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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 53 Chapter 7 part2

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The northern users were on their way back to Morata after the end of the battle on Garnav plains.

"I can see various animal tracks."

"Could it be dangerous?"

"I have no idea. According to the news, there was a huge increase in the population of monsters."

The northerners moved as a group with a minimum of a hundred people.

This was after the news of multiplying monsters due to Kaybern's activity, and high-level users were among these groups.

"Everyone, just trust me. Haha. I am Hegel of the Black Lion Guild."

Hegel inspected the tracks on the ground and smiled confidently.

"These are just wolf tracks. The wolves that spawn around this area are around level 200. The ones with white fur are 300s, but I can defeat them all."

"Oh. Really?"

"Of course. Wolves are a piece of cake… I can handle up to several of them. If they appear, I will hunt them down and distribute the fur to everyone."

There was a reason for Hegel's confidence.

From level 100 to 200 he had tediously hunted down wolves.

The reason being was that the wolves in the Tulen region had very specific characteristics. He knew well the traits of wolves and how to hunt them.

'I'm not who I once was, so they should die relatively easily. I think.'

Nide, the thief with significantly higher level than him was by his side, so there was nothing to be afraid about.

"By the way, Hegel. There's a lot of wolf tracks here. They're strangely steep too."

Nide spoke after having carefully investigated the footprints. Being a thief, he wasn't as good at investigating tracks like adventurers, but he had a good eye for details.

"Still, they're just wolves."

"Yeah, but…"

"It's fine. It isn't just us here in the first place."

"I mean, I guess it's fine."

Hegel and Nide turned to the rear.

They had been moving ahead of the group, and they could see several groups of users following them in sight.

As they got closer to Morata, more northerners were gathering.

"I can see many central continent users as well."

"They should be curious of Morata too."

"Whoo…. Big bro Weed is really something."

Hegel noticed that every time he boasted about his friendship with Weed, he could see the sparkling eyes of the girls.

The night before on their camping out in the fields, users gathered around them.

"Pale-nim and most of the other comrades became provincial lords. Aren't you going to apply for the Arpen empire lord position, Hegel-nim?"

"K-hmm. I have no desire for lord position."

That wasn't true.

He desperately wanted to become a lord, but no one appointed him.

"Do you meet with Weed-nim often?"

"Yes. I see him every day. Did I mention that I used to eat out with him?"

His popularity was at its peak!

A bulky barbarian warrior approached with a grin.

"Huh-huh-huh. This dagger ain't too shabby. Would you like to take one?"

"A void dagger? That's an advanced item."

"Since you are a comrade of Weed-nim, I would like to offer this as a souvenir."

There were users more famous and higher in level, but all respected Hegel.

'I am not who I was a while ago.'

Hegel had pride believing that he fought valiantly until the final moments in the battle of Garnav plains.

He extracted his sword and charged at the 3rd legion, worried that he would die in vain. However, it seemed that all the luck in his lifetime was granted that day.

A wolf howl ripped through the air.

"It can be dangerous for the novice players, so let us step up."

"Alright. I was getting bored anyway."

The ones out of the northerners over level 250 with confidence against the wolves sprang to the front.

"Wolf hunts are exciting."

"Yeah… Gotta keep your guard up."

"Nide. Let's dash in there."

"Shall we?"

The central continent users that were more capable in comparison thought of this situation as a small enjoyment, but things began to shift.

Beyond the fields were swarms of wolves streaming in continuously.

"What is all that?"

"There are large monsters too."


They were giants over 4 meters tall driving the wolves with the swing of their whips.

"You can only find those in dungeons."

"Wolf wardens. They have exceptional physical defense traits, capable of firing arrows and buffing the wolves."

"That many wolves?"

"Damn. We can't outrun them on the fields. This could turn out into a massacre."

The users were turning pale. Skilled users quickly joined from the rear groups.

"We must defend. Let the novice players fall back."

"More reinforcement are on their way. If we hurry, we can save many users."

Except for those over level 300, the rest decided to escape.

As they were finalizing the moment.


A scream burst from the skies and something pierced through the clouds, travelling at fearsome speed.

"It's a mons… No, a wyvern."

"That's Wy-3!"

The archer with keen eyes shouted.

