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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 52 Chapter 6 part6

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< 6th consecutive attack has succeeded.
Strength increases by an additional 50%.
2nd area damage by the shockwave will deal 15% of total attack damage.
-7th consecutive attack has succeeded.
Dexterity increases by an additional 30%.
Strength increases by an additional 20%.
Attacks are now ranged by consuming 1500 mana. >

Hammering, whacking, chopping, slashing.
Strength stopped increasing after the 15th successful consecutive attack.
Orc Karichwi's outrageous strength had reached its peak.

Bard Ray tried to escape but he could not avoid the attacks no matter where he went.
Using the Dimensional Glove, Weed warped through space and stopped time by 1 second, clawing into Bard Ray's weakness.
He smashed through any protection spell and landed his attacks.

"Poring's star!"
Bard Ray activated his ring's ability.
It was an item that recovers 80% of lost health, but that was of little importance in the current situation.

< 21st consecutive attack has succeeded. >
A blow that could split mountains!
It has landed directly on the opponent.>

< 22nd consecutive attack has succeeded.
– It deals 10% of maximum health.
– Bleeding damage!
– It afflicts grievous wounds.
– 23th consecutive attack has succeeded.
– Powerful blow knocks back the opponent.
– Enemy is in a defenseless state!
– 24th consecutive attack has succeeded.
– Enemy is stunned.
– A record-breaking damage has been dealt.
– Armor is destroyed.
– 25th consecutive attack has succeeded.
– Piercing Strike!
– A sword as fast as light cut through the enemy in a straight line. >

In less than 15 seconds, all attacks were perfectly executed in succession.
Orc Karichwi's decisive swings, slashes, and smashes clobbered Bard Ray.
Weed's 29th consecutive attack exploded.
A merciless blow to the face.

< – Haven Empire's Emperor, The Black Knight longing for glory has found eternal rest.
– Level has increased.
– Level has increased.
– You have completed the combat achievement 'The True Swordsman'.
– Sword techniques permanently become stronger by 2%.
– You have completed the combat achievement 'The one who put down The Black Knight to rest.'
– The training level and loyalty of subordinates increase rapidly.
– Prestige has increased by 38,918, due to great combat achievements.
– Charisma has increased by 2.
– Strength has increased by 1.
– Maximum health points has been increased by 1,500.
– Honor has increased by 15.
– All stats increased by 2 from combat achievements.
– Sword Technique level has increased. >

Bard Ray died.

'I really did it…'
His mind was boiling with overflowing joy, but his hands did not rest in those moments.

< You have obtained the spoil Grail of Flames. >
< You have obtained the spoil Wind blade. >
< You have obtained the spoil Rainbow fabric of the luxury craftsman. >
< You have obtained the spoil Dagger of Tranquility. >

After grabbing all the items, it all finally felt real for him.
Godly Warrior Bard Ray.
The emperor of the Haven Empire and the most powerful reigning user over Royal Road since the beginning had lost his life.
It was a futile death that happened in an instant, but for that to happen it took close to 90,000 points of Energy of the Moment.
For this moment, he bided his time and prepared. As a result, he followed through perfectly without allowing one moment of resistance.
A quick, clean battle.

'I won.'
Weed opened his arms wide.
He could see a vast, blue sky.
Countless users were staring at Weed with round eyes of surprise.
"Kuuuaaaahhhhhh! I am supreme!!"

Orc Karichwi's burning roar echoed across the Garnav plains.


The northern users were anxious.

"Weed-nim has to win."
"Bard Ray is no joke. He's the strongest in Versailles Continent."
"No matter how I look at it, this doesn't seem like a fair fight. Weed-nim was busy all along doing quests."
"Yeah. Weed-nim was fighting all day on top of that. Even if his body is fully recovered, his mind should be stressed out."

These users were worried about Weed in many ways.
Each one had a deep compassion towards Weed from the days they trained together during the early days of Morata.
A sense of kinship as the founders who first settled in the north and thrived together with Weed.
Northern users who started late eventually learned about the history and changes of Morata and came to like him.

