The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 53 Chapter 1 part1

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The war that had been fought between the Arpen Kingdom and the Haven Empire on the Garnav Plains!

The flaming meteors, the alkin disease and the hordes of the undead had all played their part in the conflict, but now the curtains finally drew over the battlefield..

Weed defeated Bard Ray, but this was soon followed by the appearance of the black dragon. The dragon Kaybern that nested within the Dwarven kingdom Thor had come forth. A body enormous in size and dark like the jet black of night roared as it flew in.


The dark colored breath that gushed out of the black dragon Kaybern swept the Haven Imperial army, along with Geomchi, the desert warriors, and the central continent users.

'My god. This is a mess.'

Weed flapped his wings and sprang up to the sky. Reborn as the Bone dragon due to the Power to Resist Death. He had respawned as the bone dragon in the past, but it had had a scrawny physique due to his low level. Now he spread his wings spiritedly and swiftly swooped up to the sky.


The earth was bubbling as it melted under Kaybern's breath. The powerful toxic gas fumed and formed a deep, wide furrow that could easily be called the gorge of Garnav Plains.



"What is this. I'm infected."

It was a magnificent sight as users that stood within 400-meter radius of the breath collapsed to the ground all at once. Since so many users were clustered in one place, the number of infected easily numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Other than the central continent users and desert warriors, even the Hermes guild members were caught in Kaybern's dragon breath and lost their lives in countless numbers.

"He's is so powerful. I won't even be able to retrieve my bones if I get caught up in that."

The bone dragon was powerful enough to dominate most regions, but this scene was nerve-wracking.


Kaybern glared at Weed who had flown up into the sky.


There was a bit of a gap in distance, but given the rapid movement of a dragon it was not safe. He could run if he wanted to but it would be difficult to shake off a dragon with just flight speed.

'He will despise me.'

The prideful dragons hate the corrupted decayed bone dragon by instinct.

'Of all things…'

To respawn as a bone dragon in such situation!

– There's a sleazy fool here.

The black dragon Kaybern only spoke once while looking over at Weed who was afloat. His interest was directed on ground level, and Weed had a rough idea of Kaybern's reason.

'Kaybern's rage is directed at the humans.'

Kaybern's desire was to obliterate the humans the moment the dragon egg was destroyed. The occurrence of the quest was seen through the broadcast, and so forth he planned to destroy cities and slaughter the humans. He hated the bone dragon, but the humans were the higher priority in this given situation.


"Damn it all!"

Arkhim looked up to the sky and fell into great despair watching the enormous dragon Kaybern.

"It just had to arrive at this place now. Five, no… three more minutes and we would have escaped safely."

Several hundred thousand troops. The most elite users of the Hermes Guild were left standing, however the opponent was a dragon. Moreover, there were also the central continent users persistently chasing their rear.

– I will punish you all!

The black dragon Kaybern's scales rained down onto the ground. They buried into the ground, soon grew like seeds and turned into draconic soldiers with the face of lizards. The draconic soldiers spoke in their metal-screeching voices.

"By the will of the great dragon Kaybern, attack our enemies. Leave none alive."


3,000 draconic soldiers ran across the land and began an all-out assault. The draconic troops held large weapons like spears, axes, great swords and hammers

"There is no other option. Attack!"

"Fend off the enemy!"

The Hermes Guild swung their weapons against the approaching draconic soldiers and cast their skills. They were concerned that the blackdragon Kaybern was watching, but they couldn't just keep their hands tied to their backs.


"They're quite formidable."

The bodies of draconic soldiers were made from a part of the dragon's bones or teeth and therefore, were very dense.

They were a race of high constitution and strength to begin with and their levels ranged from 500 to 600.

"We can still take them on!"

"Let's take care of them one by one as a group. Like we usually do in dungeon raids!"

The experienced Hermes Guild members soon retaliated with an appropriate strategy against the draconic soldiers.

Unlike their strategy against the human wave of the northern users, this was a much more familiar pattern of battle facing strong monsters. The Hermes Guild defended against the soldiers effectively and even destroyed some. But, it began that same moment.

– Absolute Protection

Kaybern's magic activated, and the draconic soldiers were enveloped in a transparent barrier. The soldiers were under the protection of the ultimate barrier that negated most physical and magic damage, and they rampaged while swinging their huge weapons.

"No way. This is overpowered."

"There's nothing we can do about this!"

The Hermes Guild were pushed back helplessly. They needed to use nullification music or special equipment in order to attack these draconic soldiers. The Hermes guild members also pointed at the sky in the opposite direction from Kaybern.

"Weed has respawned as well."


A splendid bone dragon comprised of a frost white bone structure!

A size of over 300-metres and swooping skeletal wings made his presence formidable, but the appearance of the black dragon allowed him to attract no attention..

Arkhim sighed.

"We've got no time for Weed."

"Aren't you kicking yourself right now?

"He won't expose himself that easily. What's more is that he's a flying bone dragon. Right now, we are in a crisis and we need to defeat the dragon at hand."

Arkhim was trapped in a dead end.

'Can we expect to win against a dragon? This is too reckless… But continuing to run will get us chased by both a dragon and the Arpen Kingdom users.'

'The forces of the remaining powerful Haven imperial army will gradually dwindle down until there will be nothing left.' Arkhim grit his teeth. He had two options! To fight, or to flee.

Neither one was an easy decision, however the enemy would not stay still; the battle was inevitable.

Arkhim made up his mind and shouted.

"Wipe them all out, whether it be man or dragon!"


