The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 54 Chapter 1 part2

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"In the desert, there exists a tribe with a bewildering sword technique like the blazing sun."

As the quest was completed, Olson explained about the tribe once came across. 

"What does it take to meet them?"

"I have no idea. However, I know how to gain their recognition. That is to destroy the sandstorm in the Desert of Tranquility. It is no ordinary sandstorm. It is the Eye of the Sun that must be destroyed."

"Hmm. I see."

The Eye of the Sun!

The sandstorm that brews in the Desert of Tranquility was called by several names among the townsfolk. The Eye of the Sun was said to be the largest and most dangerous one of them all.

"I'm putting it out there, but this is a reckless achievement. So, it does not scratch a warrior's pride to turn it down."



< Prove your strength.

The massive sandstorm that arises in the Desert of Tranquility, the Eye of the Sun!

Battle and defeat the storm that has never been overcome since the Great Emperor of the Desert!

If this historical achievement as a warrior is accomplished, the Sun Tribe, renowned as the most powerful tribe in the desert, will appear before you.

However, with the exception of a single sword, no armor or consumables can be used to defeat the storm.

Difficulty : A

Requirements : Job class Warrior.

Beholder of the desert sword technique.

Reward : Meeting with the Sun Tribe. >

For Weed, the Desert of Tranquility was a familiar place.

"To battle against the Eye of the Sun and defeat it…"

There was an instance back when he was the Great King of the Desert and slashed down a storm. Rank A difficulty is not too difficult, but not easy either. Of course, there was always the risk of death even for difficulties lower than rank C depending on the situation, and factors like natural disasters could never be foreseen.

"Well, it will be quite tedious but I will prove my strength."

< Quest has been accepted. >


The next location that Weed headed for was Metafeia! Unfortunately The Eye of the Sun shows up randomly. He had no time to spare for him to wait blindly, but he had an important quest he needed to take care of during his stay at the desert.

The Fallen in the Desert

In the endless sand desert lies the vast glory of the Pallos Empire. The desert warriors spared their powers for the revival of the great empire. The glory and fighting spirit that runs through the blood of its warriors. Those who strive in the desert all wait for the true champion to appear and walk the path of the Great King. Merge the wishes and willpower of the desert warriors into one. If thee who passed the test of the desert call for them, the deserts will gladly unsheathe their conserved swords and follow thy command.

< Difficulty : S
Desert Quest.
Reward : May lead to the epic 'The Birth of Pallos Empire'.
Quest Requirements : The recognition from the historical desert warrior.

This was a quest that Weed received from the documents left by Hestiger. He learned well through Geomchi3 how this quest would unfold afterwards. 

The Birth of the Pallos Empire
The great desert has been united as one. Valiant warriors, it is time to escape the sands of murderous heat. Let us return to the place with the glory of the Pallos Empire, the lands with flowing rivers and grass. The one to conquer the most territory shall be named Emperor of Pallos Empire. A maximum time span of 1 year is given.>

Difficulty : Conquer the region

Reward : Emperor of the Pallos Empire.

Quest Requirements : Limited to desert warriors. >

Pallos Empire that unites the southern desert region!

There weren't many desert users, but as the Northern and Central Continent were united, so the Southern Continent must follow.

"The great empire that rules over a Continent… Not half bad. Anyways, the Unicorn Corp. promised cash prize when I unite the entire Versailles Continent."

The victor of the Versailles continent!

The Unicorn Corp. had promised to pay a hefty amount of prize money upon the unification of the continent.

In truth, prestigious guilds in the past each cried for the unification of the continent which was sought as the reason for war. If Arpen did not rise in the Northern Continent, the prize money would have all been that of the Haven Empire.

'I never thought that this could fall under my possession.'


Weed obtained the rare two-hump camel from the village and rode ferociously towards the Desert City Barang. Normally he would have conserved the money, but time was of the essence due to Kaybern. After the stellar amount of money was poured into the internal affairs, he became more bold in his spendings. Maybe not up to 200 won, but around he could afford expensive salt around 100 won.

< Title 'The one who walked the Desert of Tranquility has been activated. >

Movement speed in the Desert of Tranquility is increased by 45%. Under the influence of Petra's Grace, the arrival time at the Legendary Oasis will be shortened tenfold. >

"Giddy-up! Run wildly!"

The two-hump camel he purchased from the village ran at fearsome speed. It climbed over the hill in an instant and sped across the endless ocean of sand.

"Let's head to the Legendary Oasis!"

Due to the achievement of walking through the Desert of Tranquility, the path through the Oasis was much quicker.

< You are in lightning wind speed. When sprinting in a straight line without change in direction, you will gain 38% additional acceleration. The speed of running through obstacles is increased. >

– Neigh!

"Yes. Run. Faster!"

As Weed galloped across the desert, a whisper arrived.

– Mapan : Weed-nim! Bard Ray has appeared in Morata.

The sand desert spanned endlessly under the blazing sun, and this was an eye-popping news.

"Is it a surprise attack? What is their troop count?"

– Mapan : No, it is not. I think he's alone! He himself says that he is just visiting, but he has been caught despite a disguise.

"Is that true?"

 – Mapan : Yes. The merchants at Morata are searching, but they haven't identified any suspicious users.

Weed was rather surprised at Bard Ray's audacity. Truthfully, he never thought of restricting common Hermes Guild users from accessing the North.

'If he went to kill people, he would also be dead in return. If maybe he secretly completes a quest… Well, he would spend money there so it's not too bad, is it?'

Even so, for the best of all Versailles Continent to show up!

"How is the situation?"

