The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 9 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 : Wonder of the Northern Region

Seoyoon logged out at the same time routinely.
It was to follow the schedule set for her like eating and then taking a walk.
Compared to that, Weed goes to the market early and cooks.

He minimized the time used onto most needed ones for his social life such as going to Dojang to train his body and sleeping.
Other than time used for utmost necessary ones, he spends most of his time in Royal Road.

Thanks to that, Weed could use the time when Seoyoon wasn't around.
When Seoyoon wasn't there, he headed toward the highland of Morata.
Weed's own secret place.

"It's right here."
Weed felt very refreshed looking back to past.
First giant sculpture!

The great sculpture made using the nature of Northern region.
The Wonder of Northern Region.
This was where the grand piece Ice Dragon Sculpture was.

Ever since he came to Morata, he wanted to come here but he couldn't because he was with Seoyoon!
Before he made Ice Dragon, he made Ice Sculpture of Seoyoon using her as the model.

Since it was right next to it, he couldn't bring Seoyoon with him.
Full of excitement, Weed almost ran there.

'Ice Dragon Sculpture! I'm finally back.'

He was full of expectation.
Even in this ridiculous coldness, much of it is reduced to the point one can endure upon seeing Ice Dragon Sculpture.

He could say that it was one of his few masterpieces.

But when Weed reached the top of the hill, he could only see a gigantic mountain.
A very steep ice mountain!

It was an ice mountain that did not exist before.
The height was pretty low, but since its slope was so steep, it could be seen as gigantic ice block.

"No way! I'm absolutely positive this is where the Ice Dragon Sculpture is"
No matter how much he looked, it was nowhere to be seen.

"I was here........"
Even when he thought back very carefully, it was definitely here.

There's no way he could mistake the location.

As he spent much of his time here, he can never forget the place.

But Ice Dragon Sculpture wasn't here.
'Could someone possibly brought my sculpture to life and took it?'
Weed shook his head.
There is possibility.

Nowadays, there's increase in the number of sculptors but there isn't many who reached high level.

Even by coincidence, there's no way such skilled sculptor would come here, and there's low possibility of the sculptor possessing skill to bring sculptor back to life.

One can bring life to others' sculptures, there's huge penalty following it.

Since it;s the same as destroying another sculptor's piece, fame decreases and notoriety increases.
Additionally, since Art or Luck can decrease as well, it's rare for a sculptor to touch another's.

Then, he found Ice Sculpture of Seoyoon.

Ice Sculpture of Seoyoon covered with considerable amount of snow!
If the ice mountain didn't protect it from the blizzard, it could've been buried under snow.

"Then, could it be...."
Weed moaned. Then suddenly looked at the ice mountain.

"Then this is Ice Dragon Sculpture?"
Looking at it carefully, behind the ice mountain, Ice Dragon's tail was sticking out.

Because it was left untouched for a long time, it became unrecognizable, covered with snow and ice.

Tons of snow and ice stuck onto the sculpture, so the size increased by twice or thrice of original as well.
He stood in front of the ice mountain.

"So that's what happened. Well, doesn't matter since I found it. O, my precious sculpture. I have shared my life to you who was made with holy art spirit,
now awake from the deep slumber and join me. Sculpture to Life!"

Weed touched the ice mountain gently.


The outer ice cracked and split.

Inside of it, something moved.


Strong vibration!

You have brought a sculpture to life.

The ability of the sculpture will be adjusted to level 382, according to current Art stat 812.

However, according to the ability of the exceptional Grand Piece, 10% of level will be added. Level is increased to 420.

Additionally, because it is a monster with wings that can fly, 10% of the level will be decreased as penalty.

Due to the special material formed with ice, 15% of the level is added.

Instead Stamina and Life will be weakened.
Three attribute will be given to the lifeform.

The quality and ability of the attributes will differ according to the shape and level of the sculpture.

Attribute of Water (100%), Attribute of Ice (100%), Attribute of Magic (100%)
Water submits to none.

Possesses very strong Fighting Spirit with high Defence and Magic Defence.

It can freeze opponent using the power of coldness.
It can use magic with Ice property.
It can increase its ability to maximum 30% in cold regions.

However, it will weaken under warm weather.

