The Most Majestic You


The Most Majestic You epilogue part2

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The Most Majestic You

Epilogue Part 2

They met at the corner of the hallway.  Qianxi hugged his neck as usual.
“Why did you get up so early.  What’s for lunch? These young students are
really annoying. I always feel like I can eat a whole elephant whenever I
finishing teaching my classes.”

Xu Jimo stroked her head to comfort her.  “What do you want to eat? I’ll
take you there.”

Qianxi looked around to make sure that nobody was around, then whispered,  
“Let’s worry about lunch later. I’ll have dessert first.” She then stretched on
her tiptoes and closed her eyes.  She was waiting for Xu Jimo’s loving kiss.

But they were still at school after all, they couldn’t be too blatant.  He just
touched her lips very quickly. He lowered his voice, “What brand is your lipstick?”

“It’s just the one I bought at the duty free store at the airport last time. The
one my cousin went with me to buy.”

“It tasted a little bit unfamiliar.”

“How come?  I already used it several times.”  She complained, rolling her
eyeballs around in a circle.  “You can go pick my lipsticks then if you don’t like
the strange taste.  Lipstick has poison in it anyways. I’ll allow you to go pick
out the poison that you’ll be taking yourself.”

Xu Jimo squinted his eyes for three seconds, then kissed her again.

Qianxi, concerned that her students might see, began to weakly protest.  
“What…...are you doing…..”

“I’m taking the poison.”

Xu Jimo didn’t let go of her until the class bell rang.  A student passed by and
ran away bashfully…...They had been discovered!  The very little dignity she
had originally had suddenly dropped to the very bottom.  She couldn’t even
conduct herself properly in school now!

The student returned to the classroom and sent out a message while he was
still panting-- --”There’s no justice in the world.  He just came to one class but is
already kissing with the teacher…...I’m not ready for this.”

Qianxi hung on to finish the second class with reddish ears.

Surprisingly, after the class, the boys who usually ran out as fast as rabbits
unexpectedly remained in their seats, fidgeting. There were many students from
other classes watching outside her classroom as well.  Qianxi checked around,
fortunately most of them are boys.

One naughty boy in her class took out a mouse pad and ran to Xu Jimo.  “K god!
I’m your loyal fan! I was watching you play in competitions since middle school.  
I’m a die-hard fan. Please sign your name for me, it’s been a childhood dream of


Weren’t these students just four or five years younger than she?

She didn’t expect her students would come up with such an excuse.  She glanced
at Xu Jimo. Xu Jimo took the pen and looked at her calmly, asking  “Do I sign it?”

The student’s earnest and warm hearted eyes looked at her immediately.

Qianxi took out the roll call book silently and turned to the page of that boy.  She
nodded. “This student’s attendance isn’t bad.” She closed the book and smiled.  
“Sign it.”

Her classroom had turned into Xu Jimo fan meeting.  Only when the teacher of the
next class came in the classroom ready for the class, they were able to break away
from the crowd.

The friends circle of her class students exploded again-- --

“Can you believe that K god’s girlfriend is teaching in our school?”

“Be reasonable.  Luckily I stayed up all night last night and went to the class to catch
up my sleep.  Otherwise I would’ve almost miss K god’s signature. Can you believe it?”

“Damn.  How many classes have you ever gone to this semester?  Ms. Xiao Ye gives
out signatures based on attendance. You definitely have no hope.”


Qianxi dragged Xu Jimo to the outside of the building.  There were still several bold
men following them, trying to watch them.

She held her head in annoyance and ordered him.  “You can’t come to my class

But Xu Jimo had successfully changed the tide for her.  From this day on, the absence
rate in her class plummeted.  There were even many auditing students from other majors
that came to see the legendary K’s wife.  The one hundred student classroom was usually
not big enough. Even the hallway was crowded with students.  Finally, she banned any
student that wasn’t in her class from entering the classroom.

Qianxi felt pathetic for winning the favor of students through her family member…...So
when Xu Jimo came to school next time, she pushed him inside her own office, as if she
was hiding a bomb.

The shadow of the trees were whirling outside the quiet office in the early fall.  A light
breeze blew through the window carrying the faint voices and laughter of the young
students outside.

It’s the day of Qin Xiao’s company’s IPO.  She was the shareholder behind the scenes,
but she was sitting inside her office on campus enjoying a rare moment of quiet and calm
with him.

Qin Xiao sent her a message of victory on WeChat.  She said some sentimental words,
but in the end she said,  “Thank you. You helped me through the most difficult days in
the beginning.  If it were not for your belief in me that I would succeed, I would probably
not be standing here today.”

Who said she believed that she would succeed.

It was because that there was one man who brought her into that completely strange field.  
He made her believe firmly that there was another world outside the norm. There were
people who were stuck to their impossible goal and there were people who strove to reach it.

At the end, she sat at the place she had dreamed for a long time.  She found that his
dream also became her dream.

Qianxi prepared for the next class.  Xu Jimo who said he would keep her company
rested his head on her desk, taking a short nap.

She picked up the stack of handouts and silently stretched out her finger to poke at
his eyelashes.

It was a lengthy and quiet afternoon in a peaceful fall day.  The sunlight fell on his slim
and graceful eyelashes. It seemed that, for the next ten, twenty years, she would always
look at him fall asleep quietly like this.  He slightly opened his eyes and met her curved

Xu Jimo.

Thank you, for becoming my dream.

-------The End------

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