The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 53 Chapter 9 part2

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"The dragon is extremely powerful, It can melt down and destroy cities at will."

"So, Kaybern is unstoppable? I thought Weed had some kind of plan."

"Weed defeated Bard Ray and is now the best in this world, will he really not do anything about this?"

"Even so, he is just a user only a little stronger than us. There is no way to stop the dragon."

"We cannot pressure Weed-nim to die in vain. It is futile and unreasonable."

"Some of you forgot already, but he did defeat the chaos dragon in the past."

"That time, the dragon was plain stupid and did not use magic. Also, Weed was abnormally powerful because it was a quest."

"He wiped out the entire central continent as the Great King of the desert. He put an end to the war age, he's a legend above all legends".

"But even so we will have to stand here and watch Kaybern annihilate the continent.

"I don't think there's anything Weed can do about this."

"We are all doomed for. So, let's enjoy ourselves, we should make good of the little time we have left."

Every single discussion board was on the lookout for Weed, but realistically speaking, there was nothing to do about the impending destruction at the hands of the dragon.

After castle Evaluk had been set to ashes, Kaybern took off.

Despite the migration, millions of users had been present. However, those that remained numbered only several hundreds.

<Dragon's vengeance

Dark dragon Kaybern is mobilizing in order to destroy human civilization.

The spirits and fairies are warning once again.>

"A week from now, Kaybern will head to the free city Somren."

Next, the surprising following target was announced.

The free city Somren had high population and was a core region of the Britten alliance, no one could be unaware of its existence.

Furthermore, according to the growth rate, the cities that were potentially the following targets were also concerned.

"Even the free city Somren will be blown out of existence and that is very troublesome."

Weed witnessed castle Evaluk being destroyed and sighed.

Within just an hour, a massive castle and city were crushed at unbelievable speed.

"If it cannot be stopped, a great city will be destroyed every week."

Moreover, Kaybern wasn't the only danger.

From over 50 regions over the Versaille continent, monster hordes were forming.

If monsters of various races swarm on the cities, the damage will be unthinkable. It would be much easier to rely on the castle walls for defense, but that would mean all the farmlands will be laid to waste.

"The black dragon and monsters…."

He had no time to complete the quests in which he had made progress so far.

The sculptural Arts Final Secret technique quest was near impossible, but now he was also responsible for the peace of the continent and his own life.


Bard Ray tread through the hidden shrieking dungeon with the holy sword of Lu in his hand. He could hear nothing other than his own footsteps.

Just as he was about to grow bored of the creepy atmosphere, evil spirits surprised him from the walls and ceiling.

– Kyaaaah! A young and fresh human!
– I will steal your body….


Bard Ray swung the holy sword of Lu and hacked away the evil spirits.


< Gofred's evil spirit has been vanquished. >

< Vulzag's evil spirit has been vanquished. >

– You acquired experience.

< You have successively defeated 21 evil spirits.

Agility is increased by 1 for great combat achievement. >

He had had to complete a quest to enter the dungeon and meet the level requirement of 600. 

The evil spirits he faced could only be damaged by weapons enchanted with holy powers, and they cannot be vanquished unless they are attacked precisely on the heart.

'If I stay calm I can achieve anything. I must believe in myself.'

< Reptile's evil spirit has been vanquished. >

< Eggust's evil spirit has been vanquished. >

– You acquired experience.

< You have obtained the evil spirit's ring. >

< You have obtained the essence of wicked mana. >

'I can do this.'

Bard Ray surely felt more powerful after having mastered the sword technique.

The hidden shrieking dungeon in the past had never been completed because it was dangerous, even by the Hermes guild's standards.

If several users were to enter the dungeon simultaneously,  they would recognize one another as an enemy and so there was no meaning in sending an assault  team.

The only option was to advance alone, but the risks of dying discouraged entry.

God Warrior Bard Ray.

He forfeit the challenge in fear of losing the reputation burdening his shoulders.

'Nothing can confine me now.'

A smile bloomed in Bard Ray's face.

