The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 9 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 : In the Cave

While inside the small, rusty cave, Weed's body was getting hotter with fever.

His already serious cold became worse.

-You are fatigued.

Physical ability is lowered by 62%
You cannot use battle skills.

Due to life and stamina decrease, you cannot move.
You may experience dizziness.

If not treated properly, you may die.

The Northern Province was much colder than the Central Continent. Four out of seven days in a week it snowed, and a strong, cold wind blew. The Valley of Death was even colder, so his stamina dropped to very low as he pushed himself too much by travelling and battling.

The Valley of Death Quest required the participant to not only fight strong monsters, but against difficult weather too. It was hard to endure even in a normal, healthy condition, but since he had this cold, his situation became much worse.

The cold had worsened as he progressed, and now he couldn't even move anymore.

His forehead and back was already wet with sweat. He couldn't even control his shivering body properly.

'I'm going to die like this again.'
Weed wanted to cry out.

It's not like he was fighting deadly monsters, but yet he was about to die from a mere cold!

Normally, he would at least have been able to recover life with Avelon's holy magic. If he recovered life, there would be a greater chance of getting rid of the cold.
But even that was impossible now.

"Cough. Cough."
Alveron was huddling in a corner, coughing.

Just like Weed, he got the terrible cold and was on the verge of death.
Even when you're a candidate for pope, a cold didn't look over you.

'I'm really going to die now.'
Due to lowered vitality and life, he couldn't even raise a finger.

Surrounding them was just ice and snow.

They somehow found a cave near the Valley of Death and came in, but it didn't help much to shield from the iciness.

If they got terribly cold in such a place, they had no other way out but to die.

Since his ill body would remain and freeze away, even if he logged out it would make no difference. It seemed like he could not avoid death.
'I was careless.'

Although he was filled with regret, it was not something he could undo.
He used up all the herbs that may have been useful against illness when cooking soup in Morata town.

'Now I can really do nothing.'
Weed closed his eyes silently.

The rocky ground felt as cold as a sheet of ice, and cold air came in from everywhere. In these circumstances, a cold could only get worse.
Hi hands and feet were already getting numb. Death was approaching.

'Just why did I have to get sick.... so pathetic.'
With his eyes closed, he looked back to his past.

Ever since he was little he took any job for the sake of money. To help his grandmother who was working in the street market, even at such an old age, he would work anywhere as long as they took under aged employers, when he should have been playing with friends of his age.

Since it was illegal, the working conditions was the worst possible, and he never got paid on time.

Still, because he worked over vacation without sleeping, he could gain a bit of money.

But now he had a type of work that he have never done before, and by pushing himself too much, his body couldn't endure.

"You weakling! Are you acting because you don't want to work?
"If you're going to work like this, then give up right now!"

The boss, who hadn't paid him his three weeks' worth of payment, yelled at him.
Even when he was sweating all over from fever, and dark rings forming around his eyes, the boss never admitted that Hyun was sick.

Back then he couldn't eat much, so his stamina wasn't very good, and because of that he was always scolded on.
Other employees, too, scolded him whenever he did something wrong, whether big or small.

"Useless one."
"Why should we use someone as brainless as him?"
"It's better to not have you here at all. You only cause problems."
"You trash! Because of you we have even more work now.

Just go steal or something instead of working here."
He endured those countless snarling comments.
On that day, he wanted to get up and work if possible, but his body just couldn't move.

But no one worried about him nor did they tell him to go to a hospital. When he was young, he curled up and cried in a corner where no one was. It was very painful.

After that day, he hated getting sick the most.

To someone like him who had to support his sister, getting sick was an unthinkable luxury. But, he couldn't help but feel sad and pathetic when pain came.

Weed felt his eyes getting watery.

'I'm as weak as the amount of tears I let out. I'll never cry.'

He gritted his teeth and endured. This time his pain wouldn't stay much longer.
His body was weak all over and his life status was still decreasing.
He's alive so far thanks to his monstrous amount of endurance, but soon, he'll die.
He just had to wait a bit for the nausea to die, and then he too will die completely.
Only, death is not the end.

Right away, a special skill activates as a blood necromancer.

Revival as Undead.

According to his level and skill mastery, he's going to revive as an undead. As an undead soldier who rules over black magic and the power of death.
When he dies, at the least his cold will disappear.

'I'll just have to level up and get masteries back up like a mad person for a while.'
With his eyes closed, he waited for death.

Without hunting or using his sculpting skill, this was first time he just lied down and rested completely like this. When fighting or resting for life and stamina to recover, he always was making a sculpture. The reason for Weed's fast growth was because of such focus and effort.

But even as time passed, he didn't die.

'What's happening?'
Weed opened his eyes partially.

His body ached all over and opening his eyes caused dizziness, but he wanted to check the situation.