Using high intelligence, it can use magic.

It can use any type of magic, but additional damage is added when using magic similar to its attribute.

Since it was a sculpture that was once the Wonder of Northern Region, special ability is added.

Ice Breath!

It can be used once a day. It will be the strongest attack.

5,000 mana is used.
10 Art Stat is permanently decreased.

The decreased stat can be recovered by creating sculptures or other artistic activities.

2 level has dropped.

Due to the decrease of level, most recently raised stat will decrease by 10.
Decreased stat can be raised again when level raises again.

Please care for the sculpture with life.
When it loses its life, life has to be revived.
When destroyed completely, it cannot be revived.

Kurururng! Kururung!
The vibration of ice mountain never ended.
Whatever happened, Weed just continued to wait for the Ice Dragon to awake.
Then his wish came true.

"Master. Master who has given me life, art thou there?"
"Yes. I'm here."

Weed felt proud.
Unlike Wyvern or Geuminu, Ice Dragon seemed to have high intelligence.

But, the next sentence it said was enough to make Weed disheartened.

"Save me. I can't get out. I can't move because of the thick ice frozen on my body."
"You useless idiot!"

For a moment, Weed seriously considered leaving the Ice Dragon like this and return.

'I'm an idiot. Just why did I give life to this kind of....'
It was huge only in size and was extremely weak!
'But it's bit of a waste to just leave it.'
Weed ended up working himself.

Relying on a rope, he had to clean snow and ice climbing up and down the Ice Dragon.

After working for a day and night, Ice Dragon's head finally appeared.
The dignified face of dragon.
Ferocious, strong looking eyes.
long, white beard.
Ice Dragon looked handsome.

"Master, please get rid of the ice covering my body quickly.
"I want to taste the freedom."
"Alright. Wait a bit more."

When Seoyoon logged in, Weed went to where she was, preparing food; at his spare time, he cleaned snow covering Ice Dragon.

Simple and repetitive labor!

It was a labor where you had to hang on a high altitude getting hit by cold wind all you want.

All day, Ice Dragon was moving its only free part head.

Weed pitied himself.

"Now I end up doing all kinds of labor."

After clearing out ice and snow, he finally made one third of Ice Dragon's upper body free.


said Weed coldly.

"I think I can get out with my strength."

Weed climbed down the Ice Dragon's boy and backed up a bit

as if to watch Ice Dragon free itself.

Ice Dragon roared very violently.

And tried to move its body to escape from the pile of ice.


The sound of giving all it got and trying all it could!
Weed watched the scene as nervous as to get his palm full of sweat.

'Please get out.'
If Ice Dragon can't get out by itself, he had to get rid of more ice and snow.

Since he didn't want to anymore, he was praying with hope.
Ice Dragon's body had thick upper part and thinner as it goes toward lower part.

On top of that, since its two legs are relatively weak, so it seemed it just might be able to escape itself if it tried.


Roaring Ice Dragon!
It had the power to make thin cracks form on nearby ice and blow snow everywhere.

Monsters froze as well due to Ice Dragon's high Fighting Spirit.
This is the legendary Dragon Peer!
It couldn't be compared with the real dragon on every aspect;
still its outside seemed pretty much the same.

'Definitely, it is my sculpture.'

Weed tightened his fist. He got a servant that did not lack anything.

He can't make servants forever. Since he didn't have any plant to give life to sculptures, Ice Dragon was more precious to him.

But that was only for a moment.

Ice Dragon fell down with no strength left in its legs.
Ice Dragon lying with its stomach on a floor!

"Master, I have no strength left."

To support its huge body, it did not have enough level.
In a way, an handicapped dragon with huge useless body!
After resting for a long time, Ice Dragon raised its body.

"Master, give me a name."
"Your name is......"

Weed suddenly was full of regret.

Even if he does give it a name, he wasn't sure if it could do its share.

"Well anyway, let's just say Bingryongy."
Still a simple name easy to memorize!

"Thank you Master."
Bingryong was very happy.

Then the face expression changed to smiling one.

If it was a sculpture, it wouldn't be able to, but since it was given life, it could change facial expression as well.

"Master, you don't have to be that disappointed about me. My strength is slowly coming back."
"What do you mean?"
"This land, this energy is giving me strength."

