The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 52 Chapter 7 part2

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A message came up for all users after the video stream ended.

< Black dragon Kaybern's burning rage.
The tyrannical black dragon Kaybern begins his activity.

– Move your worthless bodies. I will reward those who slaughter many.

Monsters under Kaybern's range of control will invade across the entire continent.
A catastrophic revenge.
The monsters under the command of the dragon soldiers will tear down gates and climb the city walls.
Protect yourself so that the continent does not fall to ruins.
Kaybern will not show any mercy towards humans.

Monsters with significant contribution in battle will be rewarded.
Due to Kaybern's power, they will learn new skills and strengthen their physical abilities – transcending their racial limitations.
The chance of a monster commander spawning is increased by 1,000%.
Kaybern's characteristic causes cursed rain to pour over the entire continent. >

"What in the world is this?"
"A dragon taking vengeance upon humans?"
"What is happening. How did this…"
Aside from humans, video streams came from the elves, dwarves, orcs and other races.
"News came through a user in Edelen. A dragon has really appeared."
"It spit out a breath attack. He was fortunate enough to survive, but the appearance of dragon soldiers is causing everyone to flee."
"So, the videos are real."
The users of Royal Road were taken aback by such a sudden video stream.
Broadcast stations including the KMC Media became frantic over this abrupt news.
– Mr. Joo Wan Oh, what could we make of this sudden incident?
– We have no information in the station yet but the video stream is for all users, so it seems that a huge event is commencing.
– An event related to the black dragon Kaybern?
– I will amend myself. This is not an event, as it appears to be a great assault judging by the contents of the video. One thing is for certain, that Kaybern seems to be attacking.
For all the lords governing the cities and villages, one more message appeared on their screens.



The black dragon Kaybern has begun his movement, and the world has fallen into great chaos.
Monsters are expected to invade, so you must repair the city walls and gather more forces.
Kaybern's cursed rain contaminates crops and causes fires.
You will have to pass through this crisis by any means possible.

Difficulty: B
Quest requirements: Limited to lords
Reward: High prestige.
Loyalty of the citizens
City characteristic granted.
B rank quest for all lords!
For lords in cities with larger population or transportation points, the quest that appeared was A rank.>

As for Weed, a special quest log appeared.

<Uneasiness in Arpen Kingdom

Kaybern's wretched hatred is directed towards the humans.
As the Arpen Kingdom's emperor, you must protect your land and citizens.
Be weary of the kingdom potentially falling to ruins due to the monsters' invasion.
The capital and significant cities will be the primary targets.
As long as Kaybern is alive, he will attempt to destroy even the remains of the human empires.

Difficulty: S
Quest requirements: Emperor
Reward: Development of the kingdom, Prestige, command level>

Just looking at the quest log gave him a headache, as if he went over a mathematics textbook all day.
It wasn't just a single quest log that had appeared for Weed.


<The true warrior.

The achievements that you have attained until this point are countless.
You have defeated the immortal legion and explored from one end of the world to the other.
You travelled back to the past of the Versailles continent and defeated the Embinyu church, and reached the pinnacle of the mystic sculptural technique.
You are the most famous figure in the continent and accomplished dangerous requests in a splendid manner.
From the drunks in the city to the young children living in the mountain villages, there is no person that does not know your name as the sculptor, adventurer, and warrior: Weed.
Poets turned your adventures into lyrics and composed songs.
Now, the black dragon Kaybern announced his brutal revenge and the world is in danger.
It is time for you to step forward.
Defeat the black dragon and save the continent.
First, you must acquire information.
Before you bravely draw your weapon, you will need to investigate Kaybern thoroughly.

Difficulty: S
Reward: Leads to the the capability to choose the Dragon Knight Class
Quest requirements: The Savior of the world
The highest adventurer prestige.>

