The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 9 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 : God of War Weed

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Shin Hye Min concentrated on the program that held the interest of many Royal Road players.

"Yes, during today's program, we will be informing you of the prices of several the basic goods in each Kingdom. By the way, Oh Juwan, I've heard that you have something very important that you wish to tell us?"

"That's right. Many players have their attention focused on Bikeijeu Kingdom."

"Why is that? What's happening there?"

"For example, there is a massive legion of monsters heading towards Bikeijeu Kingdom. These monsters came down from the Beurukei Mountains, their detailed travel route is unknown, but we are urgently gathering information."

Anything befitting the Versailles Continent, they will even provide the most basic information. Information on prices, monster and travel routes of legions, they had it all.

If a novice was near a legion they would not be able to stop trembling.

Tens of thousands of monsters were slaughtering people as they travelled.

For traders this was hell but, for Mercenaries, it was very good news. When you participate in a monster suppression quest given by a Royal or Feudal Lords, the rewards and contribution points were tremendous.

Although many did not participate, there were many higher leveled Mercenaries that attended. It was an extraordinary experience to be able to watch the movement of monsters in battle.

Therefore, there was massive interest in urgently subduing the travelling monster army.

However, not many viewers were interested in the travelling Monsters heading towards Bikeijeu Kingdom.

"Yes, this will conclude our story of Bikeijeu Kingdom."

Shin Hye Min proceeded with the news broadcast quickly. She was well aware of what the viewers were all waiting for. On the host's monitor, she could see thousands of viewers commenting.

- When will that person be appearing on-air?

- When he appears, please ask him about the latest news.

- Please ask him about the Legions of Undead, and what item he acquired after defeating Tori.

- I am a level 380, one of the Maul Knights. My strength is a force to be reckoned with wherever I go. Can he keep up?

- I am a level 385 Monk and I want to at least watch him hunt. Please tell him.

These were the comments in the viewer section.

A few days ago, KMC media even released a trailer as an advertisement stating that they would do a telephone interview with the player who was famous in Continent of Magick and now in Royal Road.

Because of this, many people's interests flared, which resulted to doubling the usual view count. Even a skilled host like Shin Hye Min could not help from having her mouth dry..

"We have released a notice that today, we will have an interview with the person who has the character named "Weed". Once again, Weed was known to be the strongest and highest level in the Continent of Magick! With the Legions of Undead defeated, Weed was available for an interview."

"Really Shin Hye min? I was skeptical when you said you were going broadcast his interview, but is Weed REALLY going to appear?!"

Oh Juwan couldn't hide his excitement.

"Yes, it is true. We have already set up the telephone connection. It is all good to go."

"Of course. There is no other hero like Weed."

Oh Juwan have heard a lot of stories about Weed.

In one of the Continent of Magick's dungeon, it was known to be unconquerable, but he cleared it and even defeated the boss monster! This has become a legend.

Because he was able to conduct an interview with the very same Weed, Oh Juwan was bound to be glad.

The Production Director was looking at Shin Hye Min through the monitor, ready to type.

The phone call.

"Yes, then I will start the interview with Weed-nim."

Shin Hye Min did not waste any time. Too many people were waiting for this.

In Royal Road, she would sometimes whisper Weed to have a conversation. Even still, she had times where she trembled because she was with the Weed that everyone talked about, how much more would other people be looking forward to this?

- Hello?

The moment the voice came through the studio, hearts leaped.

- He came at last!

- Weed is speaking.

- The phone call with Weed went through!

For every 10 seconds, there was at least 100 comments. This shows how much people were concentrated on the broadcast.

Shin Hye Min effortlessly kept the conversation going.

"Hello, Weed-nim. During the course of the interview, I'll be referring to you with your character's name. Is that alright?"


Weed replied simply. Being called by his character name than by his full name would be best. How much of a pain would it be to be remembered as the Princess Knight!

Oh Juwan is in the studio, please say hello to each other.

"This is Oh Juwan. It is an honor to talk to the highly renowned Weed."

- It's a pleasure to meet you.

"Please greet the viewers."

- Hello there.

Lee Hyun replied succinctly.

Shin Hye Min's insides burned.

'His answers cannot be short like this!'

This was a broadcast. Viewers were definitely looking for a more smoother broadcast than this short one.

There was ways to read the script that the writers prepared before that would increase the dramatic effect, but this was not the case. A real time interview does not have any lines prepared beforehand.

Shin Hye Min asked while laughing.

"Weed-nim, is there any matter that is making your mood bad?"

- Just a little bit.

"Yes? Is it because of me?"

- Yes.

At this unexpected answer, Shin Hye Min and Oh Juwan were embarrassed.

When you do a interview you do not want to have the involved parties complaining. Although they had wanted it to remain that way, Lee Hyun did not reply did not comply.

'This broadcast is a failure!'

Shin Hye Min felt sweat on her palms. However, she had to continue the interview.

"How would you like me to reply? If you want an apology, I'll apologize, if something needs to be fixed, I'll fix it."

- That is, is it okay to be like this?


- You asked me to call you at 7 in the evening, but if you were going to hold an interview like this you should have called me. The phone bill is so expensive.


The skilled host, Shin Hye Min was lost for words. Oh Juman, who was also lost for words, wasn't any help either.

They thought that it was some great inconvenience that the station would have to apologize for!

'He's so cheap!'

Only the frugal Lee Hyun could surprise them like this.

Soon, Shin Hye Min got a grip of herself.

"Yes, that was our fault. But we are very curious about Weed's action. First, selling your Continent of Magick's account. When it happened, the internet was in a huge uproar."

There was nobody who didn't know that Lee Hyun sold his continent of magic account.

At that time, the game was no longer famous as Royal Road.

But for many years, the Continent of Magick was very popular, but it started going downhill as Royal Road became popular.