Ice-formed Bingryong's body became even more white and clear.
Cold-absorbing Bingryong's body!
He could exert even stronger strength.

He raised its upper body using legs and arms and opened up tens of meters of wings.
Then the piled snow around it scattered right away.
The overflowing Bingryong's dignity!
Weed nodded.

'Although it's only useful in Northern region, he's not that bad.'

Although strength and life is pretty weak, Bingryong that fights using magic and breath!
Weed got a pretty excellent servant.

Seoyoon and Alveron were quietly collecting fishing rod and tools needed for hunting.

The work they've been doing to collect food finally ended.
After preparation is finished, Weed breathed out deeply.

"Can't do anything else. Never knew this would happen."

Seoyoon tilted her head, confused about Weed's ambiguous words.

Alveron asked directly.
"Do you have some trouble?"

Weed turned his body toward where wind was coming.
Then his cape fluttered.

"Well, I'm not trying to show off or anything but...... just watch comfortably.

No need to be surprised either. Since this is nothing to me.

"Huhu. Really, this kind of thing is like everyday life to me."

Weed yelled out loudly. He was trying to call his servant Bingryong.

"Master, I'm coming."

Bingryong was curled up behind the farside mountain and flew up toward the sky.

An Ice Dragon that suddenly appeared out of nowhere!
He was waiting at an appointed place until Weed called him.
At where wind and snow came down harshly, dragon made of ice opened up its wing widely.
Even Weed who made it and saw it over and over got goosebumps.

The electrifying appearance of the dragon.
The pressure and charisma from its terrifying size!
It was as if a mountain was moving.

The horizon was becoming red with sinking sun.
Bingryong flying across that sky.
The body made of ice exerted speechless mysterious aura.


Seoyoon took a step forward.
Bingryong was coming and she tried to fight it fearlessly.
Weed stretched out his arm and gently stopped her.

She looked back and silently nodded.
Then Bingryong opened up its mouth.


It was a terrifying roar.
A roar that made Weed or Seoyoon shake from a far distance!
As he did it, Bingryong flew in the sky beautifully as planned priorly.

Every time it moved its tens of meters of wing, a great wind pressure occured.
Bingryong flew down in a quick speed and landed in front of Weed, Seoyoon, and Alveron with dignity.
It was an appearance of over 300 meter long dragon.

Weed approached Bingryong as he cleared his throat.
In reality, it didn't have as much dignity as it showed.

It looked nice, but it wasn't very efficient.

Even though it's humongous, because it has weak strength and stamina, it breaths out heavy breath if it walks just for a bit.

Leg that shakes when standing up for a long time. Sometimes it has hard time just opening up wings.
Even all that wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't in Northern region.
Since it can't even take care of its own body, there wasn't much physical ability in reality.
Still, the presence Bingryong left was far from nothing.

"Don't be surprised too much. He's my servant."
Weed easily climbed upto Bingryong's body.

He only climbed up Bingryong, but his sight became more wide.
Seoyoon and Alveron looked very small.

They were looking up at Weed for a long time.

Weed made an arrogant smile.
He thought his current self would look very cool.
Weed riding on an Ice Dragon!

Cape was fluttering with wind and Armor of Tallok had more shine as well.
To make things even better, the sky was turning red with the sunset.
The scenery was perfect with lighting and item adding onto the effect.

There's no way to look anything other than handsome when looking up from below.
Of course, he wasn't considering Bingryong, who was barely able to endure having Weed alone get onto his back, at all.
Weed sudden had urge to sing.

"I can't not sing in such place."
He took out Serena's Harp he got from Rhodium


Weed's hand moved skillfully on the harp.
Harp sang with clear sound.
Under the sky with sunset, playing harp sitting on an Ice Dragon.
Isn't this the look of a hero!

It was a beautiful scene that would only appear from a drunken poets' stories.
Weed glanced at Seoyoon.

'If it's this much she might get fantasies about me.'
If he showed such capability and sense, it was possible.
Plus, if it's this beautiful of a scenery, maybe she'll come to like him.

Diriring. Diririri!
Weed continued to play harp looking at the sinking sun.

