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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 54 Chapter 2 part4

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Weed commanded the war at the fort walls of Port Varna after his patrol over at Morata.

He raised the Undead and heightened the morale of the users with his shouts.

– Retaliate, my subjects… Defend our territory!

"Fire wildly."

"Use up all the arrows."

Warriors, mages, fishermen, and merchants all fired arrows at the monsters from the top of the fort walls. To be shooting arrows on the swarm of monsters was also a great opportunity for a large amount of experience points.

The monsters were cluttered up against the hastily built stone walls and the gate.

Tens and thousands of monsters screamed and climbed in order to invade Port Varna.



"Conquer them. Bring glory to Kaybern-nim!"

The monsters under the command of the draconic warriors attempted to break through the gate. Each time the monsters with big builds over 5 to 10 meters smashed their bodies into the steel gate, the shock was formidable.

However, the gate constructed by the architect Mibullo himself did not break so easily.

The fort walls were also thrown up in a rush, but the users stood in tight rows and shot their arrows.

Weed activated his curse spells on the monsters that were trying to destroy the gate.

"Enfeeble! Bottomless Swamp!"

The effect of the magic spells were significant in preventing enemy attacks.

There were various types of monsters that shifted away from their usual habitat after being incited by the draconic warriors.

It was truly a total mobilization of monsters!

A monster could not disobey the command of the dragon which absolute authority and control over them.

Poison type magic spells were specialized against monsters with large amounts of health points or those with dense, armor-like skin.

There are many undeveloped lands and dungeons in proximity of Port Varna, resulting in monsters swarming in from all directions.

They increased in numbers as time passed!

The Northern mages and shamans with the assistance of the Avians arrived from flight.

"The reinforcements are here!"

"We can do this!"

"Grass Porridge!"

"Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge!"

The fort walls were the final lines of defense for Port Varna.

The architects displayed their abilities by hastily installing defensive traps such as trenches, pits filled with steel spikes, and poison swamps.

At the waterfront of Port Varna, massive ships with wide sails approached at full speed, then stopped.

"We are pirates, but we are fond of fights."

"Aye. We didn't come because we were afraid of Weed-nim's threats. We just came to fight monsters. I really had nothing else to do anyway."

Hye, Fractal and Board Mir.

The 3 mad sharks of Becky Nin joined with the fleet of pirates.

"To the fort walls!"


"Do not turn your eyes to the shops. I will kick out whoever strays to pillage!"

Users wishing to defend Port Varna continued to gather up. They were users that returned to defend their homeland, and when the monsters advanced they were eager to build combat achievements.

"Fall back if it gets too dangerous. We can send in the reserve troops!"

"We will continue the battle. Even if there are reserve troops, they are just novices."

"Use boiling oil. Also, focus fire-type spells on them. Their greatest weakness is fire!"

The battle went on for a whole day and night.

"May you live and come back to this land. Come back to this place, a dark and corrupt land. Do not disappear. In the law of darkness engraved to you. Undead Rise!"

Weed commanded the Death Knight Legion through Undead Summoning.

"Van Hawk. You must fight at the heart of enemy lines."

"Understood, Master!"

The Undead fought intensely against the monsters outside the walls and dissipated away.

Consequently, the waging siege war led to an increasing number of corpses and the Undead could be summoned back at any time.

< You have leveled up. >

After Kaybern's movement, the lands overflowed with monsters and Weed's level was increasing much more quickly.

"This is truly… amazing."

"The necromancer is the strongest. Take into account the war against the Haven Empire not too long ago."

"Seriously. When he raises the Undead, he just wins against thousands."

Weed received the envious attention of the users all to himself.

'As a warrior… I want to fight alone in the middle of the monster horde, but that is too inefficient. It can't be helped.'

He could endure a fight in the middle of enemy lines, as he became a warrior.

Withstanding at the center of a hundred thousand enemies with pure strength!

However,  the Undead Summoning was much more effective in a siege war backed up inside the fort walls.

Weed consoled his disappointment by shooting arrows restlessly.The few that climbed the walls, he hacked away with the Loa Sword.


The sharp sword swung through the monster's weakest point.

Through countless battles, he could instinctively determine the weakest point of a monster he encountered for the first time.

Pirates, merchants, fishermen, adventurers, divers, ship mates, and ship builders.

Users of different job classes fought to defend Port Varna.

To these users, the port was their home and base over other cities. They retaliated against the monsters on an extensive scale.


"We did it once again!"

The defense of Port Varna was successful!

The swarm of monsters that targeted Morata and Castle Vent were also protected by the active support from the users in each region.

There were losses, but the Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs pitching in helped them hold against the enemy.

"This is a fun fight. Sheek!"

"Tsschwik. The ferocious orc in this neighborhood is me!"

The orc legions proved their worth for all the food they ate away.