"No! He's getting beat up."
"Just look at that. I knew this was hopeless."
"Shouldn't we intervene by now?"
"Poison Mushroom Porridge here. This is everyone's battle. Let us fight together. Don't burden Weed-nim."
"Let's go. Push through with numbers!"

Northern users could not observe any longer and began to rustle.
The users of the Central Continent were very curious as to which side would win the battle, but the northern users who thought of the Arpen kingdom as their home could not just hold back.
They felt regretful each time Weed was attacked.

"Why must Weed-nim fight unfavorable battles every single time?!"
"Yeah. Let's fight together. We aren't doing anything while Weed-nim is protecting us."
"Everyone pay close attention. The reason why we have lived cheerfully in Arpen kingdom is exactly that. Weed-nim did all the difficult and dirty work, hunting and doing quests."
The northern users were enraged and shouted.

"Even as we speak, he is fighting desperately… for all of us."
"This is unfair. I'm going to go mad crazy watching this."
"If we all knew nothing but ourselves and fulfilled our own greed, there would be no one as accomplished as Weed-nim. If Weed-nim took on the side of the Hermes guild, he would be living well without any struggle."
"I agree. We are all indebted to Weed-nim."
"Let us take out our anger on the Hermes guild."
"Grab your weapons. I'm going to kill every one of them."
Northern users, men and women all grabbed a weapon and stood up.
At least 10 million users were furious and were about to rush down to battle.

– Lemon: Everyone remain calm and hold your positions. Weed-nim explained already. He will win no matter what.

The ruckus was contained like a spell and the northern users became calm.

– Lemon: Weed-nim told us in advance. Do not feel sorry at the sight of him fighting. Do not even be sad about it. He is alright as long as everyone is warm, fed and living peacefully.
The northern users felt sincere gratitude for him, a feeling that they did not have even for their own parents who fed them since they were young.

– Lemon: Weed-nim said that he had a small wish - that everyone could live in peace after the war ends.
These were words that could resonate to anyone.

– Lemon: Alright. While we observe his battle, I will convey Weed-nim's feelings to everyone.

"You're going to deliver it to us?"
The Grass Porridge Cult fundamentalists were roaming around with loads of paper.
They gave out flyers!

– A life-changing opportunity! Puhol water park cottage lot purchase, first come first serve!
A major transportation point!
The core of the tourism industry!
Buy out a shack cottage in Puhol that has an awesome water park for only 180 gold.
A large garden, terrace, European luxury candle lighting.
An open view with the entire water park in sight.
A location that is bound to increase in price.
It is as cheap as it can get, for today only.

For loans, call Mapan Trades.

There were drawings by Yurin on the flyers.
Rides, swimming pools and inside, elves and sculptural creatures running free.
At the corner, there were dolphins, sharks and skeletons playing around and dwarves having a beer party.

"Wow… A cottage."
"It looks beautiful even as a drawing."
"I thought it would be expensive. If it is only 180 gold, I can sell a few equipment and afford a place."
"Even so, it is too much for our circumstances."
"They do loans too. Don't you think we can hunt diligently and pay it off in the future?"
A million cottages were purchased in an instant by the northern battle observers.
Excluding the construction and property fees, it would lead to an astronomical profit of 100 million gold.
Mapan grinned.

'I can earn a little more with loan interests… I will prepare new furniture and dishware too, and that's even more profit.'
An incredible market creation in the middle of such circumstance!
Regarding Weed's tricks, it was an endless stream of awes and admiration.
"Woah, Wow!"
"Weed, Weed!"
Followed up by Weed's counterattack!
He dominated Bard Ray at once and shocked the northern users, Hermes guild, everyone.
The Garnav Plains became as silent as a grave.
Not one breath.
Not a single sound of chatter broke out.
In just a few seconds, sound ceased to exist in the world.

Orc Karichwi's roar spread through the Garnav plains and woke the entire world.