Drunk in the mood.
Weed's harp playing skill wasn't really bad.

He played few songs with harp he had for a long time, so his skill increased.
After he played harp Weed smiled.

His heart beat. To become a hero of this beautiful scenery. He felt excited.
Weed yelled toward Alveron and Seoyoon who were on ground.

"Let's go to the Valley of Death. Ride on this Ice Dragon!"

Seoyoon didn't say a word. She just took turn looking at Weed and Bingryong and stirred her head.
Weed offered once again.

"It's fine. He's my servant, so none of what you're worrying about will happen. You don't have to be afraid. You can ride him without any worries!"

They rode onto Bingryong and flew straight to the Valley of Death.

This was the transportation Weed planned on!
Avalon rode onto Bingryong without any problem.
But Seoyoon stood where she was and didn't ride onto Bingryong.

Weed felt a bit disappointed.

'It would be a lot of help if I could bring her.'

The Warlock focused in a battle!
He can never forget the way she massacred the monsters.

But he didn't really think Seoyoon would be necessary.
'I completed all the quests no matter how hard they were.'
Of course, he had to go through all kinds of hardships.

All the effort he put to somehow complete quests starting from nothing went by his head.

The memory of him fighting against Death Knight to recover Freya's holy item in Lavias, and the memory of taking care of the Holy Knight for months to exorcise Jin-Hyeol vampires.

The exciting moment when he fought against the Legions of Immortals, commanding Orcs at the Plains of Despair.

There was Mapan's indirect help, but he was always alone in critical moments.
There was no need to be disheartened because Seoyoon wouldn't be with him.

Weed decided.

'If she doesn't want to, there's no need to force her. It's bit of a disappointment though.'
If she says she can't go with him, he can't force her to go with him.

Weed told Seoyoon after making the decision.
"Rest at the Morata. I'll finish and return quickly...... Let's go, Bingryong!"

That as a signal, Bingryong opened up his wing.
Bingryong was barely standing at that point.

Since he didn't have any strength left in arms or legs, flying in the sly was comparatively easier for him.
With Weed and Alveron on his back, Bingryong flew up the sky.
After about 3 hours!


Weed and Alveron returned to where they started riding on Bingryong and shaking.

You have caught serious cold.

Physical ability decreased by 45%
Skill effect decreased by 60%

Cold can develop into other sickness.
The maximum possible life and mana decreased.

When using Sculpting skill, there's possibility of sculptures breaking due to the cold.
With cold that he never wanted to get again as a bonus!
The reason why everything turned like this was simple.
Bingryong was pretty fast in the sky.

The problem was Weed or Alveron who were riding on top of it had to shake in cold.
It was cold enough just standing, but they flew through the sky at an incredible speed.

The higher the altitude, temperature dropped and wind got harsher.
In the end, they returned unable to endure any more.
As if she knew, Seoyoon was waiting at the spot with campfire lit.


Weed approached the campfire as he coughed.
Old saying was right. If head was bad, body had to go through hardships.
Seoyoon thought as she lit campfire.
She was used to camping alone.

Watching carefully if there's monsters around, she collected woods, lit fire, and cook an edible food.
She learned how to cook in the wooden house from Instructor's wife.

Since that was when she first met Weed, she can say there was some sort of deep relationship.
Cook for only one.

She only ate to make hunger disappear, so she only had to cook little.
Recipes were simple too, so she used what she got from hunting.

If she got sick of it, then she ate bread she bought from store or picked wild berries.
Due to such, her cooking skill didn't go over beginner level 3.

Then, she ate more than necessary as she ate Weed's cooked food.

It wasn't so bad to eat food made with someone's care instead of food made to just rid of hunger.

When she was lighting thinking of such, she almost laughed out loud when she saw Weed and Alveron appear.
Their face and whole body were covered with frost. They came back looking like a poor frozen rats.
Even if it was Seoyoon, their appearance was horrible enough to make her laugh.

Weed walked with Seoyoon and Alveron toward the Valley of Death.
Using the information gotten from Morata, they moved only using safe areas.
He enjoys fighting against monsters, but there is right timing for everything.

