The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 53 Chapter 3 part2

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Lee Hyun saw several banners hung up in the sword technique dojo.

     Congratulations. Domination of Versailles continent!

     We are warriors. Put up your swords!

     Intensive courses, desert warrior course. Students, salary men are welcome. Extremely welcoming for females!

Hundreds of people who wanted to learn sword techniques were lined up outside the dojo entrance.  There were many bulky foreign people that were fit to play American football who were quickly noticed. Geomchi and the desert warriors performed exceptionally in the recent battle and many broadcasting networks focused their attention. Consequently, it led to a massive intake of new customers.

[ You folks are our pride. Head chief of the western district. ]

[ The sweat of amazing men. Strong men soccer club. ]

[ March on. March forward. We will succeed. [ Palgong rangers. ]

[ We never collapse! Flowers over men. ]

By the entrance, standing representatives from the regional political figure, companies and organizations were beached outside in a row.

"Youngest one. Come this way."

In-Sang Kim, who plays as Geomchi427 saw Lee Hyun and took him to the rear door.

"Brother, there's so many people."

"Yes. If they realize that you're here, they will create an uproar."

"Master will surely love that."

"That may be. But not even a tenth of those people would be able to learn genuinely."

It was a common case for any sports center or martial art academy, that diligent people were an extreme minority. Most of them quit after only several days, while others would sign up and do not bother to show up even once. The stamp of Ahn Hyundo truly served its purpose in that aspect. An insane amount of training that was also as intensive as if it were a real battle! These two requirements made it hard for anyone to attend for over a month.


Lee Hyun sat down with Ahn Hyundo and the other instructors after sweating buckets in the dojo.

"Master. Brothers. I have a proposition."

KMC media and CTS media. There were some ideas that he had discussed with the major broadcast networks in advance.

"A series for the professional warriors. Much like chefs competing with ingredients, I want to create a program that involves warriors fighting against monsters."

The program that Lee Hyun wished for wasn't exactly a fresh content. Royal Road created various kinds of leisure programs, including ones about monster hunting.

"Real warriors. The best fighters on cast, so to speak. Viewers can get tips and experience the excitement."

The broadcast associates were not in the least intrigued even with his premise. When major broadcast stations plan for a legitimate program, they go through a series of internal meetings and research the viewer statistics with a pilot episode. The subject was nothing new and did not seem to capture an undivided viewer rate. Instead it would be more popular and receive more attention if Lee Hyun logged in and created programs involving the Arpen Kingdom. It took Lee Hyun several attempts to persuade them.

"So, it's not going to happen?"


"You want to stop broadcasting?"

Broadcast program schedule confirmed! For the broadcast networks, they could call this total tyranny, but it wasn't too unreasonable. Therefore, they decided to accept his offer.

"Let Weed have his way."

"Director. It doesn't look right for the broadcast industry to be meddled with by a single individual."

"So, what do you suggest? You wish to fight against him?"

"No, that isn't what I meant."

The broadcast stations agreed to create a program for the true warriors and began to search for the most popular individuals to be on cast. Python was among them and some of the highest-level users of the Hermes guild also became potential candidates. However, the main candidates were Ahn Hyundo, the instructors and the apprentices. Geomchi, Geomchi2, Geomchi3, Geomchi4, Geomchi5….. They were the warriors of warriors.

"I have made spots for all the brothers to be on broadcast."

Despite Lee Hyun's offer, Ahn Hyundo was reluctant to accept.

"We aren't celebrities, so for what reason do we have to behave like clowns?"

"There are many advantages for the brothers."

Lee Hyun decided to explain with several reasons.

"First, brothers get to meet new people. For all of you who sweat in the gym every single day, there could be a sliver of opportunity to meet women. If you're lucky enough, you could even date someone."

"That is good."

With just the first reason, he sparingly got confirmation to be on cast!

"Secondly, you can acquire fame. When brothers decide to open dojos, the fame will be of huge help."

