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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 54 Chapter 1 part1

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Weed arrived at the desert city Chakmark through Yurin's Painting Transportation technique. Instead of a town square, an emerald oasis spread across the heart of the city.

"Hookah for sale. For adults only!"

"Looking for someone who will buy a large volume of spices! Those with city contribution points can buy a lot!"

"Buying and selling leather. Feel free for a consultation if you have something in mind."

"Scimitar-specialized shop. We only deal with scimitars." 

Roughly a hundred users were roaming about in the town square. Merchants that set up their shops in the hot sunlight all huddled under a large parasol. 

"Hmm. It should be around here somewhere."

Weed turned towards the back alley of the town square corner and moved quickly. Kaybern was destroying a city every week and monsters were multiplying rapidly.

"Where is Olson?"

"That old bat? He would be at the tallest sand hill in the east."

"Is it easy to spot?"

"That's the place where you can see the sunrise from the east. He should be tending sheep nearby. They're very chubby."

He acquired information about Olson from the townsfolk and exited the city, finding the sandhill. An old man was smoking hookah, gazing at the sun from the mountain-like sand hill! Weed changed his adventurer attire into armor and equipped the Loa sword on his waist. In order to quickly build friendship, it was best to take an appearance which the other party favored. Seoyoon had informed Weed that Olson was extremely selective of the people he converses with.

"I have come to hear about the story of the strongest warrior."

"Kehehe. They all think that my stories are gibberish."

Olson's body was covered with scars. There was even a large bite mark that spanned from his shoulder to his stomach.

"I do not think so. You seem to be a desert warrior with a spectacular past."

"Keul-keul-keul. Throwing around such flattery won't make me talk to an outsider who is not a man of the desert."

"The burns and scars on your body. Aren't they from battling against the fire lizard?" 

In the desert, it was often easy to open a conversation with topics like weapons, monsters, and battles. 

"I never thought someone could think of the fire lizard just by looking at the scars."

"I am quite fond of fire lizards as well. They're not easy to cook but once you roast them so that the outside is crisp, it is very delicious. Especially amazing when you bite away at the chewy meat with all the oil dripping."

"Fire lizards aren't sold in the market… H, have you caught a fire lizard before?"

"I roasted a lot of them. I also love the clear boiled soup. It would have been nice to make wine out of them… But I never got to try, due to lack of time. As disappointing as it is, please try a sip of this." 

Weed handed Wilson some of his alcohol brewed from camel breastmilk.

"Keeuh… That is a spectacular taste. I've never tasted anything like it. Alright, young one. What do you think a warrior needs to survive in this world?"

Olson's gaze was sharp as though he was preparing for an upcoming battle. They were engaged in  conversation, but it was also a form of a test! If Weed's response were to be displeasing, it would mean an end to the conversation.

"A sword. Just a sword is enough"

"Same goes for me. When I was young, I roamed everywhere with my trusty sword."

Olson spoke about his past of roaming the deserts. He mentioned several cities, dungeons, and famous tribes.

"They say it's a barren desert, but there is unbelievably rich land to the south."

"Are you referring to the rainy region?"

"Hah. You are aware in the history of the desert."

"Not so much the history… Well, I certainly remember it."

In his days as the Great King of the desert. He remembered passing through the desert of silence and bringing rain over the area.

"People who have been to Metafeia are rare."

"It is a nice place."

"Oh-ho… Do you know of the shortcut to finding the mirage?"

"You have to penetrate through the sandstorm."

Weed smoothly passed the test through the exchange of conversation and built additional friendship. He was able to get along in a short time based on his experiences of battles in the desert and his adventures. These folks were far easier to interact with when compared to treacherous mages always in desire of compensation. Olson emptied all the drinks and spoke solemnly.

"My blazing days of youth in my life had passed long ago. The sword technique that lit up the hearts of warriors have been buried away in the rough sands, a past long forgotten."


"Young warriors try to restore the memories of the Pallos empire once again… But warriors are not powerful as they used to be. The desert's history is meant to be written by warriors."

"I agree with you."

"It is easier said than done. The sword techniques wielded by past warriors were truly powerful. Can you obtain such a sword technique and show it to me?"


<The desert's ancient sword technique.
Olson the drunk likes to hear stories about warriors.
Bring bring the sword technique invented by the desert warriors and show it to him.
Then, he will tell you about the old stories.

Difficulty: D
Reward  : He will tell a story equivalent to the level of the sword technique.>


"Alright. I will bring to you such a sword technique."

< Quest has been accepted. >


A matter of course, Weed had already acquired a sword technique of the desert warrior.  The most powerful skill of them all!

"Actually, I already know a sword technique of the desert warrior… May I show it off?"

"Keuk. My expectations are higher than you think. Don't think you'll get away with showing off a lame sword…"

"Lava river!"

