The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 9 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 : A Man's Romance

Weed gently opened his eyes and saw a bonfire burning nearby.

"Are there any survivors?"

Although he had no more strength and had little health left, he did not die.

-You have caught a cold

Physical strength has decreased by 36%
Skill effects have decreased by 40%.
With some rest, your body will stabilize and return to normal.

The vestiges of the cold still remained in the body. If you overburden yourself, the chance of the cold returning was high.

He overcame the cold that he thought he was going to perish from.
The warm heat started to fill up the cave.

'The cold air is coming in?"

He saw the ceiling of the cave was collapsed, completely blocking the entrance with large rocks.

"These imprints are?"

Trembling, Weed confirmed the ceiling had collapsed.

When he confirmed that the ceiling had collapsed, Weed trembled out of terror.

A strong skill had completely destroyed it.

'She fully intended to bury me alive!'

As if force feeding him with food is not enough, she wanted to bury him alive.

Weed laid bare his chest.

"Somehow, I'm alive. Escaping was too difficult to do."

The entrance was completely blocked and although he used his Sculpting Skills to cut through the rocks and metals little by little, escape seemed impossible.

In the worst case scenario he could call out to Bingryong. No matter how feeble-minded Bingryong was, these rocks could easily be cleaned up.

The area was still clogged with rocks, and was not big enough for a person to fit through, but you could breathe fresh air through it.

Suddenly, Weed had other concerns.
"Alveron! What has happened Alveron?"

Similarly, Alveron suffered from a severe cold.
Priests had various skills which provide a lot of support.

Moreover, he was a Pope Candidate for the Church of Freya. If he died there would be serious repercussions.

Not only would he fail the quest, but he would also lose his contribution points to the Church of Freya.

That would be the worst outcome.
"He absolutely cannot die!"

Weed went further into the cave to check on Alveron's condition who was lying nearby.

"You're alive."
Weed examined his condition and was relieved.

Alveron who survived the cold, had a smile on his face. Despite that, it wasn't a good enough reason to ignore his cold.

He saw an odd shape on the ground.
Weed touched it by tapping it with his foot.

"What the hell is this?"

The ground was covered with a long thick mantle. It was the mantle he had not seen in awhile, but it had something baggy in it. It was in the shape of a human.

"I don't think it's a monster?"

Weed was surprised to see a cloak peaking out.
Weed was surprised on what he saw after peeking under the mantle.

Seoyoon was covered in cold sweat under the mantle!

Weed speculated.

"Although she did not bury me alive, she tormented me instead."

When he was laying down with a cold, she could have harassed at any time.
What a wicked trick!
Alveron, who was taking care of Weed, also caught a cold, leaving all his responsibilities to Seoyoon.

She spent countless hours outside in the snowstorm to collect firewood. She thought that Weed and Alveron might die, so she made them food, but forgot to make one for herself. In the midst of things, she felt her physical body weaken.

A slight feeling of a cold.
If she went back to rest, she would not get sick enough to be incapacitated.

However, Alveron was okay up to a certain extent, but Weed was at the brink of death, so she watched him throughout the night and nursed him. She replaced the cloth on his head with a cool one, and stoked the fire.

Because she was not able to rest, Seoyoon's cold became worse and then she collapsed.
Weed thought of different situations and came up with a theory.

"I'm sure it was to harass me!"

Anyway, he was alive.

Weed took cooking tools out of his backpack. He was going to create food that will supplement his stamina.

This was a good time to cook.
Weed used Eel, Sashimi, and Goldfish to make the soup.

Bouillabaisse. (It's a name of a French Dish. )

Eels, and several other fishes were some of the ingredients used to create this French Specialty. Eating this healthy dish is exceptional when it comes to increasing digestion.

In the proper home, one could experience the rich taste of seafood, but because they did not have the necessary equipment, the dish was incomplete.

Weed looked at the sick Alveron and Seoyoon and fed them the Bouillabaisse.

