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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 53 Chapter 9 part4

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Weed returned to Morata.

The great city that represented the north had all sorts of buildings, including the Necromancers’ guild.

"A Master of life and death…"

When Weed stepped into the guild, the necromancers dressed in creepy robes bowed to the floor at once.

He had a long history with them due to the Immortal Legion, and his title of emperor alongside his advanced skills as a necromancer certainly increased his fame.

"It, it's Weed-nim!"

"God of war Weed!"

The users that were on the 1st floor of the guild yelled in surprise.

A common face is hard to recognize, but his popularity overcame his mundane facial traits.

"Nice to meet you all. Hunt diligently and pay lots of taxes."

Weed lifted his hand and waved lightly before walking up the stairs.

The necromancer's guild that had been located in the old residential area hidden among the back alleys had transferred to a beautiful tower coloured in black and purple.

The 1st floor was for commission jobs and sale of magic scrolls; 2nd floor for ancient books and magic equipment sale; whilst the 3rd floor and above were only accessible to those who had over an intermediate level of undead summoning.

They tended to teach dangerous magic spells or sell enlightened knowledge or excavated goods.

Weed found Baraball experimenting on something in front of the barbarian skull and walked up to him.

"It's been a while."

"Welcome, Seeker of death."

Baraball bowed his head with the unique, low and somber characteristic of necromancers.

"I came to tell you something."

"What is it? Have you finally figured out how to conquer death completely?"


"Then, you discovered magic that forms death clouds in the air to purify the pitiful?"

"… Not that neither."

"Do you require our assistance? A task that must be carried out in secret? Whatever your majesty needs, we can release poison into the river or the wells and turn large cities with rivers and fields into graveyards. Your loyal servants are not humans, but the quiet skeletons."

Weed's face turned serious.

'How, these idiots?'

He was planning to take out Kaybern, the greatest danger in history but to think that there was a malicious tumor growing from within Morata.

'At first, they said it was a misunderstanding in necromancers being treated as villains… Turns out these guys are really what they say about them.'

Lich Shire corrupted Bar Khan, which began the war against the Immortal Legion. Necromancers were all the same underneath their covers.

'As I thought, there's not a single being to be trusted.'

Weed firmly ingrained the life lesson into his head and stored necromancer Baraball into his memory.

"K-hmm. The reason for me coming here is to quit being a necromancer."

"What is this now? You mean you do not wish to continue the forsaken research that will change the providence of the world based on a sincere reflection on life and death?"

"I want to put an end to it."

"Those are some unbelievably dreadful words."

Weed came to the necromancer guild to deliver the resignation letter. For any class, there wasn't a big concern in an immediate change.

Necromancers were largely hated by the common users.

They were especially despised by warriors the most, so it was utmost priority for him to resign.

However, the social cohesion among the necromancers were tight and therefore, they hated the renegades.

"Please reconsider. Not too long ago, we discovered a crystal skull from an old swamp. If we conduct research on this skull, we can invent a new type of undead."

"A new undead?"

"It is still under process but it is a powerful undead. The more we grasp an understanding of death, the more power we will be able to gain in our hands. So much that the living will be terrified and subject under our command."


"Furthermore, we will be able to access the ultimate power if the dark and terrible world of the undead is opened. A perfectly weaved world dominated by necromancers! You wish to give up that path?"

Baraball repeatedly wished for Weed to change his mind because of their history and friendship until now.

'I need to fix these necromancers up for good when I get the chance.'

Instead, Weed's mind was turning solid in the opposite direction.

He would put them under surveillance immediately and wipe them all out if they seem even a bit suspicious.

"Yeah, I'm not interested. Necromancy isn't like that at all."


<You have abandoned the necromancer class and have revoked to the status of sculptor master.

Maximum health points and mana decline to its original state.

Honor influences expand.

The effects from faith does not diminish.

Infamy is decreased by 25,000 points.

By abandoning necromancy mid-way, the proficiency levels of job class skills including the undead summoning skill are decreased by 2 levels.

The control over the undead declines.

The power of the dead is weakened by 651.

The affiliation with the necromancer guild has turned into ignorance and strife.>

Sculptor master!

Though his health points declined, the necromancer only provided the 10% bonus effect which wasn't significant.

In terms of mana, there was an increase of 50% but now he was unable to spam skills as he wished, which was a big turndown.

The impact of quitting being a necromancer didn't end there.


– The blessing of the goddess Freya is bestowed upon you.
– You are rid of all abnormal conditions and have reached the maximum physical status.

<The artist.

You had strayed from your path for a moment but you have now regained my favour.

Blessing of beauty and prosperity will be with you on the righteous path.

Faith has increased by 20.

Charisma and charm have increased by 10.

You are bestowed overflowing health points for a month.

The recovery rate of health points is increased by 60%.

Nearby allys will recover 20% faster.

