The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 53 Chapter 3 part1

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The battle on the Garnav plains came to an end and the world had changed. Each broadcast network visited Lee Hyun's house with packs of gifts in hand.

"This is small, but I brought some ginseng. This is the oldest and largest one out of the ones that were released into the market in the last 5 years. I prepared it for you to replenish your energy."


Lee Hyun stretched extensively. Even for him, the Garnav plains battle had its toll. It was as if the fatigue remained even after a long sleep.

"Isn't this rare?"

"You can't afford this with money."

"Now that I mention it, my body was feeling weak. It will be perfect in my bibimbap."

"Ho-ho. Of course. 200-year-old ginseng Bibimbap is the trend nowadays. When I find something better, I will bring to you."

"You don't have to… I would very much appreciate it, but I feel bad."

"No worries. It's all from our friendship. From our hearts."

Chief Kang of the KMC media laughed it off. It was a kind of relationship in that he could convey his true feelings no matter what exchange of words.

        ­­This is ginseng.

        It must be expensive.

        It is hard to put a price on it.

        This is beneficial to the body. I will gladly put it to good use.

        Please enjoy. I will bring more things.

They exchanged thoughts somewhere along this line. After that, Chief Kang took 30 minutes to agree the contract to a special footage compilation from the battle on Garnav plains and request cooperation in Royal Road's broadcast. He had acknowledged the Arpen kingdom as the new ruler of Versaille continent and had rushed to a negotiation. From CTS media, the new executive director visited in person.

"So, we CTS media will organize more programs about Royal Road and satisfy the needs of different viewers…"

The intro about the broadcast station took a grand 10 minutes.

"I am already aware, but it is surely different for a famous broadcast network."

Just when Lee Hyun began to frown, the executive director took out a box.

"That reminds me, I personally brought some mushrooms from France."

"I have lots of them…"

"Truffle. This is a rare mushroom."

"Then I must put it in my ramen."

"Ramen? That would destroy all the scent and flavor. This is the highest quality of truffles. You have no idea how to eat it."

Lee Hyun let out a sigh at such an ignorant comment. He was questioning if the person in front of him had lived a naïve way of life.

'Friendship and business blooms from bribery. Even if times had changed, human relations remain the same.'

In order to catch the other person's effort and sincerity, bribery is a must!

'Bribery is not a bad thing. If you take it and do something illegal, it becomes a problem. There is no problem if taken cleanly and with clear conscience.'

If there were to be a global sociology magazine, it would have to have a column for conscious bribery theory. In comparison, the other broadcast networks at their base, knew how to entertain their target.

"You said once that you needed a bike for getting around the neighborhood. I had this custom made in Italy. This is a limited edition, identical to the one owned by the champion of Tour de France.

"Hmm. It has a good color to it."

"I sprinkled some gold powder into the paint."

"We are the newly established RTP. We focus on broadcasting in the metropolitan areas. We brought about a 100 shopping mall gift cards. We heard that you visit the regional market often, so we brought gift cards for the market as well."

"How very thoughtful."

"This is a small token of gratitude, so please accept it. Hahaha."

"Do you like to drink by any chance? I brought the world's top 5 wines, but they don't live up to their reputation. Just have some with dried fish fillets."

"I brought an exercise machine. It is called the rowing machine… Good for maintaining stamina."

"The latest model computer and appliances will arrive shortly. Especially the refrigerator. It costs a bit over 10 million won, but it is a small gift of sincerity."

While Lee Hyun was building close relationships with the broadcast network associates, gifts were stacking up by his front door endlessly.

"Oppa! There are so many trucks at the front of the house!"

Hye-youn Lee who had gone outside yelled in surprise. Broadcast networks and fans from all over the world were sending commemorate gifts for overcoming the Hermes guild and Bard Ray. Most were snacks, and some were luxury products. Lee Hyun routinely said that he would not accept any gifts from his fans.

     Nothing less expected from Weed-nim… He is a tsundere. He always says he will exploit us, but he makes sure we aren't burdened.

     Kyaa… That is character. There hasn't been one person who had rumors telling the opposite of his actual personality.

     I heard that he was some slaughterer in Continent of Magic.

     It's probably hoaxes from some guilds around those places. Do not believe what you haven't seen.

     I guarantee they are malicious rumors. I can bet my eyebrows on this.

In truth, Lee Hyun thought differently.

'It isn't just one or two people that have grudges against me from back in Continent of Magic. It's problematic that the university has been identified and moreover, too many found out the address.'

He trained his body more diligently since he did not know when he was going to cross paths with an enemy. Every time he gained levels in Royal Road, he believed that he had to get that much stronger in order to protect himself. On top of that, he wouldn't know what may be inside the presents of his fans!

'Bombs, chemical substances are worth being weary of. I want to stay in this world for as long as I can.'

Lee Hyun had thought in such a way and had declined all gifts, but from this point on he decided to accept them. He had become a public figure after having risen to fame in Royal Road. The government were assured to run inspections in mind of terrorist attacks, and police officers were stationed around the vicinity of his house.

'I will take whatever I can use in the house and the rest I can donate to charity.'

There were people struggling within the neighborhood. It would have more meaning to distribute these free gifts to the people in difficult times rather than returning them to the senders.


Lee Hyun took Seoyoon on his right, Lee Hayan on his right and marched through his neighborhood. It was a first outing since he defeated Bard Ray and destroyed the Haven empire. He applied hair gel to spiff himself up and put on new, clean clothes.

'My current standing means I have to be mindful of attention from the people around.'