"Now I feel a little better."

Extreme selfishness!

A man who cooks and eats his meals alone loses his appetite, and, because he becomes apathetic, it becomes harder to eat.

But you should always eat delicacies alone!
If destroying an apple tree would end the world, weed would still eat the apples

If he had to choose between destroying the world or to plant an apple tree, Weed would immediately choose the Apple tree and eat all of its fruits by himself.

You have regained your stamina and vitality.

Bouillabaisse increases cold resistance by 15%. Weed divided the food between Alveron and himself.

"Eat this, so you can regain your health faster. Then we can resume working."

After that was Seoyoon.

"I will definitely repay my debt."

Revenge for being fed food that was difficult to eat.

Weed sprinkled the remaining salt, red pepper paste, and garlic into the remaining Bollabaise. But he became heartbroken when he saw Seoyoon's face.

She caught a cold and was unconscious but even asleep her face was incredibly beautiful.

Her clear skin was completely free of blemishes.
A high nose and red lips.
Beads of sweat covered her nose and forehead.

How perfectly her neck and collarbone line up!
No matter where, there is not a single ugly spot.
Complete harmony was achieved in her exhilarating beauty!

Charm flowed from her eyes, which were slightly open due to her dizziness.
Seoyoon held a fairy-like beauty even while sleeping.

'I'll endure for now. No matter how it was prepared, I lived by eating her food. And I suppose there was a reason the precious seasonings were wasted.'

He lifted Seoyoon's upper torso and tipped spoonfuls of the Bouillabaisse into her mouth. Weed felt his heart clench while looking at the Seoyoon who was eating with her eyes closed.

'Even though I only have to get revenge... Even though I had to eat that disgusting food...'

He ate and rested that day.
It was to recuperate his fallen stamina, which was due to the sickness.

Weed felt refreshed after resting completely for a day. However, because Seoyoon and Alveron were still lying down due to their severe fever, Weed could not resume his activities.

'This awful cold. It still hasn't gone away.'

The power of the Valley of Death.

It was an even harsher place because they had to fight, not only the monsters,but also the cold.

For now he would cook food little by little until his body returned to normal, and would rest while carving some sculptures.

The romantic scene of carving a sculpture of Seoyoon's sleeping form in a small cave.

'This isn't too bad.'

Weed was content as he was. Afterall, it was not common to be able to sneak a look at the sleeping form of a girl as beautiful as Seoyoon.

He was sleeping in the same place with a beauty, and also the happiness of feeding her three meals a day while supporting her head. Weed was enjoying the situation every man dreamt of.

After regaining her consciousness, Seoyoon tried not to eat due to her embarrassment. Her cheeks were bright and red and she was quickly blinking her eyes. She was clearly trying to oppose her caretaker, but Weed would not back down.

As much as he had been through, he did not want to seem like a pushover.

"You already ate this earlier."

Since it was already cooked, he had no choice but to give it to her!
The woman was one of the many temptations to men.

'Only her hands are small and fine.'
It'll be a brilliant strategy to try and use its effects.

Seoyoon slightly parted her lips and ate the food that she was fed.
After feeding her a few more times, she became used to being fed.

'Even though I fed her often yesterday.'

Weed recalled the past again.

After his parents' death, he directly raised his younger sister. While the age gap between the two siblings wasn't very wide, back then it was large.

When his younger sister was younger, the biggest problem was food. They did not have decent side dishes, and, when times got really tough, they ate rice sprinkled with salt at night.

In most families as poor as his, sought aid from the government or social welfare services. They usually provided the most basic necessities to survive.

However, the government usually gave only very basic supplies, like rice.

The people who controlled the economy were pessimistic about the impoverished grandmother and the two young siblings living together with her.

That was why, in order to send them to an orphanage or to split them up through adoption, they did not provide support.

Thanks to that, they only had rice and salt to eat.
Of course, the younger sister tried to not eat.

"Eat. If you eat something, your stomach will at least be full."