– Mapan : The users are getting autographs. Bard Ray is a celebrity no matter the circumstances.

"So, a war did not break out."

– Mapan : That would be so, up until this moment.

Bard Ray was the most popular man on Royal Road aside from Weed. He was a public figure with the nickname God Warrior and there was rarely anyone that did not hear of him.

– Mapan : What should I do? Should I assemble a combat force to kill Bard Ray?

"A combat force…"

– Mapan : If it is by Weed-nim's command, the users will enlist instantly. There are many that hold a grudge against Bard Ray.

Weed felt disinclined. If Bard Ray were to die, his level and skill proficiency would decline, but not to a noticeable degree. He would long be criticized for his cowardly plans to get rid of his competitor and moreover, he did not want glory to be in the hands of another user.  The one to kill Bard Ray will gain a worldwide reputation. The legitimacy of the Arpen Empire that even rules over the Central continent exists because of the battle against the Hermes Guild and defeating Bard Ray.

"Just leave him alone."

– Mapan : What… Are you really going to let him go like that? For treading on Morata?

"I will show him mercy."

 A word that was never thought to be pronounced by Weed!

– Mapan : What in the world, mercy?

"I just need one thing in compensation."


Bard Ray was surrounded by thousands of users like a caged monkey in a zoo at Morata, stuck signing autographs for several hours. He was anxious that at any moment, the huge group of high-level users from the Arpen Empire could wage a battle against him. However, there was seemingly no movement of an attack force.

'Is he leaving me be? After I have intruded in his territory?'

Filled with anxiety and nervousness, Bard Ray continued signing autographs.

"Wow. So handsome."

"He's good-looking up close. He has that atmosphere too."

Much time had passed! A merchant who introduced himself as Kickback Money approached him and spoke.  

"Give me one of the equipment that you are wearing."


"You don't want to? Weed-nim said to spare you if you give up one of your equipments. If you don't pay proper respect, I cannot guarantee what will happen here."

Bard Ray sighed at the words of the merchant with a full-blown stomach. Morata was an unimaginably dreadful place. For the God warrior and ex-Emperor to be bullied for his pockets.

"Here it is."

Bard Ray gave up the shoulder cauldron that was imbued with flight, illusion magic, instant acceleration and invisibility.

"Oh. What an insane item!"

Kickback Money jiggled his fat cheeks in joy and then bowed with respect.

"Have yourself a nice day. Dinner at Foghorn restaurant is delicious."

"I… got it."


The city chosen by Reverse when he logged into Royal Road was Morata.

"K-hmm. I am most familiar with this place over any other ones. This is the glacial dragon town square."

Doctor Yoo Byungjoon. He had in-depth knowledge about Royal Road that he himself created and observed, so the other cities were not part of his consideration.

"Indeed, the world that I have created is a beautiful place."

Reverse took a deep breath. The winds were pure and refreshing and the sky was beautiful with blue colors. From fountains spewing clean water to the marbles decorating the town square floor were all elegant. Splendid stone buildings were built on the streets and the Tower of Light and the Goddess Statues of Freya stood high in sight.

"This is Royal Road. The best scenery picked by beginners."

The world was very different from what it seemed through the monitor. The sensations through his entire body, to be able to move firsthand and take notice in strangers passing by. The display stands opened up by merchants were lively. Reverse sat by the fountain and observed the people.

"Shield of the Haven Imperial Army! 27 durability left, sold as is!"

"Venison hunted on my own. I can teach how to cook barbecue and will give away salt."

"Selling equipment below level 130 all at once. I leveled so much recently, so I am selling these as I got a new set. I am selling them very cheap."

"I have an unidentified medicinal bottle. I acquired it at the war, but I cannot identify it."

He toured around the town square, but he felt emptiness in the corner somewhere in his heart. In the real world, he was the richest man. But what he had in his current possession was 10 wheat bread and water.

"This is why people spend real money."

Reverse could understand right away. Eating good food, wearing nice equipment was natural desire. If one does not want to spend real money, they can work at a shop or earn money by doing quests. However, Reverse was looking for something on a higher plain.

"Weed did it… Who's to say that I can't?"

He decided to begin in Royal Road, but the reason for the delayed log-in was because he thought it was lame. He had vast knowledge about Royal Road and watched the history of the rankers, so to speak.

'I can easily become powerful just by following their paths.'

He was confident in growing overwhelmingly faster than anyone.

'Quest? What's so difficult about that? I can consider on whether to do or not do based on related information. Then I just have to carry out what I decided on.'

Reverse headed to the training arena at leisure.

'Should I copy Weed for the time being? I am not too fond of it, but he is the best right now…'

Morata's training arena! The area for swinging wooden swords was filled with users. After Weed became Emperor, the training arenas became popular. An instructor saw Reverse and approached him.

"You have come to learn the sword! The sword is the most efficient way of controlling your own body and defeating the enemy."

"I know."

Reverse cut off the instructor's words and stood in front of a dummy.

'I just need to strike this for 4 weeks. It is boring but easy.'

*Smack! Smack! Smack!*

Only 5 minutes had passed and his body was fatigued. He acquired a completely new body after he joined Royal Road. He felt refreshing as he was no longer in a body of an old man, but his entire body gradually tired out as his stamina depleted.

30 more minutes passed.

'I have to do more. If I keep this up I will gain a stat…'

He held on by his pride from the life he lived up until now. Fatigue accumulated, his arms and legs shook violently. On top of that, he was hungry. Reverse wanted to throw the wooden sword away at any moment.

'Such a challenging routine. Why? How did Weed accomplish this?'

 (To be continued…)

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