"Fame is indeed important for a martial artist."

Ahn Hyundo couldn't agree more. They were living in a world where there was no meaning in someone having the skills to change the world, if he isn't known at all.

"This is the chance for you guys to do what you love most. The attention of the people on you while you fight dangerous, thrilling battles."

That is how Lee Hyun made work for the brothers. They can become stronger in the dojo, but he was to create a medium for using that power out in the world.

'I care for my own people.'

If a war breaks out, their existence was not so great as to change the outcome. However, he believed that he should do anything for these sincere folks: anything that did not involve spending his own money.


"Oppa. Here's the report."

Lee Hyun came home to skim through his younger sister's carefully organized details of the Versailles continent.

"Hmm. It seems the casualties of the Hermes guild were significant."

Everything from a week's worth of tax income collected by the Arpen kingdom to the total spending and earned capital at Garnav plains. Casualties of the Haven empire and estimates of equipment lost by Hermes guild members could be seen.

"Here. 23,000 won."

Lee Hyun gladly handed his younger sister some allowance for her archival work.

"The information was spot on, so I included 3000 more won."


"Yeah. Don't be digging too much for money. Money isn't everything in the world."

"I got it."

The thought that he needed to supervise his younger sister grazed his mind now that he had become a landlord. Or else, she would paint the whole town with his money! Lee Hyun's face turned solemn.

"What is the value of the most delicious food they sell in restaurants?"

"They could be unhealthy. They possibly did not check the sanitation level. Excessive eating is never advisable."


"Dress modestly. Fashionable clothing is just a temporary satisfaction."

"Cell phone?"

"For short calls only. Be cautious to not exceed the minimum plan."

Lee Hayan's responses were answers strictly desired by Lee Hyun. He had implemented the ways in her mind since he was 7 years old, due to the absence of their parents!

"And guys?"

"Be wary of them. Do not meet them late at night. Make sure to carry scissors."

"Reason being?"

"To cut them first If they try to act naughty."


"Grateful funds for myself who hasn't become independent yet. In this harsh world people die because they are short a thousand won and children dying due to malnutrition. I must contemplate 5 times before I decide to spend my precious allowance."

"Very good. A bit below my standards but there is one last thing. Freedom is?"


Lee Hyun was proud that he had satisfactorily raised his younger sister. She could live as a scrooge whatever situation she may be put under.

"Younger sister."


"If you have a guy you are dating, you can bring him along. It's about time you start some romance."

Lee Hayan did not fall into his words. He was her big brother that looked after her like a parent, but the fact was that occasionally he could flip out. Moreover, she had developed feelings for Zephyr, Choi Ji Hoon.

'He seems poor but diligent. He could take real good care of me.'

Lee Hayan looked out the window. Lee Hyun was busy, so Choi Ji Hoon came over to repair the house and was crouched in the yard picking beans and garlic.

"I have no one. I won't start dating until I find a good person like you."

"That isn't an easy goal but work hard."



Lee Hyun read over the report, confirmed the aftermath of the Garnav plains battle on the discussion forums online. There were a few videos showing what had happened after he was killed by the black dragon Kaybern.

     Lousy humans. You really are pathetic!

Kaybern dominated over the land. The survivor count of the Haven imperial army and the Hermes guild continued to decline, and in their last attempt to escape they were killed in sequence by dark magic and draconic warriors. It was a massacre that even involved most of the Central continent users and the ones that were on Garnav plains.

     All of you shall die!

They could not put a stop to Kaybern that had flown up to the sky.

<Epic Rupture!>

Kaybern unleashed the ultimate spells of fire and earth onto the Garnav plains. A shockwave that crumbled the land and the people, spread wide and destroyed everything in its path. Many northern users managed to escape, but a tremendous number of them perished.

Lee Hyun's face grew pale in response.

'His dark magic is tough, and his other ultimate spells are too advanced for me to go against. At this point, this creature broke out of balance.'