He would not wear his spring jeans for 3 years without dry cleaning it like he once did.

'Jeans are meant to be worn in that antique taste, but from now on I will clean it every 3 months.'

Lee Hyun's fashion sense had changed a little enthusiastically. A clean shirt and linen pants. Looking back to his manual labor outfit, this was an acceptable look.

'The neighbors will be surprised looking at me. To my complete transformation that is. I usually did not take care of myself, but if I washed my face and looked in the mirror, I was quite decent.'

He stepped out the front door with his heart pounding. Lee Hayan and Seoyoon followed him outside with white shirts and jeans on.


"You look astonishing. I saw you last year and you are even more beautiful now."

"I couldn't comprehend the Grass Porridge Cult's level of unity… But now I do. This calls for loyalty."

"Your appearance is a crime. You make everyone fall for you."

Every single person on the streets lost their minds staring at Seoyoon. Lee Hayan also attracted the attention of men when she roamed alone but became plain at the side of Seoyoon. Everyone's eyes reflected the appearance of Seoyoon. Lee Hyun's presence was practically non-existent!

"Does beauty feed you or earn you money? K-hmm… I guess it does supply all those."

A dirty world ruled by beauty! Lee Hyun took his younger sister and Seoyoon to visit his usual real estate agency.

"Oh. It's you."

The real estate broker welcomed him invitingly. He had secured basement rental rooms for them several times when they were young, and he had put in his best efforts to find a good place despite their lack of budget. He defended them when the landlord would aggravate  them, and those memories led him to use this agency ever since.

"Yes. Was life good to you?"

"Sure. Thanks to you, these parts became a tourist attraction and the shopping district went up a lot in price. The bread shop across the street increased by 200 million in 3 months."

"200 million?"

"Yup. Business is running much more smoothly for them, so they aren't thinking of selling."


Lee Hyun suppressed his stomach twisting in jealousy and sat on the sofa. He had purchased a lot of real estate in the neighborhood, but he hadn't the chance at the shopping mall districts.

"I'll get a cup of coffee for now."

"Are you alright with mixed?"

"Of course. My coffee is always mixed."

When Lee Hyun visited the agency, he always drank mixed coffee. The times he didn't eat, the free black-bean noodles were essential!

"Here you are."

The broker man treated Lee Hyun, Seoyoon and Lee Hayan each to a cup of coffee.

"Thank you very much."

"I appreciate it!"

The man smiled as he looked at Lee Hayan. He remembered all too well the years of when she was a crazy child, her dark history as she would call it. When he just had begun working in real estate, Lee Hyun and Lee Hayan lived without parents and they had grown so much without him knowing. Especially Lee Hyun, who could be considered the prime example of a self-made man, recognized for his maintenance of the neighborhood.

'I thought this kid was going to grow up to be a robber or a fraud…'

Lee Hyun spoke after finishing his coffee.

"Mister. I came to purchase the building across from this one."


"Yes. The Yeoul building with the 1st floor mart. That is out for sale, right?"

"Yes, it is for sale… But are you really thinking of buying it?"

The reason Lee Hyun brought his younger sister and Seoyoon to a real estate outing was because of a building. An 8-story building that he had been keen on for a year and a half! It was a huge building worth 15 billion won, and he would have more than enough money to purchase it by liquidating the recent broadcast network advertisement revenue and the character enterprises.

'Money isn't meant to be borrowed.'

He wasn't planning to get any bank loans, and KMC media agreed to adjust all subscription fees right away. Lee Hyun raised one edge of his mouth and smirked.

'A landlord is the destination of all dreams. It is the final line in life.'

The last step in becoming a wealthy real estate owner. He had bought bits of land around the neighborhood, but he thought being a landlord was the best. He was planning to collect monthly rent payments from each floor, inscribing his title as landlord Lee Hyun on his business cards.

'My childhood dream is finally coming true. Even if Royal Road goes down to ruins, my life is guaranteed from what I can rip off this building. If I get a son, he will be the landlord's son. If it's a daughter, she will be the landlord's daughter. Across generations, our family becomes a landlord family.'

Lee Hyun waited until the afternoon, met the landlord, paid out all the balance and transferred ownership all in one day.

"At last, I did it."

Lee Hyun straightened his back as he stepped out of the agency. The heavy burden of poverty that pressed down on his shoulders since childhood. The stress about money that strapped in his mind even when he was asleep had lifted away. He felt the years of hardship had finally come to an end, conversely feeling a mix of emotions.

"Now that I have my own building, I could afford to eat salt 200 won more expensive than the usual…"

He thought that all that was left for him was a bright future.

'Even so, I will continue hunting and proceed on my quests… hah. Give up my greed for money and live out my life comfortably.'

He will try new hobbies, bathe in sunlight at the front porch, live carefree.

'It will all be different starting tomorrow. What is money worth anyway…? No more clinging and enjoy life. Look at just how beautiful the world is.'

The weather was pleasant, and the breeze was refreshing.

'To think life was this beautiful.'

Lee Hyun ate his dinner and fell happily asleep. Then he woke up early morning the next day. He took supplements and vitamins gifted by the broadcast networks and jogged to the dojo.

"I will train hard! To take down as many more monsters that I can."

Too Lee Hyun, hunting speed was more important than anything. Monsters were money! He had to earn back the levels he had lost recently, and he developed more interest in the combat achievements. During his years as a sculptor, it was difficult for him to earn combat achievements. But by the time he became a necromancer, it turned out a lot easier.

(To be continued…)

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