The Mightiest Leveling System

Other name: 最强升级系统; The Mightest Leveling System

Genre: Action, Adventure, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, Xuanhuan

Date released: 2015
Views: 1668627

Author: Da Hai Hao Duo Shui; 大海好多水

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Babel Realm

Have you ever seen exposing holy vein? Have you ever seen revealing a Divine Ranked Martial Technique? Have you seen all the women in the world go crazy for a man alone? “Carrying the dragon slayer on his shoulder and holding the Zhuge sword in his hands, he asked,” “Fuck, who else is there?” The nerd Long Fei brought a type of Striking System and teleported here. Killing monsters and levelling up, killing people as well as levelling up, suppressing the Three Realms and destroying all those who were unconvinced!

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