The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 9 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 : Night in Morata

As the moon emerged in the night, Weed was stirring with a ladle.

In the past, the True Blood Vampire Clan inhabited the bleak and luxurious black giant star in the background, now he was cooking in the middle of Morata village.

In the north, traveling in the night is no better than suicide.

Because he didn't know the area very well, it was best not to move around and risk stumbling into strong monsters. It was also much more tiring to endure the cold, during the night.

Even though he had eaten the sweet potato he was given by the village elder, the fullness bar was gradually disappearing. Thus, Weed decided to cook some food in Morata.

"Better make some nice, hot food that can defeat the cold."

The meat of the various beast he had hunted in the Yuroki Mountains, vegetables and seasonings were all mixed to make a soup!

"Mixing makes it much more delicious."

The open-air fire burned majestically, with a pot hanging above it to be used for boiling the broth.

Depending on the fire the food can be prepared numerous ways, weed started to prepare the meat.

Weed started slicing the meat, before dropping it into the pot.

As soon as he dropped the toppings into the broth, it changed to a reddish colour.

A spicy smell exploded into the area.


He saw the pope candidate, swallow his saliva. Even though he was a priest of Freya, it was hard for him to resist his appetite in the situation.

"This time I will be able to give you some real cooking for a change." Weed thought as he glanced a look at Seo Yoon. She was squatting next to the fire, watching the broth boil.

In the past, they had never had time to cook any meals properly, as they were always in a hurry to get back to the Yuroki Mountains.

Being an Orc decreased his craftings skills tremendously.

As Karrichwii the Orc, his dexterity was also weakened a little, which also affected his cooking skill. It was however sufficient for grilling meat.

Seoyoon delightedly ate the grilled meat.

"Previously whenever we met each other, we were so busy hunting that I didn't get an opportunity cook. We just ate the bread that I had made beforehand. Therefore, even if it's this meal, it might still appease her."

"Through the means of this meal I could apologize to Seoyoon."

Paladins and Priests started gathering around the place where Weed had started cooking.

The paladins started exerting divine power, in order to keep a straight face! The noble priests drooled at the look of the mixed soup. The ideal of maintaining dignity was lost in front of a temptation this big.

Then the villagers of Morata started to come out of their houses, even though Weed had thought they were sleeping.

"This savory smell......"
"I don't know how long it's been since I smelled anything this good."

The villagers started to stare at the pot with greedy eyes. The children were grabbing their stomachs.

Weed shook his head.

"I can't give this to anyone."

To obtain the seasonings and cooking ingredients cost money. Therefore I have no intention of handing any of it over.

At this moment, the children started to cry.

"Mom, I'm hungry!"
"Bear with it for a little longer. Your father's going to be home soon."
"Is it grass again?"
"Yes, he said he'll be going a bit south of here where you can easily pick up good tree bark and grass roots, so just wait a little longer.

The children burst into tears.

Even though Morata was no longer in ruins, it was still really poor. Due to the cold they could not grow crops, and since it inhospitable like the towns in the areas around it, trade wasn't improving either.

The town was just barely scraping by!

It wasn't truly dead, but only by living off the distributions from the church of Freya, did the village manage to survive.

In actuality, for the village elder to hand out the sweet potatoes was an astounding act of kindness.

Weed frowned.

'Why did we, out of all the places have to come somewhere this poor.'

Memories of barely being able to feed the paladins in the past started to surface.

"I struggled so much in order to fill their bellies. If this had been a normal situation I wouldn't even have been noticed."

However, the children were starving.

In the past, there had also been a time when Weed had starved. It wasn't because he didn't want to eat, but because rice had run out. Therefore, without any other options, he had just clutched his stomach.

After such an experience, even though he could endure many other things, he couldn't endure hunger.

With tears of regret he called the children over.

"Hey kids, I think the cooking is all done. You can come and eat now."
"Can we really eat it?"
"Of course. This uncle put a lot of effort into making it, just so I could give it to you,,."
"Thank you!"

Because Weed had put plenty of rice and herbs into the mixed soup, there was enough to be divided.

"Wow! Wow!"

Because the children had already been starving for a few days, they ate the meal very fast.

The villagers also slowly walked up to the fire. They were too proud to say it, but their faces gave off a touching expression, showing that they would be very happy if they were given food.

Weed was very conflicted with this.

"If I want to feed them all, a great supply of ingredients and seasoning is required, and I don't want to personally provide that."

