The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 54 Chapter 4 part3

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 "Geez. I'm high on that." 

"This is amazing."

The users were continually surprised as they observed the battle between Weed and the Behemoth.

With Behemoth being impossible to confront alone, Weed was gaining the edge in a straight-up battle.

The battle of sword skills and secret techniques on top of the boiling lava field.

This kind of scene was the dream of all warriors. 

"Now that I look at him, Weed-nim is really strong."

"He's different from the times he carried on with quests. That time, I thought he truly struggled and beat them by a straw, but he is undeniably powerful."

"No wonder he succeeded with all those quests, being that strong." 

The users reassessed of Weed's combat abilities.

 "It's certainly from all his new gear."

Weed too was surprised by the effectiveness of his equipment.

In truth, he wasn't this powerful until recently.

The Dimensional Gate Glove depending on how it is utilized, could allow the user to slip out of danger, provide them with an opportunity to attack and boost their combat level by several fold.

The Sky Ruler's armor blended the touches of blacksmith masters.

It was created from Hellium, replenishing substantial mana and had great defense.

To top it all off, there were the blessings from the frequent visits of the gods!

If one engages in battle with a devil, the friendly gods such as Freya and Hestia would bestow blessings.

'God's blessing. There is no doubt that these are a result of faith, contribution and honor.'

 This was not proven theory, but he was certain of it.

Furthermore, the title 'The one who defeated the devil' gave him an additional effect.

It was a rare title that he obtained after slaying the Intermediate devil Delarm, and its effect was a 16% attack boost if engaging in combat with monsters or subordinates related to devils.

Plus, it even identified their weaknesses and was great at attacking more efficiently.

In sum, he could become at least twice as powerful than when he would fight against normal monsters.

You have gained a level.

Warrior Behemoth from the devil clan of anguish has been laid to eternal rest.

The Great Accomplishment awarded 3,500 honor.

Charisma increased by 1.

Strength increased by 1. 

He even gained combat achievements and stats!

Weed thought to himself that focusing entirely on hunting devils could not be half bad.

There could very well be many dungeons related to devils hidden somewhere in Versailles Continent.

Since they would be well hidden, he would need the assistance from excavators or thieves, although it would be extremely dangerous it would offer high returns. 

"We will move to the next location."

The users mobilized in perfect order at Weed's command and climbed on the backs of the avians.

They flew over the Versailles Continent restlessly and slayed every monster in sight.

Aerial combat broke out occasionally, and a flurry of magic spells were bombarded on massive hordes of monsters on ground level.

The merciless power of magic spells concentrated on the monsters. 

"Ugh. I am about to collapse completely."

"I can't go any further…"

While the mages lay on the backs of the avians to rest, the lesser monsters were wiped out by the undead summoned by Weed.

They gained experience from the death of wounded monsters, and the loot after combat was picked up by the avians.

All the mages had to do was cast spells as soon as they recovered enough mana.

 "For me, I think I'm farming experience 9 times faster than usual."

"It was fortunate to have invested in mana recovery. I'm at about 13x."

"That much?"

"Yeah. It's not like a few monsters at a time… We're using AOE offensive spells as much as our mana allows for. The hunting times are really extensive  too."

"If we did this from the beginning, we would have crushed the Hermes guild with brute strength."

The mage users were in awe of Weed's hunting method.

They thought that this was an extremely efficient method of cleansing the lands overwhelmed by the monsters. 

"Do not rest! We will fight until the last monster is slain!"

"Look at the enemy, lock your aim precisely and fire. The arrow suppliers are working their backs out."


The archers unlike the mages had no rests and continued to fire arrows endlessly.

The dragon soldiers and powerful monsters usually had high magic resistance, and the archers were responsible for sniping them down.

At times, together with the avians they engaged in a fierce aerial battle against incoming monsters in flight.

"I have no more strength left in my arms…"

"Endure it."

"I can't. I'm at my limit."

"They're filming us right now."


The archers were shedding tears during the hunt.

Even Weed joined with the archers and fired arrows on monsters that the undead struggled against.

"He shoots as well as we do. The broadcast footages were not edited at all."

"No special abilities there. Just basic archery."

"Still, he's as accurate as us."

"Yeah… He's good."

"He can use magic and is excellent in combat. That's scary."

"He was a sculptor to begin with. Also a blacksmith, tailor and chef."

"Doesn't he make ships too?"

The large groups of monsters in the Northern and Central Continent were taken care of and the cities became a bit safer.

It was all thanks to 400,000 users risking their lives on the line.

Weed too displayed prowess alone riding on baraags.

Having advanced into the warrior class, he landed right in the middle of the monsters.

He pummeled the boss level monster all by himself and conquered the rest by summoning the undead!


< You have gained experience. >

< Combat Achievement! You have been awarded the title brave brawler.
Maximum health increased by 50. >

< Strength increased by 1. >


He had accomplishing a new combat achievement. 


He hummed as he wrapped his body with bandages and moved to the next location!

"What a wretched man…"

"I have to doubt whether or not he is human."