They can't slow down hunting while not even knowing what monsters come out from what area.
In morning they walked while eating, and at night, they crawled into a cave or raised a tent to escape the coldness.
March full of hardship!
Since he still had cold, he wore layers and layers of wolf leather clothes.

Additionally, there was a fierce silent mental battle.
Weed took one step back.

"Cough! The scenery here is great. Go ahead. I'll walk slowly enjoying the view."

Clear ice was standing out from the ground here and there.
Ice of the such wide plain was very mysterious.

Harsh wind blew on the Earth covered with ice and snow.
Weed was planning to walk behind Alveron.

Alveron opened his mouth.
"Godess Freya has achoo! told me to be modest."

Then took three steps back. Alveron slowly hid behind Weed.
"If you're a priest of the Church of Freya, you should lead the way for the others."
"My mission is to help Weed-nim. I'm sorry but I cannot stand in front of you."

Weed coughed very loudly.

Truthfully, wind was coming from the front right now.

Since the one in the front would be coldest, they were trying to stand at the back.
But wind changed its direction and now it came from behind.
Alveron hurried his steps.

"Goddess Freya has told me to lead the way."
"I think I heard that too. Alveron."
"Still, you wouldn't have as much responsibility as me who is a priest."
"What are you saying? Monsters might appear. I'll take the lead."

There was nothing around, but Weed used danger as excuse to walk in front.

Alveron hurries his pace to avoid the cold wind.
Only Seoyoon walked silently; sometimes looking at them dumbfounded.

The wind was cold.

Faster one runs, faster stamina runs out and thus faster the coldness comes.
Weed and Alveron were buying their own misfortune.

Just like that, during the day, when it's relatively warmer they walked; during the night they rested in a cave or at the bottom of a hill to take refuge from wind.

Every night Weed showed off his cooking skill.
"Fish stew with plenty of garlic!"

It sounds terrible but in reality it's a stew that tastes great.
The stew gave warm feeling throughout the whole body.

If they didn't even have such food, it would've been crazy to move while they had cold.
Sometimes when cold gets worse because of the weather, they ate meat soaked in wine.
Countless star shone in unusually clear night sky.

Mealtime was the only time when they could rest and rid of some tiredness from the harsh traveling.
Then one day after finishing meal in a cave, Weed tried to take plates like usual.

But Seoyoon suddenly took away the plates from him.

The wooden plates that Weed created himself with currency used in Versailles Continent carved on it!

He carved in the picture to not forget that he should never forget to gain money even when he's eating.
Weed raised his head. Seoyoon's clear eyes were looking at him.

Weed's chest hurt.

'So she's taking away my precious plates just like this. She has some good eyes for items.'
They're not the best silver or gold plate set.

Just simple wooden plates good to hold food in.
According to rumors, there are some with jewels on them.
Verjua plates which has price of over 6000 gold.

Unless it's someone with overflowing money, they're not plates that anyone can use.
Like this, good plates are often expensive.

Weed made plates himself to save money, but Seoyoon took even that from him.
But that was Weed's delusion.
Seoyoon wasn't trying to take it away from him.

Without saying anything she took it outside and wiped it with snow.
Seoyoon washing dishes!

Since she always got food from him, she was in her own way showing gratitude.
He gracefully opened his wings and flew around the sky.

Then when he saw a monster, he landed and attacked whatever he saw.

He fell down from the sky and viciously stumped on monsters or bit it.

There was almost no monsters left where Bingryong attacked.
It was to hunt for meal, but it was more to increase experience and fighting ability.

"I can't stand anyone stronger than me! To be able to open my wing under this sky and over this earth, I need to be stronger."

Bingryong knew by himself that he was a great being, but the fact that he can't even move his own body properly was very painful to him!
Since Bingryong's Fighting Spirit was high, ordinary monsters freezes right away.

Bingryong didn't overlook anyone and hunt even those monsters..
Monsters gain skill experience and experience through killing.
Since it was possible for him to become even stronger depending on the effort put in, Bingryong did not rest.

"A stronger monster! To make myself stronger I need stronger opponent! Appear, an opponent who can make my heart shake!"

Bingryong's roar shook the ice covered earth.
Northern region's strong monsters
There were plenty of boss level or strong monsters in each ice mountains.
By level, there were many over level 400 here and there.
Furthermore, in Forest of Massacre, strong monsters that are usually very hard to meet formed food chain and lived there.

