden who also raised his head. 'Don't do anything,' his expression said. After giving the two a nod of acknowledgement, I got up from my seat.

My eyes were on him. Olden looked at me as if to say, 'What are you doing? Sit down.'

"I’m sorry to interrupt your conversation, but I’m not feeling well so I’ll go in first. I’ve tried to endure, but……I can’t stand it. I’m sorry.”


Unlike the bewildered Olden, Belfort nodded. I turned my back to Belfort, who acknowledged my suffering and exited the room.

I gave a low chuckle and muttered, “…Do it well.”

I wasn’t interested in whether or not this family is ruined

So I left the drawing-room, ignoring his bewildered eyes as if they were something rotten.

There was no need for help and no need for revenge. Incompetent Olden Brixia has done a lot of work on his own, and his ability to fix them was far from sufficient.

All he can do well was be arrogant and take what I accomplished as his own. A man like that will do as he pleases.

That's right, this was just a distraction from my ultimate goal.

By the way Olden, you don't have to keep believing that I’ll take care of it. I'm not interested.

“Where is your father and why did you come out alone?”

As I opened the door to the annex, I turned towards the one waiting outside the room.

He was Beritas, son of Olden, with a face that looked just like his father except for a few wrinkles.

He and I were as close as the rumors about us say.

“I don’t feel well.”

“Hooh, the monster knows it's hurt. First I ever heard of it.”

I came close and frowned at his way of looking down at me. I once feared and envied him for being acknowledged as Olden's child.

All he saw of me was a mask and he made it clear that he was glad I wore one so my dirty breath wouldn't infect his skin.

"I'm not a monster, I'm a person."

"You're a human with that hideous face?"

“Never mind.”

Beritas kept me in check. If you despise and fear me like my sister then he should avoid me, but this man always has something to say.

I'm positive he has some kind of rivalry with me.

And to mess with me, he would put words into action.

Although he always looked displeased when he steals the credit for any of my products, he wasn't the only incompetent member of the family..

I took a step back, avoiding his hand to trying to reach for my mask.

He smiled and followed after me reaching for my mask once again. He was always like this.

It was his attitude towards me.

While others desperately avoided my face as if it was a curse, Beritas often went on a rampage to see my face.

When that happened, insults and humiliation flew.

With his persistence I had no choice but to use force and I blocked his hand from reaching for my mask another time.

Tak, with the sound our hands hitting each other, his hand hovered in midair. His rotten and dirty hand.

The dumbass look on his face was pleasant. I rubbed the back of my hand and turned around.

“Don’t be so mean.”

With that, I closed the door to my room.


I knew it was him before the door opened. No, I wasn't hoping for his company but I was able to predict when this monster would get here.

I rose from bed, stepped on the floor, and stood up. As I stretched, the door opened and Olden came in red-faced and furious. 

"Oh, you crazy brat! Do you know what you've done now!"

I stared at him from under my mask. Seeing that his lips were dry, he seemed to have had a hard time making excuses with Belfort.

Well, it was his nature since he has an extremely hard time to admit and beg for forgiveness. He was an egotist and you would have to press him with authority and power to get an apology.

"You were sick? You were sick?! Do you know how much damage your family has suffered because of your actions?"

"Do you think I know?”

First of all, I couldn’t believe that the first thing he did was blame me, so my face broke out with a huge derisive grin. Of course, underneath the mask, so he wouldn’t have seen it.

“It’s my fault?”

“Yes. Do you think it’s my fault? Thanks to your sickness and your absence during the meeting do you know how many…”

He breathed deeply from his nostrils as he vented his anger.

“…….Hoooh, good. Well, yeah. I could see it. Dogs and cats crawling outside, and mosquitoes in the winter are crawling and rumbling, so monsters like you could get sick enough.”

He flashed his eyes and pointed his finger.

"But you shouldn’t have left the scene. You have to stop him at all costs. Do you understand?”

When I looked up at his eyes that pushed all his sins to me, I felt like I would explode in rage.

I wanted to spit on his face and tell him to get out right now. I was ten times more angry than he was, but this was something I couldn't reveal yet..

I had to put up with it now. I had to wait.

However, hiding my anger didn't mean I had to admit it was my mistake.

This incident was the result of his greed. He had cooked the books after modifying the budget I gave him to make a quick buck, and now he was insisting that it was my fault.

He was someone who thought that there was one person who could solve his problem and that genius-level 8 year-old was facing his wrath right now.

"Do you understand? I need you to meet Belfort and get this over with. Now! Otherwise, I won't take you to the banquet!"

I don't want to and I don't need to. Besides, the banquet? Are you seriously threatening me with a banquet when you know you'll abandon me and treat me like a monster?

Olden was mistaken. He might have thought that he could just scream, dismiss things like he did before, throw his food at me and still be welcomed.

But things were different now. I was going to refuse, but I suddenly had a thought.

What excuse did Olden make to Belfort? I wondered what kind of excuse his tiny brain could've produced.

“What did you say to Lord Belfort?”

I was positive I wouldn't like his next answer.

He looked at me scrutinizingly.

You don’t know what my face looks like behind this mask. You’re probably imagining an outbreak of tumors, aren’t you?

"I told him there was a misunderstanding and that you said there seemed to have been a mistake in the blueprints, so go admit your mistake and beg for forgiveness."


That was ridiculous. This was all your fault.

When you couldn't admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness, you blamed it all on my blueprints?

This meant that all the designs that I had planned in the beginning were wrong, and that it was my fault, by extension.

So you’re accusing me of something? This man was a genius at saving his own face, but only his own face.

You’re as mean and petty as I thought.

“Where is Lord Belfort?”

“Now that he’s out of the house, he’s probably still in the compound. I’ll send someone down to keep him here so go ask for forgiveness and settle this. Otherwise…….”

He gave a sarcastic smile.

“You won’t be able to go to the party.”

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