The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 8 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 : The Silhouette of a Golden Statue

Northern Expedition!

The Cold Roses Guild finally finished setting up the expedition and was finally ready to start exploring. There was an impressive total of 1300 members. Oberon and his allies thought it was good to get as many people they could.

But with greater numbers, management of them all became more difficult. It became more difficult to gather the necessary materials for the situation. It was a good idea to increase their numbers but not this much.

Expeditions usually had 50 to 100 people. In some cases, over 200 people would occupy a dungeon for leveling.

For such a dangerous place, it was better to have 7 to 8 high leveled players.
It was because they could smartly avoid hazardous situations that lead to death.
Larger numbers were more formidable and safe, but there were also disadvantages.
Oberon talked to his aids.

"There are so many people taking part in the expedition that I think I need to cut down on some."
"That will be difficult."

Kerberos frowned at the guild leader.

"That current situation will not let us reject them."
"This is a dangerous place. We can't just bring along a crowd."
"We have a handful of adventurers as well as some of the highest level players in the northern continent."
"So only the higher levels should go."
"Suppose if they fail to survive. We need to consider bringing more people if necessary."

Kerberos concluded his thoughts to Oberon.

"So you're saying that we should bring a large force?"
"It's hard to say. We don't know what will happen in the north. There are quite a few adventurers that dislike sharing information about the north. Even if it might be useless, we will still gain popularity."
"That is true."

Oberon agreed immediately.
It was useless to go to the north based on public information only. They didn't know anything about the cities in the north or the hazardous areas! They didn't even know exactly where to go.

"The monsters we will face in the north will be very dangerous. What can we do about the lack of information?"
"Kerberos, it is already time. Send word to the scouts before it gets delayed any further."
"Yes, I think so. We need to keep a few men in case of the situation that the high levels are wiped out."

Oberon was skeptical.

"Is that the case? There will certainly be situations like monster raids at night. Even if I keep a few men, won't they have to fight?"
Kerberos did not deny it.

"Hopefully our friends will be more helpful than a few well trained men. It will be difficult to deny participation to those within our alliance."

Oberon and the Cold Roses were mostly focused on when to leave to the north. They would be surrounding themselves with a large number of users who may be greedy. A guild may perform a surprise raid on some of the castles that they own.

They would have noticed such a large group of people on the move. However, gathering as many forces as they could was the priority.
Oberon took into account all of the power of the Cold Roses Guild with him.
It was because they were able to trust in Oberon.

Dwarf warrior Oberon!

He roamed throughout the kingdoms with his soldiers.
They went on adventures such as liberating towns from monsters, fighting other users to protect the weak, and risking their lives for others.
Even in a difficult situation he would extend his hand to help the weak!

He led a large force of his friends, many of which were warriors, into various hunting grounds.
Tens of thousands have heard of his fame and because of this named him Dwarf Warrior Oberon.

The Cold Roses Guild had been formed by Oberon and his followers. The Cold Roses Guild was a mid to high range guild on the Versailles Continent but fewer than 100 people were Oberon's men.
So in order to expand the influence of the guild, they decided to go on an expedition.
Ultimately the Cold Roses Guild decided on going to explore the North.

"I will not accept any complaints. They do not have to take part if they are unwilling. Even if there are risks, isn't it unlikely that they will leave?"
"The group will eventually accept it."

In that sense, Oberon had decided and ended his conversation with Kerberos.
If they wanted to be in the expedition they wouldn't be allowed to have any complaints.
Since trust was critical to Oberon, he declined several people.

The initial plan was to recruit the elites but that was torn down and the criteria was expanded to anyone being accepted.

Warrior and adventurer classes. The participation of these classes increased increased significantly because of this.

Drum and Kerberos wanted to capitalize on this opportunity.

"The leader is too naive."
"Adventure. Exploration. Discovery. It's not good. However, it is a chance to get some fame. This is something we can't pass up."

Kerberos and Drum exchanged meaningful glances. They had the same thing in mind.

