The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 52 Chapter 8 part1

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Geomchi and the desert warriors swung their scimitars amidst the Haven Imperial army.


They were screaming wildly, showing off their muscular upper bodies.

"Such uproar at the front, what's going on?"
"Master. The youngest one has arrived."
"Is that so? Then we could hopefully meet him. Let's get over to the action!"
"Yes. Master!"

Geomchi and the desert warriors changed directions and began penetrating through the Haven Imperial army.


Geomchi's scimitar was spinning at the tip of his fingers while riding on his two-humped camel!
His dexterous movements, much like those of an acrobat, were followed by a quick slash as fast as lightning.

<Radiant strike has struck an enemy.
Enemy health points reduced by 19,429. >

"Take it easy, boys."
"Yes master!"

The apprentices stood true to his instructions and fought adequately.
They wielded their scimitars at the appropriate moment with moderate strength and speed.
They achieved perfect timing where the enemy cannot dodge nor defend, allowing the apprentices to strike consecutively.

"What, what is this?"

The camel units of the desert warriors were charging ferociously through the Haven imperial army.
Weed, with his wide field of view also observed the forces crumble like haystacks. He led the Central Continent users and took the Imperial Army apart from both sides.

"Youngest one!"
"It's real fun on this battleground! Let us run wild."
"Yes master!"

Weed joined up with Geomchi and rode side by side on their bull and camel at the frontline.

"Let's go!"


There was formidable retaliation from the Hermes guild members and the Imperial knights.
Many men fell in the middle of enemy lines, but the intensity of charging through the army was not to be so easily extinguished.
"Today is the best day of my life in Royal Road!"
"Yeeah! This is why I became a knight. Let's ride!"

A shivering sensation of excitement!
As the users ran, they experienced a moment that would last forever in their memories.
The Hermes guild members that crowded the frontline of the Imperial army became enraged after seeing the situation behind them.

"For Weed to come all the way here, is he insane?"
"Where does he think he's treading? He must have come prepared to die."

Even if this was the Weed that defeated Bard Ray, this was their own territory.
There were the desert warriors, the griffin legion and the Avians; even the bull cavalry had appeared. However, it was not that they were weak, they were just being overrun.
"Arkhim-nim. I will go and obliterate them."

Boemong stepped forward and continued at a quick pace.

"This place is different from the Garnav plains. Back there the users were swarming endlessly, but in this situation we are greater in numbers and strength. We can suppress the likes of them."

The Hermes' guilds forces suffered great casualties, however their lines were still swarming with the best Royal Road users.

"We will return with Weed's life."

Boemong drew back from the group with the users that followed him to take out Weed.

"I'm going as well."
"I'm going to chop off Weed's head with my own hands."
The skilled users of the Hermes guild fell back to the rear to battle.
"It is unfortunate that I cannot fight alongside them."

Arkhim needed to command the rest in their retreat for the sake of escaping the dragon. However, a while had passed and there were no news about Boemong defeating Weed.

Seasoned Crab!
Scouting patiently, he had spotted a large fish called the giant knight, Boemong.

"This is heaven!"

Weed scrounged a generous amount of equipment from the Haven Imperial knights.
Swords, armor, boots and other items.
They weren't the best brands, but were costly and the most popular models that people had in demand.
They were sold as soon as they were listed in the auction.

"Take as much as you need!"

Weed and the bull legion ran vigorously. The Central Continent users were also risking danger, but they got their revenge and large sums of spoils which made them content.
As Weed smashed through enemy lines, they rushed in and slashed away randomly. The once-almighty Imperial knights were falling to their knees.
Geomchi and the apprentices were also firmly carrying their share in battle. Their scimitars were sharp and swift, more suited for riding on charging camels and rapidly changing situations rather than casting skills.
The frontline smashes through and the rear tramples upon the enemy. This was their first ride together, but they were synced perfectly.
The Central Continent users were truly regretful.

'This is crazy. To think that I had given up on such delight…'
'I should have skipped over to the Arpen Kingdom in the first place. Why on earth did I stay in the Central continent living under such tyrannical persecution?'

