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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 53 Chapter 6 part2

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Calcus, the slaughterer of the Hermes guild!

In the real world, he was a full-time gamer by the name of Jong-sung Lee.

After the loss at the battle of Garnav plains, he refused to go outside of his house for a few days. He watched the Arpen empire's lord appointment through the broadcast and became envious.

"Weed. That chap is going all-out for himself. Just how much is he trying to make?"

Jong-sung Lee devoted himself to posting toxic comments on the discussion board.

– Looks like Weed is going to become rich by selling lord positions. There is a divide between those who fought alongside him and those who are profiting out of this. Come to your senses. We've all been used.

His heart fluttered for the few seconds he had to wait for other users to respond to his toxic comment.

– This guy is right. Can we really say that Weed is better than the Hermes guild even after all this?
– They're all the same.
РI didn't think things would unfold like this from the start… I think we all had too big of a fantasy about Weed.


Unlike usual, the response to the comment was positive. With that in mind, half were against his comment.

– Definitely better than the Hermes guild.
РBluntly speaking… I have complaints of my own, but the situation needs to play out a bit more.
– He is creating the Arpen empire official legislation. The provincial lords won't be able to exercise power at will, so things will not change much from how it currently is.
– He is entitling the administrators.
– The Hermes guild never treated people like us as equal human beings.
– Did anyone get killed because they were feeling uncomfortable? I was killed because I was ugly, apparently.

Jong-sung Lee felt joy just for a moment watching the strings of comments.

Unlike in the past when he used to swing through the central continent after logging on to Royal Road, he now had to stay put in the Haven territories.

He felt loads better about himself after posting toxic comments rather than sulking in defeat like the other Hermes guild members.

He moved from one discussion board to another and posted diligently.

– Kaybern is going to destroy the entire Versaille continent.
– Who is gonna stop dark dragon Kaybern now? Weed? He's busy doing his own thing. Yeah. Busy trying to stash away some for himself.
– There is a saying, "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know." I think the days when the Hermes guild ruled were really the best.
РI can't wait to see Weed die…
– This is why you need power. Popularity? It's a bubble under true power.

*Ring ring!*

In the middle of his intensive posts of toxic comments, his cellphone rang.

'I wonder? Did they discover that it was me?'

He took the call anxiously, but the call turned out to be from a writer in CTS media.

– We are holding a discussion meeting in regards to the current lord appointment. Do you have any interest in participating?

It was normal for the high-level users of the Hermes guild to appear on broadcast frequently.

"Ah… I need to discuss that with the guild beforehand."

– We are bound by time as this broadcast was organized urgently.

"I will get back to you as soon as possible."

– We would really like you to be on cast. We need someone as famous as Calcus-nim.

"I will do my best to gain a favourable response."

Jong-sung Lee frantically received permission from the executive counsel through the Hermes guild communication network. Lapei and the counsel believed that there was more than enough reasons to criticize Weed's method of appointing the provincial lords.

Jong-sung Lee appeared on broadcast and criticized excitedly.

"How long do I think the Arpen empire is going to last? I anticipate that it's going to be shorter than that of the Haven empire. The people are turning away already."


Arpen empire

An empire with massive territory spanning over the center and the north of the Versailles continent. It boasts its vast territory, but much of the northern region has not been developed, and it was only recently that it had conquered the Central continent. The national reputation of the Arpen empire has already spread across the continent. The citizens of the central continent are anxious and are also looking for an opportunity.

"Arpen empire… I think it's nothing compared to the Haven empire that used to be strict and fearsome. National security is unstable? I bet stirring up some large-scale bandit hordes  makes better money than farming."

"Let's banish the soldiers! This is our land!"

"The monsters have multiplied… It's dangerous. Can Arpen empire truly protect us?"

More than the reputation of the Arpen empire was emperor Weed's fame as an adventurer and artist. The communication between the north and central continent was weak, resulting in inconvenience for trades and travels. One must go through many hordes of monsters.

The army of the Arpen empire was seriously lacking for the protection over a huge territory.

The northern citizens and central citizens had entirely different personalities.

"The Arpen empire is an amazing place. My mom said so, and I think so too."

"Many villages settled, then people start to gather shortly and cities are built. In Arpen, you can do anything. If you want to realise your dreams, hurry on and start."

"If you want to ride an awesome boat, go to Port Varna. A boat with 36 open sails is heading out to sea. There are also pirate treasures and countless legends waiting."

The northern citizens paid undivided loyalty, however the central citizens did not open up to the Arpen empire.

"The Arpen empire will take everything that is ours. Why don't we get a head start before that happens?"

"I cannot believe anything. Everything about them is a lie."

"If you have gold, bury it in the deepest parts of your farm. That is the safest way."

"You got skills? You got hope? You don't need those to strive in this world. Just live leisurely and drink cheap beer."

The Arpen empire failed to relieve the anxiety of the citizens in its conquer of massive territory. Only the Church of Freya, the Church of Lu and the Church of Minae thought positively of the Arpen empire.

They were on deep, religious, friendly relations and the priests would not have any hesitation in granting blessing over the empire. To the churches, Emperor Weed had become the symbol of beauty, art, adventure, peace.

His accomplishments in the north were transcendent beyond his age and job, respected by everyone; he was referred to as the hero of heroes.

They had absolute faith in Emperor Weed. Even if a tragic accident were to fall upon them, the chances of the loyalty declining was near non-existent.

