The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 53 Chapter 1 part3

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"My beloved younger sister."

– Yurin : … You want to check the equipment?


– Yurin : Hold on. I will take a look right now.

Weed urgently entrusted the Roa sword, the Sky Ruler's armor and other valuables to his younger sister. Her mission was to get as far away as possible before Kaybern's arrival! Whilst the Hermes guild was battling against the dragon, Yurin flew afar on top of Wy-3.

'These items were dropped by none other than Bard Ray.'

Weed's heart flustered at the thought of inspecting the spoils. Especially the crimson goblet, there was an extraordinary polish to it. He would never have trusted anyone but his own younger sister.

'He was an infamous one, so he was bound to drop extremely important items. This feels like scratching away at a winning lottery ticket.'

He couldn't expect what kind of treasure would come forth in that exhiliratinging moment!

– Yurin : Oh… But it's got a lot of attributes.

"A lot?"

– Yurin : Yeah. It says some kind of legend is sealed away…

"A legend?"


Weed took a deep breath and spoke.

"How many attributes in total?"

– Yurin : I can confirm up to 6 attributes. But it says here that 7 more are locked.

13 attributes! The higher class of items, the price could differ about tenfold for a single useful attribute. Attributes associated with hunting speed tended to determine overall combat abilities and growth rate.

"Go on."

– Yurin : Yup. I will list them out slowly.

<Goblet of Flames : Durability 30/30.

This is a goblet filled with the essence of fire. It is said to have been excavated from the flowing lava deep underground unreachable by humans, and that it contains flames that blazed for a million years. An item instilled with legend. By drawing out the power of the goblet, one may defeat any form of darkness.

Requirements: N/A.

Attribute : Ownership grants increase of all stats by 53.

Maximum health points and mana increased by 70,000.

Power of any fire-related skill increased by 200%.

Effects of combat skills increased by 35%.

Nearly immune to fire damage.

Every 10 days, the holder can use 'serenity of the goblet'.

Special:  A legend is sealed.

7 unknown attributes remain dormant.

Serenity of the Goblet : Summons a flowing river of lava or an erupting volcano and annihilate the enemy.>

"This is sick! This is crazy."

He inspected just one item and the attributes on it were unbelievable.

"This is pretty much overpowered."

The increase in stats and the attributes were beyond that of an excellent item class. It was owned by Bard Ray who reigned supreme over the Central Continent and possessed the best items on Royal Road.

"I could easily call this one the best treasure out of all the renowned items I have ever found."

Just by holding it in his inventory, the item granted benefits and had no usage restrictions!

"If I had the Goblet of Flames when my level was low, it would have been overpowering."

In truth, it was such an advanced class item that if a novice player held possession, the player would be in targeted by others. Even so, if one could manage to hide it well and make use of it alone in dungeons or hunting grounds, the growth rate would have multiplied greatly. In the level 400s and 500s, the effect would decline in comparison but surely enough the possession of the item boosted hunting speed. If this item were to go on auction, it could wage a war. The wealthy were not few in numbers, and someone out there spending tens and millions could never be considered news.

"Considering the popularity of Royal Road, the transaction could easily involve a few buildings."

If Bard Ray had used the Serenity of the Goblet, Weed could have been in a grave situation. During his years as the great king of the desert he came across many fire-related skills, however Bard Ray would never have used it in plain sight and give the opportunity to plan against it. The higher the level a player is, they would accel in combat senses and utility, and if it were to be used with miraculous timing Weed would have been in a great disadvantage.

"To think he stashed away something like this… Nothing less from the Emperor of the Haven empire. Royal Road's most powerful user. I give him recognition beyond that of myself."

Weed felt gratitude for Bard Ray's great infamy.  If it weren't for that, this kind of treasure would not drop.

"I have whipped up all the luck I missed out on during this lifetime."

– Yurin : I will call out the next item.

Wind blade : Durability 60/60.

Unrefined wind blade. Only a blacksmith capable of manipulating all substances on earth and treat things invisible to the eye may shape it to one's desire. The soul of the wind is instilled in it.

Mystical legend class blacksmith material.


Weed's vision clouded like he drank 7 bottles of soju with one sip of ramen soup.

"This is mesmerizing. I wonder if getting drunk and winning a lottery would make me feel like this."

His past flashed before his eyes like in a moment of near-death experience. He had a long grudge with the Hermes guild, and he even died to Bard Ray back in the Melburne mines. But even all those stained emotions washed away completely.

"At least in this very moment, I would gladly send a souvenir sculpture to the Hermes guild."

It was a brief sentiment, but he did feel like repaying a little.

– Yurin : There is also the rainbow fabric of the luxury artisan.

"Hmm. Rainbow fabric… Hmm. Did Bard Ray have a soft spot for knitting? Or he could have just acquired it recently in a hunting ground."

Weed also acquired the rainbow fabric back in the past. The rainbow fabric of the luxury artisan that he acquired this time was far more exceptional, but of little importance compared to the other two items. It was as if he already signed for a massive building in Gangnam, but he got another bachelor condo near some university. Clothing crafted with the luxurious rainbow fabric would sell for expensive price, but was not to be compared with two items that are the best in Versaille continent.

– Yurin : I cannot confirm the last item. I am failing to identify it so the information is unknown.

"Is the last one the Dagger of Despair and Tranquility?"

– Yurin : Yeah.

Weed was able to remain full of anticipation. Some items that are not common, can be used by certain job classes or that have secret requirements tend to be unidentifiable. A black blade that could seemingly absorb light and a rough but comfortable handle.

"It used to be Bard Ray's so it should be high-class and expensive. It may very well be invaluable."

