The Medical Expert's Companion

Other name: 神医侠侣

Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Wuxia

Date released: 2018
Views: 4660

Author: Tang Yin; 唐茵

Status: Completed

Translator: CatMeme6

If not for her jealous father’s dissatisfaction towards another person’s higher reputation, she would not have given him such a lethal poison. Although the victim was the widely praised skilled medical genius, she knew that he would not be able to cure himself. And if he could not get rid of the toxin in his body within half a month, afraid he will have to suffer a painful death as his visceral organs will rot to black. Any person told to have such an outcome, he/she would become extremely anxious. However he… he had maintained his ever-so gentle smile… as if he was sure she would be able to save him. Fine! It was her father that had caused all this! But in order to fully release all of the poison in him, she used too much of her internal force, causing her to faint. When she woke up, she had intended to leave, but she did not understand how and why she had agreed to stay with him. Watching from the sidelines, as he would always carefully diagnosed others, with goodwill, he would not charge the poor. Moreover, he would even gift them expensive medicine! …Such a benevolent man. But, why does he make decisions for her? He has the medical skills that can save millions, but she does not! What qualifications does he have to ‘want’ her to accompany him? ​

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