"What in the world… A dragon?"

"This is a sign of continental apocalypse. Yep. We are all good as dead. So, let us drink the time away."

The rumors about the black dragon Kaybern spread and the entire empire was shaking in fear. With monsters approaching the cities and the black dragon's wings hovering above, the threat would soon become much more tangible.

The level of military strength that barely covers the empire's territory would not be nearly sufficient to fend off the monsters.

Military strength : 25,631

Economy           : 327,983

Culture               : 57,273

Technology        : 112,601

Religious influence : 89

Empire politics       : 56

Influence to nearby regions : 49%

Empire development rate : 84

Sanitation : 52

National security : 62%

The citizens of the northern regions were joyful as a result of such dazzling development.

They dreamed of barren lands and restricted zones cultivated into green oceans of grain. Prosperous products led to research for more delicious dishes and appearance of gourmets.

The chronic condition of lack of minerals was a component restricting the production level of the north. The mining rate could not support the increasing level of production.

The conditions of the northern roads were favorable enough for merchants to travel day and night.

"If I pay, I can get what I want. Also, I work to earn that money."

"It's a beautiful world. Wouldn't you say so?"

"Do I remember chewing on tree roots because of starvation? I don't know… The tender, profound taste of the grape wine comes to mind. It was made in Morata, considered the best in the continent!"

"Emperor Weed gave us everything. If you are in peace, that is in favor of his majesty. Everyone around me will agree."

The people of the central continent gave up on making any further comments about the Arpen empire.

The citizens feel anxiety, fear, and chaos.

The loyalty and influence of the empire is too low to reveal any details on the Central continent.

The central continent had many cities that had developed over a long history, and sustained at its minimum after the collapse of its great economy.

The soldiers of the Arpen empire were excellent with their swords. What lacked was their numbers, impossible to defend the northern territories.

Knights carry perseverance and honor in their hearts. They do not hesitate to raise their swords for the emperor and believe in their own actions to be righteous.

<Empire total population : 285,214,832.

Monthly Tax income : 1,164,053,274.

Empire maintenance expense details : Military strength 3%, technological advancement 2%, economic development 2%, cultural investment 1%, commission and monster expedition 4%, road construction 3%, religion 2%, retention bond 83%.

Military strength : 26,951 knights, 84,279 apprentice knights, 734,667 footmen.>

The bulk of the Arpen empire's army were trainees.

Free knights each swore oaths to the empire.

They were gathering because of the emperor's reputation and to stop the dark dragon Kaybern's activity.


Seoyoon was staring at the affairs screen with glittering eyes.

The income and population had increased, dramatically more than when they just controlled the north. That said, it was still a wreck in many aspects.

They had taken the approach of sending out a few soldiers throughout the central continent to gain control and thus, the security and loyalty of the cities were near the floor.

"I can extinguish the emergencies."

She was thankful for the incredible amount of 9.32 billion gold accumulated by those who registered for the lord positions.

'This is a lot of money. The Arpen empire will be more successful now that I can invest all this.'

When they posted the letter for lord recruitment, she had consulted with Weed and came up with the content together.

РWe gained a vast land called the Central continent with the help of everyone. We want to make this underdeveloped areaprosperous… But, we are incompetent.

We want to make investments but are in lack of money. That is why we need help from you all.

– The duty fees will be well spent for the good of the Arpen empire's development.

Seoyoon decided to put the money into the development of the empire as promised.

Recently, the affairs of the empire were her responsibility.

'This is precious money gathered by the others. I cannot waste even a single penny of it.'

Half of the central and northern continent had been appointed to provincial lords. Unfortunately, the strongholds, military forts and villages in rough terrains had no candidates.

Also, lords were not recruited for areas near castle Evaluk and Thor because it was deemed too dangerous due to the dragon Kaybern.

Major cities and capitals were packed with competition for lord seats, but many other lands did not go through the same process.

If it weren't for Kaybern, more duty fees could have been collected for the lord positions in the Arpen empire.

'I need to reserve as much as possible and spend it effectively. If I waste this opportunity it will be much more difficult the next time.'

Seoyoon felt heavy responsibility and begun the affairs.

She made investment in the wide north with undeveloped lands, and also for the weakened central continent.

She calculated the maximum efficiency considering the defensive fortification against the monsters raised by Kaybern and the requests from the citizens.

She could not grant every request, so she divided the budget where necessary over the span of a day.


< Arpen empire is undergoing 89 major development projects.

In all the history of the Versailles continent, the highest fortune has been spread out across the continent for the sake of development.

26 commissions for the construction of great architectural landmarks have begun.

Arena of Batali, Stairway of Heroes, The Library of the Great Scholar, The Altar of Prosperity, The Bell of Danger Perception, The Hidden Underground Vault and The Great Shrine will be constructed.

The reconstruction of 257 cities will be under way.

Roads, sewers, castle walls, bridges that have not been completed will be resumed.

Old empty homes will be demolished, back alleys with no traffic will be repaired to increase security.

Increase in the citizens' standard of living conditions.

Stimulation of trades and production by organizing commercialized streets.

3 forts will be constructed.

Vaden, Niam, and Mabark will become solid pillars of defense against the monster invasions.>

She meticulously calculated the budget for each part and was firm in the spending.

9.32 billion gold.

The stellar amount accumulated through lord recruitment were all used up in the development of the Arpen empire territory.

(To be continued…)

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