The Male Lead? I Don't Want Him


The Male Lead? I Don't Want Him Chapter 1

The hero of the novel was always faced with difficulties.

For example, he had to fight for power & control over his household, and he had to face a supporting character who tried to seduce him.

‘And the evil supporting character of this novel is me, Luna Pales.’

The male lead’s childhood friend and the female lead’s enemy.

A supporting character who dies after trying to seduce the male lead.

A woman who received more ‘You should’ve been more careful when you were alive.’ than ‘Rest in peace.’ at her funeral.

People may think that everything will be solved if I changed my mind and lived quietly. However, once I realized that I was such a character, the rumors had spread too far for me to go back.

So what I’m saying is, it’s much too late to do anything.

“Miss, you have a visitor. But, the thing is…….”

Luna could tell from her maid Laura’s words and expressions that the day had come.

Today was the day that the heroine’s friends would come grab Luna Pales by her hair and slap her face.

‘I should’ve recognized the name Fersen Rodrian right away.’

But who would realize that they’ve been reincarnated in a novel just by seeing a few names from that novel? And it wasn’t even a name that she remembered clearly, since she had read many novels, and the novel wasn’t particularly interesting either.

And she was too shocked by the fact that she had reincarnated with memories of her previous life that she had no room to think about people’s names.

So she had lived a satisfactory life without ever being suspicious of her own identity.

[We won’t just sit and watch if you continue to seduce Fersen Rodrian.]

A message written in blood that arrived one day made her face the truth.

Of course, it wasn’t like she went ‘I can’t believe I was the evil Luna Pales all along!’ right away.

After the message written in blood, there was a bunch of dead animal bodies left in front of her door.

Then a servant resigned due to a sudden fire.

The only carriage in the mansion broke, and the horses died from eating poisonous plants.

  • These incidents were familiar, and Luna was able to realize the situation she was put in.

So she put some distance between herself and Fersen and tried to drift away…….

Unfortunately, Fersen liked her too much as a friend, and ignored her request every time she told him to please get the crap out because she hated him.

So to put it simply- contrary to the rumors, everything was Fersen’s fault for being close to his female friend even after getting a girlfriend.

“We’re here to tell you something.”

More than ten women had come to the Baron’s mansion that was located at the edge of the capital. These women were the friends of ‘Seira Granada’, the heroine of the novel.

She wanted to pour ice water on them and tell them to leave as revenge for all the things they had done to her until now, but the poor Baron did not own any ice.

Luna handed the cardigan on her shoulders to her maid Laura and nodded.

“I’ll take you to the drawing room.”


She responded nicely but they didn’t seem to have any intention of being nice. The women, who were all dressed extravagantly, entered the mansion and began commenting on how poor the Baron’s family was.

“It’s so small.”

“Oh my goodness. Do you still refer to this place as a mansion? There isn’t a single decoration in here.”

“No, this is just an old house. It’s no different from the ones commoners live in.”

“Shouldn’t you just give up your title as a noble at this point? Since when was the Pales family still a part of nobility anyway? This is a disgrace to nobility!”

“That’s right. It’s so small that we can’t even bring our maids with us.”

“That’s probably why she’s trying to seduce Sir Rodrian.”

“I can’t forgive her!”

They were speaking loudly on purpose so that Luna could hear them. The women walked confidently into the drawing room after they were done cursing Luna to their satisfaction.

After the ladies entered the drawing room Laura quickly shut the door and looked around in confusion with Luna’s cardigan squeezed tight in her hand.

What in the world is going on?! Why is something so terrible happening to my kind lady?! Ahhh! What should I do?!

Luna could practically hear Laura’s thoughts, making her feel sorry.

‘Fersen, you dog-like bastard.’

‘Wait, I feel bad for the dog, so Fersen will just be Fersen.’ Luna corrected herself and looked down at her clothes.

‘A worn out dress that only commoners would wear……. They would definitely attack me for this.’

The dress didn’t even match the season, which was why she had been wearing a cardigan over it till now.

But it wasn’t like she owned any dresses or jewels.

Annoyed, Luna clenched her fist and loosened it a few times before entering the drawing room.

“Aren’t you going to offer tea or anything?”

“You’re quite rude.”