As he said this, Weed gained the responsibility of feeding her.
Weed unknowingly began to feed Seoyoon the food kindly. He also stroked her hair.

"Eat a lot."

Seoyoon instantly became stiff!

After she ate her meal without saying anything, she laid down and slept again. Facing the wall, she had no need to say anything while her face became redder than a ripe persimmon.

- Big brother, what are you doing right now?

Just then, a whisper came from his younger sister.

Weed was as surprised like a criminal getting caught red-handed. It was because of Seoyoon's presence. Although this was due to a quest, he would never be caught with a girl alone, even in his dreams.

If one meets a girl, it will take up money. Luxury and pleasure, an easy way to overspend.

'In order to save even a bit more, you have to live as a bachelor.'

It was Weed's outlook on life. That was how much he distanced himself from women while growing up.

His younger sister was the center of Weed's life. That was how much he distanced himself from women while growing up.

Weed answered his little sister.

- I'm in the middle of exploring.

Typically, people had to meet up and add each other as friends before being able to whisper to each other. However, family members were able to immediately send and receive whispers.

- Exploring? Is it related to a quest?
- That's right.
- What kind of quest is it?

Yurin showed a great deal of interest.
Because it had not been long since she had first started Royal Road, she was buried in quests.

- Hm, It's nothing much. I'm traveling around a bit in the North.

- The North? I had heard that there was barely anyone who was able to go up there, and the people here say the same thing? That it's a place that is too cold to bear. Are you okay, big brother?

- Of course. If it's about this cold, I can take off my coat due to the heat. I even broke some ice and took a bath a little while ago. Ah-choo!

- Big brother, didn't you cough just now?
- No, what are you talking about! It's so hot that I'm dripping sweat from my forehead.

Weed stoked the fire and went closer and sat down while talking.
Bluffs and bravado.

Even if he was to die, he would never show weakness in front of his little sister. He wanted to leave behind the impression of a strong older brother.

- I see; if you're doing a quest in the North, it must be hard.
- No, something of this level is nothing. I was always doing quests of this difficulty.

Huhu. Weed laughed haughtily.

- Then, what kind of quests are you doing?

- I'm looking for the 'Valley of Death' in the North and investigating the treasure it holds, and I'm sowing seeds. More importantly, hasn't it been 4 weeks for you as well? Can you leave the city now?

- Yeah, today marks the 4th week.

- Congratulations. It looks like you can now travel the wide continent of Versailles to your heart's desire. Take care to not underestimate even a rabbit. And don't bother the wolves, because they're strong.

- Thanks, big brother. I'll take care.
- By the way, what's your profession?

Weed slyly planted some expectations in her.

What kind of era is the current era? Most families were usually dual income. It was a world where a family could not survive with one source of income! The truth was Weed, alone, could send his sister to university, and was earning enough to support their current lifestyle. He showed his frugal mind through making whatever he needed, and sold all of his items. In addition to the ad revenue he collected through quests and the Hall of Fame, the revenue from the gold made him rather rich.

However, if they became a dual income family, they could look forward even more money than they had.

'I'd be glad if it wasn't a weird profession like mine.'

His little sister answered.

-My profession! I got it from this chain quest that I obtained through a very unusual association. Can you believe that I got it through a quest the owner of the restaurant gave me after I finished washing the dishes?

- I see.

Suddenly, the quest the Instructor gave him came to mind. The chain quest he obtained while he was eating the Instructor's lunchbox.

- That's how I obtained the profession of 'Aqualight Painter.'

Weed's face turned grave.

- Aqualight Painter?
- Yeah. It's a Hidden Profession.
- ...

Weed felt as though the world had collapsed.

'It seems like our fate won't allow us to obtain a normal profession!'

Aqualight Painter.
Just hearing the name made the jobs that could earn a fortune unobtainable.

At least with an adventurer related profession, like Grave Robber, one could obtain some items and earn some money. However, without fail, both siblings ended up with an art related profession. And, in the case of the younger sister, the title of "Legendary" was not even applied.