"We should take advantage of this opportunity. We can raise the reputation of Oberon and the Cold Roses Guild. So we should accept as many people as possible into the expedition."

That was Kerberos's intention. Kerberos accepted several guilds within the kingdom. Thanks to that, anyone could join. The Cold Roses Guild and their allies. They flaunted a large force. There were over 1300 people and many others watching from afar.

There wasn't much of a choice.

Kerberos and Drum had done this intentionally. They splurged on the troops in order to raise the guild's reputation.They had advertised it outside the castle a few days before. There were a lot of spectators. A massive expedition.

It would take a few months to get the expedition to the north because of their large numbers.
There was idle talk.

"Got to get there safely."
"I need a souvenir..."
"Don't worry and just wait."

People deliberately came from far away distances.
The rumors that both the Cold Roses Guild and their allies were gathering power began to become troublesome.
The head of the alliance had to work up a good speech.

"We leave this city to go off to the land of adventure! There will be risks but there are also opportunities. For those that wish to go, let us seize the day!


"We set off to explore a new land. We will make our mark in the soil of this new frontier. There will be new experiences and memories waiting to be made with the people you meet.
Stories will spread far and wide of our actions. We will be heroes of legends!"


One by one, the people that had raised complaints at the beginning of the expedition had changed to cheering.

Despite how it sounded from the speech, it was actually going to be a very drastic expedition with a significant amount of risk.

There was not going to be any proper place to rest in the bitter cold expanses of the north.
It, however, had a magnificent effect on raising the morale of the expedition. For the sake of formalities, this ceremony was indispensable.

It finally came for Oberon's turn after the head of alliance gave his speech.
Oberon stood on the podium silently and looked around.


The expedition and the crowd held their breaths as they waited for his words.
The warrior guilds had immense faith in Oberon!
There was much tension as to what the famous Oberon was going to say.
Oberon's words were not very long.

"Let's forget about the heat. Let us go to somewhere cold. We will get rid of the heat!"

And that was it.

The eyes of spectators and the expedition shone fiercely.
There were tens of thousands of people in the expedition and the video was being streamed to millions.

If the expedition was successful, then more than 50 million people would see the video. This was a great opportunity to get publicity.

Usually a good leader would give a speech for ten minutes, but Oberon's speech was short.
But the hearts and minds of the expedition became even stronger.

"Get rid of the heat on the Versailles Continent'
'We are going to the North!'

Oberon's words had the power to leave a lingering feeling that filled the chests of the expedition.
With Oberon's words, the ceremony was over.

People said their goodbyes to friends after a hearty meal.


The expedition set off.
Merchants stocked up with goods began to move as the Dark Gamers led in front.

* * *

"It's hot."

Volk said as he fanned himself with his hand. It was very boring for most of the Dark Gamers. Oberon was fortunate to have enlisted them.

"This was an annoying commission to accept."

Thirty other Dark Gamers nodded their heads at Volk's words. They agreed since it was similar to most of the other commissions that they have been commissioned to participate and suffer in.
However, some of the Dark Gamers were a little bit excited.

It was the first time that they got to explore such a vast place.

An expedition of this scale was unprecedented and only one had ever been formed before to reclaim the the Rosenheim Kingdom from the Brent Kingdom.

The Dark Gamers were inspired to become historical heroes.

"Let's depart."
"Let's go!"

All the preparations were completed and the expedition set off.

The noobs watched enviously from the gates as they set off.

"Do you think that they'll run into any problems?"
"It's not impossible. It depends on how loyal they are going to be to the expedition."
"I think so too but I still think it's fascinating. It's no joke to his ability and his capacity to get quests and information from the residents."
"Let's stop hunting and go eat some soup that Elen made."

"Parties are fun. You get to adventure around, eat good food, and there are lots of pretty girls. How am I ever going to get over 100 fame?"
"I exceeded a 100 fame earlier when I turned in a Retrieve Fox Tail Quest."
"You have to work hard and do quests to get fame."
"I know. I've tried myself."
"Let's go and get some food to eat."