Kaybern wiped out the Garnav plains, then proceeded to fly south. After approximately an hour had passed, Kaybern appeared in the skies of castle Aren. From hence, there were broadcast footages edited by the broadcast stations. Lee Hyun chose to watch the footage by KMC media.

       Black dragon Kaybern has appeared at castle Aren.

Kaybern unleashed a torrent of fire magic and turned the city into a fiery pit of hell. There were only humans in the vast Garnav plains, making the force of the magic to be less destructive. The scene of the dazzling castle Aren falling apart by fire was truly incredible. Landmarks and towers crumbled sequentially, bridges and castle walls were destroyed and turned into ruins. The view of Kaybern mounted on top of the tower in the imperial castle and roaring down on the users was worthy to be used as a desktop background.

     Castle Aren… Castle Aren that has upheld its nobility since the ages of Haven empire is being destroyed by the dragon.

     This seems to be due to the Hermes guild enraging Kaybern. Could they have expected such consequences?

     I would assume they did not. Never even considered this situation. Though I think Kaybern destroying castle Aren is to take revenge on the Hermes guild.

       How so?

       It did not speak about any hatred towards the Hermes guild nor the Haven empire. He cried for revenge on humans.

       So, you are saying that this might not be the end.

       Exactly. Quests have been sent to the provincial lords that the cities will be targeted by Kaybern. I have a bad omen that castle Aren is the start of it all.

Moments before the destruction of castle Aren a quest had appeared for all users in the region.

<The Dragon's assault
The dark dragon Kaybern is on his way.
It is too late to escape. It will be a great fortune to escape barely with your lives.
Difficulty : B
Reward : Battle Experience
Quest Requirements : Appearance of Kaybern.>

It wasn't easy to survive. The decisive ones ran as soon as they accepted the quest, but the rest that were packing up or were waiting in disbelief all died in their belated attempts to flee through the castle walls. After castle Aren had been razed completely, a message alert appeared to all users of Versaille continent.

Dragon's vengeance
Dark dragon Kaybern is on a quest to destroy all human civilization. The spirits and fairies are issuing warnings about the incoming danger.

"Within a week, Kaybern will head to castle Evaluk."

Kaybern who had destroyed castle Aren returned to his lair in Thor to rest. Lee Hyun referred to the footage on the red dragon, but nothing was worth noting. The Hermes guild pulled their last desperate move but the orcs were powerlessly wiped out by the magic, running in all directions. Oh Joo Wan spoke carefully, stating that it was a personal speculation.

       Now that the destruction of castle Evaluk has been foretold, it seems that the reason for castle Aren being the first is due to destruction according to the level of growth.


       Yes. This is not for certain. Growth or technological advancement, population, influence, city fame. It could be any of these factors and also could be a complex result.

       Castle Evaluk is where the most people have passed through recently.

       That is so. Anyhow, the most important thing is that it is going after the most developed cities in order.

       What about the red dragon?

       I am not too sure about the situation on that side. But there is news that it has not returned to its lair and is instead roaming around the Orclands. We will inform everyone as soon as we gather more intel.

At KMC media, they were assuming that the largest cities in the Versailles continent would be the dragon's objective in order. Lee Hyun too, agreed to some extent.

"Then, there is a chance that Morata may be destroyed by the dragon…"

Although not as wealthy as the Central continent, Morata was the core of the northern continent.

"If Morata is destroyed… The Earth Palace or Port Varna could be next."

The Arpen kingdom had made dazzling progress in growth, but its connections were as weak as they could be. The northern continent had been abandoned ever since the fall of the Niflheim empire. Only a few cities developed around Morata, the central city and were taken up by an absolute majority of novice players. The destruction of a few cities could paralyze the production and trades of the entire kingdom. By then, northern users would become wanderers and the development of the Arpen kingdom would fall to disastrous levels. Maybe a significant number of them would decide to migrate to the Central continent.

(To be continued…)

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