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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 53 Chapter 4 part1

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Unicorn corp. that ran the Royal Road service was in a state of emergency, centered around the strategics operation room.

"The Black dragon Kaybern. On top of that, the activity of red dragon Randony…  Executive Sohn, were you aware of this?"

"I had no clue. This situation could not have been predicted. We have kept it a secret even from the Hermes guild, but it was not as if we were monitoring every single user."

When the battle became disadvantageous, the Hermes guild destroyed the dragon's egg, threatening the peace of Versaille continent.

"Has there been contact with the Hermes guild?"

"They are not responding."

"Could they have any means to keep back Kaybern?"

"If you take a look at the quest… Also, things seem to be heading south and there seems to be insufficient forces for retaliation."

Sighs were heard from various corners of the operations room. Royal Road was a massive world. The Versailles continent has extensive history, a complex background, various races and monsters, making it difficult to determine in which direction the situation could unfold. Executive Sohn covered his face with his hands.

"Kaybern has begun his movement… This is a headache."

Then, a marketing team employee asked.

"How much damage will occur?"

"In the current situation, no estimations can be made. In truth, it is abnormal for Kaybern to be active. To think that they would be foolish enough to destroy the dragon's egg…"

"Wouldn't the force of the users be able to stop the dragon?"

"I doubt it. Wouldn't it be quicker to crack a stone with an egg? Quests can appear at any given time, but completing them is a whole different story.

Executive Sohn laughed in bitterness.

"Send out the broadcast data out to the public. Stating that no one knows how the story will unravel after today."

"Criticism for irresponsibility will flood."

"Royal Road from the very beginning was a story forged by its users. By its people, the world can become heaven, or it can become hell. We just watch them forge their own path ."


KMC Media, CTS Media.

The major and medium-sized broadcast stations that represented Royal Road were also in a state of emergency.

"For the black dragon to immediately destroy castle Aren… The next being castle Evaluk. Blockbuster level broadcast footages are piling up."

"Casualties among Central continent users are tremendous… Now, this is critical even from the Arpen Kingdom's perspective. They had no other choice but to draw back from most of the lands controlled by the Hermes guild."

"The continent is about to be reduced to nothing and that will be troublesome."

Chief Kang let out a shallow sigh. Heavy bags had arisen under the eyes of him and his employees, but they had not had the opportunity to rest since the battles of Garnav plains.

The scene of castle Aren being destroyed by the dragon's Flaming Meteor spell was on par in viewer ratings as the duel between Weed and Bard Ray.

From the broadcast station's standpoint, it was enjoyable. But in the long run, the destruction of the cities in Versailles continent was not a favourable sequence of events.

The contents of the quest signaled a large-scale monster invasion.

The apocalypse.

Countless theories on the internet stated that the once prosperous and joyful Versailles continent will crumble to its doom.

"What will be the response from Weed, from the Arpen kingdom?"

"I doubt that they will have any plan. Stopping a dragon is extreme even for them."

"Not even the Hermes guild can pull it off."

"You cannot underestimate Weed who has accomplished all kinds of adventures. However, it would be impossible to defend castle Evaluk."

"That is correct. They are at a statistical disadvantage. Even if all the users were to fight on their side, this is a dragon we are talking about. The human wave strategy will not be viable in the skies."

Chief Kang fell into contemplation, preoccupied in his thoughts.

"A dragon at this stage in the game, this is as gloomy as it gets. In what perspective should I take this broadcast?"

"The Northerners are deemed to be powerless against a dragon. The possibility of hunting down a dragon is in favor of the Hermes guild."

"Given the recent instance, that does not seem to be the case…"

"Even if the Hermes guild unsheathes its sword, it will not be easy. Conversely, they will amuse themselves watching the Arpen kingdom suffer.

"Hmm. This is indeed troublesome."

A long silence enveloped the operations room. It was difficult to reach a decisive conclusion and the broadcast station's standpoint was to broadcast according to the changes of events. The Chief and the programme directors were also users that enjoyed Royal Road. As broadcast station associates they did not take part in the war, but they had a gut feeling.  Maybe, there can be no eternal peace in Versailles continent. Even if the Arpen kingdom unites the entire continent, the threats will still exist. If Weed's popularity were to decline even a bit, rebellions abroad much like those that befell the Hermes guild would cause an age of turbulence.

Perhaps like the dragon, beings such as devils, demons, the great witch or the fairy king can threaten peace. Chief Kang had a sudden thought that maybe the dream of unifying this world was strictly dangerous and risky, an impossible dream.

"Let's send out some advertisements."


"The other broadcasts will concentrate on organization around the scene of the continent being destroyed by the dragon. Especially CTS media. Their style of coordination will extend to orchestras, maximizing the beauty of the visuals and the audio."

"It is worth spending every penny on this. There is no doubt that the footage is shocking enough to draw the attentions of the viewers."

"It will be a breeze to film a couple of natural disaster films. Castle Aren was a movie. The shots of the dragon's destruction."

"I'm not in favor of those broadcasts though. Should we drop everything we were doing and concern ourselves because a dragon is roaming around? Everyone is worried, confused, wallowing in self-pity. Even when peace was at risk due to the Embinyu Church, the Versailles continent was always joyful."

"Mmm. Now that you mention it… There were waging wars everyday in the past."