In the ice mountain, Bingryong stumped on weak monsters and when boss level monster really appears he opened up his wings.

"Then see you later."
Bingryong was a coward unlike his huge size.

Therefore, if he met an opponent similar to him or stronger than him, he ran away. He was growing in such way.
Weed walked while clearing the snow busily.

"Avelon, just a bit more."
Last night lots of snow fell.

Thanks to that, it was harder to walk with snow piled upto their knees.
Serious cold doesn't get better easily.

Their stamina dropped easily, so they took turn to move forward.
"Weed-nim I'm sorry. I can't continue anymore."

Weed and Seoyoon can manage somehow, but Alveron who was a priest became tired easily.
"Oh well. Let's rest for a bit."

Progress became slower because of Alveron.
Walking on cold, frozen land consumes lots of stamina.
Alveron who has weak stamina, can't walk much under normal circumstances either.

But since there's a pile of snow, he's having more difficult time.
Around them, there were only wolves who wandered around, looking for food.
'There should be a way. A way to move faster. We need a transportation method.'

On Versailles Continent there is various transportation method.
Most popular method is horses!

They're traded commonly in towns or cities. Moreover, there are professional horse trainers.
A great horse that follows owner's command well, or a fast horse like a lightening.

Due to horses that can be used even in battles, transporting time between hunting ground or town could be reduced.

'In this kind of coldness, all horses will freeze to death. Even if they survive, they wouldn't be able to run well.'
Horses are made to run well in plains as a basis.

To run on snow and ice covered land would be too much.
Then, an idea that appeared in Weed's head!

'That's it! Why didn't I think of it earlier? There's saying chicken instead of pheasant.'
Wolves were wandering about.

When they meet Seoyoon or Weed they slowly go away. There was exceptionally a lot of wolves in this area.
Weed pleaded Seoyoon.

"Please help me catch wolves around this area."
Seoyoon silently pulled out her sword thinking that it was for meat.

But Weed's request was something bit different.

"You have to catch it without killing. But if possible, beat them up so they'll think dying is better."

Seoyoon took out sword and beat up the wolves just enough.
To hunt wolves they didn't even need to use skills.

Woof! Woof!
If monsters have intelligence, they choose to run away when against an impossibly stronger opponent.

When life dropped, scared wolves started to run away.
Seoyoon chased after wolves and broke their legs without any hesitation. It was to immobilize them.

Wolves sliding on ice rink.
After becoming unable to fight, they are only waiting to die.
Then Weed approached them.

"Oh my, you poor things doesn't it hurt?
Wolves showed cautiousness.

It was human. One of the humans who made them like that approached them.
But Weed did not kill the wolves.

He applied herbs to the wound and changed bandage for them.
Most animals would feel thankful.
But still, wolves did not abandon it's violent side.

When their body recovered, they bare their fangs to bite off Weed.
Like a wild animal, it couldn't trust human.
Weed backed up silently.

"Look like you're better I will be going. Someone of your kind may be in pain somewhere after all."
Usually he would hunt wolves down with joy, but Weed backed up without getting too greedy.

Grrr, Gr Gr Gr!

Wolves tried hard to stand up using your four legs.
It was for them to go back to the base.
Then Seoyoon came again. Then she beat up wolves without a word
Like that, wolves got beat up and Weed cured them for several weeks.

So one hits, one cures to make them feel thankful to them.
lick lick.

A young would looked at me and licked my hand.
"Yeah. Good boy."
Weed touched wolves head.

He gave he a specially dried fish
Now, most wolves waved their tail.

Sometimes they showed their stomach.

They've been tamed!
They came to follow Weed.
But still, there were some who did not accept Weed until the end.

In a way, those were captain level of wolves.

Those kinds of ones Weed silently took them to the back of the hill, holding their neck.
"Hoohoohoo, you good boys. You must be hurt a lot. Then I should treat your wound with even more care."

I think it's better to treat over there than here."
Soft smile and caring eyes!
There is no way to know what happened there, but when Weed came back his bags were a bit more packed.
Amount of meat and leather increased.

To the wolves, a nightmarish events were happening.


