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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 53 Chapter 8 part2

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"Kukukuku. Haaargh!"

Weed was screaming while he was leading the undead.

All the money that had been released into the Arpen Empire!

– Mapan : There is a Rose Festival happening in the Free City Somren in 14 months! The local citizens are praising Emperor Weed.

"Hurry up and fight. You useless fools!"

Weed led the undead and charged through the fog forest infested with monsters.

A straight charge to the front!

Van Hawk led the death knights dressed in dark colored armor.

"Obey the overlord of death. All shall be attained through death."

– Lemon : The users are chanting for Weed-nim! The central continent users are signing up for the Grass Porridge cult all at once.

Tears ran down Weed's face.

Weed was sorrowful and distressed.

'My money… Poured away like rain.'

The significant funds used up for the affairs had shaped the pillar stones of the Arpen Empire. Seoyoon's meticulous investments created a phenomena beyond expectations.

"Are you asking me to talk about his Highness? I feel guilty even mentioning his name. He is the great adventurer, artist and emperor who looks over us."

"How do I think about the Arpen Empire? Last year I lived under a roof with a hole in it, rain poured through and snow piled up in my room throughout the winter. For even my house that's located in the back alleys to be repaired…  The Arpen Empire is a good place without a doubt."

"I can't believe it, but all the robbers disappeared! It's because the robbers are fed well and take naps in the day time."

"I heard rumors that the Arpen Empire is a nation for artisans. Can it be trusted? The trade goods that derive from the north are cheap but are of acceptable quality."

"Have you tasted the crops produced from Morata? They are extremely popular nowadays and are scarce despite their expensive price. Diligent farmers invest their sweat into the rich crop lands, and Freya's blessing over them allows us to consume them unconditionally."

The loyalty and security of the citizens stabilized, bestowing additional beneficial effects.

The quests became more accessible for northern users that travel down to the Central Continent and artisans began the goods production for the revitalization of trade.

The Central Continent has been in decline, but there are still many developed cities.

The sudden investment of funds and the new development plans awoke the potential of the stagnant cities. Lords were appointed in most regions, but that didn't mean all the problems were resolved. The lords had to follow the legislation of the Arpen Empire and therefore, none of them could reign like kings as in the Hermes guild of the past.

In truth, many advantages came from appointing the rich folk as lords.

The lords all visited their own cities and felt something lacking about them.  

"I want a beautiful river that flows through the center of the city."

Construction immediately began in creating a river dissecting the city!

"Ore costs are expensive!? Then, just make a mine. Investment returns are slow despite the initial amount? Whatever. Just pay it. Where can the mine run off to?"

Massive mine field development.

"The buildings have decayed and many uninhabited homes are crumbling. I don't want to see that… Eh. This whole region is going to be renovated."

The city's full-scale repair began!

In response to these projects, the gold currency rising in value on the auction sites.

Many users viewed the commercial projects run by the rich lords positively.

"Money is the best."

"The Hermes guild was busy trying to exploit us… At least the lords are building something…"

Weed did not think poorly of the rich.  Conversely, the majority despised the displays of the rich lords' lifestyles with eyes full of jealousy. 

'That is because there are two kinds of rich people, those that only think of their own greed in their investments and those who think of others. The generous rich people should be respected.'

Along with that in mind, he was preparing plans to exploit those rich lords.

The so-called the 5-year lord exploitment project of the Arpen empire!

'I can drain them good by providing them with honor, dignity and pleasure.'

The big picture was framed perfectly, but even so he was sulking over the money invested in the Arpen Empire and was taking his frustration out on hunting.


< You have defeated the monsters of the Kalua dungeon.
You have accomplished a combat achievement.
Honor has increased by 2,300.
Agility and wisdom permanently increased by 1. >

"This dungeon took exactly 3.5 hours."

This dungeon had taken the Hermes guild 4 hours to clear on the Hall of Fame.

He completed the dungeon quicker than 50 elite users, though not ones as powerful as Bard Ray.

"First off the undead do not rest, so it's only obvious that I can save time. I also looked up some walkthrough videos."

He proceeded with dungeon hunting in between his spare time of the monster eradication.

The monsters roaming around the continent were of utmost priority, but the undead needed to be over a certain number for them to produce maximum efficiency!

– Seoyoon : There is a group of monsters 57 minutes away

"Okay. I got it."

Weed while swinging his sword, also practiced using golem summoning, various curses, buffs and poison type skills.

With the elite skeletal soldiers as the base, death knights and doom knights spawned on occasion.

He would push through dungeons with a snowballing number of undeads.

