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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 53 Chapter 4 part3

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"I got it. Master!"

Weed split up the sculptural lifeforms and positioned them in vital locations.

The sculptural lifeforms that were placed at every strategic point served as rulers over each region, securing public order.

"You guys are the most important. Fly around and take care of the monsters when you see them."

– I will do as you say.
– If it means protecting the world.

The baraags were savage but obedient. They were keepsakes of the Emperor Geihar, highly reliable in combat and laid many eggs in their nests around cliffs and forests.

'If I raise these baraags well… They will become powerful assets.'

Gigantic creatures capable of flying and breathing fire!

'I should keep about a thousand close to me, those who are most trustworthy. I will use them well in important fights. Should I build some coops so they can breed more easily?"

If needed, he was eager to use some baraag poultry farms. He spoke to his clones.

"Arpen Empire. Hahaha. An empire. Splendid. Anyway, I must slay these monsters to protect the Northern Continent."

Then, Weed-one crossed his legs and turned his head slightly, lifting his chin about 21°. His expression with his chin raised high was full of arrogance.

"So, what do I gain from this?"


Weed knew from the beginning that orders would not be easy. They were beings identical to himself!

'I made them urgently, but things couldn't be more horrendous.'

Weed always had a grand speech for any situation.

"It is for Versailles Continent. What do you think is the purpose of your powers! It is to defeat the monsters and protect the weak. Also, this is a request from me as a parent who bestowed life to you all."

Peace and beings called parents. The weak-hearted were prone to these words.

Weed-two stretched wide and yawned freely.

"That is one regurgitated lie. In all honesty, weren't we betrayed big time the moment we were born? We escaped in order to survive, life is getting a bit better, but you're giving us a dangerous mission? What kind of parent does that?"

A logical opposition based on past experience!

Weed quickly tried to come up with an excuse, but Weed-seven eagerly followed.

"Abductors with some conscience cannot call themselves kind-hearted. There is no room for trust to begin with."

Weed-ten pointed at Weed's mouth with his finger.

"I saw him lick his lips just now! That is the symbol and occupational trait of highly trained liars!"


Weed realized that these subordinates could not be swayed by words.

'I have sculpted them well indeed. They act the same as I would.'

Their intelligence and behavior patterns were similar to a high degree. In any circumstance, they refuse to be at a loss. Thus, he knew exactly how to get through to them.

"You all know how difficult it is to live without anything in your possession. I will provide equipment according to your levels."

He had many advanced equipment that he acquired from the Hermes guild at his disposal.

He needed to at least provide them with basic equipment to heighten their hunting efficiency.

"Mmm. Good equipment will be expensive."

"Rather than having a rough time with just a bare body, it's better to use tools."

"The conditions don't seem to be that bad…"

Weed observed his subordinates in contemplation and added.

"1 gold per monster."



It was money in the end! The subordinates came down on their knees respectfully.

"We will swear our loyalty, Master."

"This is a fair contract. We can feel your sincerity for our well-being."

"We will protect the peace of the continent!"

They changed attitudes so quickly that no one could tell if they were being truthful or pretentious. Weed's heart ached in the thought of losing a gold each time, but ultimately he was the victor.

'If they are like me, they will hunt frantically for money. It will be at least 10 times more effective than forcing them into it.'

Stopping the monsters was crucial, but the loot from the hunts will be traded and turned into tax income for the Arpen Empire.

It could also revitalize the production by increasing the loots of leather and minerals.

Considering all the subsequent effects, the 1 gold wasn't really coming from Weed's pocket but from what the subordinates would earn themselves. No matter how greedy and manipulative they may be, they were still children.

"He is surprisingly a good master."

"We appreciate the benignity of your majesty."

Weed smiled as his subordinates continued their flattery.


Fort Odin.

In the past, it was famous for its impregnability located at the borders of the Britten Alliance and Idern Kingdom.

"Woah… This section is broken."

"Yeah. I thought the walls were high and thick when I saw them through the broadcasts. Now there are only remains."

The northern merchant Consome was roaming around the Central Continent with its friendly users. They began Royal Road in the north and travelled to various regions that they observed through broadcasts so they could set up trades.

"Selling souvenirs of Fort Odin! Get your wooden golem dolls!"

"Stone fragment of the sturdy fortress. Stone fragment that imbue luck and endurance attributes only for 98 gold!"

"This is a new long sword. The standard Arpen Kingdom long sword has been upgraded a step higher. They are set for level 100, 150, 200 – guaranteed warranty repair from the Mapan Merchant Association!"

After the Garnav Plains battle, the merchants began moving early. The Hermes guild fell and no other alliance could hinder the merchants. Specifically targeted merchandise and expansion of trade routes.

The northern merchants scrambled down to the Central Continent and sold their merchandise.

"Ah… I am jealous."

"Damn. Has this world gone over to the northern users?"

The merchants that began in Central Continent started with envious eyes. Since their early days, they had been subject to territoriality and tyranny of the prestigious guilds.

"Now that the Arpen Kingdom came out the victor, they will try to get as much as they possibly can."

"Look. Descending down here to take over everything."

The merchants could not hide their disappointment.