The noobs were envious but they had work to do.

* * *

Weed kept dissolving ore to pass time. Of all the swords and armors he made, there was one unique piece that he got using sculpting.

A nine tailed fox!


The item properties have changed.

Sculpting skills have improved.

Handicrafting skills have improved.

Advanced Sculpting gave up to three stats on finished items. It used to raise it 1 or 2 points in the past, but now it gave 10 strength and 10 agility.

"So it changes depending on the level of the finished product."

Sculpting was less effective on weaker items. With better products there were more exceptional abilities endowed.

"Hopefully it can improve proficiency this way"

High level users had better stats on their items.
At first, players only cared about finding clothing and weapons that look nice.
However, it was better to fight solo if team mates keep dying in dangerous dungeons.

Trust in weapons and armor. Rely on swords and armor to fight until you lose your life. Until it becomes like an extension of your arms and legs.
Spend a fortune to buy armor and weapons.

There were still a bunch of people concerned with the color and design of weapons and armor. People that can craft weapons can earn a substantial amount of money.

'I guess this is another secret of sculpting.'

Weed found a way to earn a little bit more money!
Sculpting on items did not improve proficiency that much. Advanced sculpting, no matter the level, could not improve it beyond a certain point.
It could improve equipment a little bit or render it more useless.

- Defense and durability have been reduced.

In addition, excessive sculpting could decline the ability significantly.
Swords would also decrease in damage sometimes.

"So I can only outline it slightly and not overdo it."

Weed began to learn more about sculpting. He sculpted on the swords, armor, and sewn clothing.
As a result, the black steel swords and armors came out with great options.
There were some with useless stats like charm, but the Mithril Boots and Helmet with the fox raised the affinity by quite a lot.

30 strength, 20 agility, and 120 fame!
Good equipment proved to have higher increases.
All the sewing and blacksmithing was done and now only one thing remained for Weed. To create the sculpture.

"Let's get it out of there."

Weed pulled off the earthen mold. Then a brilliant light came out from the gold pieces.
He kept pulling out more gold pieces.

"The amount that will go into the statue will be about 7000 gold."

Weed felt a sick feeling in his chest.
A statue made of gold. The gold pieces were quite small. He had dissolved the gold into plates in order to make the statues.
But it was not yet completed.

"Time for the last part."

Weed carefully worked on the face, ears, and fingers. A fundamental part of the mold was made.
Then he made detailed representation of the necessary parts like clothes and knuckles.
He gradually got rid of the rough edges and smoothed it out.

Then the sculpture was completed.
A sculpture was in the city of art, Rhodium. It was a gold sculpture.

Please set the name of the sculpture.

Weed thought about what answer to give.

"Sculptor with a lot of money."
The worst naming sense!
Countless artists could cry hearing that name.

Sculptor with a lot of money correct?

"That's right."


Masterpiece! You have completed Sculptor with a lot of money.

The dazzling material further enhanced the value of the art.
Statue of pure gold!
It was not easy to complete a sculptor by smelting gold.
To symbolize the glory and the challenges of the sculptor, the city's art will shine more brightly.

Artistic Value: 7100

Special Options:

  • Sculptor with a lot of money increases health and mana regeneration by 30% for one day.

  • Increased drop rate by 15% for one day.

  • Luck increased by 60.

  • Two properties increased by 10%: Merchanting skills increased. Art skills increased.

  • The statue is located in the center of the city or kingdom, so the frequency of crime will increase.

  • Does not overlap with other sculptures.

  • Until now the number of masterpieces completed: 3

    Sculpting skills have improved.

    Handicrafting skill has improved.

    Sculptural Understanding has advanced one level.

    Fame has increased by 520.

    Stamina has increased by 3.

    Sculptor with a lot of money has become the specialty of Rhodium. Many travelers will visit to see the colorful sculptures.

    Weed is given ownership of Sculptor with a lot of money. If Weed gives life to the sculpture in the future, then it will be loyal to him.