Wolves cuddled up to Weed when he returned, not knowing anything.
Alveron or Seoyoon felt a chill going up their spines, but Weed only had angelic smile on his face.

"Yes, you cute little things."
They were wolves that already got used to Weed's touch and food.
"Eat lots."
Weed gave wolves more than enough food.

When wolves were eating, he quickly made something using wood and monster tendon.

"I should make the bottom with steel blade to make it move forward easily and I should tie the tendon three times so wolves can't get away."

The object Weed made using smithing and sewing skill to the fullest!
Even when it was put over their bodies, wolves did not resist at all.
Then it was completed.
Sled led by wolves!
It had different shape from the chariot.
Tens of wolves lead from the front in a group, and the sled it made to slide over ice.

Since it was low, there was less resistance from wind, and because there was no wheels, it could slide over ice.
He made transportation that fit to the Northern region.
Weed commanded wolves to move forward.
Sled moved fast, sliding over snow and ice.

It gave incomparable joy to horse riding or any other transportation.
Fast enough speed and stability!

Alveron and Seoyoon could relax and enjoy the scenery.
Still, even if there's sled, moving during night is risky..

Not only are there strong monsters, Versai Continent is very unpredictable, so if they get swept away by blizzard, it'll be hard to survive.
At times like that, they needed to rest in warm caves.


Remorseful cries of wolves that rings every night.
After four days like that, they could arrive at the Valley of Death soon.
Weed first checked the geographic shape of the valley.

' It's high. and it's very dangerous.'
With the valley in the middle, there were very steep cliffs.
After the valley, there was a huge mountain.
Although it is not as dangerous as Yuroki mountain, it was a mountain covered in snow and ice.

Plus, plenty of monsters were on the top of the cliffs as if to prove that the name the Valley of Death was not for nothing.

Ice Troll with exceptional physical recovery with its body most fit to cold environment.

Ice Trolls that usually are active in one or two numbers, were gathered in hundreds in here.

Unlike the green ordinary trolls, Ice Trolls were white like snow, but their long arms and disgusting muscle body were the same.
Ice troll is a high level monster of over lever 320.

Additionally, because they live in cold region, there are not many who have hunt them before; and due to troll's exceptional recovery rate, it was a very difficult monster to hunt

"Kyao! Kyao!"

After finding Weed and Seoyoon, ice trolls yellowed out in disappointment.

Ice trolls that enjoyed violence and massacre wanted to fight Weed and Seoyoon, but since the cliff was too steep, they couldn't go down and could only yell.

"Come here. Come up. I'll hug you. Do you have the confidence to spend the night of temptation with me? Then come."
"Spend the long night with us. It's so cold here. Please hug me with your warm embrace."

Lamia with female humanoid body!
With bright attractive smile, they were tempting Weed and Alveron.

They point using their slender fingers. As if they'd make any man's dream come true!
But if your eye drifts down to lower half, one can only shake their heads.

Lamia's lower half was like a snake.
Gradually thickening snake's body plus a long tail!

Lamia has fighting ability like Ice Troll and high intelligence as well. She was a highly difficult monster to handle.
Like this, there weren't only Lamia and Ice Troll.

Lizardman and Lizardking!

Evil Spirit Soldier that are protecting the Valley of Death.
Servant Evil spirit tracker, priest of Diverse, it was full of local monsters as well.

"I have nothing go easily."
Weed muttered unconsciously.

There was no way such fun will happen like massacring all the monsters at bottom of the valley.

Rather, reversely, we need to attack monsters on the top of the valley.
Weed and Seoyoon started to investigate around the Valley of Death.
Then, they were able to find a castle not far from the valley.

Niffleheim Kingdom's Vent Castle!
This was definitely where Morata residents were talking about.
'They said the Kingdom's knights reside there.'
The old castle was build using rectangular rocks.

Although there were many broken places due to the time, but... yes.

"Do not come near!"
yelled the soldier on top of the castle wall.

There was some places where human cannot live.
The Soldier's Armor was on verge of collapsing.

Weed could wear such armor. I have no intention of going to waste.

"Do not approach me!"
" We have come to help you all!"

Weed yelled, but no one listened.

