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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 54 Chapter 2 part2

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– Humans are unworthy of living!

Black Dragon Kaybern appeared at the Free City of Somren after a week had passed.

It wasn't the capital city of a kingdom, but it was both massive and industrial, a haven for many users.

"Agh. It's a real dragon."

"It's tremendous."

There was already an evacuation order in the Free City of Somren, which was already apart of the name Arpen Empire.

To proceed with abandoning the city, the citizens were allowed to take as much treasure or expensive goods as they could carry, much like they did in Castle Evaluk. 

"We cannot protect you all. Evacuate this city at once!"

Seoyoon came in person and took charge of the evacuation plan, however this also had  a serious side effect.

"She is so pretty."

"Really beautiful. Isn't she unrealistically good-looking?"

"I am looking at her but I can't believe it. She's supposed to look even better in person… Sigh."

The users were distracted and hesitant to leave!

Only after Seoyoon left the area the evacuation continued steadily.

Even so, it was impossible to move out everything and everyone that was inside the city within a single week. Approximately 20% of the users decided to remain. They chose to share the same fate as the city.

There were many users in the Free City of Somren that solely resided there since their days as a novice.

"Let's attack!"

"Yes. Do not back down."

Users stood on top of the buildings, firing arrows and magic spells at the dragon. Most could not reach and the few that could were unable to inflict any damage.

– Thick-headed fools!

Black Dragon Kaybern released a powerful skill, Dragon Fear.

Low level users perished instantly. Fear and paralysis effects activated for higher level users.

Kaybern flew over the Free City of Somren and slowly circled around it. Then it activated a magic spell.

– Burn without a trace to be left!

Dark clouds crowded and rained fire. It was a shocking sight as blazing fireballs fell down from the clouds onto the earth.

"No way."

"There is nowhere to hide."

The Rain of Fire was burning down the city.

Experiencing it firsthand was incomparable to seeing it on broadcast..

The city's beautiful architecture fumed in black smoke and was set ablaze.

The buildings that were consumed by the flames soon lost their structure and crumbled down.

– I will erase all traces of human civilization!

The central square where sculptures and fountains were located were also stomped on and destroyed by Kaybern.

To protect the Free City of Somren and to see the last moments of their beloved home, the remaining users died alongside it.

The black smoke rising from the Free City of Somren could be seen from dozens of kilometers away.


<The Dragon's Revenge

The Black Dragon Kaybern is on the move once again to destroy human civilization. The spirits and fairies are warning again.>

"A week later, Kaybern will be headed to Hillshade."

Hillshade, the capital of the old Idern Kingdom. The city had high development level and many users owned houses there. 


Weed could not protect the Free City of Somren. He couldn't die in vain, so he did not head over. But, he was heartbroken nonetheless.

It was like a smelly lizard putting its claws first on a steaming bowl of delicious rice.

"Slay all of those that intrude my lands!"

"Affirmative, Master!"

Weed moved to Vargo Fortress of the North and raised the undead. 

The eleven hordes of massive monsters threatened Versailles Continent. 

Four monster hordes led by draconic warriors were created in the North and had to be taken down before they could take over the city.

"Everyone fire your arrows!"

"Do not go outside the walls and hold your positions! We need to fight all night."

Users gathered and prepared Vargo Fortress for the siege. The Northern Continent lacked proper fortresses. If a few regions are overrun, the monsters would spread out and stampede on the midsize villages that had been flourishing in development.

The plains were rather vast, so the damage at the crop fields could not be restored.

"I will snipe down the ones that are capable of ranged attacks."

"It's too unfortunate that I cannot use fire magic in the mountains. However, I have wind magic at my disposal!"

Pale and Romuna also participated.

After the Haven Imperial Army had been defeated, many high level users from the Central Continent roamed around the North.

Wyverns flew across the sky. Wy-1, Wy-2 and Wy-3 have arrived too and opened a tactical discussion.

"Combat is similar to trade. You earn by striking the monster's rear."

"Mmm. Let's strip them off from head to toe."

"These monsters would be delicious as broths."

These clones were greedy procrastinators, but they diligently slayed monsters while on top of the fort wall. They were capable of wielding all types of weapons like swords, spears and axes. They also acquired a wide range of production skills.

As they reached level 580s, their physical abilities were powerful but sadly they could not utilize secret sword techniques or sculptural techniques.

'I should train these goons well. They will be great as servants.'

Weed assessed the status of the sculptural creatures and led them to battle at the Vargo Fortress. Just by summoning the undead, he was able to fill both the offensive and defensive positions in such a battle.

"Dwarves get to forging arrows with those stacks of metal! You all won't be sent out to battle until the fort walls are destroyed!"