    All stats have increased by 3 for creating a masterpiece.

    He had not made that many masterpieces.
    Original masterpieces were quite rare.
    It was the first of its kind!
    It was a sculpture that was recognized by its blacksmithing skill.

    If he tried using blacksmithing again and the final product was not outstanding, then it would be fairly difficult to make another masterpiece.

    After making thousands of piece, it would finally bear fruit and a masterpiece would emerge.
    It was the pleasure of the final product.

    'A reward for my troubles.'

    Weed started to smile.
    People usually mistake sculptors for a profession that cuts things.
    But a real sculptor can make things in any dimension.
    Sculptors can use any techniques, including blacksmithing.

    Sculptors with second job advancements varied considerably.
    Metal sculptor, structural sculptor, stone sculptor, earthen sculptor, and jewelry sculptor...
    Because there were various jobs in the palace and city, there were dozens of forms of sculptors.
    However, that was not the case with the Moonlight Sculptor. The job was relatively unknown so there was no information about it and the quest requirements were too high.


    Artists of Rhodium has been completed.

    You have created an excellent sculptural masterpiece by yourself.
    The finished product is enough to be accepted in the city of artists.
    You are now able to register at the various art guilds.

    Quest reward:
    Go back to the artist guild to register. You can receive sculpting related quests.

    Quest success!

    But there was no rewards compared to the suffering of the quest.
    An low level sculptor could not be picky in the city of artists Rhodium
    Weed's standards were too high and went through more trouble than he needed.
    He was able to make a sculpture using a separate class! Sculpting, in a way, had an amazing ripple effect

    Sculpting was not directly useful to combat skills or for adventure. It couldn't take care of immediate needs since it was difficult and required a lot of time.
    However, it was good for the development of kingdoms and cities. Sculptures draw people's attention creating culture and strengthening national power
    Thanks to the large lion sculpture, tourists flock to Rosenheim and the dungeons are overflowing with players.

    A single art class could influence the future and strength of an entire kingdom! But Weed was not interested in a country.
    Rather he did not like it at all.

    "It's a good thing that I made this sculpture. Grant life to sculpture!"

    Weed patted the head of the gold sculpture.
    The sculpture of the man was a little shorter than him. But it was made entirely of gold.


    The gold started to heat up.
    Once it was red hot, it gradually started to move its body.

    You have given life to the sculpture.

    The level of the sculpture will be made from converting the 762 art stats, making it level 351.
    It's level will be increased 20% because it is a great masterpiece to 420.

    Three properties have been granted.
    The abilities will be granted based on the sculpture's properties and level.


  • Fire 50%

  • Metal 100%

  • Water 60%

  • Can ignore the majority of metallic magic. However, due to its golden properties, it is softer than usual. Unlimited use of fire.
    However, excessive fire can melt and liquify the body.

    Enemies can be attacked in various ways from melting the body and can be useful.
    However, a change in liquid will reflect on the body.

    5000 mana has been consumed.

    10 art stats have been reduced.

    Stats can be regained through art related activity.

    Level has declined by 2.

    The 10 most recent stat points have been decreased.
    The stats can be raised again upon level up.

    Please respect the life granted to the sculpture.
    If he loses his life, then the sculpture needs to be granted life again to return his soul.
    Cannot be granted life if completely destroyed.

    A sculptor's dream!
    He gave life to the masterpiece sculpture and the finished level was 420.
    It also had amazing power and it could gain experience by fighting.

    'I should grant life to the Seoyoon sculpture later.'

    Weed told himself to someday return to the Canyon to give life to his first masterpiece of Seoyoon.
    He could not use the skill to give life often.

    It was because it cost 2 levels and 10 art stats. but as art continues to grow the results get better.
    Sculptures that were granted life had good growth rate.


    The gold statue opened its eyes and woke up.
    The statue instinctively looked at Weed as if he were its father.
    It could not feel good and happy since it was made out of gold and it was a masterpiece.
    The statue gave off a yellow flash and said.