Simultaneously, all the users glanced up to the sky, Wy-3 the mascot of the north was plunging.

"There's a man on it."

"A man, could it be…?"

"I think that's him."

Weed's whereabouts were being tracked live by the broadcast station.

It was said on the news that he was hunting down the monsters in the north on Wy-3, but for him to appear at this location!

"Weed-nim. Over here. Right here!"

"Kyaah. I'm a fan!"

"Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge."

"Hurray for Arpen empire!"

Users forgot all about their tension with the monsters and waved wildly.

"Weed-hyung. Hegel is over here!"

"Nide is here as well."

Hegel and Nide tried to greet him, but they were drowned out by the crowd of users.

The arrow fired by Weed from on top of Wy-3 travelled down like a ray of light and struck directly onto the wolves.

The wolves were either burnt alive or were frozen solid.


"From such a far distance…"

"His attack is so powerful."

The crowd couldn't cease to be amazed.


The wolf corpses burst like tide currents, leading to sequential explosions.

– The grudges of the dead do not fade away and they rise to destroy the life and land in this area.

Corpse Chain Explosion!

The destruction from the corpse explosion spread and detonated the entire area.

Moments after, skeletons rose from the grounds!

They were enveloped in violet auras, the effects of the death aura.

As the power of the dead accumulated, the basic phase of death aura was enabled.

"The overlord commands us. Slaughter them."

"Fight until your bones come apart. You slowpokes!"

Skeletons sprinted with swords and shields in hand and slaughtered the wolves in a threatening fashion.

They ran at similar speed as the wolves and were in a systematic formation under the command of Van Hawk.

They were on an outright massacre of the tens of thousands of wolves that had appeared in the fields.

"So amazing."

"A necromancer's combat power is on this level?"

"Weed-nim is the best in Royal Road. That's why he can fight this well."

"It's truly fearsome."

The users were all observing blindly without any thoughts of fighting.

The undead were fighting well on their own, and soon after that the baraag army showed up and roasted the land.

It was a spectacular display of combat tactics!

The users waved and praised him.

"Weed-nim. You are the best!"

"God of War, Weed!"

"Thank you for your investments into the continent."

"You spent a fortune, and I apologize for having misjudged you! You are magnificent!"

"Weed-nim is awesome, spending all his money into investment!"


Weed channeled a magic spell furiously.

"You all shall be sacrificed. I offer my body and call forth darkness onto this land… All that in existence shall disappear."

Great Extinction.

He used a magic spell  instantaneously, a most destructive spell sacrificing health points and mana.

He could easily wipe out the wolves with just the undead, but he bombarded attacks out of frustration.

< 10 health points remaining. >

< 10 mana points remaining. >

< Overstrain of magic use has surpassed the physical limitations. You possess high endurance and perseverance.
Maximum health and mana points are increased permanently by 20.
Mana recovery rate is reduced by 32% for 48 hours. >

He drove thousands of wolves into their demise, using 120,000 health points and 80,000 mana all at once with the use of a single spell.


< 3 health points have been absorbed. >

< 2 mana points have been absorbed. >

< 5 health points have been absorbed. >

< 1 mana points have been absorbed. >


The effects of death aura.

Health and mana points were supplied consistently by the skeletons conducting battles.

Even with the recovery, Weed's combat tactics were not like this.

He likes high speed hunting, but he would never spend health and mana with such inefficiency.

It was pure frustration!

He was venting out his anger on the wolves clustered on the ground.

"That's sick. So overpowered."

"Wow… He's the apex of necromancers."

"Weed-nim displays something new every time he gets hands-on."

"Being that powerful and composed is why he can invest that much into the Arpen empire."

"The rich are different. Even one good act for the people involves a free-handed spending."

"Save penny after penny to pour all of it for a single moment."


Weed's remaining rational conscience turned into a state that even made seasoned spicy and fried chicken unrecognizable.

"You all shall be sacrificed. I offer my body and call forth darkness onto this land… All that in existence shall disappear."

He channeled the Great Extinction towards the users!

< Insufficient health and mana points for activating the magic spell. >

Fortunately, a catastrophe was interrupted in its tracks frankly due to a lack of mana.

(To be continued..)

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