The sandhill split apart as Weed swung his sword. Crimson lava surged up explosively and released heat in all directions.

The most powerful desert warrior skill left by Hestiger.

"T, this is…"

"Is this enough?"

"Enough. Enough indeed! To see such a magnificent sword technique in my lifetime… I was unaware that you were carrying on the will of the great!"


 <Desert's Great sword technique complete.

You have brought forth a sword technique regarded as a legendary skill by all of the desert warriors. Olson shall willingly share all of his stories.> 

< Prestige increased by 5,300. >

< You have obtained experience. >


The meeting with Olson was the foundation in the process of acquiring the higher class of the warrior. 

'She said this will only be the start.'

Seoyoon, whilst busy with governing over the Arpen Empire, looked over the desert regions in a meticulous fashion.  There were approximately a hundred users that completed Olson's quest, and they heard a variety of stories. For Geomchi72, the story he was rewarded with after the completion of Olson's quest was a great help.

"Your sword technique is excellent, but it's missing the heat of the desert. Long ago, the legendary warriors wielded the power of the sun and fire. Presently, there is rarely anyone who knows about it. Hmm, hmm…"

Seoyoon categorized the keywords spoken by Olson and concluded that there could be a connection to the desert warrior, hidden warrior class or the warrior of the sun.




Bard Ray mastered the dark knight and was deciding on his next job class.

  Weed advanced to the warrior class!

The new job class had to consider the battle with Weed.

'Warrior. It's a safe pick overall.'

Bard Ray mastered the dark knight but excluded summoning or magic from his consideration.

'Currently, my stat points are optimized to the dark knight. I cannot readily switch out equipment like Weed does.  It is also reckless to start practicing magic from the very beginning.'

Bard Ray used a long-range teleport and crossed over to the Northern continent.

It was a territory of the Arpen Empire, but he thought that he wouldn't be noticed easily with a change in helm and armor. Morata's ice dragon town square! There was an ice dragon sculpture made from ice, and the place was crowded with users.

"Selling green chili, makes your dish a savory one when used as an ingredient."

"I sculpt! Sculptures! From your own face to souvenirs! Glacial dragon sculptures are only 1 gold each!"

"Take a bull for the road. Good for traveling, also perfect for transporting luggage!"

"Morata special wine. Take just one sip at the hunting grounds. Two sips and you will shift away from hunting."

There were users selling various products at the town square.

'A refreshing feeling after a long time.'

Bard Ray stood still and observed the users marketing miscellaneous goods.

In the Central continent, the users usually sold expensive weapons or armors. Cheap products did not make sufficient profit, and many novice players had left to the Northern continent. 

'I guess there is enjoyment like the pioneer days of Royal Road. I now understand why Lafaye said that the Haven Empire will progressively become more troubled, by witnessing this lively atmosphere firsthand.' 

Countless concepts passed through Bard Ray's mind. He had visited the Northern continent before in order to complete a hunting achievement, but at that time most of the continent was just a frozen chunk of land. Over the time he remained in the hunting grounds, the continent underwent a huge transition. 

"Oh? Isn't that Bard Ray?"

"Yeah. It is Bard Ray."

The passing users recognized Bard Ray standing idle too easily.

'What, how… Weed roamed the Central continent without being noticed.' 

Bard Ray felt depressed momentarily. He broke away from the murderer status after hunting diligently, but for him to be caught so easily. 

"Wow. It is Bard Ray."

"That's crazy! Bard Ray has appeared!"

Users looking like they were fresh in Royal Road began to crowd around him.

'Human-wave attack? This is Morata. That means they are all my enemy.'

Bard Ray felt his life threatened. He thought there was nowhere for him to run, but then. The novice users took out papers.

"Give me an autograph."

"Excuse me?"

"Bard Ray-nim. Can you give me just one autograph?"

"This is so cool. I was also a fan of Bard Ray-nim. I love Weed-nim and Bard Ray-nim the most."

"I hate the Hermes guild, but I don't really have anything against you personally.

For a long time, Bard Ray was the representation of Royal Road.

He appeared on broadcast many times and conquered dungeons and hunting grounds along with the elite guards of the Hermes guild. It resulted in Northern users crowding around to get an autograph from Bard Ray.

"What's your name…?"

"Mmm. You can put down Grass Porridge Yamnyam."

Bard Ray bewildered, signed several autographs.

"Now. Everyone get a hold of yourselves! We are citizens of the Arpen Empire." 

Someone shouted.     

 'Of course, this is what I expected.'

Bard Ray was mentally preparing for the inevitable battle.

"Get in line. Do not forget the pride of the Arpen Empire and do not cut in line!"

The users that were wildly scrambling around him began to form an extensive line in an orderly manner.


 (To be continued…)

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