Weed and Bard Ray were the two famous figures in Royal Road.
The Central Continent users tended to look down on Weed depending on how high their levels were.
Back when he first began to achieve fame through the immortal legion quest, they praised his good fortune.

'He managed to get a hold of a good quest.'
'It's different from the continent of magic. Royal Road is on another dimension.'

There were many users who spread their own names across the Central Continent during the early years of Royal Road.
They thought lightly of him when they discovered that Weed was from the Rosenheim Kingdom and that they would be far higher in levels than he would be.
Later, they came to respect him as they observed his accomplishments in battles and quests.
Now their hands and feet were trembling with excitement after having fought alongside him in battle. As focused as they were in battle, they glanced over at Weed from time to time.
Weed, the God of War, who wreaked havoc on enemy lines as he dashed towards the enemy's most concentrated formations.

'He's crazy. That's a maniac right there.'
'It'll be Weed's world from now on. I need to suck up real good.'
'Yeah. This is enjoyable. So exciting that I want to follow this guy around everywhere.'
'Now I understand why the Grass Porridge cult was formed. I always thought they were annoying fanatics… but looking at that, I can totally agree!'
'There ain't much to life, just have to enjoy it!'

The Central Continent users made a solid resolution. From this point on, they would accept any offers to hunt, quests or other tasks made by Weed.
Of course, it was a resolution made under a moment of temptation that was surely to be regretted.

KCM Media Studio.
The commentators were wearing out broadcasting the battle at Garnav plains.
The battle began with the Flaming Meteor Summoning and never ceased to stop even for a second, and hundreds of millions of users got into formation and died fighting.
'I'm going to take a week-long rest after this.'

Shin Hyemin fired up her last commentary with such thoughts in her head.
"Yes. We can see that Weed and the pursuers are harshly cornering the Haven Imperial army that is on retreat. Report team, how is the situation with the dragon Kaybern?"

The screen hastily switched to a blue sky.
KCM Media put up a recruitment for new employees under one condition.

< Must be able to report from anywhere within the Versailles continent >

The job as a reporter requires one to get to any location where there is an accident or event.
The reporters risked their lives visiting these scenes, confronting rugged, gruesome terrain on their adventures.
The 10 restricted locations like Jigolaths that Weed used to travel to were a requirement for them. The mottos on the reporter room walls were unique.

– If an interview isn't possible with the monster, die to it at the least!
– The viewers want it. So we will suffer.
– Throw yourselves into lava for the sake of news material.

Rumors had it that one of the most extreme jobs was being a reporter of Royal Road.
New reporters stuck to the post for the cover of the dark dragon Kaybern.
Reports with the mage class moved on land, but the one closest to the dragon was a reporter by the name Hummingbird Partani.
In the feed sent to the station by Hummingbird, showed an enormous black dragon flying across the sky at considerable speed.
The ground scenery passed quickly, and the dark smoke seeping out from Kaybern's mouth was clearly visible.

РThis… is… the scene… The dragon… sure… is… fast.

The reporter on scene appeared to have trouble keeping up with Kaybern.
Oh Joowan asked tactlessly.
"About the city that Kaybern destroyed, did you witness the dragon breath firsthand?"

РYes… I did… Luck… was on… my… side…

"How devastating was it?"

РI thought… I was going… to die.. although I… was observing from… afar…

Even in the brief exchanges of questions and answers, Hummingbird could not stop flapping his wings.
He was at his limits but continued to fly. The true mindset of a reporter!
Shin Hyemin said with a smile as she observed from the side.
"We appreciate your effort. You will get some help if you fly for around 3 more minutes."

РExcuse me…?
"Reporter Miyul who is a priest is climbing Susan's peak."
РThat.. place.. is really… dangerous…

The mountain was the largest of all mountains, with its peak covered in perpetual snow.