However you looked at it, it was a huge loss. Making food for everyone would mean spending a great deal of money.

'If only I hadn't learned cooking... then I wouldn't be in this troublesome situation.'

Until now, he hadn't regretted learning the cooking skill.

However, the villagers of Morata were severely starving.

"At least I'll be recognized, and relieve my conscience. I was confident that I would live without these kind of situations. However, the paladins and priests of Freya are watching."

Alberon came and said "In this difficult situation you made food, and gave it away. You are a very good person."


"Even if you only have a single proper meal, it will bring you hope. Hope that anything can be achieved. If you don't have hope in your hearts, it will be as if you are dead. Devotion and hope brings will. I, the paladins, priests and the Morata villagers will never forget the kindness you have showed us.


Weed wanted to find a way to stop Alveron's mouth from prattling on.

The priests and paladins had great respect for him.

Benefactor of the village, and the great adventurer who found the holy treasures of Freya!

Weed's eyes began to tremble.

"There will eventually be some damages, so it might as well be here."

Avoiding to spend money now was impossible, so there was no need to stand idle.

Weed smiled brightly as he stirred the soup.

Bottom of Form

"If there is anything I can do to increase the prosperity and peace of the continent of Versailles, of course I will do it."
"Now that is a true response from Weed."

Alveron's, the paladins' and the priests' respect for Weed increased even further.

Weed pulled out all the food ingredients he had. He took out all the meat, grass and vegetables he had gotten from hunting in the Yuroki Mountains.

"Just wait a little bit longer, then I'll cook up some food that will fill your stomachs."

With all of the ingredients, Weed started to cook.

Anchovies boiled moderately, thick gravy seasoning mix to create a broth, and he put in plenty of meat into the stew.

Whenever the soup was distributed he could feel his heart breaking.


Out of Weed's two eyes tears were coming out.

"It's Saint Weed's tears!"
"Weed would even shed tears for us."
"He's the real deal, doing this for the peace of the continent."

The surprised villagers of Morata exclaimed.

The tears the trickled down were tears for the precious of loss of money but the villagers had misunderstood.

"My precious money."

Weed impatiently and pulled out a small piece of paper. And quickly wrote on it.

For the villagers of Morata that were starving I have cooked them food using luxurious ingredients.

Consumption amounts:

Seasoning: 7 Gold 47 Silver 98 Cooper

Meat currently Versailles continent, the average price in Para 38 Gold 80 Silver 7 Copper

Various vegetables 9 Gold 10 Silver

The effort to cook the food 20

He wrote down the value of food ingredients he used to feed the residents of Morata.

Weed beat the ground with grief.

'In order to recover the amount I have spent I would have to work harder.'

By looking at the expenditure statement he resolved to work harder and make more money. From now on I'm going to hunt even if I'm tired. When I'm doing a quest and if I ever want to pull out, I can look at this statement and get strength from it.

The purpose was not only this.

I could not sit still while doing such a good job. While I'm walking I can secretly drop this paper and it will attract the attention of people.

Especially if it was dropped during a party.

"Huh, why did this fall out?"

And you hurriedly pick it up as if it was nothing. Of course, nearby co-workers would be forced to wonder what it is. Weed was never going to show it straight away though, cause if you hide the information the greater the value of the information would be.

And when curiosity peaks that's when you hopelessly show the information. Even then, you hesitate to show it around three times then you slowly take out and show the expenditure statement.

By doing this you would be boasting to you co-workers.

The villages that received the soup, that contained the oiled fish, were overly rejoiced.

"You really are the saviour of this village."
"Thank you. How do we repay you gracefulness?"

One by one the villagers thanked Weed, while he smiled back at them as it was nothing.

"It's nothing. The road I've been walking on has always been like this. Now I think that this is to be my destiny. I will do whatever I can to help people in trouble. That is a life that I can live without regret.

"Now that is a response from Weed."

Since he liked to hear praises, anyone who praised him he gave them more food.

If colleagues who knew him saw the appearance of the current Weed, they would of not believed it was him.

In the past, it was time a pyramid was created.

After I completed the pyramid, in the castle of Zerah, they were a lot of people in tears of joy. The majority were novices with no money and low levels. Malnourished, at the end of the exploitation of the labor they were glad to receive the money from the quest.

Finally they would be able to at least buy a piece of bread!

