The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 52 Chapter 8 part2

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"At such a time like this."

Arkhim was assessing the situation, leading as the head commander during the absence of Bard Ray.

'Defeating Weed is no longer important.'

They have already lost in the battle of Garnav plains. Killing Weed would not hinder the morale of the Arpen kingdom army, nor will it change the outcome of the battle.

'Bringing the Central continent users to the pursuit… In all honesty, that is suicidal. He had never made such a stupid decision.'

They had chased after the wounded beast, but beast bit them back instead.

They could kill or defeat Weed that way, but the urgent matter was that the dark dragon Kaybern was on its way.

KMC Media broadcast crystal ball notified of Kaybern's location and estimated arrival time.

– He is approaching the Garnav plains at fierce speed. Estimated arrival time is 6 minutes 12 seconds.

Even if they waited for a train, 6 minutes is a short time. But this was a dragon, and Arkhim was troubled as he was the one who oversaw the Haven imperial army's retreat.

"How on earth… could we move on quicker?"

There were plenty of horses and demonic beasts, but the rate at which they retreated from the Garnav plains was slowing down.

"It is difficult. The rear is unable to follow due to the ongoing battle" said the user named Gental who was beside him.

He was also in charge of the cavalries but concerned just the same.

Many skilled members of the Hermes guild leading the retreat at the front fell back to the rear to battle against Weed.

That instant, Arkhim was shocked like he was struck at the back of his head with a hammer.

"Christ! This is a suicidal attack!"

From any angle, Weed's attack was imprudent. For him to go out of his way for vengeance, it was too different from his usual behavior.

"For him to attack head on with all this casualty… his intent must be to wipe us all out using the dragon!"

Arkhim finally understood the reason for Weed's pursuit. Weed was sneaky, willing to be burn himself into a crisp so that he could lead the dragon into the Haven imperial army annihilate them all.

Arkhim sensed great danger and spoke to Lafaye beside him.

"It seems that Weed is chasing us down with his life on the line and trying to die with the Haven imperial army altogether. What should we do?"

Lafaye fell into a state of deep contemplation.

He also discovered Weed's intentions earlier but could not come up with a proper strategy.

They were the Hermes guild, defeated and pursued. If they were to continue their retreat with extensive casualties, that would mean great deficit to their military strength and a powerful blow to their mental state.

'No. He wouldn't listen to us anyway.'

In front of their eyes stood Weed who climbed to the peak of the Versailles continent. It would be near impossible for him to walk away due to his blinding greed for a chance of absolute fame and spoils. Weed really had no equipment to lose after having stashed away all his expensive equipment.

'We are caught by the ankle. We could kill Weed, but you can hardly call this a success. Since Weed himself is determined to die.'

Lafaye dragged out a long sigh.

"We have to make a difficult decision."

"What kind of decision?"

"Weed is already 100% guaranteed to die. Whether it'll be by us Hermes guild, or the dragon. The worse would be us in a situation confronting the black dragon Kaybern."

It would be a devastating situation for Arkhim as well.

"The casualties are great as it stands, and if a dragon were to appear…"

"That is why we have to kill Weed as quickly as we can. Then we make our escape.

"If we are late…"

"Then we would face the dragon."

Arkhim did not want such a situation to come. So he conveyed to the entire Hermes guild.

– Arkhim : The dragon is approaching. All forces concentrate on killing Weed!

Lafaye sighed while riding his horse.

'Until the end, you have torn me down.'

They were so eager to take his life, but in the end Weed ultimately chose his own death.


The users who pursued the Haven imperial army alongside Weed were facing growing resistance.

"Disappearing earth!"

"Spreading flames of annihilation!"

"Space distortion!"

They suffered from indiscriminate magic spells, and Hermes guild members lunged from all directions. Ranked users rarely visible even in the Central continents were common on these grounds.

"Weed! This place shall be your grave!"

"We will take on this side. Youngest one. Push forward!"

The apprentices that were riding together at the front broke away from the group and faced the enemy.

"Hahahaha. Let's all go crazy!"

"This is refreshing. All the stress just took off!"

The Hermes guild members were dishing out attacks not just from the front, but everywhere.


The enraged dash of several hundred thousand bull legion broke out, a struggle between the attackers trying to break through and the defenders holding their grounds.

"Chase after them and kill every last one of them!"

Knight users under the Hermes guild appeared one by one and chased on their horses.

Powerful users swarmed in like bees to a poked hive.

"Now, we will get Weed once and for all."

"Let's end it here and now."

The Central continent users and the desert warriors dwindled in numbers rapidly as they broke through the defenses.

The Haven imperial army also suffered colossal damage but still surrounded from all sides.

<Magic attack!
Glacial rupture that freezes everything has exploded.
Extreme cold that freezes even armor.
Glacial fragments struck into the body.
Health points reduced by 37,485.
You are unable to move for 7 seconds.
All resistant abilities reduced by 64% for 10 seconds. >

Weed, having stood in the very front had to take the most damage.

"Touch of healing."

"Freya's Grace."

He would have died long before if it weren't for the devoted healing by the priests including Irene.

– This ends now!

Bard Ray's royal guards appeared riding on demonic beasts. They had formed a defensive line of the members boasted to be the best of the Hermes Guild and waited. Weed did not halt and spun his axe.