"She is on her way to offer some stamina recovery spells."
So that they could keep Hummingbird in flight as he reached the last drop of his stamina, they sent out a priest to aid him.
"Please hang on until Kaybern reaches the Garnav plains."
РFoul commentators…
The complaints of the reporter could be heard, but that was just courtesy.
The modern-day reporters needed to go through dirty, difficult and rigorous tasks to fulfill the viewers' desires.
Not too long ago after Weed walked across the road of struggle, a reporter mimicked him and became famous for having commented that this was not possible for a human being.
Shin Hyemin looked at the map and continued.
"Kaybern's current path shows that he is heading straight north."
Oh Joowan carried on.
"Yes. The location in which the dragon's egg was destroyed is the Garnav plains. Judging by the situation, he is surely aimed towards it."
The screen transitioned to the Garnav plains.
Users that were once swarming like ants had scattered in such a short time, but many were remaining, nonetheless.
There were a late group of users that tailed behind after hearing the news that the Central Continent users led by Weed were in pursuit.
The broadcast screen changed to the scene with the Haven imperial army, the Central Continent users and the desert warriors all muddled together.
Shin Hyemin spoke with concern.
"I'd say that Kaybern will get there in 10 minutes. That means all the users in that location are going to die."

The retaliation from the Hermes guild was swift and menacing.
The giant knight Boemong had died in vain despite his fame, however there were many more like him in the vicinity.

Glacial zone!
Absolute Divide!
The most powerful spells activated and swept across the desert warriors and Central Continent users alike.
The Haven Imperial army was everywhere, but these large magic spells were ones that ignored ally presence.


Camels and bulls were knocked away.
Weed also took great damage by the magic attacks.

< Your body is frozen.
Physical abilities are weakened.
All stats are reduced by half for 12 seconds.
Health points reduced by 25,291.
You have suffered severe damage. >

Magic resistance is heavily reliant on equipment.
He had hidden away all his expensive armor, so he had to take most of the damage.
If he had not trained his constitution with his regular labor work, he would have suffered even greater damage!
The Central Continent users led by Weed were swept away by the hundreds.
"Hiryah! Ride! Catch up to the wind!
"Born a man… Born for one important moment. A worthy life indeed!"
"For a precious moment!"
They were pouring out their feelings that they suppressed inside them during their time in Royal Road.
After having bided for so long, they released their emotion explosively.
"Damn. Kill them all!"
The Hermes guild also struck back aggressively.
Skilled users from both sides clashed head on, resulting in tremendous casualties.
The users around Weed and Geomchi also collapsed like tall grass in a storm, and more users took their places.

Weed-nim! Now is the time to back away!
Grab onto my legs!

Loud voices came from the sky. The Avians were gliding down low in order to rescue Weed.
With him being in the middle of the Haven imperial army, surrounded by Hermes guild attacks and the black dragon Kaybern approaching; now was the time to escape.

"Piercing spear!"

The magic attacks from the Hermes guild aimed at the sky and a shower of avians crashed to the ground. However, they continued unabated and approached Weed.
The general communication channel of Grass Porridge cult.
Weed's low toned voice resonated out.

Weed : All northern users including the avians, retreat now. I am not leaving until the end.

The sudden surprise message through the communication channel rendered all users briefly silent.
It was the first time that everyone became aware that Weed was prepared to die.

Weed : For the sake of those who fought for us until now, I cannot leave alone. I will not leave.

His passionate words moved the users of the Arpen kingdom. Of course, this was all calculated.

Weed : Everyone, those who gathered together to prepare for the battle on Garnav plains. The courageous who charged against the evil Haven Empire. The unfortunate who gave up their own lives due to the Alkin disease. I cannot remember every name, but I have sincere gratitude for all of you within the deepest parts of my heart.
He thought of the time when he made pepper stew so that he could assume a passionate and tearfully emotional state.
He thought of the memories of slipping on ice while he was on milk delivery, so that he could earn enough money to pay monthly rent.
Though those were difficult times, he could manage to get through them. He thought that no matter what circumstance, there were bound to be people in worse situations. Even so, those times of struggle did not necessarily take the place of beautiful memories in his mind.
Without money, life was sorrowful, hungry and tearful.

Weed : I am going to gain strength from the help, sacrifices, and expectations of everyone, all these emotions will drive me to fight until my final moment. I will resist against the Haven Empire and swing my swo… axe against Kaybern who is about to lay waste on the continent.

He had stashed away the Loa Sword in expectation of death, so it was not possible to wield it.

"To think that Weed-nim had such passion."
Users that heard Weed's speech were deeply touched.

(To be continued)

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