"Shout with everything you've got!"
Users in the camps of the Arpen kingdom shouted to their heart's content.

"Weed-nim… Weed-nim!"
"From now on, the continent's most powerful is the God of War Weed-nim!"
"There is no place for Godly Warrior Bard Ray anymore. Now Weed is truly the God of War!"
"He easily surpasses a Godly Warrior… He is just the best."
"I knew it would turn out this way. I knew Weed-nim would win for sure!"
The joy of victory flourished through the Arpen kingdom camps. On the other hand, the faces of the Hermes guild members were terribly distorted.

"Bard Ray-nim…"
"I never thought we would lose in a one on one battle."
On top of being on the worse end of the battle, Bard Ray was defeated.

"How did we end up in this situation?"
"This is unbelievable. For Weed to be that powerful…"
"Aside from that, wasn't it strange? It seemed as if he was moving suddenly like he was teleporting."
"Why is that important? Whatever trick he used, the fact is that Bard Ray-nim was defeated."
The word downfall sprang into the minds of the Hermes guild members.

"Let's kill them."
"Let's take our revenge for the time in Central continent"!
"We waited for too long. Now is the time for avenging the Soaring guild."
These were not northern users.
The users from the Central continent had drawn their weapons and were charging.

"Here they come."
"Darn. This fight is inevitable."
Hermes guild members frowned at the sight of these users charging toward them.

– All men prepare for battle.
Arkhim's orders were passed through the guild channel.
He had the right to command in the case of Bard Ray's absence.

"Soaring guild? Did such a thing exist?"
The giant knight Boemong who was close by nodded his head.

"We took them out ages ago. They resisted even after we conquered them, so we placed assassination orders on all of them. We took over all their shops and land, and killed all their families so as to set an example."

"Then they should hold a deep grudge against us."
"I suppose so. We didn't give a rat's toe nail about it until this moment."
The Hermes guild accumulated the grudge of many by conquering other kingdoms, starting from the Haven region.
Those that had to lay low when the Hermes guild was strong, now pulled their swords and rushed toward them.
Arkhim let out a sigh.

– Every man fights until the last.
Now, their fate had been determined.
The forces that went to war alongside Bard Ray were the best elites from the very beginning of the Hermes guild.
This battle could only be won by killing all that stood on the side of the Arpen kingdom.

"This is a very bad situation, but it could be a decent fight this way."
"Butting in with pure numbers. I will show them what real power is."
"If you plan to win against us, you all need to prepare to die for it."
"Keke. This is going to be fun. I need to have some fun in such a heated match like this."
From the early years of the Hermes guild, the core members loved fighting and slaughtering.
They lived to savor their own power instead of being cautious of the opponents.
"Let's kill as many as we can."
"Stomp these pests."
"Come on!"
Hermes guild members also scrambled away from their camps and sprang forward. Even if annihilation waited in their final moment, they were prepared to fight with blazing spirit.

– Black lion guild. Raise your flag high.
– Roam Guild! Stand by our will.
– Cloud guild. We will live on at the Arpen Kingdom. Gather around.
– Black sword mercenaries. You have your orders. Take out the Hermes guild!
Former royal guilds from the past.
They lost their light long ago as they weakened and chose to take shelter under the Arpen Kingdom.
They each once controlled significant regions of the continent and had competent users under their ranks.
They managed to get in contact with its associate members through the festival that was held in Garnav plains.
Bard Ray was dead and the situation was a sure victory for the Arpen kingdom. They marched in front and led the battle.
"It is shameful to give up the lead. Chicken Porridge Unit move out!"
"Poison Mushroom Porridge members that are still standing. Hurry onwards!"
Northern users began to move along as well.
100 million users that were observing idly the battle between Weed and Bard Ray all charged mercilessly on the Haven imperial army.
Avians were dropping users from the sky, and gigantic sculptural creatures began their assault.
Bard Ray's royal guards and Hermes guild's best elites were present, but the situation was growing out of hand.

(To be continued…)

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