The Me Who Wants To Escape The Princess Training


The Me Who Wants To Escape The Princess Training Chapter 15

Since then, the prince stopped touching me.

Time passed comfortably like this.

But it doesn’t seem like I’m relieved about it.

“Letty, you’re extremely cute today as well.”

Clark-sama flirted me with a smiling face as we drank tea together.

That’s right, I made a mistake at that time.

I should have also told him then to stop flirting with me. Furthermore, I should have also told him to stop coming to this room when he doesn’t need to.

I’m extremely regretting it right now.

I thought of using those magic words once more, but if I do it over and over, I’m certain it’ll lose its effectiveness.

A mistake. That’s the only word I could use to describe this.

“Leticia, won’t you let me hear your beautiful voice?”

“I’d like to keep quiet instead, please.”

“That’s impossible.”

He grinned.

I went, ‘Huh?’ and let out a sigh in front of him. It was awfully disrespectful, but Clark-sama didn’t mind it.

“Leticia, you’re such a hard worker. I’ve always noticed that side of yours.”

“Is that so?”

I received the flirting that Clark-sama was doing as much as I could. From behind, Maria was fidgeting. A woman who loves other people’s love stories. There’s no helping that she’s interested in the conversations between me and Clark-sama.

I sighed once more as Clark-sama informed me what he liked about me with a smile.

◆     ◆     ◆

“And so, what do you think I should do?”

“Well, dunno.”

When I told that to Burikko, my companion for tea today, she answered in a disinterested tone.

“Just cling to him quickly, then run away.”

“That’s a little too careless.”

“By the way, I had bet that you’d cling to him.”

“Don’t bet on people.”

Despite telling her I’m offended, Burikko took a sweet with a nonchalant expression. And smiled at Maria as she poured her another cup.

“I had also bet the same thing!”

“I don’t remember you being into betting!”

Maria just smiled at what I shouted.

What did she teach this pure, and innocent child? Despite glaring at Burikko, she sipped her tea, pretending not to notice.

“I’m completely indifferent to your troubles. I’m more interested in a way to have your brother fall for me.”

“Just push your breasts onto him.”

“I’m not interested in your advice, knowing it’s you who’s giving it.”

‘So rude!’ I thought. My bad for answering ahead even though you didn’t ask for it!

“But, well, it seems impossible for you to flirt with the prince, right?”

“Why is that?”

I turned my gaze towards Burikko as she ate a sweet. She stuffed her cheeks with a nonchalant expression on her face.

“How do you love someone without flirting with them?”


“Moreover, let’s say you do flirt with him instead. The prince who’s so close to the edge might end up violating you.”

“I don’t want that!”

“Then make an escape route for it.”

I reluctantly nodded at what Burikko said.

But, well…

“I don’t want to agree with what you said though.”

“You’re picking a fight with me, aren’t you?”

“Maria, another cup.”

“Kindly listen to me, will you?!”

Let’s let out all my piled up stress on Burikko. Deciding that, I held the tea that Maria poured for me.

Hi guys, so this may come as a surprise, but we’ll be dropping this series. As for why, personally (as the translator), I’m just not getting enough fluff from here. I live off of fluff guys lol. Another is we’re just not feeling this series. If anyone wants to continue, feel free!


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