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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 54 Chapter 5 part1

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Weed felt a slight suspicion while reading about the records on Papuakin's bloodbath.

"Kaybern used to attack humans even in the past? I mean, his nickname is the Black Dragon…"

It was a being that could not be trusted, given its history!

It reeked the scent of a habitual offender.

A couple of days after, a report arrived from the Central Continent.

There was intel on the human mercenary called the Dark Warrior that served Kaybern, and also on the magical creation, the Blue Moss.

The Dark Warrior had ties to the Earthly Cult, and he had stolen the holy artifact, the Hammer of Earth.

"He really lived on his own accord."

With the help from the users, Weed gathered information that would have taken him several months on his own.

A notification window appeared.

The True Warrior has been completed.

As you delve deeper into the past of the Black Dragon Kaybern, you come to truly understand fear.

The evil dragon that mocks and ridicules the weak and tramples over them.

The damage it caused to the continent's humans, elves and dwarves until now has been tremendous.

Every race wishes to vanquish Kaybern.


There is still a sliver of hope in stopping Kaybern.

Speak with Sage Brio of Octurn.

< Quest completion rewards 5 points increase in all stats. >

< Upon speaking to Sage Brio, the quest will connect to the Warrior's Decision quest. >

"Hmm. Octurn…"

Weed felt troubled.

Octurn, where Sage Brio resided, was a city under the Haven territory.

"The Hermes Guild will not let it slide when they see me…"

"Should I assemble forces?"

Lemon, who brought the intel, spoke boldly.

She suspected that a huge number of users would gather if they had to tread on Haven territory for the sake of stopping Kaybern.

She would not be able to mobilize a force as sizeable as the one back in Garnav Plains, but the Hermes Guild had been severely weakened as well.

She believed that the Haven territories could easily be conquered with sufficient forces.

'Then, that would mean the unification of Versailles Continent.'

So many profitable factors played through in Weed's mind.

Unicorn Corp hung up a grand prize for the one that united the entire continent.

The title of  first Emperor to accomplish total unity was an undeniable honor.

Of course he was ambitious, but then again, nothing was as dangerous as underestimating the enemy.

If the Hermes Guild were to be driven into a corner and resist with their lives on the line, that would mean an atrocious war for each city and fortress.

They had lost the battle of Garnav Plains and retreated off the continent, but the Haven territories were a natural stronghold.

'If we attack recklessly, there is a chance that the continent may be wiped out by Kaybern and the monsters.The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind..'

Weed decided on the priorities.

"No,. I believe that we cannot waste time. We cannot avoid the Hermes Guild. I will make the trip quietly."

Weed took Yurin and infiltrated Octurn with her Paint Transportation skill.

Octurn, the city of discipline.

The streets were quiet with little users visible.

Users in Haven territory had recently declined steeply, and the city itself was not popular to those other than adventurers that were interested in learning map crafting, plant biology, monster traits and history.

Sage Brio lived in a huge mansion and was a breeze to find.

Guards stood at the gates.

"What business do you… My god. The adventurer that rewrites history…"

"Enough. I'm going in."

Weed's fame easily got him through the gates, and he met Sage Brio at the garden.

He was an old man with hair that turned completely white.

"You are finally here. The young truly will succeed the old…"

"It is an honor to meet the wise. I am Weed."

Weed, despite being the Emperor of Arpen Empire, did not push forth his authority.

The title of Emperor meant he could just lay orders to ordinary citizens, but he was much used to flattering.

Weed spoke with concern.

"Black Dragon Kaybern is driving the world into chaos. I came to you in stopping him."

"Without a doubt he must be stopped. However, it is no ordinary task for humans to stop a dragon. It is dangerous… Very dangerous. Even if you possess the sharpest sword."

Sage Brio unfolded several stories about Kaybern.

The main point was how much wreckage he caused in Thor, the Dwarven kingdom, and also about the treasures located in his lair.

"In an era of war, many kingdoms offered treasures on a regular basis. For the Dwarves, it was involuntary, but they gained powers by offering the treasures they accumulated from monsters."


"They reinforced their physicalities or intelligence so that they could govern their kind.

There will be far more treasures resting in his lair than that of any other dragon."


Weed's mouth watered up.

Brio ran through his beard and continued.

"There may even be magic that returns youth to its user."

"The magic of youth?"

"It returns a person to the peak of their life. Also, all that treasure stacked in his lair could turn one into the continent's richest man…"



This time, Brio and Weed swallowed almost simultaneously.

Sage Brio!

They say he had vast knowledge, but he was also a rumoured miser.

'It seems that the rumors are true. Not really solid evidence, but I can tell. Intuition is more accurate at times.'

Weed smirked slightly.

A greedy one was better than a sage who thinks highly of himself and is stubborn.

Birds of a feather flock together, and they would have much better conversation.

"Hmm-hmm. It is at least several hundred years of collected treasure. It will not be easy to obtain. There are two ways to stop Kaybern from attacking the humans."