Bard Ray's spoils were go-to equipments! While Weed was happily inspecting the items, the battle between the Hermes guild and the dragon continued.

"Divine Thrust!"

"Spell Overcharge!

"Luminating Strike!"

"The Devil's Smash!"

Geomchi, the instructors and the apprentices had boarded the dragon. They stuck to the nape, back and near the tail and swung their swords in excitement.

"This is such a cathartic experience!"

"This hits the spot Master!"

They used single point attack skills and sword techniques mercilessly on the black dragon. Kaybern was doing wing attacks from the air, attacking using his body and using magic. But they were managing to put up a fight.

'In such a short time, the battle has unraveled quite dramatically.'

The dragon's body does not budge due to average attacks, but there were thousands of users mounted on it. Users over level 500s were going all-out with their own strengths and skills. The Central Continent users that chased after the Haven empire also joined in Geomchi's endeavor and commenced the attack on the dragon. They all seemed to have united in the battle against the black dragon.

'Now, this should have some impact on the dragon.'

Weed's interest was pooled towards the black dragon Kaybern. The attack of an ant swarm could take down a huge elephant.

'I want to join the fight too.'

Weed's blood was boiling hot, but he could not afford to participate. Geomchi, the instructors and the apprentices were of help even though they suddenly joined the battle so they could be left alone, but if Weed shows up the situation would be different. If Weed in his appearance of a bone dragon would approach them, many Hermes guild members would abandon the fight with the black dragon and come after him.

'Honestly, they started all the fights and it's insensitive of them to hate me. But that is just how the world is.'

Weed stayed idle from afar, watching the battle wage on. He was satisfied enough for the black dragon Kaybern to weaken the Hermes guild.

'There is no real benefit that results from the dragon coming out victorious. The dragon is also a foe. Furthermore, when the Hermes guild is wiped out, I will be next on the list.'

The best scenario was neither side dominating the other and all to fall to their knees. Especially if he could be the one to end Kaybern's life. Stealing the last hit was very unethical, but nothing else is as thrilling.

'I could come across an opportunity. It has significant amount of health points, and the Hermes guild would not let me off that easily. By the way, was it this easy to take down a being like a dragon?'

Weed's suspicion grew as Kaybern was fighting worse than he had expected.

'He could be dragon that is not a fighter but just pretentious. Or could he be a baby dragon? In the history books it said that he was quite of age.'

Weed's spine getting chills. It was right after he precisely looked upon Kaybern's eyes and the corner of his mouth.

'That's a sly facial expression. No doubt about it.'

Normal users would not be able to notice such a subtle difference. Weed had grown to be extremely witty since his teenage years, and as sculptor he also had studied a lot in the expressions of animals.

'He is like the a Crocodile in the Nile, who lay flat lazily then would pounce when a prey approached near…'

For him to have such a reserved composure during a battle! That facial expression said it all.

"Master. It is dangerous. Get away from there!"

Weed sent out a whisper to Geomchi and spoke in the channel associated with all users in the area.

– Weed : Kaybern. He is unusual. He is about to pull off a trick so you all must escape now!

"Um… Master. Weed is telling us to fall back because it is dangerous."

A Geomchi hanging on around the bottom of Kaybern shouted. The Hermes guild members who heard the voice stopped abruptly. If this was from Weed! All users in Royal Road regardless of ally or foe, had faith in him. In their minds flashed the great accomplishments of Weed in adventure, hunting, empire construction, arts and countless other fields. Geomchi who had been striking down with his sword on top of the black dragon's head despite its violent movements, shouted out.

"I heard that too. But are you all just going to escape because it is dangerous?!"

Geomchi2, Geomchi3, the instructors and the apprentices all shouted back in unison.

"No, we aren't!"

These folks would never back down once they get the taste of battle!

"Let's fight. We fight until we die."

The apprentices burst out in laughter by Geomchi's words.


"This is the way, after all!"

They continued to go rampant on the black dragon's body. The Hermes guild members were startled, but regained composure.

"Looks like Weed spoke some blasphemy."

"He probably just said that because he feared our success in hunting down the dragon."

"This is our chance. Start the all-out assault."

Arkhim was slightly anxious, but soon shook it off. Partly it was from watching Geomchi and the apprentices, but moreover because he had been taken too much by Weed.

"Backing out in the midst of an intense battle would be a great loss as it would allow the dragon time to recover."

Thus, the Hermes guild began its full assault. They fought more aggressively because their hopes of succeeding in their hunt of the black dragon grew larger.

'This is undoubtably suspicious.'

'Personally, I do trust Weed's words for some reason.'

There were some Hermes guild members that shared this suspicion. The higher the intellect of a monster, the more difficult the style of combat. The tactic by Kaybern was an unconditional charge much like an ogre when confronting the enemy, which was questionable.

'Dragons are not stupid. But why is it fighting in such simple pattern? But then, it did take a lot of beating from us…'

Even so, the dragon stood right in front of their eyes and the Hermes guild members charged like moths flying into fire. They followed their preceding comrades into the sky in an endless stream.

Then… Kaybern's dark magic of the life skill tree activated.

– Perish. Mirror of fate!

An ultimate dark magic spell that reflects all damage taken for the last 10 minutes to nearby creatures. Users that were attacking Kaybern instantly turned grey and faded away all at once.

Geomchi and the apprentices also turned into ashes and perished.

– Life drain of the sacrificed.

The black dragon activated his second dark magic spell. He stole the health points and mana of the deceased users and recovered from all the damage he had taken until now. Proud flesh grew over the scars that were all over his body, and even the scales that were used up to create dragonoids were restored completely.

– Foolish humans. You do not deserve even the slightest glimmer of hope.

Kaybern roared from the sky.

(To be Continued…)

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