They traded even the simplest items and expanded their accounting, trades and transport skills. Then again, there were no other jobs as powerless as the merchants.

Due to their low combat abilities they are looked down upon by warriors and are stolen from by other users at times.

"How unfair."

"I chose to be a merchant because I enjoyed facing people in the city and selling goods. I never thought I would come to regret it."

The Central Continent merchants all huddled up in the corner grumbling.


That moment, they saw a female user approaching them with a pile of goods on a wagon.

"Ah… That user. I've seen her in broadcast."

"Yeah. That's Gamong-nim."

"That is Gamong-nim who trades everywhere."

She was a famous merchant user next to Mapan in the north.

"Gamong-nim also came down."

"It means the Central Continent is that popular."

"Take it all why don't they? Just take it all away."

The Central Continent merchants were exchanging a bitter conversation. Then Gamong spoke out to them gathered under a shade.

"Aren't you folks gonna sell anything? All sold out already?"

"We are not listed under the Arpen Kingdom… Arpen Empire I should say. Anyway, we aren't registered."


"Yes. Merchants or associations must be registered and make a payment in order to trade. Now, trade goods must be registered and receive permits."

"What do you mean by that?"

Gamong asked in confusion, and the Central Continent merchants were stunned.

"For goodness sake. You're a merchant like us and you do not know about the registration system?"

"I don't. Is there such a thing?"

"Of course you have to be registered to sell goods in the city and trade goods with other regions…. Wait. Arpen… kingdom? Empire? Never mind that, there is no such system in Arpen?"

"Yeah. We don't have anything like that. This is the first time I'm hearing about it from you all."

The Central Continent merchants were dazzled. They had their own intel network, but since they always resided in Central Continent they were uninformed about the situations in the north. They heard that the north was a heaven for trades but since they had no opportunity to travel there, they never looked into the procedures.

"Hold on… This was originally enforced by the prestigious guilds that ruled the Central Continent."

"Right. That is the case."

"So, this did not exist since the very beginning?"

The merchants were surprised, but they needed solid evidence. They had the carpet slip underneath their feet far too many times throughout their experiences.

"Can you confirm for us whether if we can truly sell goods?"

"Yes. One moment. Let me ask Weed-nim."

Gamong whispered personally to Weed.

"Weed-nim. Is there such a thing as merchant registration? You can't sell goods unless you are registered in advance?"

As she whispered to Weed, the Central Continent merchants waited nervously.

After a few moments, Gamong spoke with a smile.

"He says there is no such thing."

"It doesn't exist?"

"Yes. You are all free to conduct business in the Arpen Empire as merchants. But, there are regulations that northern merchants must abide by."

"I knew it… What are they?"

"Do not leave too many consumables or novice-level items."

"Mmm. What else?"

"This is all there is to the regulations for merchants."

"What? That's it? Then what about the tax rate?"

"It's 2%."

"You mean novice-level items and consumables are 2%? That is low tax rate."

The Central merchants were content enough for having taxes lowered to a tenth of what they usually paid.

"So, the tax rates for other products will be higher I assume?"

"When you trade at the center, it is 2%. It is Arpen's official tax rate applied to all products. When you sell to users, tax is not applied."

"No way… What about toll fees?"

"We don't have such things."

"This is insane."

The merchants felt a huge relief of freedom and satisfaction. They could feel the world that they live in had changed completely. WIth a tax rate of 2% and unrestricted trades meant that they could trade a tremendous amount of goods. A world they dreamt for in their choice for the merchant job class had finally come.

"I am off to trade right now."

"I need to get myself a wagon first."

"Let's pour all our money and get a fresh start. Now we can live like real merchants!"

The merchants kicked off from their spots highly motivated.

They had saved up a ton of fortune in the Central Continent since the early days. The world was now open for these merchants to be active wholeheartedly.

Just when they were about to scatter for trade and sale, they bowed in gratitude.

"Thank you, Gamong-nim."

"No worries. All I did was just relay the message."

"May I upload the footage of the conversation that we just had with you? I bet there are more of us that will want to know about the policies of the Arpen Kingdom."

"Yes. As often as you need."

The Central Continent merchants uploaded their conversation with Gamong on the internet and the response was explosive.

– As expected of the Arpen Kingdom. No, that is Arpen Empire!
– This is Weed-nim taking care of the users.
– This is heaven… heaven has come forth.
– Insane… I am a merchant and I almost broke tears. I am logging in right now to take a load of products and sell them.
– It lives up to the expectations. Royal Road has truly become paradise.
– Weed-nim is on different level than those people who confiscate everything. I had faith in him.
– I also contributed at the Garnav Plains. For the Arpen Kingdom, for Weed-nim.
– How could this be possible… Hurray! Amazing!
– I can understand why the merchants in the barren north roamed around so diligently.
– One's true character becomes apparent in their treatment of those weaker than himself. Weed-nim is unchanging even after becoming the emperor. He is truly an admirable person.
– I began on the first day of Morata. I am always rooting for Weed-nim. I knew this day would come.
– It is Weed-nim. Because it's Weed-nim. He's "the" Weed-nim.
– I am a common user who started out in Kallamore. I am deeply touched. I understand why… the Grass Porridge Cult exists.

(To be continued…)

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