The Magician Wants Normality


The Magician Wants Normality Volume 2 Chapter 9.2

Chapter 9.2

Extra Episode 2 (Perspective of the Village Daughter)

The village’s daughter viewpoint of the main volume around ch.5-8.

When Mizuki thought ‘So……….so, where was my rival when necessary? The huge amount of ladies with whom yesterday was fascinated with him, why aren’t they here?’ Back circumstances of a remark.

Not only there was a helping hand, but also outside the moat was filled by them.


I saw the amazing handsome knight.

His gold white hair though dull.

His very nice green eye.

It was rumored from everyone that he was a prince who totally appear out of a fairy tale.

So a ‘fairy tale’ it should be and I, only a reader.


I should give up on this love.


That day, it was a good weather.

It was scary at first, but after just a few days, it went back to normal.

I was amazed at the state itself, but I was glad that the village didn’t really change.

Since I was grateful to the two who came from the next village that it was able to be so.

The friendly doctor who often make round visiting the surrounding village was Mr. Gordon.

‘An injury should be cured early.’

So to say, he was always using healing magic free of charges. Someone had said that there were no cases for the doctor who can use healing magic failing to get work in towns. Because he does it at no cost, absolutely nothing,

I heard that this time, he brought one more person.

I waited expectantly, but what happened…………..was terrible.

The criminals who surprise attack us seems to have been assassins aiming at the knight who came to the village a few days ago.

As a female who can only do so much, I fled.

The uncle who they had protected suffer an injury, and when we all were at lost, the doctor soon arrived. We were surprised that not only the criminal was tied but also the knights had been too.

When I asked the doctor to see who did it, he told me it was the mage that accompanied him.

…………I didn’t want to believe my ears.

I mean, by far, the mage was shorter than me by height and seem to be the same age as me. The petite mage whose eye is almost as black as her raven-black hair………..I thought whether she was a noble or not.

She was beautiful, but was very strong.

The knights who had even apologized to the lecturing, including the chief who heard her murmuring about lese majeste had both fainted.

As for the mage who was slightly militant………… was quite frightening to a point of respecting her.

But, when the night fall, you can go to sleep knowing this person was protecting the village. Because that person was a kind person who was angry for us.

Then after one day had passed, the white knight came for a few days.

It probably the doctor who had informed them at the castle, which I heard the two talking about it.

There wasn’t any expectation that the ladies here would squeal and flirt to the wonderful knight.

Somehow, there were even children who would speak to him only to be stop by his greeting.

Except for one person.

A beauty and the famous village mayor’s granddaughter, who had a reputation of being self-centered, was also asking rudely to the cold knight if there was a favorite among them.

If it was this person, who works at the castle, I don’t think a country peasant girl would consider a rival when comparing to a beautiful princess who might be their partner, don’t you thin


But the knight answers the question with a goofy grin.

‘I already set my heart on the raven-black mage.’

Perhaps it was a lie to fool her in backing down but it only fuels her anger. Because she thought the word he said wasn’t true and that was when she cursed the mage.

‘Why would you go for such a woman whose only ability is her magic! She’s just a horrible witch!’

At that moment, the grin disappears from the knight.

Involuntarily, everyone had fallen silence and the blond knight stare at her with such coldness while saying,

‘She isn’t like you who badmouth behind other people back. Don’t you say so, with only a body that you benefited?’

‘And if she didn’t do what she had done, who do you think would had done it? How many would’ve survived? Such a shameless person, give me a break.’

‘And, insult her further…and I’ll personally punish you with my ability as a noble.’

He was a kind person. No, I thought he was a kind.

But, I realized the gentleness were directed to us was through the mage.

Because we were the people the mage was protecting.

Because she didn’t like somebody’s dying.

She treated us kindly and I understood it clearly.

After all, the knight gentle smile and calming words……..which directed to the mage was everything ‘the real thing’.

From that expression, it’s impossible to be conceited.

The girl who bad mouthed came to have nobody.

Finally when it came time for them to leave the village……the white knight embrace the mage happily.

She seems to be annoyed at it but doesn’t shake it off.

They seem to had various problem lying ahead don’t they, I wish you all the best—when the knight turn his gaze to me who was deep in thought, he smile calmly.

Even if it was different when he smiles at the mage, it was a genuine smile.

Please, mage…..please protect the white knight.

And if it possible, please become happy——-

Ignorance is bliss to those who doesn’t know the truth.

The maiden is supporting the relation between protagonist and the white knight without malice.


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