Till now, that's how Weed lived, now he had a boundless natural look. It was a skillful law to not have done charity even once.

Alberon, Freya's platform of paladins and priests did not value gold.

"Freya will bless Weed."

It was like the attitudes of the Paladin and Priest, could not get any better. Watching the non-righteous and inconsiderate Weed would of given him immense respect.

The priests urged.

"The Freya religious order needs a lot of people. We know of Weed's loyalty and all the great acts you have done for our religious order. Even though you might have not walked in the path of faith you are more than qualified. Now why don't you become our bishop and work for our religious order?


A religious position has been proposed.

Freya's religious order of bishops.

Given jurisdiction over the temple, you can oversee the finances and also expand the policies. It is a similar position where you oversee a castle's finance, but there is a difference where you have the jurisdiction over the works of the religious order.

You can foster new paladins and priests, and also use the donations to buy land and erect new temples.

The higher up you go up in the hierarchy, the more responsibilities you get.

However, if you lay siege to a castle or town then your reputation will plummet...
If you use your power for bad then you will be judged.

Which province you will be responsible for will also be determined by your reputation and contributions.

Do you want to accept the seat of the Bishop?

The bishops of Freya was a special place that even the world didn't know that existed.

Take on the important position of the order and be in authority of the paladins and priests!

No one has ever been proposed a position like this until Weed had appeared.

Coming back for the church, contributions that have been steadily built up through the legions of Undead War, and the high reputation and the place of bishop.

The opportunity to walk the path of a religion that has succeeded.

However, Weed shook his head.

"I am honored to be given the opportunity to serve the church of Freya. However even though it may not be me, I have found that there are many others that would be willing to serve the church. I am willing to use my life to help people who are in a worse position than here."

The position of Bishop for the Order of Freya has been refused.

The priests withdrew themselves.

"The goddess Freya will acknowledge your wonderful mind."

Even though it was a once in a lifetime chance, the reason he refused was simple.

If he became the bishop, like now, there would be extremely large cases where Weed would have to live for others. Even though reputation and influence might increase, Weed thought money was more important and thought that it was not worth losing the money.

"Then enjoy."

As Weed poured out the soup and rice he smiled abit.

With sad eyes he shed a tear but forcefully spread a smile on his face!

Pain and frustration, and resignation. Resentment anger is a rotten smile was a step forward.

Nevertheless, to people it looked like he was a person who liked a lot of people.

Then a resident who was wearing red, came holding a bowl and said.

"Have you ever made a Niffelheim Empire of clothings?"

"Empire clothings are clothes that you wear when you enter an empire. It's suitable for working, and for fighting in. it is complicated to create, and you also need special material. I know the method to create the clothings."

The villager handed to Weed a book.

"I only give this to benefactors."

You have acquired the foundations of making the Niffelhein Empire of clothings.

A sewing item!

The rise in closeness to create a plain clothes and secret was able to receive.

Morata province in the past, was a master of leather and cloth, as a resident of tailor with your skills.

"What something like this......."

Weed quickly put the book in his arms.

"Then we'll give you this."

Other residents of the village gave 2nd grading deer leather or cloth. In exchange for receiving the good food they provided items for sewing.

"If you want to go to the Valley of Death, then you will need to follow the Pahel River. All year round the river is frozen thick with ice, and monsters don't come out well there."

"In the past, if you went north for about three days, you would reach the Sabi Village. They have unsuaul methods that are pasted down from father to son, and they love to carve things. Even though you will have to pass through dangerous roads, if you're a craftsman it would be best to go there."

"The closest fort to the Valley of Death is the Vent Castle. Once it was a thriving nipelhien empire, with knight but know we don't know what has happened to it."

The villagers were able to give additional information. Weed had started to think.

'This is definitely not a coincidence. Of course, to someone as kind, and compassionate like me such blessings would come. '

Weed started to cook.

But it was not easy to create a hundred bowls. Even though there was enough ingredients, the number of hands that was needed to make the food was not enough!

It is vital to make food quickly. If the food line was to be cut off, the people who haven't been able to eat would fight over the food. Even though moderate hunger is the best side dish, if it goes too far then if could cause a revolt.

But he could not ask Seoyoon or Alberon to help.

If someone with no cooking skills helped, then the taste would only worsen.

If it was just an everyday situation, then he would ask Alberon to at least do the dishes, but with the paladins and priests watching him he could not use Alberon as his servant.

However Weed had enough experience.