He had the ability to react quickly and make decisions no matter what situation. He also has impressive control over the undead with an indomitable charisma.

– Maray : I am at Ingoten City. The citizens of this region are all praising Weed-nim.

In the midst of his hunt, he received a whisper.


– Maray : You distributed ample food and provided accommodation for 30,000 starving citizens.


– Jean : Holy… You dug a well in the nearby hunting grounds of Fortress Vargo. I was annoyed at having to return all the way to the fortress when I ran out of water. Thank you so much.


– Miretas :  I can maintain the breeding stations and greenhouses in Morata

 thanks to my skills, but your consideration of the novice players really shows through. 

Weed cried out loudly.

– Gamong : The Central continent merchants are praising Weed-nim. The placement of wagon storage stations and bulls at each city was the best decision for trade!

Tears ran like rivers down Weed's face.


"I think it's this way."

"I never knew such a path existed."

"We call this the adventure route. This is a shortcut that cuts through the mountains and forest. It is safe to tread even at night and most importantly, it's quick."

A famous adventurer, Chase.

He was taking Seasoned Crabs and Python along on the journey.

As honorary scouts of the Grass Porridge cult, they heard of dangerous monsters being frequently spotted from the Britten alliance.

The monsters weren't typical such as the goblins and fierce wolves that had multiplied recently.

They received reports of large and medium sized monsters with grotesque shapes roaming around in the thousands.

Lemon of the Grass Porridge asked:

"Please, confirm the monsters' precise numbers and combat level. The monsters are crossing the Varq mountain pass covered by the forest, so it will be difficult for the avians to aid us."

The Britten region was just on the other end of the Varq mountain pass.

SeasonedCrabs and Python thought nothing peculiar would happen, but decided to check anyway because it was a troubled time.

'Shall we take a little walk? It's better than going on a hunt with Weed.'

'I want to rest for now.  Soak in the world's scenery.'

Despite the large increase of northern users, the population density of central users was dominant.

They were even gathered near the edge of the Garnav plains, so they came along with SeasonedCrabs, Python and the adventurer Chase to Varq mountain pass.

Python observed the thick forest and spoke.

"It seems quiet, like nothing is there."


Chase laid his finger over his lips.

Bulky Python crouched low and asked in a low voice.

"Why? Is there something there?"

"It's not that, but there is a strange feeling?."

"Strange feeling?"

"There is a skill called the adventurer's sense. When I am in dangerous locations, I get shivers down the spine. However, right now…"

"How do you feel?"

"It feels cold like I'm frozen."

Python quietly shut his mouth and prepared his hands on the broadsword.

Chase skimmed the surroundings and SeasonedCrabs slid through the shadows.

"I'll take a look around."

"It will be dangerous."

"I will be careful not to be discovered. I'm confident in escaping from anywhere, so do not be concerned."

Assassin SeasonedCrabs moved without making any noise from his footsteps.

He did not see anything abnormal in a few dozen meters nearby.

'Nothing much… But I must look further.'

He found small animals such as squirrels, and bird nests on tree branches. He advanced further and saw a ravine below mountain pass.

Seasoned Crabs doubted his own eyes at first.

He witnessed blue skinned lizard men swarming,  hopping towards the West.


He thought of getting in close to observe, but he also caught a glimpse of draconic warriors among the crowd of monsters.

'Dragonoids. That must mean they are Kaybern's immediate forces?'

He heard more bizarre noises from the skies.



Strange creatures looking like a chimera of a human and a bird were flying around.


A malignant creature recorded in the history books of the Versaille continent. 

No user had the chance to face the creature ever in the creation of Royal Road.

– Mothmen are monsters with the form of a devil and human combined.

It has high intelligence and loves to use magic.

It swallows living creatures whole…

He knew of this creature because it was mentioned in various parts of the historical transcripts.

A war broke out between the human kingdoms and supposedly sealed all mothmen, in deep darkness. Now, they had been freed by Kaybern.

Seasoned Crabs finished scouting and returned quietly to his comrades.

"Monsters related to Kaybern are on the move. Quite significant in numbers. There are a lot of them with just a quick glance, and I suspect their numbers are over ten thousand. There are powerful ones like mothmen among them."

"As I expected."

Chase nodded his head, then continued.

"Even on our side, we received news a moment ago. We heard that a huge wave of monsters are moving from the dwarven kingdom Thor. 

"From Thor?"

"Yes. They are ignoring the dwarves and are on the move to the nearby cities."

Monsters were actively on the move in all parts of the continent.

They were headed towards the cities, descending from Thor with lots of mountain terrains and every other massive mountain passes in the central continent.

(To be continued…)

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