    "Golgolgolgol! Please tell me my name."
    Weed immediately gave him a name.
    "Your name is Geumini."
    "Geumini. Geumini. Golgolgol!"

    Geumini repeated his name in his mind.

    "I will fight together with master against any enemy!"

    Weed obtained an absolutely loyal servant.
    It would lose its life when it was destroyed but the sculpture had absolute loyalty and would sacrifice its life for him.

    * * *


    A roar echoed off.
    The Wyverns were screaming in the sky.
    The 6 Wyverns flew in formation in a magnificent grandeur.

    They were the most experienced members. Four had died in the battle against the Lich Shire and these were all the remained of the Wyverns that Weed made.

    Sculptures were created in the image of their owner.
    Thus they acted according to their instincts quite naturally.

    Wah-il, Wah-thul, Wah-sam, Wah-oh, Wah-yook, and Wah-chil.
    He had made their quickly so that's why their names were in order since it cost him art stats.


    The Wyverns would sometimes go to the ground to eat animals to fill their stomachs. At night they would sleep in large caves or on cliffs. They would take breaks to recover their stamina after flying.

    By flapping their wings they could move at a very fast pace.
    However, it was different in their case.

    "Flying is too hard!"

    Wah-chil complained.

    "The wind keeps hitting against my body."

    Wyverns were mostly supposed to be like birds with sleek, streamlined bodies.
    That was to minimize wind resistance.

    Weed was short on time and created them roughly.
    Angular faced Wyvern! A huge bulging stomach.
    Indeed, it was the worst structure for flying.

    The wind on their face and body during flight was no joke.
    Because of the speed they were going at, their stamina ran out quickly.

    It was hard for them to fly with Weed for days. So the Wyverns would expand their wings and glide. The villages and land would pass by them quickly.

    * * *

    Lee Hye Yeon has been wondering for awhile about whether or not to inform Lee Hyun
    Admission to the University of Korea.

    Admittance based on history of awards. Eligibility was made based on the awards and merit.
    She waited until he had passed the document screening and interview.

    "Why I didn't tell you earlier? Because you wouldn't go."

    He could only feel disappointed at the end of her words.

    'I'll just drop in and then go home.'

    Lee Hye Yeon went to see an interview. It was difficult to find people like Lee Hyun.
    30 minutes early to the interview.

    She safely finished the interview nervously.
    However the tension was not over.

    'I must get a scholarship at all costs.'

    Lee Hyun had promised her.

    If she could get a scholarship, then Lee Hyun promised that he would go to the University of Korea.
    Lee Hye Yeon was now waiting for the results.

    * * *

    Wherever they went there was a big fuss. It was the first large scale expedition into the north.

    "Get rid of the heat!"
    "We look forward to the adventures to be had in the north."

    People were celebrating the expedition with envy as morale increased.
    The expedition kept increasing in size.

    Every time they visited a city, friends and colleagues of Oberon would join. The expedition showed greater strength when the blacksmith Trumann and the seamstress Cadmus joined. Trumann was an Intermediate Level 7 Blacksmith.

    He was ranked fifth amongst the Versailles Continent in Blacksmithing.
    He never hunted monsters beyond foxes. He was never curious after that.
    Trumann would laugh after having hunted foxes.

    "Instead of fighting, I made and carried weapons that would help my colleagues."

    Trumann made heaps of weapons all day long.

    A pitch black blade called Sword of Darkness.
    Sword of Imprisonment was a beautiful blue blade like the sky, but it actually freezes enemies.
    Some of his weapons were capable of dealing 10% more damage against armor.

    Oberon smiled to have a master craftsman like Trumann of the industry join his expedition.

    "Welcome! I ask that I can entrust all of the expedition's weapons to you."

    Oberon and Trumann had a slight friendship.

    In the past Trumann had a quest to make any weapon, but the material was in the Lizardmen's Lair.
    Stinger Shooting Lizardmen were not high level but they were very tricky.