< This quest cannot be forfeited under any circumstances. >

< The quest has been accepted. >

Weed was amazed.
He barely defeated the Haven empire and Bard Ray.
His life was about to get a whole lot easier on him, but then the black dragon Kaybern appears!
"Hold on. More importantly,"
Weed began to stimulate his brain faster than the most recent computer system.
'The reason for this tide of events… Without giving much thought to it, this must be the Hermes guild's doing?'
At the start of the video stream, a user appearing to be a beginner was amid the Arpen Kingdom camps in Garnav plains.
'He must have shattered the egg. If I saw him at the start of the video, it surely was Kaybern's egg. It's near impossible to get a hold of a dragon's egg, but it's suspicious that he died right after destroying it.'
It was a simple speculation, but it wasn't difficult determining the culprit behind this scheme.
'I would have done the same if it were me. Yep. I wouldn't want to give up my turf so easily.'
Weed was extraordinary in his comprehension and sympathy during such thought processes.
When his young sister came home from elementary school after being bullied by her fellow classmates, he taught her patiently instead of expressing anger.
"It means that you appeared weak in their eyes. People have a bad tendency to bully others that are weaker than themselves. Fairy tales all say that you need to get along with one another but look at the grown ups. Who exactly gets along?"
He would show her politics by turning on the television, as a mean to teach her how the world really is.
"The world is a jungle. You pick on them first! If you scold and bully them half-heartedly, they will take revenge on you. If you want to stomp somebody, you must do it completely. The world is a good place to live, but only if you are powerful."
"The world is never to be taken lightly.Why do you think people fail and live homeless? The only thing you can trust is yourself and do not expect kindness from others without reason. People who lend out a hand at difficult times are a rare case, and amongst those people there are many that plan to steal every last grain from you!"
He taught his young sister profusely about how the world is.
Pale and the rest were an exception, so it was great that he could feel more at ease when he was with them.
'Anywhere you go, there are people like them that are easily manipulated and grieve about it. I have to exploit them adequately, so they don't suffer too much.'
Based on such outlook on life, the decision from the Hermes guild was the right one to make.
'The issue is that I cannot contain the dragon's rage in my current state…'
He battled against the chaos dragon Ausolet one time.
It was in an irrational state and did not realize his own existence as a dragon, attacking from the rear when he faced the Embinyu church.
He was level 825 after having completed the desert king quest and even then, he barely managed to win.
'The black dragon Kaybern quest appeared too early, given the growth rate of the users. Well, it's because the egg was smashed…'
Weed suddenly felt that he was failing to grasp something more important.
At the end of the video, the black dragon Kaybern spread his wings and flew off somewhere.
It was a strangely unpleasant and lingering moment.
"Mapan-nim. It is an emergency."

– Mapan : Yes. I failed to contact you first after panicking about the video. I was planning to expand my sales in every branch of the Central continent.

"It's not about that. You have acquainted users in Kalamor kingdom and the major cities, yes?"

– Mapan : That's right. I do. Not too many though.

"Use your network and mobilize as many connections you have as soon as possible. The black dragon Kaybern may be on his way here. We have to confirm that first."

– Mapan : Christ. Is this for real? I, I will get right on that.

Mapan ordered the entire merchant association to report to him as the situation has turned into a state of emergency.
The associated merchants each gathered their own intelligence in cities and villages and responded.
Only about two minutes have passed.

– Mapan: Dear god. It is as Weed-nim said. We spotted Kaybern in flight. The direction is north. I think… he is headed this way.

This was the worst state of emergency possible.
'We have to confront Kaybern.'
Weed made various calculations but he could not find a solution.
Weaker creatures lost their lives to dragon fear, so the human wave strategy in numbers could not work on this being.
The northern users that gathered in this location would be subject to a massacre, followed by the sculptural creatures.
The Haven Imperial army would also fall to ruins, but in their current state it had little meaning.
Weed whispered to Mapan.
"Retreat with everything from the merchant association. We cannot afford to lose funds and supplies."

– Mapan: Of course! We will escape right away.

The Mapan merchant association produced incredible amount of wealth.
When war broke out in the center of Garnav plains, they were conducting business on the outskirts.
They bought out the Haven Imperial and Hermes guild equipment, sold combat supplies.
"Please deliver this message to the other merchant associations."

– Mapan: I will make sure of the merchant associations. How about you, Weed-nim?

"It seems that I have to stay and fight."

– Mapan: Against black dragon Kaybern?


– Mapan: Even for Weed-nim it's…

"I am aware of that, but certain deaths are predetermined, that is how our lives work."


– Cease battle. Everyone flee!