Ever since the early days of Royal Road, the Central continent was a bloody war field with each alliance clashing with one another.  It was common to see cities be razed. Cities were destroyed in sieges, or by defeated guilds who in their resentment completely ravaged lands.

"Yes. That is what I'm talking about. It sounds comical in reality, but you have to change perspectives a little. Even if dragons and monsters roam around, it won't be as much tyranny and destruction as the former prestigious guilds."

The programme directors nodded in agreement.

"The composition of power was most prevalent in the Versailles continent. If it weren't for all the destruction and demolition, no one would have paid attention to the north."

"During the days of Morata, the economic size could not even be compared."

Chief Kang smiled delightfully. The KMC media producers understood exactly what he wanted to convey.

"Yes. The dragon did appear preemptively,  but the world ain't going down in a day or two. It is just cities being destroyed and monsters in larger numbers. Users have made consistent progress… They will bask in pleasure going forward.

"Yes. Even the greatest threats can be seen as one of the amusements of Royal Road."

"I agree. Kaybern's destruction will not result in users screaming in agony or leaving Royal Road."

"This is paradise. Much can change, but there are so many people saying that they could quit work – cannot say the same for Royal Road."

KMC media, formerly a favorless, tiny broadcast channel had grown to a major broadcast station solely because of the charm of Royal Road. A new world called virtual reality and the pleasure created by its users provided a space in which one could dream without boundaries. They believed strongly that users would be able to overcome the appearance of the dragon. Chief Kang decided.  

"We'll send out Kaybern in the visual advertisements. Also, throw in some awesome shots of the Versailles continent and heroes."

KMC media decided to create its own commercial named 'The dragon's threat', using the footage of Kaybern that they captured recently. The black dragon flies through the air, and beautiful scenery of the Versailles continent flashes by on the ground. Bright, optimistic and hopeful scenes. Picturesque scenery interweaved with lands scorched and demolished by the dragon, but that wasn't the end. They were to send out visuals of the famous users and heroes active in the cities and villages of Versaille continent.

"Royal Road is a place to build dreams. So, we must look with affection instead of distress. Proceed with the usual broadcasts and report swiftly if any major events occur. We, must not lose hope."


When Weed logged onto Royal Road once again, the Garnav plains was in ruins. The black scorched earth was split and caved, melted away by the dragon's breath and formed a small canyon. Bones were scattered all over the place, traces of an undead summoning.

< You have stepped foot into the cursed plains.
Luck declines by 50% in this region. There is a high possibility of spirits and skeletal knights spawning at night. There is vegetation of unique, cursed plants.
There are rumors of an extremely rare treasure buried in these lands.
But they should not be trusted… >

"Hmm. I need to start with the lost equipments… "

Weed went through his items with anxiety. He felt insecure even in his dreams. He had obtained many expensive items during his chase on the Hermes guild members and that got him even more worried. It was fortunate that he had hid away in advance through Yurin the spoils from Bard Ray such as the Sky Ruler's armor.

"Seems that upon my death, I lost a long sword, shield and a pair of boots."

He had lost three items. Weed grieved in silence for the lost equipments.

"Wow. A fragment of a knight's armor."

"There is a sword fragment over here."

"Is it enchanted?"

"Yeah. It has sharpness magic on it. This could be worth a lot if I sell it to the blacksmiths."

Users had logged in early and was searching the remains of the battle ground. The majority of users had died due to Kaybern but some were fortunate enough to survive, picking up piles of miscellaneous items.

'There are people full of luck wherever you go. I'm on the opposite spectrum I'm afraid.'

Weed stared at them for a while, then turned around. He originally wore an imperial knight's armor but now he had changed into a simple traveller's outfit. The regrets of turning away from mountains of items! However, there was still too much left to do.


– Mapan : Yes. Weed-nim.

"How is the business?"

– Mapan : It has set sail. I expect to reach 400% in revenue. All thanks to the dragon.

"Is that so? Then you would have earned back the costs of war supplies."

– Mapan : Of course. It is a boom.

The Haven imperial army had been completely crushed by the black dragon Kaybern. Hermes guild members having been wiped out, enormous amounts of spoils fell on top of the Garnav plains. Those items were traded by the merchant association such as the Mapan merchant association, and a significant amount was to be paid to taxes.

'Taxing is the most magnificent method of earning money.'

Weed laughed in satisfaction, though his moment of joy was temporary! Two instances of death resulted in a decline of 3 levels and various skill proficiencies dropping down one level.

Advanced level 8 sword technique dropped to level 7 and many more had been impacted severely.

'There is around 40,000 energy of the moment left… I defeated Bard Ray and the Hermes guild but the costs were too great.'

When Weed claimed that he was at great loss, it meant that the Hermes guild had lost almost everything. As the war continued, the imperial army that had transformed into elites have been obliterated, unable to be restored. Only the Hermes guild members revived and were heard to be retreating swiftly to the Haven regions at a speed too quick to track down.

'I do need to gain back levels immediately and recover my skills… Anyhow the urgency calls for swallowing up the rest of the Central continent.'

He must split up the Arpen kingdom army by a few soldiers and send them to the cities and fortresses in each region. Now that the Haven empire had fallen, the lands would be vacant if left alone, there was even a possibility that another user could take control.

(To be continued…)

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