When he was under the subjugation of others, he made food for a lot of people. This experience!

In Morata, he had to make food in bulk for the paladins and priests. Therefore he was familiar in how to make food in bulk.

'I can't make stew. I need to create a menu that I can make quickly!'

In a large pot put in all the ingredients and whisk them all together. Bring the water to boil then slower adjust the amount of water. Then create a lot of rice, and distribute the rice bowls.

Weed looked after Seoyoon and Alberon, so that they would receive enough food. It is natural to look after your partners when you're about to venture into a dangerous place.

But the villagers who were being well fed shed tears.

"When was the last time we were able to eat like this.........."
"Since the invasion of the monsters, I think this is the first time."
"Can we return to how we once were?"

They each were locked out in grief.

The village elder started to speak.

"It is possible. If we gather up our strengths and work together, then we will be able to live like we have in the past."
"I hope that a day like that would come."

"It will definitely come. Rather our village, from when it was freed from the monsters has never once shared our joys. Such a joyful day we could not stay still. Let's put on a festival. A festival that will celebrate the rebuilding of our village."



The Morata village Night festival has taken place.

Morata's Village Unique Night Festival.
Throughout the night there was singing, dancing, they shared their joys and hope.

The productivity of the Moarata villagers increases by 300% for 1 month.
The town's culture and technology advances rapidly over a period of time.
Goods will be sold in shops without a margin.

There is a significant increase in the number of young children after a certain period of time after the night festival.
Residents change to a more hard-working, industrious people.
You can participate and enjoy the festival.

Night Festival!

Festivals happened on a regular basis in big cities, but for a festival to take place in a small village was rare.

The satisfied villagers gathered together at the fire and started to start a festival. The women started to sing, while the men beat on their drums.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The villages danced to the beat of the drums. Every time the wind blew it made the dance seem more dreamy.

The women took their clothes off and danced wearing only their undergarments.

Even though it was cold, the heat of the festival made you forget about the cold.

Thanks to that, Weed could have a nice show.

"Festival's aren't bad."

Men and women danced, while the music poured out. In a pleasant atmosphere the night had passed.

"Hoo, it's finally finished."

Weed quickly finished the dishes and sat down.

Weed was tired from busily preparing food for thousands of people. Weed himself, couldn't eat a lot therefore he was hungry as well. However, after seeing Seoyoon's face his hunger dissipated. In the daylight when looking closely at Seoyoon's face, there was no place for her. Always looking cold was a bit of a waste but her mysteriousness and charm was enough to stir the heart.

But now, the light of the moon and the fire gave a proper atmosphere. At this point, Seoyoon's beauty even surprised Weed.

He made a lot of sculptures of her and faith that he could make her with his eyes closed, but as he saw Seoyoon now, it surprised him to the point his faith was nearly broken.


He could not but compliment her on her beauty.

Seoyoon was sitting with her legs wrapped. However, unlike usual, she was watching the festival with soft eyes.

'If I miss this chance I might not get another.'

While Weed was fully immersed in Seoyoon, he took out Zahab's engraving knife and ore he had received from the Zaha Rhodium guild.


With a tiny whisper, Weed confirmed the information on the goods.

The Ore:

Durability 1,000/1,000
White crystal set.

Is made of special materials that absorb radiating light. Very hard substance therefore, It won't crack or break.

It is known as a tool to engrave and polish, unless you have excellent workmanship it is impossible to deal with. If you still want to carve it, then a good knife is needed.


Quest item.


Variety of hues.
You can make the sculpture of this century.
There are other special option.

It was a quest item in order to obtain the Moonlight chisel!

Durability was a whopping 1,000. If you tried to trim it with a normal knife, then the teeth of the blade would wear out.

"It should be ok, because I have Zahab's engraving knife."

If you're an engraver everything can be converted into a unique item.

No matter how hard it is, even if it is a hard ore, there should be no reason that I can't cut it.

Weed finally had a target to create from this ore.


He would create an image of her from these pieces of ore.

'I don't have to be greedy here. I should live by this feeling.

Weed knew if he was discovered it would be a disaster. Until now, if it was discovered all the statues he made were of her then she would want revenge on him.

Even though he was afraid of the aftermath, because it was a small sculpture, he could hide it with his hands,and then it would be difficult to recognize it.

'Before making the specific face shape, I don't know where to cut.'