    No man would courageously enter the Lizardman Lair.
    But Oberon went inside and retrieved the material.

    Because of this bond, Trumann went with the expedition as the blacksmith.
    Compared to that, Cadmus was an oddity.

    "I have to make clothes. Comfortable clothes, practical clothes, I want to make clothes that can be worn in any environment."

    Cadmus wanted to go to the North to put her sewing skills to the test.

    Intermediate Level 6 Sewing Skills!

    For the third ranked seamstress, putting on a button was nothing for Cadmus the tycoon.
    The well-known Cadmus and Trumann joining the expedition gave further hope to the expedition.
    Oberon stood on a hill overlooking his expedition from horseback.

    "Must I bring all these people to go with me?"

    Drum nodded at Oberon's question.

    "Yes, as I mentioned before architects and chefs are essential. Bards will help you travel."
    "Is it necessarily bad enough that we have to take all the guilds in Rhodium?"

    Kerberos weighed the question. Bards were not that rare. It would have been better to bring in some from the guild rather than strangers.

    "The real skill is in the guilds of Rhodium. We mainly focus on combat so we usually neglect bards."
    "Come to think of it, Bards enhance fighting."

    Kerberos affirmed this.

    Bards were a musical profession that helps raise stats and create a relaxing atmosphere.
    However the bards in the guild were different. Combat type bards!
    Their flexibility of using the musical instrument as a weapon rather than singing.

    "So we need to take people in art related professions."

    Oberon gave Drum permission.

    "Do as you wish."

    Oberon firmly gave his permission. He entrusted him with the rest.

    "Drum, you see to it that it's taken care of."

    The amount of people they have had already increased a lot. It made no difference if a few more join.

    Indeed, that was Oberon the Warrior. He was skilled at taking down monsters. Of course he couldn't see the meaning in art.

    He left anything he couldn't do for them to take care of.
    But Oberon did not forget to be careful."

    "The Northern Expedition is not going to be a walk in the park. Artists are just going to weigh you down. Go ahead with your plans. Just don't regret your decisions later."

    "Now, go into the city. Kerberos."
    "Yes leader."

    "Are we far from the northern part of the continent?"
    "Yes, we are a far distance away from the central continent. Hereafter, we may need to teleport to move about."

    "Where are we going?"
    "For when we need to go up Ras Hill."

    Ras Hill was the name of a hill in the center of the northern continent. Its name and location had been identified by adventurers.

    Oberon nodded his head.

    "So the search starts from there."

    "Bring wizards so that we can create a teleport circle."
    "I'll prepare a teleport circle in the plains."

    "How many people can we move at once?"
    "We can send 150 people. Taking mana and health consumption into account, it can be used 3 times a day for about 450."

    "So it'll take 3 to 4 days to move everyone."
    "That's roughly how long it will take."

    Teleport Circle.

    Capable of large scale movement to a specific location.
    Using many magic stones and reagents, the teleport circle can move roughly a little more than 150 people with luggage.

    The magic stones and reagents were very expensive and difficult to obtain.
    If they were to fail the northern expedition, the Cold Roses Guild would take a huge hit.

    They had not planned to use this much money. But the preparation processes kept growing.
    They had to use a lot more materials now. If the plan to cool the continent were to fail, then the guild would go bankrupt.

    'I hope everything will be fine.''

    Oberon and his aides closed their eyes.

    Their home was in the center of the continent. The longer they are away, the more the guild's villages will be in danger. They had to finish early in one month and no later than 2-3 months.

    * * *

    Volk and the rest of the Dark Gamers went to Rhodium.
    They were given a few days to relax.

    "Well, see ya man."
    "I'll see you later."

    The Dark Gamers greeted each other and said their goodbyes.
    Their final preparations were to check their equipment for the expedition.
    There were accomplished values for the Dark Gamers.

    Life and physical ability. If one does not play properly then their performance drops.
    The Dark Gamers prepared thoroughly for any quest.
    Because of that, Dark Gamers survived most of their battles.