After purchasing his account, CTS media immediately halted the program which covered virtual reality games to hold a big event.

The items Weed had and even the records of him clearing the dungeons was broadcasted!

Because of there still many who played the Continent of Magick, this event gained high ratings.

Likewise, for the company who owned Continent of Magick, this was a huge help for to try and overtake Royal Road.

Continent of Magick once again became very popular and in time, more and more famous accounts were sold to the media.

Shin Hye Min said it in a jealous way.

"I heard that when you sold your account, you earned a huge amount of whopping 3 billion won. That is a lot of money. Did you buy a foreign car with the money or bought something excessive?"

Lee Hyun's reply was very concise.

- I no longer have the money.


- If you earn 3 billion today and you want to keep that 3 billion, you have to do so by working hard when tomorrow comes.

"Ah, those were really good words."

Next to her, Oh Juwan asked a question.

"No matter how much money you have, it could not be compared with money you earned through accomplishment. Deep."

It was true that Lee Hyun earned 3 billion. But at the same time, he lost it to loan sharks.

Because most people had the luxury of not knowing those circumstances, they misunderstood.

"Ok, then here is question #2 for Weed."

Shin Hye Min was ready for a short answer, so she prepared another question.

"In the continent of magic, you leveled at a fast rate, outleveling everyone else. Is this true?"

- Yes

"Could you perhaps share your secret?"

- Hunt every single monster. Find a place where it is overflowing with monsters and kill them all.

Oh Juwan could not believe what he had heard.

"Weed, I also played Continent of Magic for a long time. But Weed's growth was particularly exceptional, you sure you had no other tricks?"

- It is because I hunted everyday.

"Wouldn't it have been boring, hunting? I can understand a couple monsters, but hunting for a couple hours gets boring no?"

- I've never felt that way.


Lee Hyun said he never got bored of it. He replied well to Oh Juwan. Shin Hye Min asked the next question.

"Did you play Continent of Magic all day?"

- Whenever I had free time, yes

"When you sit down and play, how long many hours did you play for?"

- It is 204 hours.

"Pardon? The question was, how long did you sit down and play continuously."

Shin Hye Min and Oh Juwan thought he had misheard the question. But Lee Hyun heard the question correctly and gave his answer.

- Would you be asking the longest time that I have played continuously?

"That's correct."

- It is 204 hours long.


The message boards were in an uproar.

- No way!

- It looks like he's lying.

- How would anyone be able to play for 204 hours straight?

- I was a fan of Weed in Continent of Magick. Weed did not log off until he had cleared a dungeon once he entered it.

- Even so, there is no way I am trusting his words that he played for over 200 hours!

- His words just don't make sense.

Shin Hye Min and Oh Juwan became embarrassed by their mistake.

It was an essential requirement for a host to tolerate whatever the interviewed person says. But after hearing this unbelievable statement her facial expression tighten. The message boards were heating up as well, making it unable to be ignored.

Eventually to recover from the awkwardness Shin Hye Min asked.

"Weed-nim, is it possible that you did not keep track of the time properly?"

- I'm not mistaken. When I logged off the message said I had been playing for 204 hours straight.

"Oh did you mean you were logged on for 204 hours? Like if you were powered up your computer and left yourself logged on for 204 hours?"

Shin Hye Min was trying to make sense of his answer, but she wasn't able to.

- No. I spent 204 hours inside the game.


Shin Hye Min eventually became completely lost. Oh Juwan, who wouldn't stand the atmosphere, finally inquired.

"How is it possible for a person not to sleep for 204 hours and play a game instead?"

As for eating, you could eat in front of the computer. However, people needed to sleep.

Lee Hyun replied, recalling his experience.

- If you play games, sleep can be overcomed.

"How is that so?"

- When you are hunting or doing quests, you are fully engaged, thus you do not become sleepy.


- In the beginning, I was really sleepy. But after 50 hours, sleepiness did not come easily. Even then, one hundred hours later, my eyes still stayed open, so of course I kept record.


- It was a situation where I could no longer differentiate between playing the game and sleeping! However, one could continue playing without feeling sleepy or tired.

"204 hours of gaming. This seems to be the maximum a person can play continuously?"

- No not at all. I only stopped because my mouse broke...

Shin Hye Min sighed a breath of relief.

'We are normal.'

People pride themselves with playing for a day or two. But for Lee Hyun, staying up one or two night to play a game was child's play.

Shin Hye Min then asked with anxiety.

"When you play games to that extent, do you properly eat your meals?"

- No. There is nothing to eat at our house...

In fact there was not much food in the house.

But Shin Hye Min and Oh Juwan had different views on this.

'I guess he couldn't prepare and eat his meals because he was diligently playing the game.'

Oh Juwan asked in tone mixed with anxiety.

"How long did you play the game like that without sleeping?"

- For about 3 years. I wasn't only playing games. I was doing a variety of jobs, and played the game only when I had time.

Shin Hye Min asked carefully.

"Didn't your body deteriorate somewhat?"

- After not eating and sitting in a chair for so long, walking around became awkward. Should I say that my legs became atrophied? Since my body was hurting all over at the time, I make sure to thoroughly exercise now. It's important to manage your fitness.

"They say that the I.C.U. patients who have been hospitalized for a long time have similar symptoms..."

- It would probably be similar.


- Other symptoms appeared after I washed my face.

"Washing your face?"

- Yes. As soon as I washed my face the nose bleed...


- I had no other choice but to spend some money and go to the hospital. There, the doctor told me the something. He said that the ventilation from the fan was also dangerous if you spent too long playing games...

Shin Hye Min's and Oh Juwan's faces turned pale.

The Weed they called the God of War! They got a small glimpse at the reality of the crippled form.

To be continued...


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