And now he could see the reason!


She disappeared to somewhere and brought mountainous amount of firewood.

'It wouldn't have been easy......'

Around here, there isn't much wood that can be used for a fire.
To get firewood, she would have had to go through blizzards and walked far.
Seoyoon stacked up the wood and lit the fire.

As the surrounding air became warmer, Weed could feel a bit of warmth seeping into his flesh.
Seoyoon took out small iron can.
It had become black from using it so often for cooking over an open fire.

It is sold for 4 coppers in a general store, but it was dropped when hunting a fox near a castle. It was something not even beginners used.

Seoyoon glanced at Weed as if she was embarrassed for taking out beginner's iron can.
Weed closed his eyes again.

It was because his dizziness became worse as his body temperature rose.

Weed had a serious thirst and lots of pain. The thirst was due to the sudden burning heat of the flames.
But soon, something touched his lip.

'What is this?'
An unknown scent came from it.
Weed opened his mouth.

Then, something dripped into his mouth little by little.
It was porridge.

Using the cooking skill she had, Seoyoon had made porridge and was feeding Weed. The problem was that the porridge was extremely salty and spicy! 'Stop feeding me that stuff!' Weed screamed inside his head.

She was feeding him the worst porridge possible, and it didn't even taste right! Plus, the porridge smelled fishy.
Weed could guess what she used to make it.
'She put smelt in it.'

Seoyoon put rice she had for emergencies into water along with smelt to make porridge.

The porridge was made as if she tried to fry the smelt, but because she didn't clean the smelt properly, the fishy smell remained strongly.

The rice wasn't fully cooked either, and tasted terrible.
Seoyoon was forcibly feeding Weed bad porridge such as this!

Even when Weed closed his mouth, Seoyoon opened his mouth with force and poured the porridge in.
If he had strength to speak, he would've stopped her.

But Weed's dimming strength was literally halted right before he died, so he couldn't speak even a word.
After eating bit by bit, his hunger disappeared.

It was a torture to eat, but his hunger and thirst was still satisfied.
But Seoyoon didn't stop at just feeding it to him.

Weed realized then.
'You murderer!'

All along, listening to him obediently and acting nice must have been an act.
'She was looking for an opportunity! She was planning to torture me like this while I didn't have the strength to resist,' Weed thought.

He could do nothing but to regret the situation.
In his defenceless situation, he had to endure Seoyoon's tyranny.
The porridge she kept feeding him, spoonful after spoonful!
A great danger approached Weed.

'Let's just die. I just have to die. Then everything will be over.'

Weed wished he could die now. He hated suffering from fever and dizziness. If he revived as undead, his level or skill mastery would fall, but at least he'll be more comfortable.

But even if he wanted to die, he couldn't.
'Someone please kill me.'
Weed's cheeks were filled with food.
Seoyoon fed him 150 spoonful of porridge. It equalled four bowls full!

She fed him not only to be satisfied, but to the point right before he would explode from being overfed.

After eating enough, anyone wouldn't want to eat anymore, but she was feeding him more forcibly. No one would understand what a nightmare it was.

Step. Step. Step.
He heard Seoyoon walking towards Alveron.
Because of the heat, he felt dizzy, but he could hear the sounds very clearly.

Since it was the sound of the devil that was torturing him, he just couldn't help but hear it.
Weed prayed. 'Aman. Alveron, you suffer a bit too.' [Was 'Aman' supposed to be Amen?]

Even in such a situation, another's misfortune was Weed's happiness.
Opening his eyes a bit, he watched Seoyoon feeding Alveron her porridge.

She carefully fed Alveron.
Weed shivered.

'Really cruel. She's a devil in human disguise.'
From the effort to not spill a drop and feed everything, Weed saw pure evil.
The way how Seoyoon moved her hand reminded Weed of the careful way of handling poison.
But, it didn't take that long to feed Alveron.

She cooled the porridge by blowing on it when she fed Weed, but she just fed Alveron.
And there wasn't much left either. Weed was force fed almost two-thirds of the can, so Alveron didn't have to eat as much.
Weed thought, 'So I was her main target. She wanted to torture me more.'

Although he ate some porridge, he still had no strength left. His fever and dizziness became worse.
It was worse than flu. It took away the ability to move.

If he had fallen in a place that was full of monsters, he would've died soon afterwards, but because he fell after moving into the cave, he didn't die as quickly.
He recovered some life because he ate some food, but as if to prove that the cursed cold wanted to be stubborn, it only became worse.
Due to his worsening condition, Weed closed his eyes, unable to endure anymore.

'Yeah, there's nothing more depressing than getting sick.'

When he closed his eyes and rested, sleep overcame him.
The thought that he'd die made him feel comfortable.
Since he couldn't do anything anyway, he relaxed and fell asleep.
If he wanted to, he could sleep in Royal Road.