'I can earn money on my own. It wasn't like I had big expectations from the beginning. If it's a job that she can have fun with, it's okay.'

However, the art related professions was atypical, so his little sister could have sufficiently enjoyable travels.

- More than that, I hate the cold, so I guess it would be too much for me to go there?
- It will most likely be hard. If your Vitality is low, then you will immediately freeze to death.

- I see.
- However, don't be disappointed. I'll introduce you to some people who can help you.
- Who are they?

- The Geomchis. If it's those people, they can probably help you a lot. The Geomchis are currently wandering around continent, undergoing undisciplined training. If you contact them, they'll put all other things aside and come running to help.

- Those guys can probably give you some fitting basic beginner equipment. I will settle the debt afterwards, so don't worry and get what you want.

- Yeah, I got it. But big brother, didn't you say that you had friends that you often went hunting with?
- Are you talking about Pale-nim, Irene-nim, and Surka?
- Yeah, introduce those people to me too.

- Of course I'll introduce you. I'll tell them to contact you later. Although, as things are, they can't meet you since they're far away.

- The distance doesn't matter... Anyway, I got it. Then, I guess I should go out of the castle. I'll whisper you later.

- Alright, be careful of the rabbits.
- Yeah, don't worry about me and take care of yourself.

After Weed finished talking to his younger sister, he brought some firewood to feed the campfire with, while trying to be care so that even his footsteps did not make any noise. Even while he was cooking some food, he spent extra time to make sure that he did not make any noise. Only when he was sculpting could a small sound be heard.

In this way, while , two weeks past and Alveron's body recovered.

"Weed-nim, I am ashamed."
"Don't worry, it's okay."
"Since my stamina has recovered somewhat, I think I can exert some divine power."
"Oh, that's a relief."

Weed nodded his head.

If one had private access to healing magic, it was much easier to get rid of diseases.

"O goddess Freya, please cleanse away the pain and distress of these who follow you and depend on you. Cure Disease."
Alveron first used a disease cure magic on Weed.

Due to holy power, the physical resistance ability toward sickness increases.

Most sickness can be healed.
The cold is healed.
Physical ability returns normal.

Resistance against colds permanently rises by 2%
Resistance against ice magic permanently rises by 0.2%.

Along with being healed from the cold, Weed gained a bit of permanent resistance against it.
Alveron used the same disease cure magic on Seoyoon and himself.
Since they had the cold more severely than Weed, it didn't cure them completely.

But after eating food that was good for health and resting for a day, they could move around again.

"It was the worst cold ever."

Weed moved the boulder that was blocking the cave entrance.
Now, it was time to make the monsters of the Valley of Death taste bitterness.

* * *

Zephyr yawed.
"Huaam! So boring."

"Still, you're hunting a lot," Hwaryeong said as she braided her hair in two plaits.
"Not like we used to. It was real fun when hunting with Weed-nim."
"True, it was just an endless repetition of charging and charging."
"When I think back to it, I feel as if my body is still covered with bandages."

The death hunt they did for eight days when they were with Weed and Geomchis! The terrifying memory of intense labour was becoming beautified as time went by.
After that, most hunting didn't feel tiring.

Looking at a mob of Skeleton Knights running toward them, Romuna snorted

"Something like this is a piece of cake."
"I don't feel the excitement like I used to," Surka said, as she punched Skeleton Knight's face with her cutesy fists.

The tension that makes one's spine and neck chill!
Such tension had disappeared.

Now, they chat while hunting monsters and even when monsters pop out from somewhere while they're resting, they don't get surprised.

Romuna, the magician, moves between monsters, binds them and casts magic.
Pale's arrows never miss, and he can shoot three arrows at the same time and make them hit different targets.

In Hwaryeong's case, she can now fix her make-up when fighting a monster.
Zephyr said, "Irene-nim. It's boring. Bless the monsters. I think I'm going to fall asleep from boredom."