You guys are the ones who are rude. You’re visiting without any prior notice.

But if she said this they would attack her like a pack of dogs for sure, so Luna answered honestly.

“Because we don’t have any money.”


“As you can see, our family has no money. So we have tea, but no teacups. If you’re alright with using the servants’ cups, shall I serve tea?”

She wasn’t trying to annoy them. It was the truth that Baron Pales’ family was so poor that they could not even afford teacups used by nobility.

Their land was full of useless stones, meaning there were no taxes to collect from it, and the Baron, who had the worst luck ever, lost all the money he earned.


“Gosh, how annoying!”

The ladies all expressed their disgust at the fact that she couldn’t even afford teacups.

‘Who told you to all come over without prior notice?’

Luna wished they would hurry up and finish whatever they were here for and leave. It was uncomfortable for both her and the ladies anyway.

“It’s annoying to stay here any longer so we’ll just get to the point.”

Viscount Flora’s daughter, who was also the heroine’s closest friend, spoke as she fixed her flower hat.

“Don’t give Sir Fersen any more trouble.”


“Why are you getting close to someone who’s taken? Do you take satisfaction in making someone suffer? You should know that he only loves Lady Seira even if you get close to him like that!”

Her angry voice filled the entire room. The other ladies nodded in agreement once she was done.

“She’s right. Please stop! Why are you acting this way?”

“Lady Seira cries herself to sleep every night!”

“You should stop doing such terrible things!”

Look who’s talking. They were planning on killing me without anyone knowing too.

It was pathetic to see how they couldn’t say anything to Fersen but were putting all the blame on her.

There was one reason why Luna was still listening to all this nonsense. She was planning on using other people to get out of this mess since Fersen refused to listen to her.

Luna fell into her thoughts for a moment. She thought back to a few days ago, when she asked Fersen to cut ties with her.

“Hahaha, Luna. You’re still saying that? What do you mean people are getting the wrong idea? You’re too sensitive. Let’s stop fooling around and enjoy the cake.”

She was so annoyed that she landed a punch on him, but her weak fist did no damage.

Although Luna declared to cut ties multiple times, Fersen continued to visit her, making her burst in rage. It was at a point where she had to make an extreme choice like this. He really was a piece of garbage.

“I hate it too.”

“......What did you say?”

“I hate being with Sir Fersen too. If possible, I would like to live as if he didn’t exist.”

Since telling Fersen directly was useless, it was necessary to announce publicly that she had no interest in him.

The ladies made frustrated expressions at Luna’s response, since it was the complete opposite of what the rumors said.

“Then why don’t you just stay away from Sir Fersen?! Why are you setting yourself up for this situation then pulling out last minute?!”

“You guys are mistaken. I’m not the one trying to be close to him. I’ve actually been trying to avoid him. I even told him multiple times to please get the crap out.”

She had already tried all the possible ways of rejection out there. If she was strong enough, she would’ve beat him up to get the rejection through his head.

But Fersen ignored all of Luna’s rejections and visited her again, thinking that everything she said was a joke. He was so persistent that she had to make this extreme choice.

The ladies in front of her didn’t even understand anything, and yet here they were, taking their anger out on Luna because of a misunderstanding.

Feeling wronged, Luna spoke in a taunting tone.

“Why don’t you go find Sir Fersen and tell him DI.RECT.LY to cut ties with me? Why are you throwing a tantrum at me? We wouldn’t have this issue if he didn’t act out of line, would we?”

“What did you just……!?”

The ladies could not say anything at Luna’s refute.

Luna couldn’t feel more satisfied. After pouring out all the words she had prepared since before, Luna got up.

It was time to end this meeting, since nothing more than cursing and swearing would go between them.

Luna opened the door of the drawing room and asked the shocked ladies to leave.

“I don’t want someone like Fersen even if you beg me to take him, so stop coming here. I’d rather take the psychopathic Anthes Vincent over him. Laura! The guests are leaving, so please see them out.”

Luna bent her knees and bowed in goodbye before leaving the shocked ladies, who were too shocked to even cover their open mouths with their fans, behind.

“Sh-she’s crazy!”

“What did you say!?”

“Stop right there!”

Because their target of anger had suddenly disappeared, the ladies’ shrieks filled the lower floor for a long time.


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