Now that he entered as a challenger, he had no more fear of losing his life in the dungeon.

He did not have the assistance of the royal guards of the Hermes guild nor reinforcements, but he himself was powerful.

'Is this what it feels like to step up to a new level in the midst of danger?'

He advanced forward as he slashed away the spirits.

There were terrifying, dangerous moments, but he made rapid decisions and his body responded each time.

'The sword is moving as if it's a part of my body. Put faith in this power. Slash and pierce through them.'

The heightened senses that came with life and death combat drew out his best abilities. It recovered broken confidence and displayed another plane of skill.

Bard Ray thought to himself as he slaughtered the boss of the evil spirits, Reptile.

'I am the best, once again.'

The fruitful sensation of fighting with his life on the line was reassured with the spoils.


< You have acquired a legendary transportation skill imbued with the power of lightning.

Thunder walk!

Each step you take on the ground will call down lightning and strike an enemy. >

Bard Ray swore to become stronger after having been defeated once.

He had begun the battle with Weed by dominating him. The situation turned on him and he allowed a storm of successive attacks, resulting in defeat. 

The final secret technique of the sculptural arts: Time Sculpting. When used in combination with the glove of dimensional gate, Bard Ray had stood no chance..

'I was better than  him in terms of overall combat ability. If I prepared well for that split second… I could have survived. I had a high chance of winning if I dragged it into an extensive battle.'

He watched the video of the battle over a hundred times and analyzed it.

The disappointment after it was all over had left him truly speechless, but Weed's movement and attacks were way too quick.

The ultimate activation of Tte devil's gruesome blade dance made him overlook his victory and eased his mind, a considerable factor of his loss.

'Heraim Sword technique. Its strengths are immense, but it has more weaknesses. If I knew about it in advance, I should be able to avoid or deflect it somehow half-way during the fight.'

Bard Ray simulated the battle in his head countless times for the re-match.

'The next duel shall be prepared for and executed meticulously, by me this time.'


Yurin drew a large map in the earth palace.

Novice sculptors made chess pieces of the monsters in the region and placed them on the map. Marks were multiplying over the entire continent.

"The northern continent will soon be rendered unable to manage the upcoming danger."

"There are too many monsters, causing dozens of users to rush out the castle gates."

"The city hasn't been destroyed but… There are isolated villages and the territory controlled by the monsters is expanding. More monsters are gathering in those exact locations."

"The security of the Arpen empire is worsening. The crop damage is immense and roads are ruined in many places."

The northern users gathered at the earth palace even before Kaybern began the destruction of castle Evaluk.

Farmers, merchants, adventurers, warriors, mages and necromancers.

There jobs were diverse, but the majority started inMorata and were affectionate about the northern continent.

Merchant Pandal looked over the map with various monster sculptures on top, then shook his head from side to side.

"Weed-nim is putting his best efforts into hunting them down… The monsters multiplied and their armies increase in number endlessly."

"During the time taken to vanquish one horde of monsters, several more are forming."

"We must prepare for siege in the regions close to the monsters."

Monsters roaming in the north.

They were forming hordes and were approaching the cities.

"Siege… Wouldn't the people be afraid?"

"Who knows. The ones I've met are excited."

Necromancer Porom seemed to be intrigued.

In Royal Road, all kinds of events take place, and a siege against monsters could be very well exhilarating.

In reality, when Morata was expanding culturally, the outskirt villages relied solely on a single wooden wall and fended off the nearby monsters.

"K-huhuhu. It's going to be really fun."

"On the bright side it will certainly be exciting."

"We must hold our grounds until Weed-nim exterminates Kaybern."

The northern users believed that with time, Weed would be able to overcome the black dragon.


The fresh provincial lords of the central continents were observing the situation.

"Aren't the monsters increasing in numbers rather too excessively? What if my city were to be invaded? What then?"

"Well, we aren't the closest ones to the monsters… However, the public is uneasy and i think the tax income has declined too."

"How about we assemble some users and try subjugating the monsters?"