Weed observed the Hermes Guild members leap up to the sky simultaneously like a swarm of grasshoppers.

"Battle with the dragon? I mean… In this state, you cannot really avoid a battle."

This was Royal Road's indomitably powerful lone guild.

Although they had a series of defeats, their combat strength had no equal.

"The Hermes Guild and the dragon. I can watch who will come out on top."

Weed wanted to pull out some fried potato chips from his bag, but unfortunately he was an undead. The undead do not feel hunger or the taste of food, so he decided to lay back and watch instead.

"This will be quite the show indeed."

The Hermes guild members used flight equipment or magic and flew over to Kaybern. The warriors and knights approached him daringly, while priests and mages cast spells and supported them from above. Weed's eyes scanned through the Hermes guild members.

'Having having gone up against them, I know that their system is excellent. The ones at level 500 become the core of the axis, and there are even those at level 600…'

It was safe to say that the higher rank users and famous users were associated with the Hermes guild.

– Guillotine of Execution, Silent Death, Chain Lightning!

The black dragon Kaybern's magic poured like rain and dispersed over the sky. Many Hermes guild members took damage and plunged to the ground, but more advanced through the situation.

"Die, dragon!"

"The only thing that stops us is death."

"You're a mere lizard!"

The warriors stepped on top of the dragon's body due to the sacrifice of their comrades. They slashed and stabbed with their weapons. Countless skills were executed, and magic spells exploded. The dragon activated large-scale magic spells in response and the Hermes guild members were swept away by the destructive force. Even so, they continued their attack.

These Hermes guild warriors could withstand one or two mediocre magic spells as long as they did not take a direct hit.



"Are you all alive? Bros!"

"Here. This way!"

Both Geomchi with his apprentices and the central continent users that chased after the Haven imperial army were also caught up in the dragon's breath. Tens of thousands of users perished, and a powerful infection swept through the forces.

"Priests we urge you to use your divine spells!"

"Those that are in critical danger, please get treated first."

They were allowed a short rest while the Hermes Guild and dragon were engaging in battle. Geomchi, his instructors and apprentices that barely made it out alive were glaring at the black dragon Kaybern with blazing spirits.

"Though it may be a dragon… Are you all going to stand there after taking the first blow?"

"No. Master. It spit on us, so we have to give it a good beating."

"It's a naughty dragon. We have to punish it."

Geomchi and the apprentices also have accumulated substantial knowledge about Royal Road. In their current state, they knew it was reckless for them to go against a dragon but that did not hinder them.

'For our youngest one, I have tried to kill as many Hermes goons until I die…'

'Haven Empire? Arpen Kingdom? Why is that important. That's a dragon. A dragon…'

'Kuh. It would feel amazing to slash through that dragon!'

'I'll die when it's time, but I have to go at it hard with no regrets!'

Geomchi and the apprentices were itching to fight. Their health points at less than half and the weakened state from dragon fear were of no concern form them. The dragon being afloat in the sky was the problem, and when they saw Hermes guild members leap or fly into the air their hearts pounded in excitement.

"We need to go too and fight."

"Of course. Master!"

"Let's go."

As Geomchi and Geomchi-2 got on top of their two-humped camels, the apprentices quickly gathered on their own camels. Some apprentices were lucky, and their wounds were light. But the rest had continued battling since back in Garnav Plains, so their bodies were wrapped in bandages.

"Ride. Come on!"

Geomchi and the apprentices charged while swinging their scimitars! The Haven imperial forces began firing arrows as soon as they witnessed their approach.

"A surprise assault in the middle of facing a dragon!"

"These tiresome idiots!"

The Hermes Guild could not afford their forces to be split away from fighting the dragon. They felt uneasy about Geomchi and the apprentices and especially the desert warriors numbering over 10,000.

"Open a path!"

Geomchi shouted as swung his scimitars and deflected arrows.

'What on earth is he saying?'

Hermes guild users blankly stared at them. Geomchi-2 who understood his master also shouted out.

"We will also fight the dragon!"

Geomchi-3 shouted as well.

"We will assist you! Buff us with your flight spells!"


The Hermes guild members were unable to comprehend what this meant. The ones that were chasing them down with scimitars like sworn enemies are now offering to be comrades!

"Use your flight spells on us!"

"Do as our master say. Or else we will wipe you all out first!"

"We're going to attack that dragon too! Hurry up and take us over to the battle grounds!"

The Hermes guild members grasped the situation after hearing the shouts of the apprentices.

'Are these guys insane?'

'They're out of their minds.'

Most still thought this was mad, but mage user Gondol thought differently. He was a big fan of Geomchi and the apprentices even though he was a part of the Hermes Guild, looking up their videos. These folks knew how to fight like men!

"Take flight. Party Flight!"

Gondol cast his magic spell on Geomchi and nearby apprentices.

"Why would you…"

The Hermes guild member that was nearby was about to scold him for helping the enemy.

"Hahahaha. You have my thanks!"

Geomchi shouted from afar and headed straight towards the  black dragon Kaybern on his camel. All that were under the flight spell flew towards the dragon, and the rest of the apprentices were charging at the Haven imperial army.

The apprentices waved both arms on their camels.

"Take us up too!"

"Hurry up with those spells!"

"Quickly. I want to fight the dragon too, like I'm going to go insane!"

The mages were thrown off.

"What is this situation?"

"Why are they trying to fight alongside us?"

They have fought all kinds of battle under the Hermes guild, but this was a first.

(To be Continued)

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