Even if he's been noticed, with the atmosphere Seoyoon was showing, it was worth it. Before the current feelings disappeared he needed to hurry.

Weed pressed the carving knife against the moon rock. Because it was a hard ore, using ordinary strength was not enough.

'I can't think of doing it all at once. I need to do it little by little. The night is long.'

A task that requires great strength and a fine-grained sense!

Proficiency is also essential.

Little by little Weed started to carve it from the head of the moon rock.

First is not to be greedy and make the shape of a person.

The armor that Seoyoon was wearing now,it didn't fit the atmosphere.

Weed envisioned Seoyoon wearing a white dress.

She is not here where the ground is covered by snow. She is in a flower garden with bees and butterflies flying around.

Surrounded by many people, the little girl who is bursting with laughter!

Even though it was an atmosphere that didn't suit Seoyoon, but the aspiration that Weed felt from her now was this.

Weed slowly started to move the carving knife faster.

Full Immersion!

Weed did not calculate what he should cut in his head.

His hand moved with instinct and from the ore he carved the feelings he wanted to show Seoyoon.

Par ah aht!

Every time he cut the moon rock, flashes came out. Like uncoveringold layers of dirt, the rock shone brightly.

Whenever Weed pressed the carving knife against the rock, a little more light began to shine.

Under the shining moon, the villagers danced. Trying not to attract any attention from the festival, he created the sculpture.

A brilliant light came from the rock.

It was almost a magical sight.

It seemed like Weed was carving from a sphere of light.

"Wow, what's that?"
"He's creating a sculpture."

As word got by, the villagers and paladins gathered around Weed. But they kept their distance and did not come any closer. When creating a sculpture it is best to not be obtrusive.

Fortunately, Seoyoon was near the bonfire and was more interested in watching the festival then watching Weed carve a sculpture.

The abyss of beauty.

Moonlight Sculptor!

However, Weed didn't have any other work.

'Well, it wasn't a rock that could be carved easily.'

Since the sculpture gave a light that stung your eyes, in the situation that he had to carve the rock, it was difficult.

To a certain extent he got more familiar with the engraving.

Since he made a considerable number of sculptures every day, if you add all the sculpture he made, it would be a huge amount.

But even then, since he could not confirm the details, it was difficult to carve.

Even though it might have a good form, in the inside it was just dead.

Because you moved the craving knife wrongly, you have hurt your fingers. Vitality decreased by 30. Dexterity temporarily decreased by 3.

Because you moved the carving knife wrongly, you have hurt your arm. Vitality decreased by 100. Damage done by hands or arms temporarily decreased by 8%.

There were instances when he made mistakes he had not usually made, made him hurt his hands. If he was being decent then he wouldn't have hurt his hands like this. But since the rock was so hard and he had to apply a lot of strength, even though he didn't get hurt now, he would have been bound to get hurt soon.

It was then Weed finally realized the difficulty of this quest.

'Trying to make sculptures out of pieces of moon rock is not as easy as it seems. A little mistake might be ok, but a big mistake is not.'

After information was gathered from Rhodium and given to the Engraver Guild, I thought the quest would be finished. But to completely make the sculpture, that would be the peak of the quest.

Since the moon rock had tremendous durability it would have a hard latency. But when you try to carve it with a carving knife, mistakes can be easily made. Because you can't see it well, and you have to give it excessive strength when carving, it could be spoilt without seeing it.

If important parts like the body or neck is damaged, then the sculpture can be nothing but a waste.

If the only rock is lost, then I might not be able to learn the moonlight engraving.

'Of course, there is not a thingy that is easy to do in this guy's job!'

For other professions you can obtain skills by obtaining necessary items or learn skills by testing it out.

But other professions aren't as stunning as the engraver's.

The urgency that he might not be able to get another challenge.

Even though it was challenging to master sculpturing, to familiarize yourself with moonlight engraving was formidable.

Weed's heart was shaken.

'If I hurry like this I might end up damaging this sculpture.'

I can't just like this opportunity fly. If I leave time to study, step by step, the form then the chances of making a mistake will be reduced.

However Weed shook his head.

'No, there is no way to make a sculpture mechanically. There will come a moment when I have the confidence to make the sculpture.'

When I try to attempt the challenge again later, then there will be too many ideas in my head. Because of the obsession to not make a mistake becomes bigger, composure disappears.

Even though it might be lacking something, since I laid a finger on it, it would be better to finish it now was what I had judged.