The quality of cooking materials will turn into the finest when touched by your hand.>

Weed was enjoying the moment.


<The blessing of the goddess Hestia is bestowed upon you.
You have acquired the blessing of fire which purifies all that is wrongful.
Hestia congratulates you on escaping from the dreadful darkness and has granted blessing on you.
Special attacks from dark type monsters are negated by holy power by up to 50%.
The power of fire type spells is permanently increased by 3%.>


<The blessing of Ahtrok is bestowed upon you.>

<The blessing of Batalli is bestowed upon you.>

<The blessing of Tiron is bestowed upon you.>

<The blessing of Lugh is bestowed upon you.>


It was a job class hated by the gods with a passion.

Baraball with a pale face put his hand up and pointed to the door.

"This place is a precious space only permitted to necromancers. Please leave at once."

It was a cold attitude that made him realize the friendship that had been sustained until now had been blown into dust.


The next location Weed visited was the warrior guild.

A warrior guild was located in each of the 5 town squares of Morata and it was always full of users that were receiving job commissions or trying to learn new skills.

"We welcome your visit. Honorable emperor, your highness!"

"We of the iron shield guild promise eternal loyalty to the emperor."

The moment he entered the guild, the guards and warriors comprised of citizens shouted loudly.

Weed's popularity from his honor was that much!

"Wha, what is this?"

"It's Weed-nim. Weed-nim is here!"

The hundreds of users within the warrior guild also caused a huge commotion.

For the Morata users, they saw Weed occasionally sculpting and trading at the town square.

He looked ordinary but he was a man of authority over the Versailles continent!

Even the majority of late starters in Morata liked Weed.

"Hurray for the Arpen empire!"

"Weed-nim. I love you!"

Weed walked towards the steps and waved his hand lightly.

He could hear so many shouting voices that it was hard to make them out, but a few of them struck his heart.

"We are grateful for the investments. We fixed our house for free thanks to you!"


"You spent all your money for our well-being… You really are the best Weed-nim!"


"Please take good care of us. Govern over us just as you are doing now!"


Weed realized how sad and regretful it was to be respected by the users.

'This is why they say you live longer when people curse at you. It meant that you will die of emotional disorder from taking compliments.'

Ancient sayings were indeed taken to heart only when experienced firsthand.


30 minutes later, a post came up in the Royal Road discussion board.

Title : Black dragon is done for.


Most of us know what the characteristics of the sculpting class is. Excruciatingly low health points and slow increase in combat skills proficiency… 

It is unqualified for just about any combat skill, and is always undermined wherever.

"Anyone can be a sculptor. But, none can become like Weed."

"Become a sculptor. Then, advance to any other job. You will experience the highest level of satisfaction."

"Weed is the most successful sculptor and simultaneously, an excessively all-around character."

Looking back, the sculptor class acted as a safetynet so that the tyrant and God of War Weed could not go on rampage as much as he was capable of.

That very Weed… He has just advanced into a warrior in Morata.

You don't understand what that means?

You say he mastered the sculptor so he could reasonably advance into a warrior?

Warrior Weed…

Doesn't it ring a bell yet?

Enormous amount of comments were posted immediately.

– Seriously. Weed-nim became a warrior?
– This was a long post but it can be reduced to just two words: Warrior Weed.
– Warrior Weed. Darn. That is scary.
– That's insane. This is the end.
– The dragon will be diced.
– I watched Weed-nim fight as I followed him nearby about 6 months ago. This reminds me of that time again.
– Oh. The guy above me. He must be high level. He posted his level 450 armor in a previous post.
– Explain Weed-nim's battle in detail! But, that's actually pretty common to see in recordings.
– No. The broadcasts and the recordings are only a fraction of the real deal, and it is a whole other dimension up close in person. I cannot explain in detail but I will try anyway. It is not just a matter of flying around, but it is flashy and spectacular… As if he moves without any rest. The battle doesn't progress rapidly, but is more like an inevitable tidal wave that rolls into shore while he rides the current. Not a thought comes to mind and you must unconditionally move quickly to keep up, he is just unbelievably quick.

Then soon enough, I realized that what I did and called hunting in the past cannot be considered hunting and fell into despair.

– They say it's extremely tiresome if you hunt with Weed-nim in a party… That seems to be true.
– Legend says that even the rankers spit blood and ran away.
– His past was comparably weaker sculptor or a tailing necromancer with his hands tied to his back.
– Warrior… I think he would still need time to adjust to it. The combat style of warriors is surely different from the sculptor.
– What is that supposed to mean? There was a time when Weed-nim was temporarily a warrior.
– What? When was this?
– His days as the Great king of the desert. The days when he erected the Pallos empire and wreaked havoc over the continent.


– Well, that's the end. Period.
– The Hermes guild are long gone now running.
– Destruction of Royal Road ecosystem imminent.
– Bard Ray's head is implanted on the ground right now.

(To be continued…)

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