"I don't know what kind of monster you are but I'm not getting fooled anymore!"
"We are human and we would like to enter."
"Shut up! If you come any more near, we'll attack"

Then an urgent bell sound came

The soldiers were aiming at Seoyoon.


Weed became speechless. They had no trust.
In such situations, most necessary is lesson is now.
Weed looked at Alveron. Alveron knows those eyes...

"As the priest of the Church of Freya. I have learned recovery and blessing professionally. I will stand for them."
"The Church of Freya? We don't trust anyone. We'll attack if you approach any more."

Vent Castle did not allow anyone to approach.
Even if Weed is famous, it didnt reach the castle.

Fame for it to spread, it needs to be passed from person to person, but since Vent castle has no communication with the outside world, it is useless..

'I can't go in here.'
Weed could do nothing but to leave Vent Castle behind.

I don't think I can get to dormitory.
'We were born in poor family. Even if I force my way in, I'll just get robbed by them like Morata I will make sure that soo sangaryi.
Weed came back to the Valley of Plains. I'm going to attack you soon;

What happened to him.

Wyverns screamed due to coldness.
Expensive Geumini flew through the sky and arrived.

"Yes, you worked hard."

Weed touched them both.

Then using the wolf leather he had, he made clothes for Wyverns.
Just that due to poor condition, quality of the clothes were way low.

Wah-ill, Wah-thul, Wah-sam, Wah-o, Wah-liouk, Wah-qil

Originally Wyverns have vicious personality, but the ones born from the sculptures were different.

"My clothes are more pretty!"
"Look at my leather clothes' color!"

As expected from artistic Wyverns they were showing off their clothes.
Wolf leather that hasn't been properly taken care of.

Ripped loose, low level leather made cover-up cloth.
Wyverns were very happy wearing it.

"Definitely, our master's the best!".

The gift cleared away all the hatred they had toward Weed for making them fly all the way to the Northern Province, and even made them feel thankful to him for making them the clothes.

In truth, Weed complained while he was making clothes with wolf leather.

"Unable to do anything because the weather's bit cold. Useless bunch!"
For them to move normally, he had to make them clothes.

So, he was forced to make them without putting even an ounce of care in making them.


Geumini whose body is entirely gold got some clothes from him.
The clothes that Weed wore during his noob years!

He gave Geumini the sword and armors which had the lowest possible durability and could only be sustained through countless numbers of fixing and fixing again.
Equipments handed down for generations.

Wyverns and Geumini had pathetic appearances for having a cheap and stingy owner.
Still, Wyverns held their heads up.

"My clothes are prettiest!"
"Nope. My clothes. My clothes are even more pretty!"
"Wanna fight me?"
"Yes, fight!"

Violent Wyverns trying to fight each other saying that their clothes are the best!

"My clothes are the best. GolGolGol!"

Even Guemini joined the fight to not lose its fight and took out his sword.
One was Clay Sword. The useful sword Weed purchased in Lavias!
Another sword was a great one.

Agasa's Sacred Sword from the Church of Freya!
He auctioned away another one, but he gave one left to Geumini.
Using both swords and attacking opponent like a lightening was Geumini's specialty.
It was when Weed's underlings were try to fight with their pride on line.


Bingryong appeared with amazing roar!
The long humongous body that is hundreds of meters long.
The open mouth that looks like it'll breath out Breath any time!
Detailedly depicted beard.

Moving its long tail left and right, Bingryong flew through the sky in high speed.


He roared with force once again.
Due to the force of the moment, Wayvers or Geumini couldn't move.

Compared to the enormous Bingryong Wavyer's huge body looked like a child's toy.
As Bingryong approached, Wyverns and Geumini bowed their head.

They have completely accepted Bingryong as the top in their league.


Bingryong landed heavily with force. The ground where he landed shook as if an earthquake happened.

He was showing off.
That confident and pompous appearance!

But Bingryong's legs couldn't bear the weight.
Bingryong feel on the ground right then.

It desparately moved its short legs. It tried to get up using its wings too, but it wasn't easy.

Not only was the ground slippery, it lacked strength to make its huge body stand up.
Suddenly mood became cold.

Where Wyverns, Geumini, and Bingryong was endless coldness flowed.


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