The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 54 Chapter 4 part2

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"Flip every stone and pebble. Don't miss any phrases no matter how insignificant."

"In the history field, we will make three confirmations. Expect to go all night."

"Please return books and documents that you have read over to its original location. The volunteers will continue reading." 

Once Weed determined to take Kaybern down, the users incapable of combat began moving. The novice users and merchants of the North searched for information in Morata's Great Library that contained massive amounts of data.

They searched meticulously for all related keywords such as dragon, Kaybern, breath, etc.

"This isn't it. All the data we have covered until now are related to F rank quests."

"Look for possibilities of linked quests."

"They're all simple quests like Search for the Dragon's Pawprints. Or Telling Dragon Stories in a Pub."

"There is lots of data from the North, but the Central Continent is lacking."

"Understandable. It hasn't been long since that region joined."

"Separately classify the quests you feel suspicious of even in the slightest bit. We cannot afford to miss the tiniest details."

 If they could offer assistance in defeating the Black Dragon Kaybern, they could potentially become heroes.

On top of that, Weed and the Mapan Association made a public statement.

Purchasing vital information for defeating Black Dragon Kaybern. The important information will be compensated with 1 million gold.

For ordinary users under level 200, 1 million gold was a massive fountain of gold that could never dry out. Even if they spoiled themselves with clothing, equipment, and accessories, it was difficult to spend even half of it.

Of course, it couldn't buy ridiculously rare equipment, but they could buy a house or a farm and establish a comfortable standard of living.

The novices that started out in the North naturally headed to the Great Library and had little space left. They scanned through all stored books and data.

The adventurers of Royal Road also stepped up together. These users could not even dream of large-scale adventurers back when the Haven Empire dominated the CentralContinent.

"If it's an adventure linked to Kaybern, I'm certainly doing it."

"By just starting the quest, doesn't that mean I can travel alongside Weed?"

"That will be amazing if it actually happens. Every single one of your days are going to be broadcasted live."

After the Arpen Empire seized the territories, the adventurers were free to roam anywhere they wished, hence they began proceeding with quests they had kept to themselves.

These quests that had been stored away for a long time finally reached completion, and the resulting effects from the adventures began spreading from cities to villages and to even more remote areas.

Excavation of relics, treasure chests, historical books, skill books, and equipment brought a substantial economic boom.  

Special relics that boosted crop harvest rates in the cities or mining rate in the mountains were sold at a high price.

Positive changes were occurring with the Arpen Empire in control of the Central Continent.

"The honor of an adventure with Weed… I would become the continent's most popular user."

"Wouldn't Weed just complete everything the moment it starts? He's incredible, honestly. He can do just about anything. He overcomes any adversity."

"Even as a sidekick, it's still great to be alongside him. You gain honor with that as well."

"You gain money too!. Buy a house, buy a car. You might land a building if luck is on your side."

"That's right. We'll probably earn a few million."

"Few million? This is a dragon quest. With none other than Weed himself. You think there will be another opportunity like this one anywhere?"

This assumably was from revenue assessment of the guarantees and advertising profits from the broadcast network.

It was an opportunity to claim both money and fame, drawing famous adventurers from all over the continent.

Now that Weed decided to proceed with the True Savior quest in order to slay Kaybern, the entire continent was shifting.




"This is a disaster."

Lafaye had arrived in Fenia Fortress. It was unofficially the western capital of the Haven Empire territories, which was massive in size and had a high development rate. Now, it was completely empty.

To be completely accurate, only the civilians and Hermes Guild users were roaming inside.


The users that were active in the Haven Empire territories were all in a crossroad decision of transferring to the Northern or Central Continent, as they did not want to follow the fate of the crumbling kingdom. When the Arpen Kingdom seized had only just the North, they sealed off the borders but now, that was meaningless.

I am requesting a taxi from Milen. 5 gold.

Users posted on discussion boards and the Avian users came from the sky and took them away. It wasn't a flight far into the Northern territories, but just to skip over the borders which wasn't a difficult task.

The Avians were able to make quite a decent profit out of these side jobs while the users that were active in the Haven Empire territories could escape. It was literally an escape rush.

It was the case for everyone, being drawn to the bright, dynamic atmosphere, and freedom of the Arpen Empire.


Lafaye leaned on the fort wall and gazed at the sky.

The clear, vivid blue sky and great weather squeezed out a bitter laughter.

By his calculations, the Arpen Empire was indeed making a huge impact by taking on Kaybern, but they themselves were also falling apart.

It was evident that there will only be the Hermes Guild users left in Haven territories.

"So this is how we are going down in history."




The one that was getting the most from the preparation in slaying Kaybern was Weed.


< You gained a level. >


Intermediate Undead Summoning Skill reached level 10 and transformed into Advanced Undead Summoning Skill.

You can call upon the legendary undead. You can raise the special corpses such as Elves and Spirit Warriors.

Reverence for the Dark Lord!

The undead and low-tier monsters look up to your presence. With sufficient reputation, you can command countless numbers of the undead in the Versailles Continent.

You can begin research on transforming into the body of the Lich.

The Lich transcends human limitations with increased efficiency in health drain and mana drain.

The Lich will not be weakened by sunlight. However, the allurement from the depths of darkness will intensify.

You can proceed with quests of the undead left by the demon race.


< You have gained colossal enlightenment for magic.

Mana recovery rate increased by 25%.

Intelligence and wisdom are permanently increased by 10.

Insight additionally increased by 5. >

 < Faith permanently decreased by 120. >


Advanced Undead Summoning! 

Weed had advanced into a warrior and was expanding a variety of combat type skills. Though, it couldn't be helped that he was still using Undead Summoning frequently.