"Yes, I will. I was going to for skill mastery. The strength that burns one's fighting will, will bring out the strength that exceeds one's limit. The whole party will strengthen."

Irene raised the monsters' strength.
She raised their ability by 20%.

Even though a priestess raises a monster's strength, no additional experience points are given, nor do any special items drop.

Just for fun.
To have more fun fighting, Irene and her party raised the monsters' ability.
Seechwi's face turned blue.

'You monsters!'

She never thought she was weaker than anyone else.
But, Skeleton Knights are monsters over level 320. They're not easy to hunt even when in a party.
They were hunting such monsters in a very dangerous way.

Seechwi became very alert.
"Unni, now."
"Yes, alright! ChiChik!"
On Surka's signal, Seechi dived into the group of Skeleton Knights.

To someone with a low level like her, she could only pick up items.
Picking up items while moving between Skeleton Knights!

Because of the huge number of monsters, it wasn't very easy. And since they didn't succeed in every hunt, they had to get all the items when they were available.

Although she had Orc Commander as her job, her Charisma or Leadership stat didn't give much to benefit the party because of their large level difference.

Only to the point of raising physical damage by 3% and recovery rate by 2%!

Her ability would've had a bigger effect if she was leading Orcs, but she was the only Orc in the group.

* * *

But who would have thought that a sister-like girl painter would want to beat cute rabbits mercilessly?

"Die, die!"

When rabbits resisted, Yurin used her feet to beat them up.
They worked for money during the day, and hunted at night.

Hunting at night was to gather more experience points.
But to Yurin who was a painter, her life and attack wasn't very strong. It was hard for her to hunt just a rabbit.

"Hunting is harder than I thought."
After hunting a rabbit, she rested.

Before she levelled up, hunting was hard for her even when she had good equipment.
At that time, she got a whisper from Pale.

- Hello. I'm Pale.
- Yes. Hello.

Yurin politely greeted him. She always acted politely towards people she didn't know.

- You're Weed-nim's sister, right? I'm a friend of Weed-nim who hunted with him ever since we were beginners.

- Ah, the one who is skilled at shooting arrows!

- Hahaha! Seems like Weed-nim already told you about me. Skilled at shooting arrows, that's an overstatement. Did he say anything else?

- Yes, he told me never to tease you. That you're very timid.
- Ah, is that so. I'm a bit timid. Other than that...?
- I heard you sometimes play alone digging in the ground.
- Kuuk!

Yurin had fun talking with Weed's friends. The polite, gentle way he talked gave her the feeling that he was a nice person.

'Still, to hunt with Oppa, even I didn't get to do that yet.'

Out of jealousy, she played a prank that had no ill intention.
But she was smiling, enjoying it.

- Anyway where are you?
- Rhodium
- You're at the city of artists. We're at Yuroki Mountains.

It'll take about a week to get there.

- You're coming here?
- Of course. If there's anything we can help with, we will.
- You don't have to. I'll go over there.
- Sorry?
- Could you explain the surrounding?

Yurin took out charcoal and paper and readied herself to draw.
Pale became speechless at Yurin's absurd idea.

Just how long did it take to come from Rhodium to Yuroki Mountains?
Plus, because monsters came in groups, it wasn't somewhere a beginner could go.
Still, Pale answered Yurin's questions.

- Behind us, there are two tall trees. There's a boulder in front of us. It's a normal boulder, light grey in colour.
- What's the ground around you like?

- There are a lot of weeds around. There are also plenty of wildflowers, there's more on the right side. A mountain we can see far away that isn't very steep, and it has lots of trees. There's the Dark Elves' Castle after going over about two mountains.

- Weather?
- Clear. There are some clouds though.

Pale was confused even when he was explaining the surrounding.

"Pale, what're you doing?" Romuna asked
"I don't know. Yurin-nim is asking me to describe the surrounding, so I'm describing it for her."
"Is she that curious of this place?"