"Huh? What does that mean?"
"There is no falling back for the Poison Mushroom Porridge. Advance!"
"Heroes of the Bamboo Shoot Porridge. Push forward!"
Users fighting against the Haven empire were mindlessly battling, killing and being killed.
The northern and central continent users jumbled together, dashing to the frontlines to get their revenge.
Swords clashing, war cries, shouting and magic filled the battlefield.
– All Grass Porridge Cult. I, Weed inform all citizens of the Arpen Kingdom. Retreat immediately. Escape from the Garnav plains!

"The heck. Why should we stop fighting?"
"Wait a second. Isn't that Weed-nim shouting? This voice…"
"It really is Weed-nim."
Their feet planted where they stood when the Lion's roar from Weed echoed through the plains again.
Weed was influential enough that people needed to concentrate on his voice whatever the situation may be.
As they looked up to the sky, they witnessed Weed projecting shouts while on his huge bird.

– The black dragon Kaybern is heading this way. If we stay here, we will be annihilated so fall back!

"The dragon on the video… is headed here?"
Users were surprised, exchanging comments.
Shortly after, a message appeared in the general communication channel of the Grass Porridge Cult.

– Lemon: It is an emergency situation. The black dragon Kaybern is approaching. All users must retreat. There is approximately twenty minutes left until his arrival.
"A dragon is coming. Wow. That's insane."
"Awesome. After having watched the duel between Weed-nim and Bard Ray too."
"Let's get away. Run, run, run!"
The users that filled the Garnav plains began to scatter.
These users would head to nearby cities and villages, but the other half of the users did not move away.
Geomchi and his apprentices were among this crowd.
"We drew our swords, so we must cut down the enemy."
"Yes, of course. Master. A sizeable lizard heading this way could not hinder us away from here."
"Brothers. Let us hunt a lizard."
Geomchi and the apprentices felt more excited that a dragon was approaching.
From a memory long time ago, he remembered his visit to the lair hoping to hunt a dragon.
"The breath was scorching hot that time. It sure was fun."
"The heat was intense."
They were determined to give up their lives, so the black dragon Kaybern wasn't any issue.
The users fighting against the Haven Imperial army continued on, and the remaining ones that were observing the battle also decided to stay.
Weed flew over to the sculptural lifeforms and ordered.
"You all must leave now."

– We cannot abandon our master. Grrrr.
– You must go with us.

Geumini and Knight Seville.
Phoenix, Binryong, King hydra and the others.
Aside from the original sculptural lifeforms, the ground was filled with nameless sculptural creatures.
They were reliable, powerful military assets.

"Just go."

– The battle has already begun. A warrior does not step down.

Even Ironblood warrior Bahamorg shook his head.

"Even if you all decide to assist me now, you are all aren't ready to fight a dragon yet."
Weed knew that the sculptural creatures would not be able to stand the power of a dragon.
'If all these creatures die and I end up reviving them, it would cost me at least 150 levels…'

He worked hard to gain these levels since his early days as a sculptor.
He may be efficient in growth now that he utilizes necromancy, however he still could not afford to gamble.

'I'd rather die to the dragon. I cannot risk my sculptural lifeforms here.'

Weed smacked his lips and spoke.

"This is an order. All of you, leave this place at once. I will leave too as soon as things are settled here."
– I understand. Master.
– Master. Hurry on back. Moooooo.

The sculptural creatures scattered.
Winged creatures took flight, and land creatures brewed a storm of dust as they ran.
His replicates like Weed1, Weed2, and Weed3 rode on the backs of the fast wyverns.

'I have to order those guys around for a long, long time. They are of much use.'

Weed watched the sculptural lifeforms escape, but he himself had planned to stay until the end.
It was a reckless, stupid decision but this was the fate of a commander!

'The northern users are still left fighting. I cannot leave them behind.'

Back when he worked part-time, he hated the boss for leaving early while the employees were still working.
Trust is something you must build over a long time, but it only took an instant to lose it.
The northern users were fighting for the Arpen Kingdom, and he believed that he cannot abandon them.

'This is the least I can do in return for their assistance.'
They shall be respected.
Though he may exploit them in various ways, it was a leader's virtue to make them feel least cheated on.


– Pale: Yes. Weed-nim."

"Where are you at?"

– Pale: I am heading towards the Haven Imperial army.

"What about your comrades?"

– Pale: Everyone is together. No one left.

Weed smiled.
Befriending such people was a huge gain for him in his time on Royal Road.

(To be continued)

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