There were many people who slept at a place with great scenery, listening to birds chirping.
Virtual reality had many uses, but it was first time Weed fell asleep.
Since he always had something to do, he thought sleep was a waste. But that is why he dreamt a dream so sweet; a dream that no one would want to wake up out of.
Someone nursed the sick Weed.

She melted snow to make water, and put a soaked cloth onto his forehead.
When Weed woke up from time to time from his fever, he could feel someone's care.
Although he almost reached the end of his life, he didn't die. Someone nursed Weed like a mother would her child.
This someone was the most beautiful but also the most evil woman. Seoyoon was looking after Weed.

* * *

When Yurin heard of Balon's request, she felt happy.
'So this is the real quest!'

After building up the relationship, she got a quest.
Although the reward wasn't much, Yurin became excited at the thought of her first real quest.

"I will return this book for you."

You have accepted the quest.

Carrying the book, she walked towards the river.

Lights are turned on brightly.

The roads were decorated with paintings and sculptures.
From a distance, a Bard can be heard singing.

Fantastic night in Rhodium. Each individual artists were flaunting their own unique talents.

The heart of the Rhodium river is extremely clean.

Many people especially lovers, were walking around at night.


Elderly people were unexpectedly easy to find, as there were many elderly people by the river having a conversation.

'Balon said he was someone who likes to be alone.'

Yurin found a lone elderly person. But there was still, there were many elderly people.

There's only one elderly who owns a book!
If she had given it to the wrong person, she would fail the quest.

Looking carefully Yurin noticed one person. It was a man that watched the flow of the river endlessly.Boundless solitude and sadness was reflected on the old man's grieving face.

'That person appears to be the right one.'

Yurin walked up to the elderly person and said.
"Hello, do you by any chance know Balon?"

The man replied without looking at her.
"Balon? I don't know such a person."

For some reason, the man's voice faltered.

'This man isn't the right one?'

However, Yurin persisted. Because unlike other Elderly, the man had a heavy atmosphere surrounding him.

"Balon's restaurant minutes away from here, and is visited by many travelers, are you sure you don't know him?"

"Oh, that friend. I know he's a Chef."
"Balon asked me to return this book for him."
"Oh, it's my book. He borrowed that book, and now it's returned to me."

Yurin held the book with both hands, and gently handed it over.

"Thank you so much for returning the book. I hope Balon gets well"


You have completed Chef Balon's request.

The Elder has received the book.
Please see Balon to receive compensation.

Quest Reward: Return to Balon's restaurant to receive rewards.

Because it was a simple request, she did not receive any experience or reputation. The reward was a free meal in the restaurant.

Yurin sat beside the elderly after finishing the quest.

'He seems desolate.'

The desolate Elder man was sitting alone in the river.
She wondered by the Elder man was staring blankly at the river.

Yurin asked cautiously.
"What are you staring at?"

"Young lady, it's been a long time since someone has shown interested in this. In the past people did not believe my story, but you brought my book so I will tell you. What do I see there? Probably a canvas."


She glanced at the river, but could not find the canvas amongst the water.

Where is the canvas?

"Water canvas. I've had an idea to draw a picture for a long time. But then I asked myself, why should it be drawn only on a piece of paper. Pictures can be drawn anywhere such as earth and stones. If you want to use Nature as a canvas, it harmonizes with the world that is the basic qualities of a painter."

Yurin was curious of the profession of the elderly painter.
She asked the elderly painter with a serious expression.

"Young Lady, would you also be thinking that it's impossible to do?"

Yurin shook her head firmly.

"No. That's not it. I also think it is possible to paint anywhere."

"As I thought, it's like that? It's a rule that the true nature and harmony of paintings can newly express nature. I've only lived my life by clinging to paintings. The time I spent trying to draw inside the designated margins of the paper. Young lady, I have a favor to ask of you."

"Sure, go ahead."

"A legend is passed down amongst us painters. It's of great painter painted on a flowing river.
Could you please look into this?"

"I think I'll be able to do it."
Yurin had no confidence.

This could be useful daily activities, but she was not sure know where to start looking.

No, It shouldn't be so difficult. I grow old, and it has become harder for me to travel around please investigate the rumors in Rhodium Kingdom please. I don't have much but I have a little money I can give you


The favor of the Elder Painter.

The rumors described the Painter to be absurd.
For painting a Legendary picture on top of the river.
Investigate the authenticity of the rumour.

Difficulty: E

Reward: 3 Silvers

Quest Restrictions:
Delivered Balon's item, People who listened to the old painter's story.

A chain Quest!

Yurin could not ignore the reward.

'3 Silver requires 15 hours of dish washing to earn.'