'If I do it carefully............. I can do it!'

Because you move the carving knife wrongly, you have a big cut on your fingers.
Vitality decreased by 250.

Whenever you deal damage with your hands or arms, the cut will become bigger.

As soon as I was motivated again I messed up.

Even though the carving knife was carving the sculpture, the strength I had left over fizzled.

However, Weed changed directions and could not but damaged the sculpture.

After that, as he was carving the sculpture he made a string of mistakes.

Little by little his vitality disappeared.

By heading down this path he could die before completing the sculpture.

Weed tried to relax

'The worst case is that I'll die. My level will be lowered, and skill proficiency levels will be lowered as well. The skills that I worked up to build with difficulty will all be lowered.'

His view was becoming more and more pessimistic.

Dry saliva was gathering in his mouth.

Weed held the sculpture in his hand, then felt the sculpture and carved.

But he was glad of the fact that he was making a sculpture of Seoyoon. Even though the size was different, since he had created a lot of other sculptures Seoyoon it was less difficult.

Weed literally hugged the rock and carved it with his knife.

And finally he was able to create the form he wanted.


You have created a sculpture from the moon rock.
Fame increased by 450
Understanding sculptures skill level increased by 1.
Engraving skill level has improved.
Dexterity skill proficiency has improved.
Arts stat increased by 60.

Bursting with thankfulness.

Completion of the sculpture!

The moon rock changed into a sculpture of Seoyoon laughing.

As time went by, the rock that was still shining brightly.

The sculpture started to glow clearly.

As the sculpture was just carved, you could see the smooth form. However, since the rock was emitting a bright light, it seemed more noble.


Search of the lost light completed.

Dealing with the mysteries of the light sculpture. You should know how to tune the light through sensations. Been handed down only to a handful of the engravers, the technology is very dangerous, and at the same time is outstanding.

Quest Reward: Gain of Skill.


Moonlight Engraving has been learnt.

Moonlight engraving 1(0%) : Engraver's skill

Sculptures will be able to emit light. However, the shape and color of the light will depend on the material. As time passes, the finished sculpture, depending on the signs of the remaining years will add in value.

You can handle light in everyday life. Light can be sprinkled as an attack, or it can be put on the body as a defense. It uses certain levels of mana to prevent magic attacks rather than physical attacks. An affiliation to nature, it's weaker than a wizard's shield but it uses a lot less mana. Can be used to light special places. Can light dark places.

You have been come friendlier with the light by 3%.
You can make light sculptures now.
Luminarie. Fantastic light of the three-dimensional sculpture using a large number of jewelry.


Skill Moonlight Sword has been transformed.

Moonlight sword has developed into this piece of Moonlight swordsman.

Mana consumption will be tripled.
Using light as an offense will be possible.

Where there is moonlight, the attack power will be doubled.
Will discharge into an existing piece of fencing skill is reduced by half.
Currently, Moonlight pieces of sword skills are intermediate level 2, 43%.

Acquisition of the moonlight engraving!

Now I could be reborn as a true Moonlight Sculptor.

With the completion of the quest, one can understand more facts.

'I now know why it's called moonlight sculptor.'

The finished sculptures will shed some light.

The sculpture Weed made was also emitting light.

There is no mistake that the light must be placed into the sculpture.

If the light is like that of the sun, then you would not be able to see it.

If you put proper light into the sculpture it would raise its dignity.

If it is too bright then the sculpture's mystique will fall.

Sculpture completed in the northern part of the moonlight!

Weed retained the sculptor of the smiling Seoyoon into his bosom.

* * *

Dr. Cha Eun-hee was looking hard at the monitor in Saemaeul rehabilitation hospital.

She was watching the images coming out from the capsule Seoyoon was in.

The festival in the small northern village.

People were bursting with laughter, singing and dancing.

The romantic atmosphere.

Insurance would not be these things.

Cha Eun-hee was at an inconvenience.

'It was on opportunity to go on a trip with Orc Kari.'

The adventurer with a great reputation, Weed.

If you could go on an adventure with Weed, one would not hesitate to accept.

Orc aged in employment as its hot!

Being a female Orc fighting battles or action in mind, of course, went to heart.

The pleasantness of being able to freely run around the many places in the mountains was unspeakable.

However, to Cha Eun-hee, the North's adventure was more interesting

The events that occur as soon as you arrive in the northen village.

Cha Eun-hee is envied the pair.


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