The Magnificent Battle Records of A Former Noble Lady


The Magnificent Battle Records of A Former Noble Lady Chapter 20

She who is Special

It was not supposed to be like this.

No. Things were not supposed to turn out this way.

"…Ugh, never mind."

She mutters and sits on the ground.

The sun was high in the sky, but the forest was thick with trees, making it slightly dim where she sat.

She hugged herself and closed her eyes tightly.

"It's not right! I am the 'protagonist,' and yet that woman was acting so arrogant!! In the first place, who is this 'Creutz'? There was no such character in the game. That woman was not supposed to make an appearance after being exiled from the country, so why was she here again!! It should be 'him' that comes with Alhart!! So why is that woman…!?"

It was time for her pent-up discontent to be unleashed.

A nearby bush rustled loudly.

She forced her stiffened body to move as she turned towards the bushes; a few seconds elapsed. Then all at once, the bushes shook with a great motion and a person appeared from within.

Dark brown hair and eyes of the same color. The person had a ponytail that went slightly past shoulder length and a face that…one might describe as incredibly average-looking.

A traveler perhaps. There was a short sword hanging from a belt, and the clothes looked like they would be easy to move in. The bag hanging from the stranger’s shoulder was fairly large.

The person's eyes met Akari's and blinked dumbly, but even so, she could not clearly make out the gender of this stranger.

"Ah, ummm? You, what are you doing in such a place?"

The voice that addressed her was neither high nor low in pitch, it did not make the distinction any clearer.


"I am 'Uto.' 'Uto Alzaidar.' And you?"

"…I am Akari."

"That's a pretty name. Akari, why are you in a place like this?"


Smiling wryly at Akari's refusal to give an answer, Uto sat down next to her.

"You, I suppose you're running from someplace…from something?"

"!? Why, how did you…"

Akari couldn't help but cry in surprise at how accurate the guess was; Uto laughed.

“The thing is, I’ve traveled all around the world and met many 'troubled’ people. And so I can tell. There is 'trouble’ with you, and you have also 'fled’ from it.”


"Well, it's nothing to worry about."


"I think it is fine to run when you want to. There is no need to force yourself to do things you don't want to, or cannot do. In return, you should do the things you can do with everything that you have."

"No need to force yourself…"

"Yes. You should just ignore the extreme expectations of others."


Akari's eyes blinked several times before tears began to surface.

"Huh, huh!? What is the matter!? Have I said anything to upset you so much!?"

"No, it's not… I'm just, so happy…"

The looks that Akari had received from those around her had changed while going on this journey.

The king, prince, and citizens expected a 'Saintess.’ Those that accompanied her as guards would not protect her if she was just 'Akari.’

It wasn't about whether she could or could not. She must.

Akari had been confused by this 'world' that was so cold and cruel, a world that she had never once been a part of before. But now she was forced against her will.

They told her that they had no need of a Saintess who refused and ran; they said that they would abandon her.

No one. Not one single person had given Akari a way out.

And so she was happy. Happy at such kind words that were not directed at the Saintess, but at her. It just made her so happy.


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