Romuna tilted her head, unable to comprehend.

Judging solely by the scenery, the place was quite extraordinary. When the sun came up in the morning and went down at night, there was nothing more beautiful.

The mood when it fogs over or rains was great. Looking at the rain forest, one can fall into one's own thought.

To those who are sensible, it was best place to spend their time.

Zephyr approached Pale.
"But what is her voice like?"
"Is her voice gentle?"

Zephyr, who didn't have a girlfriend yet, was naturally curious about Yurin.

'If she's Weed-nim's younger sister, she would have strong ability to maintain livelihood. She wouldn't starve me in any situation.'

So far, he had met various women.
Beautiful, confident women!

Still, they were busy giving their numbers when they learned of Zephyr's background. Zephyr didn't want to meet women like that again. A woman he can meet heart to heart without a care for money or status.

Like naive heart of a man who just started dating, he wanted to make a girlfriend.
Pale looked at Zephyr as if he pitied him.
There were things that cannot be done even with a handsome face, sharp eyes, and elaborated speech.

"I'm sorry. Zephyr-nim"
"To prepare for such a situation, Geomsamchi-nim told me."

Zephyr's heart became heavy.
He remembered Geomsamchi's angular face and muscles.

He was a man scarier in real life than in Royal Road. If there was an Orc in real life, the one who would be able to catch it with ease, would be Geomsamchi.

"What did he say?"
"I will relay the message as it is. If anyone dares to touch Yurin, he'll kill him."

"Geomshachi said more than that. He said that if a man makes Yurin cry, he'll break his spine."

"Geomwuchi and Geomwubakchi also said something along those lines..."
Zephyr wanted to block his ears.

"I-I can't dare hear them."
Pale looked at him as if he pitied him.

"It's hard for me to say them as well. I don't want to remember them either. So when I heard something I just added them up in numbers."

"Death 309 times, vegetable state 68 times, at least a month stay in hospital 93 times, lower-body paralysis 30 times, deaths that I cannot describe twice. Something that's not alive neither dead... If you still want to, I can tell you what Yurin-yang's voice was like though."

Zephyr would give up on Yurin completely.

His confidence to approach Yurin, who is like a sister to Geomchis, vaporized.
Additionally, if he thought carefully, Yurin was Weed's sister by blood.

If he considered the continual revenge coming from Weed unlike simple, short revenges from Geomchis, she was someone he absolutely could not approach.

Based on Pale's description, Yurin painted. Her drawing skill wasn't very good. Rather than art or music, she was someone who only focused on studying academics. Although she didn't have exceptional talent or sense; she tried to be as descriptive as possible.

She considered overall positions as well as the details of them.
A feminine sensibility and soft curve were drawn with warm colours.
And, she finished drawing just like how Pale described.

Yurin stretched out her arms over her painting.
"Picture teleportation!"
The special skill of an Aqualight Painter.
The scenery on paper started to wave.

Skill: You have used Picture Teleportation.
Maximum manna is halved for four days.

A fantastic skill that allows one to teleport to anywhere on the continent as long as one can know exact geography.
On the painting, Yurin drew herself.

When she drew herself, her physical body was mystically disappearing from the plain of Rhodium. Legs, body, and finally head.
If Yurin closed her eyes for a bit and opened them again, she would meet Pale, Irene, Romuna, and Hwaryeong.

They were surprised to see Yurin, who appeared suddenly.
To Zephyr or Seechwi, she seemed to pop out from the earth.
It was special skill that only Aqualight Painters could use.

* * *

Weed decided to thoroughly understand the surrounding of the Valley of Death first.

"I can't solve the quest directly."

He had high hopes because he had Seoyoon and Alveron with him. But unfortunately, there were problems to solving the quest speedily.

Strong Ice Trolls were part of the reason, but the climate and geography were bad as well.

"At the least, I should grasp the geography."