"You have to be as rigorous as him to win against the Hermes Guild."

"I just wanna take the easy life. Anymore and I'm going to die."

The users came to realize Weed's true side.

From afar, he seemed to struggle in protecting the continent from the monsters, but up close he was enjoying the endless hunting and growth.

"I think we can pull it off too."

"If we arrange a decent composition… It will be useful in slaying the monsters." 

Necromancer Jean and the other mages joined forces with the avians and organized a hunting squad.

Their combat level was not to be compared with the forces led by Weed, so around one or two hundred users gathered.

Though they could not hunt monster hordes with draconic warriors among them, they were still able to slay a significant number of monsters.

The users that were scattered across the Northern and Central Continent were also actively on the move.




While Weed was leading the massive number of users and cleaning up the monsters, Kaybern's activity continued.

Castle Hillshade, the ex-capital city of the Idern Kingdom was destroyed, and the monster invasions razed 27 villages and 4 cities. 

This is miraculous defense.

Yes. The damage is low despite the overwhelming monsters stirring up the Versailles Continent. The damage is much lower than what users from the Hermes Guild had predicted.

It was predicted that over 20 cities would be destroyed every week.

That is so. However, Weed and the users reduced the number of monsters greatly, and they have defended well behind the tall and thick fort walls at siege.

Of course, the city destruction was prevented but not without any damage. Outside the walls, the damage is severe. 

Sieges occurred simultaneously at over a hundred locations, resulting in heavy losses. 

Dragon's Revenge

Black Dragon Kaybern is on the move to erase human civilization.

The spirits and fairies are warning once again.

"Kaybern will head to Herom in a week."

Castle Herom of the old Nest Kingdom.

The time-honored castle in which the beautiful River Verona flows through, became the next target. After Castle Hillshade turned into ruins, huge number of monsters sprang out from the dungeons across the entire continent.

Especially in the Northern Continent, monsters flowed out from the wild lands and users were assembled to defend against them.

"No. Not yet…"

Rage waged from the depths of Weed's heart, but he suppressed it firmly.

"Just wait until I finish the hunt. From teeth to tail. I will loot everything."

Although time was ticking away, he was also gaining levels.

But, the security of the Arpen Empire was worsening, and cases of demolished merchant councils or travelling users dying to monsters became more frequent.

 "I have to conserve time. I have to move efficiently. Kaybern cannot be stopped at this moment."


< You have gained a level. >


Level 524.

Weed slayed groups of monsters and trained himself as well as the other users.

Meanwhile, the meticulous search for records on Kaybern went on in the Great Library of Morata.

Mapan : I have obtained 37 data records related to Kaybern.

Weed received the records brought by Yurin and read them over.

You have obtained information about Kaybern. 

Black Dragon Kaybern.
Also known by the famous nicknames: the Tyrant and the Dark Dragon. This dragon is estimated to be around 1700 years old.

In its youth, it travelled to many places around the continent and was involved in historical events. 

Papuakin's Bloodbath (Record Confirmed)

Generd's Contempt (Record Confirmed)

Slayer (Record Confirmed)

Black Warrior (Unidentified)

Blue Moss (Unidentified)

The birth of Dark Magic (Unidentified)

Humiliation of the Nippleheim Empire (Record Confirmed)


Kaybern is prideful and violent.

It likes jewels, drinks and delicious food.

At times it breaks pacts through devious methods and cannot be trusted.

Quest intel acquisition progress 62%. >


Papuaquin's Bloodbath and Generd's Contempt were events recorded in the history of the Versailles Continent.

Cities disappeared in a single day and they were all related to Kaybern.

Papuakin's Bloodbath. #2


O, the heavens fury,

The black smoke billowed, the city a fire,

On the ground, rats spread their filth and poison

The continent's greatest city was but a burning pyre. 

The cause of all this is Kaybern.

One year ago, that dragon descended,

One year ago the dragon demanded:


Collect gold and build a castle as a tribute for me. Then, I shall reward you all with the power to conquer all kingdoms. If you choose to break it and refuse to build a castle, you will brace severe consequences. 

Mayor Manheart trembling in fear accepted the offer right then and there.

After all, who could possibly refuse under the dragon's might?

They melted down gold for the dragon's lair,

Alas, the construction was stopped, the people lay sick and dying… 

The year was up, only half of the castle was complete.

On that day, all the people held their breath and stared at the sky.


Immature humans. You have failed to stick to my most gracious offer. I will forgive you all despite having broken the promise.

The almighty Kaybern spared their lives,

We were stripped of all the gold collected for the castle but gave our thanks,

When the scared and scattered citizens of Papuaquin returned to their wives,

When they felt safe again, happy again,

it was only then that ,

Kaybern descended again.


Your kind deserve to be annihilated!

"Oh mighty dragon… You said that you would not punish us!"

  I do not punish for breaking promises. However, you are beings that deserve extinction.

Mayor Manheartraised his head to beg

 A moment later he was dead,

We all realized then.

All this was the dragon's devious plan.

(To be continued…)

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