Weed was satisfied as he looked over all the monsters that were collapsed on the ground.

'Easy. All I have to do is take a spoonful after the mages wipe out the battlefield.'

He summoned the undead senselessly and engaged them in battle with the wounded monsters. The mages that took part in the combat were also without much complaint, as they could activate all their spells as long as they had mana.

Kurgh! Humans. They must be driven extinct by Kaybern-nim's wishes!

Weed enjoyed himself by charging with the Loa Sword in hand straight into the upper level 500 monsters that spawned on occasion.

Thanks to his combat experience and variety of skills, he could never fall into a dangerous situation.

"The power of the holy spirit, save the poor in pain. Healing Touch!"

Hundred rays of light beamed from the chest for even the slightest injury.

The priest unit was by the side of the Avian and were healing away madly.

Then, boss-level monsters around mid level 600 would spawn. Weed battled such monsters and received all the attention.

It was like a gladiator standing in a Colosseum, a showdown with the users on live broadcast.

"If it's a one-on-one match… It's a waste of time, but I will play along."

Where the corpses of monsters lay like a pile of dominos, he encountered the enemy commander.


The monster was a grotesque fusion of man, bird and devil. 

Human. I will gnaw your head off and make you realize just how weak you are.

"Well, make me."

Weed laid down the tip of the Loa Sword to the ground.

It was seemingly a shabby stance, but it was awakening his sense for retaliating against the rapid movements of the Behemoth.

'Tons of users are watching right now… It would be pure embarrassment if I lose to some monster other than Bard Ray.'

 Certainly, it was possible to lose to a monster. With that said, pride would be crumpled like a sheet of paper.

With Bard Ray, it was a deep relationship that they had built by losing to one another, earning honor and achievements!

In the long term, Weed thought of it as only a turf war and didn't experience much pressure.

With the Hermes guild that had dwindled down to its current state, even if he were to lose in a one-on-one duel, there was no chance of the Arpen Empire falling apart.

However, if he were to lose to the monsters, that would be showing his limits.

If he proposed to hunt down Kaybern and could not overcome even the pawns, the disappointment from the users would be tremendous.


The moment Behemoth disappeared from sight, he flung his body to the side.

 'I cannot see it.'

 It was a cloaking ability that hides the user for up to 10 seconds!

Furthermore, it had wings that allowed for rapid flight.

The overpowered trait turned away just about any warrior from confronting it in battle.

As Weed side-stepped to avoid, he heard a gust of wind.

He sensed that Behemoth passed through where he was just a moment ago.

 "Sculptural Moonlight Sword Technique!"

 Weed swung his sword and the emitted light struck something invisible, shattering into pieces. For a brief moment, the grotesque appearance of the demon bird was revealed.


Behemoth relentlessly flung its forepaw that spanned over 2 meters. All Weed saw was a split-second reveal just before it began its attack, but he knew roughly where it was going to attack.

'Its tendency is to go for the head and shoulder. Given the distance and composition of its body, thatis a high possibility.'

 Weed raised the Loa Sword and blocked Mammoth's forepaw.


A powerful impact from deflecting its claws.

Behemoth was capable of magic, flight, rapid movement and cloaking abilities, but it had a weakness and that was its lack of strength.

Even so, Weed did not think to attempt pushing it back.

It was advantageous to use a relatively more powerful force to create a weak point.

Indeed, using physical abilities was a way of victory, but that was for rather more reckless battles.

Then adrenaline kicked in and he felt nothing but instinct!

Weed activated his skill.

"Divine Flames!" 

The holy flames imbued by Goddess Hestia lit up the Loa Sword.

The flames slid across the blade and latched onto Behemoth.

The flames were 5 times more effective against the demons and devils!

I despise fire!

Behemoth screeched. Its personality was a mix of human, bird, and demon.

The type that it hated most was either fire or divinity!

Behemoth's body set aflame by the holy fire was now clearly visible.

Toxic Explosion!

In the midst of battle, Behemoth cast a magic spell and retaliated.

The poisonous marbles exploded and spread like a fog.


< You have been poisoned.

Your tempered body is resisting.

Health points are reduced by 960 every second.

Sky Ruler's armor suppresses the paralysis effect. >


If it was another user, the damage would have been over 7,000 each second.

The damage was minimized by his stats and equipment!

"Lava River!"

 As Weed activated the skill, the earth erupted and lava surged from below.

The crimson-red lava covered Behemoth's body from head to toe and blew away the effects of the poison.


Behemoth's resistance activated and caused a whirlwind.


< A lava region has formed.

You will take 1,800 damage every second.

You are immune to fire type damage due to the Holy Grail of Flames. >


The earth split apart and steam fumed through the cracks.

The level of destruction was quite different from the past. The force was upgraded by divine flames and there was also the added effect from the Holy Grail of Flames.

The lands melted away by the lava.

This was something that Weed learned when he slayed the Intermediate class devil Dalam in the past. 

'When devils start using special abilities, nothing could be more infuriating than that.'

Whether these devils were level 500 or 600, their combat level was not relative.

Fundamentally, devils had high health points and possessed traits that were difficult to deal with.

Compared to other monsters around level 600, devils displayed combat abilities that equalled a few dozen of those monsters.

Even the undead, a powerful combat tool, would not work against them.

It was only efficient to face them with pure combat abilities.

I am unscathed.

Behemoth burning in flames struck down with its forepaw like a sword.

It was a display of fighting spirit innate in devils.

Weed passed through the dimensional gates floating in the air and performed over 5 short-distance rift travels.

"Sword Cloning Skill!"

Over 50 clones appeared during the rift travels. 

A flurry of swords cut through the air.

Weed and his clones sliced away the Behemoth's body fused of human, bird and devil.

(To be continued..)

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