    "Let's go get some alcohol this evening."
    "I heard that Rhodium has a really fancy pub."
    "Not bad."

    Some of the Dark Gamers met with acquaintances for drinks.
    The pub was relatively nice and it gave off a nice atmosphere from the expensive furniture. It didn't feel like a pub.

    "Who's covering the bill?"
    "To each their own."
    "We'll meet up in the evening then."

    Other Dark Gamers scattered around to gather information.
    Volk and Darelyn walked together holding hands.

    "It's a beautiful place."
    Volk said after a long time.

    Volk did not seem very to be one that enjoyed art but he had a romantic look in his eye.

    "Yea, all the city city's art is gorgeous."

    The couple walked together as they smile to each other. They had courage when they were up against ferocious monsters but they also had this side to them.

    "Money please!"
    "Please give me some money!"
    "Help me please!"

    It was considerably fun to watch the beggars cling onto the people in the expedition.
    That was because the expedition was high leveled and had fancy equipment.

    They thought that money would flow out of them like water.
    There was a stampede of beggars.The expedition had to give money to some of them.
    Dark Gamers were, however, more inconspicuous to avoid attracting unnecessary attention.

    "Let's get a bit of rest."

    Volk and Darelyn sat down in some chairs. Everywhere there were works of art. The air breezed by bring with it petals. A fountain was pouring in the distance. The droplets were glistening from the sunlight. Volk clenched his fist.

    "I'm sorry."
    "To think this is what has become of our honeymoon..."

    "I'm fine. This trip is perfectly alright."

    Darelyn slightly leaned her head against Volk's shoulder.

    When the two of them married, they did not have much money. They were barely able to raise enough for the ceremony. They weren't able to have a grand wedding, but he wanted them to at least have a honeymoon. However, he was ashamed.

    Together they had wandered the Versailles Continent.
    They went around dangerous dungeons and friendly villages.
    But it did not satisfy his desire to take her on a honeymoon.

    There were actually couples that went to the Versailles Continent for honeymoons. As a young couple, they did not have the kind of money to go to a travel agency.

    They were tricked by the Exploration of the Versailles Continent Travel Agency. It was targeted towards players of Royal Road. It wasn't fitting to go to the danger zones together for a honeymoon.

    It had been three years since the release of Royal Road and the Versailles Continent was constantly changing.

    Commercials have been rapidly developing for the recreational purposes.and tourism. Now tourists were visiting places in large numbers.

    They were able to go see natural freely without the limits of reality!
    People were going for relaxation.

    In this time, travel agencies were competitively developing the continent as a scenic oasis.
    Royal Road led to a great change in business.

    A number of meetings and presentations took place in Royal Road.
    Salesmen would invite customers in Royal Road.

    It was an entertaining way to open up customers with a meal and beverage.
    The Versailles Continent was an effective means of getting money out of consumers.
    A new world in a land of monsters.
    A world defined by magic and strength!

    Items gotten from hunting monsters could be given as gifts.
    A secure measure in contrast to real life.
    Some still might not be impressed.

    Gifts in Royal Road was not like getting a luxury car in real life as a bribe.
    Receiving gifts in Royal Road was something that could be accepted gratefully.

    Bribes were more tempting for people that were lower levels since it visibly rose their stats.

    One of the best things about Royal Road was that you could move your body as you wanted. They could beat up monsters solely for the sake of pleasure!

    Salesmen found several ways to bait in customers.

    As a result, there was no salesperson that didn't use Royal Road to promote their products.
    Royal Road had much influence on the marriage industry.
    Young men and women were very attracted to adventure.
    The things that were possible in reality were also possible in Royal Road.

    It was easier to get to know someone and get used to them through adventuring.
    Royal Road had a tremendous effect of the couple industry.
    Volk and Darelyn had a similar experience.

    At first, it was only a one side crush that Volk had but it grew through adventuring and hunting. Soon love blossomed and they got married. They were recognized as a lovely couple. Women found it hard to hate a man that was constantly dedicated to protecting them.