"It's annoying to have a human ordering us around."

The Dwarves that resided near the Vargo Fortress were all present and clustered at the news of war. While the Dwarves did not like combat, they were a race that stood firm against invasions.

The newly arrived Dwarves spoke.

"That tall and scrawny lad over there is our emperor?"

"He's just taller than us. He's just average among other humans."

"A mere human…"

"By the looks of him strolling around with the undead, the empire's end is not too far from now."

"As expected from the humans."

They had a salty attitude towards the emperor!

Even with a respected status and high stats in charisma, honor, fame, and leadership it was no easy task controlling the obstinate Dwarves.

The Dwarves were a race that lived how they want no matter the kind of penalties it may bring to them.

Weed never received the proper respect due to an Emperor, but he did not wish to end on bad terms with the Dwarves just because of something superficial like pride.

"I will host a refreshing beer party with a big barbeque after the war, so get on with those arrows."

"K-hmm. You should have offered sooner."

"I was just about to get on those metal lumps."

"A cold beer is best in cooling sweat from blowing bellows."

"You are fit to be Emperor."

The Dwarves instantly began forging steel arrows that could pierce through the monsters.

Weed was dependent on the walls of Vargo Fortress in fending off the monsters.

An upfront battle seemed viable with the support from the users, but he did not wish to cause any casualties without good reason.

'This has to be a battle without any casualties if possible. It is a loss when someone dies.'

At any rate, he had to reduce losses as much as possible in order to collect more taxes for the Arpen Empire.

Weed shouted out an announcement.

– The wounded gather here! You will be treated with bandages, so get over here!

He ordered the undead to fight and provided breaks to the wounded.

He had experience in leading small forces of Rosenheim Kingdom soldiers and fought against orcs, dark elves and the immortal legion in the past.

"Bandages? Who is he kidding? Recovery spells do the trick."

"Shh. Weed-nim only know how to spam curse spells. He doesn't know how."

"He's good at any Intensive labor. But, it's just bandages."

Those that were hurt during battle were healed by the priests.  Sufficient forces from the Freya, Lugh and Minne churches were present in support of the Arpen Empire.


The Avians that dream of freedom.

They that were born in the Floating City of Lavias roamed every corner of the Northern Continent.

– Arms : This is Eagle 17. Ground level, respond.
– Chirping bird : This is ground. Over.
– Arms : Monster horde spotted. Numbers estimated to be over 500. Classified as danger level 2.

The Avians scouted the movements of the monsters in the Northern Continent.

Though it could be difficult to spot them in the mountains or forests, they were always within sight of the recon squad once they came out to the plains.

– Arms : Current position is about a one-hour flight east from Persimmon Flower Village. Pirinae Mountain Pass is visible… Tri-sector of Nalrun Plains. I can see a small village in the direction of where the monsters are advancing.
– Chirping bird : That location… Let's see. It is Sapia Pioneer Village.Arms : It looks to be in grave danger.
– Recon : We have no forces to dispatch due to the monsters in other regions. You may need to distract the monsters in another direction for over an hour. Arms. This is a dangerous mission. Can you do it?
– Arms : I am an ex-pilot of the US navy. Take your time. I will wait for reinforcement. 

The chubby eagle descended close to the ground.


A monster noticed the eagle and threw its axe, but the eagle lightly propelled its wings and avoided it.

"Try and follow my tail. You stupid goons!"


The monsters were enraged and chased after the eagle.


The Avians had developed a sense of pride from being Arpen Empire citizens since its beginning. Whenever a war broke out, they always took charge of the sky and they trusted Weed.

– Pallawu : Brothers. Celebrate. Weed-nim built us a hot spring this time.
– Dotin : Hot spring?
– Pallwu : Lavias is cold now because of the latitude. Especially when the winds are cold, it's no joke. Back in Morata I told him that we could really use a hot spring.
– Kin : So?
– Pallawu : Weed-nim promised to build one for us. I thought he just said it to slide by the moment… But, he did remember that and made one for us this time around.
– Synth : That's amazing. I'm a beginner that just came out of the egg, and I'm broke so I can't go… I will surely use it in the future.
– Pallawu : There is no fee for using the hot spring. It's a facility created for the Avians so we don't shiver in the cold.
– Benjamin : K-ugh. I swear my loyalty! Forever loyal! As expected of Weed-nim.

Of course, Weed had long forgotten such promise. If he did build it himself, he would have collected entrance fees and even would have plucked their feathers if they didn't have enough money!

Seoyoon had remembered that promise and kept it when she commenced the massive investment in the Arpen Empire.

In Lavias, the great landmark Wind Nest was being constructed simultaneously.

(To be continued…)

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