After reaching the higher levels, one could make 3 silver by killing 1 monster. But in the beginning 3 Silvers was a considerable amount of money. A small hat and a fire bolt spell book can be purchased with that amount.

"Sure I'll find out"

You have accepted the quest.

The old man nodded.

"Thank you. I must know the truth. If the rumours are true, I will not have spent my time here in vain."

After leaving the Elder, Yurin headed straight to the painter's guild. There should at least be some information to be found there.

'The instructor of the Painter's Guild would know right?'

Thanks to having taken on several jobs finding the painters guild was not hard. But the instructors wouldn't talk to her.

"I'm sorry, but I would rather not talk to a nameless person if i don't have to."

Yurin hopelessly starting talking to different members of the Painter's Guild. However, the only conversational partner she had was the gatekeeper.

The gatekeeper listened to Yurin's requests and, after a long time of consideration, he carefully spoke.

"There's a rumor I heard not too long ago. It was long time ago, and I do not remember well it. If you seek the whole truth then you must find grandmother Bellopaix. Since she is a famous painter she should be able to clear all doubts."

"Where does the grandmother of the Bellopaix live?"

"The Kiam family mansion. You will be able to meet her if you go there."
"Thank you."

Yurin looked for the Kiam family's mansion. The dignified mansions were all gathered behind Rhodium's

Yurin was also denied access to the inside of the mansion at this place. The reason she was denied access to the mansions was because Yurin had no fame and was not acquainted with anyone.

However, Yurin did not budge and said what was on her mind.

"I came because I have to talk with the Bellopaix's grandmother about a painting."

"You said a painting? The Bellopaix's grandmother has always been a person who holds great affection for painters. Enter. She should be at the garden."

The gatekeeper let Yurin pass. Because she mentioned the painting, we didn't require any other decorum.

As Bellopaix's Grandmother was taking care of flowers in the garden. Yurin approached.

"Hello. This is the first we've met. May I ask what you know about the rumors about the painting that was painted above the river?"

"The picture about the river? Hulhul, There are even people who have heard the surfacing rumors and came to find me. When I was young, I went to see the fantastic form personally."

"Then the truth behind the rumors of the painting..."

"Of course the rumors are true. I've seen it with my own eyes, it can't be phony. The brushstrokes of the painting are amazing that you will never forget for a lifetime. I got into a hobby of collecting paintings from then on. Paintings of flowing water. I can't see the painting anymore, but the paintings harmony and composition were perfect. Hulhul, the paintings around Rhodium does not give the same impression. Perhaps such works will never be seen again."

Yurin wondered.

"If it is a picture, you can take it out and look at it at any time. However, since it was a short-lived piece of art, maybe it was too much to give it such high praise?"

"Lady who is still young, the strength of time is tremendous. If a person has a no happy memories, then their past and future prospects look bleak. The painting was significant to me for a long period of time that I've lived and it will be forever embedded in my memory."


Completed Quest of the old painter

Rumors about painter that painted on the river were proved true. Painting currently does not exist, but is still praised as one of the best paintings ever.

Quest Reward: Please receive it from the elderly painter.


You have leveled up.

The quest was successfully completed.

Thanks to the experience from the quest, she was able to level up.

'Wow, the second stage of the chain quest is complete.'

At that moment, Yurin released all her tension. As soon as the Bellopaix grandmother knew that she finished the quest, she spoke with a pensive face.

"It would be difficult to behold such a beautiful sight again.
Due to too many people assuming paintings can only be done on paper. Young lady. Do you think i would be able to see such a spectacle one more time before I die?"

- You are able to become the hidden profession 'Aqualight Painter.'
If selected, the class related skills that are special that you don't have will be usable.

Would you like to select this profession?

Yurin would have never imagined herself being a painter. However as she saw the tears in grandma b's pleading eyes she unconsciously nodded.

"I'll draw that picture once again."
Yurin was suddenly engulfed in light.

Change profession to Aqualight Painter.


- New skill: Painting
Painting: You can draw anything.
You can raise your reputation depending on the type of level of artwork you create.

- New Skill: Coloring.
Coloring : You can use color on paintings whenever it is necessary.
Your skill level rises the more you use different colors.
You can extract dyes from grass and flowers.

- New Skill: Doodling
Doodling: If doodled on the face or the body, it can weaken enemies or fear them.
At night, this effect double.
However, if you continual draw weaker monsters, it will not be as effective.

-New Skill: Quick Hand Movements
Quick Hand Movements: Able to draw moving objects using rapid hand movements.
Mana can be used to increase the speed of hand movement, and this can be used in combat.

- New Skill: Artwork Emotions
Artwork Emotions: Can be used to determine value of basic art.

- New Skill: Illustration Identification.
Illustration Identification: Can only be acquired by Aqualight Painters.


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