Enduring the cold, Weed flew to above the Valley of Death riding on Bingryong.
He could see the whole Valley of Death after flying high up into the sky.
Snow and ice covered it until it met the horizon.
Mountain, river, frozen cities and towns.

They were part of special scenery that can be only seen in the sky of the Northern Province.
There were lots of undiscovered places in the Northern Province.
The quests that can be gained by going to such towns and castles were like heaven to adventurers.

"If they can endure this cold air."

Weed wrapped his body in his cape as much as he could.
Although he ordered Bingryong to fly slowly, the wind was far too fierce.

If he didn't want to catch a cold again, he had to end his surveying of the area as soon as possible

Weed focused on the Valley of Death. In the middle of the mountains, the place that looked like a pair of long snakes stretched on the ground was the Valley of Death.

On the mountain tops, there were countless of monsters like Ice Trolls stationed like soldiers defending a castle.
Only when he beats them, can he complete the quest.

"The dead end of the valley is where snakes' heads meet."

Although he was estimating with his eyes, the length was only about a kilometre.

The valley itself wasn't very big. And when they would pass about one-third of the valley, he could see frozen soldiers and knights waiting there.

"They're Nippleheim soldiers."

Around the soldiers' feet, there were lots of rusted weapons.


Anymore surveying would be dangerous.

His condition was about to get worse, as small ice particles started to blow with the icy wind. "Anyway I can understand the situation."

Weed stopped surveying.

He found a larger cave around a nearby hill where Wyverns could stay.
Until they conquered the Valley of Death, the place would be their base.
The chill would even freeze their skin!

They didn't know when snow would come and the hardened earth limited their movement.

On top of all that, monsters become stronger at night. Wyverns and Bingryong are classified as monsters, so they become stronger at night as well.

But, while the cold doesn't concern Bingryong whose body is made of ice, Wyverns cannot fight.

Weed shook his head.
"It's not an easy quest."

He somewhat understood how to deal with an Ice Troll or Lamia.

Using Bingryong and Wyverns, they were hunting Ice Trolls little by little.

But since they had to stop at night, they were giving Ice Trolls time to recover in the end. They are monsters that gather again like ants after a day. They had idiotically strong life stats, and their reproduction rate was exceptional as well.

So, at night only Bingryong and Weed fight, while Seoyoon, Alveron, and Wyverns rest in the cave.

Seoyoon always logged out from Royal Road at night to get some rest.

When that happened, neither Alveron, Weed, nor Wyverns had anything in the cave.

"Look after the fire."

Alveron put in sufficient amount of firewood to keep fire from going off.
Wyverns cuddled up near the fire with their wings folded.

"Too cold"
"I thought I was going to freeze to death when I fought during the day."

Wyverns talked about their sympathetic situation and warmed their body near the fire.


From time to time, they heard Bingryong's roar from outside the cave.

'Since he's strong against cold and has strong life, he should be fine.'

Weed didn't worry about Bingryong at all.
In truth, Bingryong was very timid, and cowardly.

Although he had a big body with dignity, in reality, he runs away when only a bit of life drops or when he feels a bit of danger.

Therefore, he almost never got into dangerous situations.

When his life dropped to only 20% of his maximum life, Bingryong drew nearer Alveron and goofed off.

Weed analysed the situation critically. 'If we continue like this, it's impossible to beat the quest.'

Even if they reduced the number of Ice Trolls during the day, their number just increased again at night.

There were numerous monsters in the valley. If they struggled against only Ice Trolls, it was impossible to complete the quest.

It was great place to hunt and raise his servants, but he couldn't stay there forever.

'Anyway we have to do something about this cold! If we do, then I might be closer to answer than I think.'

Ice Trolls, Lamia, and other monsters couldn't show their full ability due to the cold.

Weed used all the wolf leather he had to make patched up cloth and ate properly.

Fish stir-fried in sweet wine... But the cold was too severe to use food as a distraction to forget the discomfort.

Sewing and cooking had limits.
Weed held up his sculpting knife.


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