"Two ways, you say?"

"One is the sharp sword that you wield and the other is compromise."


"One thing Kaybern holds dear is treasure. A treasure rare enough to please him will save the continent from danger this time around."


A crossroad of decision has appeared.

Black Dragon Kaybern is a being that is difficult to overcome with human power.

To save the world, will you confront him or offer precious treasure and beg for your life?

Upon your decision, the quest progression will change.

'Hmm. I have to choose between fighting or offering treasure and making a decent compromise.'

Weed reflected on economic efficiency and figured that offering treasure to ensure no more destruction of cities was worth it.

Calming Kaybern and conquering the Haven territories would bring him the benefit, the Emperor of Unification.

That being said, if he were to decide on offering treasure, he will plan for revenge in the future.

'I could slay Kaybern later and take the dragon treasure. That would be in my best scenario and interest…'

Kaybern was extremely powerful, and the choice to avoid a battle against it was a huge allurement.

"I am curious about something."

"What do you wish to learn about?"

"What kind of treasure will satisfy Kaybern?"

Brio groomed his beard and turned his gaze to the beautiful garden.

"To fulfill the dragon's greed, you will have to fill a garden with stacks of gold."


"Mountains of them, so to speak."


"If not, you will need to offer 200 of your most precious possessions. Gems, artwork, magical items. The armor or sword that your majesty is wearing will be accepted by Kaybern."

He had just come from the brisk of battle through Yurin's Paint Transportation Skill.

He was wearing casual adventure attire, but inside he was wearing the Sky Ruler's Armor that had been reduced in size by Fabio and Herman.

On top of that, the Loa Sword, considered the best sword that ever existed.

'I have to give away all of these?'

From the list of Weed's equipment and treasures, the ones that could satisfy the dragon were approximately 20 items.

'Even if I do give these away, that's nowhere enough.'

He could add the sculpture masterpieces from the art gallery in Morata and could also tax adventurers and merchants in the name of peace.

However, none of that will come without a cost.

In the trade with Mapan, the calculations were right down to a single percent.

'Taking into consideration the Arpen Empire's tax income, I would recuperate somehow in the future… Though, this is not a matter of taking a spoonful of someone else's meal.'

This was like feasting on the entire meal, then demanding to order crispy fried pork and a whole chicken on top!

'The dragon is one big bully, and this sage… He's suggesting compromise like a mediator, which is suspicious. There's not one person I can trust.'

The sages of Versailles Continent were knowledgeable and intelligent beings, but not all of them were good-natured.

'In the real world too, the smart buggars rip people off a whole lot better.'

Not one was trustworthy, and so he even accounted for the possibility of a delivery fraud.

If Sage Brio had a conscience, one or two items. If he was a total thief with nothing but dirty intentions, he could take up to half.

'Now I am unsure. All the information we collected on Kaybern… They were all about Kaybern loving to force humans into a trap.'

Weed contemplated a moment and decided.

"We shed too much blood already. I am not certain if I can slay Kaybern with this very sword, but I will not back down."

"Think wisely. A dragon is too much to handle for humans. Bowing down your head won't put flaw in your high reputation."

"There is no reason for humans to be mistreated. If we succumb to Kaybern here and now, it doesn't guarantee an end to his greed. We will be exploited endlessly like the Dwarves in Thor."


< You have completed the important decision in the quest.
You have sworn to fight against the Black Dragon Kaybern in order to save the world. >

< Kaybern is a dangerous being that cannot be trusted.
Based on gathered intel, you have made the correct decision.
Insight increased permanently by 15. >


It was fortunate that he did not fall for it.

'Seriously, not one can be trusted'.'

Sage Brio spoke in a tone of regret.

"Combat is not always the answer. I have confidence in calming Kaybern down if I step up…"


Weed thought for a moment.

'Why don't I just kill this guy right now? I bet I could find a lot of treasures he ripped off if I search the basement of this building.'

The difference between a thief and a sage was a fraction.

Fortunately, Brio began speaking about a story related to the quest.

"A sharp sword dulls the warrior's eyes and mind. It is a reckless path, but there was one who also chose to wield her sword against Kaybern in the past. It was the half-elf Vishur. However, she left for the maze Zode and no one ever saw her again."

"She didn't come back?"

"Yes. She vanished. If you can save her somehow, she will be a great asset in defeating Kaybern."

Half-elf Vishur.

Long ago, there was the half-elf Vishur who drew her sword against the Black Dragon Kaybern.

She was a half-breed of human and elf, a hero who mastered the ultimate spirits and sword techniques simultaneously.

"The flowers and trees are screaming due to Kaybern's brutality. He must be stopped before a greater threat is imposed on us."

Travel to maze Zode and find the vanished Vishur.
Difficulty: S
Quest Requirements: Hero Saving the Continent
Highest adventure reputation.

< This quest cannot be forfeited under any circumstances. >

< Quest has been accepted. >

(To be continued…)

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