"Hmm. Let us assess the situation for now."

The lords lacked their own armies, so they could be concerned but had no solution in mind.

They could be at ease if the Arpen empire provided protection, but they knew Weed was busy exterminating the monsters through the broadcasts and could not blame him.

"He is hunting day and night."

"Did you see him riding on Wy-3, repairing his weapon and armor, and eating wheat bread?"

"He was still grinning on top of all that, though it would be very tiresome."

Weed was doing what he loved, but to the others they could not witness a more hectic schedule.

On top of that, they wrote a separate contract when they received their positions of provincial lords.

– A is the emperor of Arpen empire, Weed.
– B is yourself who wants to become provincial lord.
– B will maintain the Arpen empire's official tax rate for the city of his/her control.
– B will work towards city development, increase in population, technological advancement and social welfare of the users.
– The funds and labor required by B shall be rallied by his/her own power.
– B will defend against the invasion of monsters and natural disasters on his/her own.
– A is the emperor of Arpen empire.
– B may turn in the position of lord if the contract seems unreasonable.

A typical, unfair contract!

'How does this make any sense?'

'Isn't this a total thief?'

'Wow… He really pulled the blade on this one. He sure did.'

The appointed lords of the Arpen empire doubted his intentions at first, but soon accepted the reality. The army was nowhere near enough to respond to the monsters and disasters, and there were many candidates signing up for the lord positions other than themselves.

The money spent for the lord positions were all invested into the development of the Arpen empire.

The repairs on the wasted regions, castle wall constructions against the monster invasion and fortification of fortresses went underway in many places across the central continent, not only in the northern regions. 

'Tsk. I can't nitpick him on how he used my money since I can see the results.'

'Well… Maintaining the official tax rate is not so bad. It's better than me raising the rates while all the other lords have low rates, making me stand out from every other lord'

'The official tax rate removes all the hassle.'

'It all seems to be a basic commitment as lord… He wouldn't possibly strip away my lord position for loitering around a bit.'

'Funds and labor? It would be nice for the Arpen empire to assist me, but it is certain they have their hands tied. Hmm.'

The lords decided to think positively in the face of danger. The reason being that the Arpen empire did not fail them.

"If the monsters swarm in, let's cooperate together on our own and make the best of it."

"Surely. Let us set an example to the users. There are many that feel uncomfortable about us lords."

The lords had no other option but to gather and win through on their own. 

On the other hand, the Black Lion guild that had taken control of half the Tulen region were in a different situation.

"Kaybern is the scary one. Monsters… We can just kill them."

The Black Lion guild recruited the elite users again and spent their attentions on their internal affairs.

They regretted their past mistakes and put their efforts into taking care of the common users and civilians this time around.

"If we make progress, the users will gather on their own. Also, taking care of my home is my own duty."

They thought it would not be too difficult to defend against the monsters given the guild's power.

"We need to do well while Weed has no time to spare on us. If we are successful, the Black Lion guild can reign with great influence once again in these regions."

"I agree to that statement."

Dwarven warrior Vindel also agreed.

This was an opportunity to change the recessive atmosphere within the guild.

"Let's call for the guild's full mobilization. We have to act out. For our Black Lion guild!"

Similar thoughts also came up in the rival guilds such as the Roam, Cloud, Lionstar, and Black sword mercenary guild.

From each region, the assembled powers actively raised armies in response to the crisis brought forth by Kaybern.

"This is competition. We cannot do anything about the reign of Arpen empire, but we cannot be pushed around by other lords now, would we?"

"In the past, us Roam guild were the best in a continent. We had a good reputation compared to the other ones, too. Let's organize defensive forces and drive out the monsters in the territory."

"Recruit the skilled users. The Black Sword mercenary guild shall recruit a fresh load of mercenaries!"

In the central continent, some ogres transformed into small dragons and patrolled the skies.

The draconic warriors with exceptional physical capabilities and magic power, took the role of leading the monsters marching on ground level.

Armies were rising nearby in order to face the monsters.

(To be continued…)

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