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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 53 Chapter 4 part2

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You have gained the control of the free city Somren. A free city with blooming trade and culture! It is the heart of the trade connecting the Central and the East, home of the Freya Cult headquarters. It was under the control of the Haven empire until recently. Due to the extreme taxation up until now, the development rate has declined substantially and the happiness of the citizens is minimal. The people of the free city yearn for the prosperous days of the past. It is still boastful of its ever-so-beautiful commercial buildings and cultural heritage.

Military power : 71
Economy     : 8,173
Culture           : 2,628
Technology   : 1,749
Religious Influence : 98
Regional Politics     : 15
Influence to neighboring regions : 32%
Influence in Britton  : 14.2%
(Influence is deeply associated with areas of military, economy, culture, technology, religion, population and commission)

City development rate : 898
Sanitation : 24
Security    : 38%

The city was stagnant. The poor roamed the streets and monsters approached near the city on occasion. Many tourists ceased to travel there. The merchants and artisans lost all hope, getting through days drinking alcohol. Despite the high regional reputation, the sales of local products was slow. Jewelry crafts, expensive apparel, magical artifacts, religious artifacts and wine were the remaining local products.

There were slight trades happening in Britton. The citizens were low-spirited.

"There is nothing to worry when monsters come by. There is nothing left to be stolen."

"Road maintenance? I don't know when it happened. When it's all ruined, this place will become a barren land."

"There is no interest in adventure. Why do we not conduct our business, you ask? I'd rather use up all my fortune in leisure."

"I heard the black dragon Kaybern has begun its movement targeting humans. We are all dead. Yep. Dead."

"Arpen kingdom? I heard they conquered us… Where in the world is the Arpen kingdom?"

Territorial total population : 819,635.
Monthly tax income : 15,263,812 gold.

City maintenance expense report :
Military : 2%
Economical growth : 14%
Cultural investment expense 1%
Commission and monster expedition 5%
Village repairs 4%
Tax paid to empire capital 74%.

The Arpen kingdom's soldiers were escorted by users and scattered around the Central continent.

"Hurry on this way!"

"This way. This way!"

The soldiers were guided by the users and seized the provincial castle. Starting with the conquering of the free city Somren, the regions of the Central continent joined the Arpen kingdom. Cities that were conquered by the Arpen kingdom had its tax rates applied, lowering the tax burden instantly.

"Everyone. This place is now under the Arpen kingdom!"


"Weed-nim looks over this land!"

The squares at each city in Central continent were filled with cheering users. Many had never been to the Arpen kingdom, but through broadcasts they knew what kind of governance was taking place in the north.

"The Central continent will become a great place to live."

"Yeah. The best. I wanted a world full of hope. Weed-nim will never raise taxes like the Hermes guild did."

"I wish he builds places like Puhol waterpark in various parts of the continent."

"I like arts centers. I used to draw as a hobby back in university… I quit that to find employment. I want to start drawing again. Even if I don't turn out successful."

The hopes and expectations heightened about the Arpen kingdom developing the Central continent and making it a better place to live.


At the earth palace, Weed confirmed the expansion of Arpen kingdom's territory with the governance system. On the continental map, the yellow areas pertaining to Arpen were spreading wide. Message alerts were popping up for the major cities and nothing could make Weed happier.  

"Taxes. Taxes. I will collect taxes mercilessly."

Including the free city Somren, he seized the old empire capitals like the Odin fortress and Rhodium. He was assisted by bulls and wyverns in the transfer of the soldiers, but Yurin's assistance was vital.  She transported Arpen kingdom soldiers to cities in different parts of the continent through her painting transport skill.


Yurin created hundreds of drawings without error or rest, all precise enough to be used in painting transportation spell.

"She's a human printer. The speed is also incredible."

"She's the goddess of manual labor."

"So, painters are also laborers. Are all arts jobs like this?"

The users were in admiration. Each painter had their own style, and Yurin liked the children's style of painting. Zephyr asked her the reason.

"When I was young, we had no children's books at home. I read books at the children's library, memorized it and drew it all out again at home."

"How unfortunate…."

"Still, those were fun times."

Yurin never thought grimly about the difficult times. She had her grandmother and her big brother. She had the warmth of her precious family. She felt that warmth, giving her the tenacity to live on no matter how difficult. Though there had been that time when she broke her leg from a slight twist

Zephyr was shocked to hear that she had been abused at times.

"Weed was too harsh on you, his younger sister. He could have disciplined verbally."

"What do you mean? Then I would never have come to my senses. I did because he hit me."


"And it was alright. Big brother cooked me ramen the next day. 50 won more expensive than what we had usually."

Excruciating poverty!

During those times, there reserves had fallen to a few hundred won which had led to the aforementioned circumstances.

"If you come to me, I will never make sure you go through hardship ever again."

Zephyr inwardly revealed his feelings to her, but she was a solid wall.

"That's alright. I can look after myself. If I take more of a liking of you, then I will start dating."

Yurin completed her paintings and transferred the soldiers, doubling the territories of the Arpen kingdom. They were able to recruit additional soldiers at local cities and send them to nearby regions.

< The population of the Arpen kingdom is increasing exponentially. The population, territory, political influence, national reputation and development has entered a stable phase. You have accomplished the requirements to ascend to an empire.