The east and northern regions from Castle Vent were dominated and secured by the orcs.

Fort Varden established in advance by Seoyoon was preparing to fend off the monsters advancing from the mountain pass in the northwest.

The monsters were descending through the steep passage between the mountain range.

Weed joined up with Seoyoon, the sculptural creatures and a large number of ordinary troops fighting in the war.

The users that followed them from Morata, Vargo Fortress and Port Varna all joined for the upcoming battle.

"I'm fighting mindlessly, following Weed-nim."

"This is fun though."

"It's safe too. Barely anyone is dying."

"Is that so? It was really dangerous when we were fighting. I was concerned that the city might be taken over."

The Central Continent users checked for the others that fought alongside one another, and they were extremely surprised.

"You're right. The battle was intense, but almost everyone is alive!"

"They always said that if you follow Weed-nim around, you will never die. From hunting parties to just about any battle, it was rare for someone to die. Though there was terrible hardship involved."

"Of course. That is why he can clear all those quests with ridiculous difficulties."

"He's been named officially the Cockroach King."

Although he was against an enormous amount of enemies, he minimized losses for the users with his wide range of vision and adequate management of the Undead.

At times he daringly gave up on the wall and lured the monsters in, annihilating them.

But after that, architects and users fixed the walls.

Weed thought that it was essential and his duty to prevent the deaths of the users that followed and fought alongside him.

'They are all my financial resources… If they die, they will become weak and unable to hunt. I will protect these people who will work really diligently like Yellowy.'

To become an exploitative boss, he will take care of them in battle and also offer an opportunity for growth.

Weed shouted for all citizens of the Arpen Empire.

– Everyone, listen to me. We will be victorious yet again.


The morale of these users that have experienced victory skyrocketed.

Even if a sizeable swarm of monsters were to invade from the undeveloped lands beyond Fort Varden, they were confident.

Phoenix, Bingryong, the Baraags, King Hydra, and other fearsome sculptural creatures were present.

The war power of the Arpen Empire had assembled at Fort Varden.

The Northerners and the rest of the users had faith in victory after having seen Weed in battles.

Weed shouted once again.

– However, this battle is not for the peace of this continent!

Including Bard Ray, all the famous users were present.

"Not for the peace of the continent?"

"Then, why are we here?"

"We have to stop the monsters. We are here to do exactly that, so why isn't it for continental peace?"

Confusion among the users were completely resolved with the next shout.

– The peace of this continent? You might as well trade it away for whole-wheat bread. Give up living righteously! Slay those monsters and scavenge the spoils! Skin their leathers and get those treasures. Let's take a shot at life!

The users that gathered at Fort Varden and the mountain pass all raised their hands high after hearing Weed's shout.


"Simple is best."

"Kya-Ha. Very good profit."

The response was explosive, but some shook their heads. With teary eyes, they looked at Weed afar.

"Every time, Weed-nim lies to us."

"What lies?"

"He tells us to take all the profit we can, but he himself always stresses over the peace of the continent."

"Yeah. He takes all the difficult quests on himself."

The users looked with rose-colored eyes.

Mapan amongst the users nodded his head.

'This is why fraud can never be rid from this world. The real talents can make the victims feel happy about being cheated. They knowingly fall for it, and they feel even better not knowing.'

What was interesting was that Weed's fraud still has not resulted in victims yet.

He always stepped up first, sacrificed himself, and created a better future.

'He isn't a hero for no reason. He might get himself a historical biography with his zealous frauds.'

The battle of Fort Varden commenced.

– K-wurgh!
– Slaughter has been granted by Kaybern-nim.
– Drench in this bloody carnival!

With the carnivorous tribes at front, giant monsters like the poisonous spiders and centipedes advanced after them. In response, the powers of the North mobilized.

Farmers, architects, divers, lumberjacks, sheppards, and cooks joined as well and carried out their tasks.

– Fight! We can overcome them!

Under Weed's encouragement, the users gathered in Fort Varden fought through the battle against the army of monsters for many consecutive days, finally succeeded in defending the fort!

Meanwhile, 17 major cities in the Central Continent including Miliam Fortress were destroyed.

Monsters multiplied frantically and pitch-black rain fell from the sky.


The raindrops weren't warm like the spring rain or the summer rain that cooled down the heat. With the full-scale movement of the Black Dragon Kaybern, the auras of poison and darkness spread out across the world. The influence caused such natural disaster.

< Corrupted black rain is falling.
The dull and dark fog surrounds the environment.
The plants are withering away and drying out. >

The grass and trees withered away slowly due to the rain pouring the entire day.

The bees and butterflies avoided the flowers and the ripening crops became tainted in black.

"Black Dragon Kaybern… It's getting on my nerves."

Weed observed the scenery dying out under the dark rain from the fort walls.

(To be continued…)

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