"Run through them at full speed!"

Several hundred thousand bull legion and desert warriors on camels. No one thought to stop.


"Let's go. Gather the remains of your strengths and indulge."

"Flame on!"

Hundreds of arrows came flying towards Weed leading the charge.

At such sight, one of the warriors lunged forward.

"Weed-nim. Please look after the Arpen Kingdom.  Radiant Shield!"

The user took the arrow attacks for Weed and died.

Weed passed by like a wind and lowered his head for a brief second in his honor.

"Heraim Fencing skill!"

These were royal guards of Bard Ray, meaning that they were skilled and equipped at the level of late 500s.

They weren't enemies to be easily penetrated at once and could maybe stop him in his tracks, but he must go on regardless.

He was already riding, and it would be the worst decision to stop at this moment in time.

"Fools. Wipe them out!"

Arrows and magic attacks by the Hermes guild showered on top of them.


"It was an amazing day."

The users who followed Weed had accumulated damage and fell effortlessly.

"Cheah! Youngest one. Here we go!"

Geomchi hurried his camel and ran into enemy lines first.

"Youngest one. After this battle is over, it's going to be a shot of soju and pork belly."

"Sure. You have to cook the kimchi stew."

Instructors and apprentices led the desert warriors and rushed towards their death mark.

"Weed-nim. You have to escape now."

"Leave this place to us. Do not give up. You can surely get away if you leave now."

Meanwhile Weed was surrounded tightly by Central continent users.

Among them were Kallis from the Black Lion guild, Gunt from the lion castle, Shoud from the Cloud guild, and other famous users who had a share of their moment in history.

Until now, these users have trained quietly without having appeared on broadcast or videos. They were deeply fond of Royal Road and so they lived through the oppression of the Hermes guild.

They all tried to sacrifice themselves to save Weed.

"What a plight… It ain't easy to die.'

Weed looked around.

They were amid Haven Empire territory, but at least half of the bull legion forces were remaining. The birdmen were coming down from the sky and consistently attempted their rescue despite taking damage.

– Chirp! Weed-nim. Hurry to safety!

– Weed-nim cannot die in this place!

The Hermes guild ranged attack units were even prioritizing the birdmen instead of the bull legion.

'I came to die, but they still haven't killed me. If I were to try and survive, I think I can pull it off.'

Weed was engulfed in great temptation, but he glanced at the faces of the users riding on the bulls.

'These are future VIP customers.'

If he gets a hold of the Central continent, these users would diligently pay taxes in the future. Taxes paid by a high-level user is greater than 100 northern users. Weed spoke with composure.

"We began this ride together and we shall be one until the end. So, let us leave together."


The central users were deeply touched.

They were reminded of the saying that the true nature of a man surfaces in the times of grave danger.

Weed never left the battle grounds knowing that he could die and attempted to lead the group until the end.

The responsibility, the devotion!

They thought of his character as an excellent hero, but this was a big delusion.

"Even in the most desperate situations, there is always room for swindling. A great swindler and speculator can go to work anytime and anywhere.'

The assault of the bull legion led by Weed continued.

They valiantly sacrificed their lives colliding into Bard Ray's Royal guard and the Hermes guild comprised of their best members.

Attacks were focused simultaneously on Weed who led the front.

He gave the high-level members of the Hermes guild ample time. Moreover, he was exposing himself extensively at the front.

– Your body is on flames. You are enduring the pain with strong mentality, but if the flames are not extinguished you will suffer continuous damage.

– A wicked curse has seeped inside. The body is weakened and infected with disease. Faith is preventing the body from becoming any worse.

– You have suffered ice type magic spell. The body is frozen. Speed and movement are reduced.

– The body is temporarily paralyzed by lightning type attack.

The closer he got, the higher concentration of various magic spells.

If he was alone, he would have died in an instant, but there was also the concentration of the protection spells from the priests.

"We must kill him!"

Two dozen royal guards dashed into the face of the bull legion. Their sole objective was Weed. Magic attacks continued relentlessly and Weed got even closer.


Weed swung his axe but could not possibly fend off all the incoming spears and swords.

Deep roots of confinement prevents movement.

Continuous feeble!
The body slows down.
Agility is reduced and accuracy is greatly weakened.

At the most appropriate timing, curse spells were used. With his original equipment, he could have fended off the curses but with his current attire it was not possible. Pale fired arrows as cover fire, and even so half the attacks landed on him.

– Large amount of damage! Tremendous amount of health points was reduced.

– Body is paralyzed. You are unable to move.

– You have suffered severe injur.

Unable to battle!

Several messages popped up on screen all at once. Then, finally…

– You have died due to complete loss of health points.



Screams bursted among the bull legion that witnessed Weed turn grey and disappear.

The death of Weed, Arpen Kingdom's emperor, the one who succeeded in countless quests!

That moment, the Central continent users that followed behind him threw themselves forward.


'Whatever Weed dropped will be out of this world.'

'Let's pick it up, even if I were to die…'

'The brave one gets the items.'

The users sprang forward desperately.

< You have obtained 3 silver, 24 copper. >

< You have obtained the sword ornament of the Haven imperial knight. >

< You have obtained fresh cow bones. >

< You have obtained the cursed leather armor. >

< You have obtained the axe on the brink of destruction from poor use. >

(To be continued)

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