    'I'm glad that you picked me'

    Volk patted Darelyn's head.

    "Are you comfortable?"

    Darelyn put herself deeper into Volk's arms. She wrapped her arms around his waist as if she was clinging to him for warmth.

    Suddenly Volk said.

    "Do you remember that wooden bouquet that I gave you?"
    "Of course, there's no way I could forget the bouquet that you proposed to me with."

    Darelyn still had the bouquet. She had gotten a diamond ring in reality but she could never forget the bouquet that she was proposed to with.

    "I couldn't prepare a better gift since I didn't have much money and now it's the one year anniversary of our marriage."

    "The bouquet was enough. But..."
    "But what? Is there anything else that you wanted?"

    Volk was curious and asked her. If she wanted anything he would get it for her.

    "Rather than a bouquet, I would have wanted a sculpture of the two of us. Even though we are one, we are also two."


    Volk and Darelyn were thrilled with each other. They were looking at each other with the sweet eyes of a couple!

    That was why the Dark Gamers deliberately didn't invite them out for drinks.
    Then Volk said in regretfully.

    "I couldn't find the sculptor who carved the bouquet though."
    "He wasn't in Rosenheim?"

    "He already left Serabourg. By the time I proposed to you, he was long gone and my attempts to find him were useless. I tried to finally track him down at the Pyramid and Lion Sculpture after I confessed to you but I could not find him."

    "I heard that rumor, that the sculptor that made the pyramid was the one that made my bouquet."
    "He was the best sculptor that I knew."

    "It's too bad. I would be surprised if you were able to meet him again."

    "Me too. But I think that he and I have a special connection that will bring us back together. Just like you and I."

    "Maybe you're right."

    Volk and Darelyn were talking fondly to each other, right in front of Weed selling his mountain of weapons and armors.

    "Selling high durability swords! You will not need to repair often! Selling leather armors! High quality and good defense! If you want, I can custom make leather clothing on the spot!"

    Darelyn asked Volk.

    "What was the sculptor like?"

    "Well, he was stubborn in his own way. He would do anything to make money selling sculptures. It's not a very good class."

    "Like that guy?"

    Darelyn pointed to Weed.

    He was in the middle of selling stuff. Shining bright swords and glistening leather armor! He had used his ironing skill and sharpening skill. He had put the best goods up for sale and increase the performance of the items with his skills.

    "A well sharpened sword is extremely useful for increasing damage by an entire 20% for two days! Two days is more than enough time to kill over 400 monsters! You won't find this opportunity anywhere else! This sword is cheap cheap cheap! Selling swords for as cheap as 120 gold a piece! There is a limited number of 40 of them! If you miss it now, you will never get a sword like this again!"

    He was speaking rapidly and clearly.
    An active way of attracting customers.

    The absolute power of the sword grind skill! It was an exclusive sale for luxury swords!

    People were flocking around Weed.

    Volk slapped his knee.

    "Yea, just like him! He's doing quite well. It takes effort like that to be like the other man."
    "Yea, how did you meet him?"

    "In the Rosenheim Kingdom. People were flocking all over him from the entire town to buy some of his sculptures."

    Volk looked at the swords and armors that Weed was selling.

    'Meticulous workmanship. These are decent items for beginners.'

    Volk had good eyes. He could tell that the armors and swords were well made.
    Then he suddenly felt that Weed's face was familiar.

    "You're kidding me... It's the sculptor?
    "Is it?"

    Volk shook his head.

    "No. There's no way I could meet him in a place like this."

    Volk denied that it was Weed after seeing him.

    It had been a long time so he couldn't exactly remember the face but the atmosphere that he had was nearly the same.

    An elegant method of deception and tricks! The sculptor was unmistakable when he had been selling sculptures. But this person was selling swords and armor and there was no way that a sculptor could be a blacksmith and a tailor.

    'The point is that it's not the same person.'


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