Arpen empire!
The citizens glorify the governance of Emperor Weed. They welcome the governance of an emperor who is a renowned artist, adventurer and warrior.

The birth rate of the empire increased to 800%. Cultural and economical growth rate increases rapidly. The morale of soldiers increase, the maximum level of loyalty also increases. There is less possibility of a penalty due to weak security. Political corruption of regions far from the palace is reduced. The blessing of optimistic gods are applied to each region of the empire. >

Arpen empire!
Following the north, it seized control in the majority of the central continent – rising up to the ranks of empires.

"Hmm. It feels good, and bad in some ways."

Weed who had become an emperor on impulse, felt a delicate sense of realization.

In the case of the free city Somren, its population and economy had been cut down in half due to the exploitation and revolution of the Haven empire. Several regions including Kalamore were not too badly affected, but most had broken walls and no maintenance caused by the war and revolution. This was the result of provincial lords of the Haven empire focusing on hoarding tax money rather than investing it.

"When I first started out in Royal Road, I could see amazing roads and buildings around the Central continent and I was truly envious…"

He reminisced the time he left the Rosenheim kingdom with Mapan and visited the free city Somren.

"It was an incredibly developed industrial city… Hoo. It has crumbled so much. To think that other cities have it much worse than this."

The military facilities and fortresses at the major regions of the Central continent were hardly under maintenance, and the Haven empire collected excessive taxes that regressed the city.

'Not that I don't understand their actions.'

Weed fully accepted the perspective of the lords.

'How difficult it would have been to get to the position of provincial lord. They would have wanted to take as much as they could when they had the power in hand. For sure."

Users were the source of income, so the lords may have thought it was wasteful to invest in the city development. Thanks to the self-centered ways, the defense facilities such as the castle walls were almost non-existent. The Arpen kingdom army was not present in the Central continent, therefore the cities and villages were vulnerable to monsters at any time.

"How is the situation in the north?"

– Seoyoon : I'm getting reports of roaming monsters doubling in numbers. It is dangerous around Harsel highlands and the vicinity of Vargo castle due to the monsters.

Seoyoon was regulating the Northern continent while Weed was absent.


– Seo-Yoon : There are rumors of users being wiped out in normal dungeons that could usually be raided by 3 or 4 parties. I went there myself and I could see that the monsters became more ferocious and increasingly dangerous in their numbers.

"Is it the same in the novice regions?"

The villages and the proximal areas to the city usually comprised of novice players were roamed by the weaker monsters and therefore, were safe.

– Seo-Yoon : Beasts are active in the woods and the mountains. I think their habitats changed significantly.

This situation was not just in the north. Due to the influence of Kaybern, the monsters became more active all around Versaille continent. Monsters extended their areas of activity closer to the cities and in some areas, they were gathering.

– Nimble Chillwind : I swear loyalty to your majesty! I am Nimble Chillwind, leader of the avian assault force. I have urgent news to report.

A whisper arrived from Nimble Chillwind, the hero of the avians.

He started Royal Road late, allowing him to choose avian as his race. He was a user with an affection for the Northern continent.

"Yes. Chillwind-nim. What's your status?"

– Nimble Chillwind : I am mid-flight near Port Varna. I can see many monsters descending from the dungeons in the mountains nearby. I will call the other avians and try to contain the situation here.

"Thank you. Chillwind-nim."

Signs of monsters in the Central continent were worrisome, but the bigger problem was in the Northern continent. The cities and villages were equipped with minimal defenses such as wooden barricades and archer towers. The quality of the soldiers was low and the militia was small in number, forcing the people to rely on trivial things like wooden barricades.  To make matters worse, most villages were lacking in number of users due to the battle on Garnav plains. It would take a few more days for the users to do some sightseeing and return to their original villages.

"At times like these, a small monster assault would leave outskirt villages in devastation. Inside the village may be safe but the ranches and the farms will be razed."

Weed got preoccupied, then gathered his subordinates. The wyverns, Binryong, Phoenix, Countryside Snake, the Baraags, Eagle, Silver bird and Golden bird.

– There seems to be a lot going on nowadays.
– I’m so stressed. I feel like I'm going to pass out.
– As you command, master. I will incinerate the enemy!

Flying creatures agilely landed one by one on the vast field. Alone they were a spectacular sight, and behind them was King hydra, Fire giant, White tiger, Seville, Vintex, Eltine, Gernica, Nile alligator, Bahamorg and Death worm lined up. They were reliable and powerful subordinates.

"We are kind of special."

"We came over because you told us to, but we're leaving if you don't pay us."

"Pay is important. I need my pay cheque in order to feel that I spent a day to its fullest. Exchange of cash is the basis of human interaction."

"Just because you gave birth to us, we are not obligated to follow you. We are free. However, we are out of money so we need to be under someone's command."

"Do any of you know anybody that has ways to earn some money?"

Weed-one, Weed-two, Weed-three… Weed's clones were also summoned.

They sat on the ground, never ceasing to rest for a moment. They were sewing, making something with a hammer, or working on sculptures. These were creatures given life in reference to Weed's usual behavior and personality, thus were busy hunting at dungeons before the recall. After the Garnav plains had ended, they continued hunting and grew on their own.

(To be continued…)

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