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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 52 Chapter 6 part4

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Weed and Bard Ray.
The ones who were leading characters within the history of Royal Road were now facing one another again on the Garnav Plains.

'I will take revenge for Taloc's Armor of Faith with added interest.'
'Weed. In the end, you have made it this far. To be competing against me for the supremacy of The Versailles continent… I should have stomped you sooner.'
Weed's appearance was that of Orc Karichwi.
He had broad shoulders. His muscles that showed through his armor were sharp and defined like a lethal blade.

Bard Ray approached slowly while on his renowned horse Suart.
The users spread out beyond a radius of 800 metres so that the two could fight to their heart's content.

"So, we finally meet."
Bard was the one to spark the conversation.

"I wanted to fight you again someday."
He had the composure of being the strongest being across the Versailles continent.

'I acknowledge your combat senses and courage. However, according to the analysis report, you are only at early 500 levels. You and I are in different weight classes.'
Bard Ray was certain of his own victory.

"Krrg, Shhk!"
Weed treaded closer while spitting nasal sounds.
His body was huge, about the same height as Bard Ray on his horse!
With each step that he took, the tension heightened.
Weed stopped at around 10 metres.

"Enough with words. Sshhhk. Draw your weapon."
"Indeed. I also did not want to drag on the conversation. Let us prove who is stronger in front of all who stand witness."
They pulled out their swords almost simultaneously.

"They are fighting!"
Shoud, Gunt, Roam, Mihel, and Kalis. The heads of the noble guilds knew that this battle would settle the composition of power.

'This is practically the Arpen Kingdom's victory.'
'Even if Bard Ray wins… the war is lost.'
'Could he win against Weed? It doesn't seem like Weed will lose. But then again, Bard Ray would be stronger in terms of combat level alone…'
'I should have been the one standing in that arena.'
'God of War Weed. The Godly Warrior Bard Ray. Never again will there be a match on Royal Road like this one.'
High rankers within the top 1,000 including these individuals were focused on this duel.
They were about to witness what true strength looked like.
The victor would reign for ages as the strongest of the Versailles continent.
In addition, they wanted to observe the kinds of skills and battle styles.

"Hmm. Honestly, I wanted to be the one to fight Bard Ray."
Roam made cracking sounds as he stretched his neck.

"If it weren't for the glory of the Hermes guild, Bard Ray would have been one of the nameless common users."
Gunt pulled out his sword and swiped the blade with his finger.

"Bard Ray. My sword is crying. I only hope, that in the unlikely case of Weed's defeat, I'll get the chance to fight him myself."
Mihel also did not want to yield to the others.

"I have thoroughly analyzed Bard Ray’s weaknesses until now. I just couldn't get the chance to confront him because he always dragged his bodyguards with him. I was going to strike when the Hermes guild weakened."
As Shoud pondered about what he should say, a random user tapped his shoulder.

"You guys there are being noisy. Keep it down."
"Hmm? Who do you think I am…?"
Shoud and the heads of the noble guilds put on an intimidating look on their faces.
Their pride was unbending even after having withdrawn away from the Central continent.

"These fools don't know their place."
They turned around slowly and saw Geomchi with around 300 apprentices by his side.

"What? You got something to say?"


Bard Ray thought to himself.

'There is no such thing as a fair battle in Royal Road.'
Poison, magic and unique curses are allowed.
Utilizing hidden treasures or equipment were all dependant on the skill of the individual.
The people will only cheer for the victor.

'Given my current state, I couldn't lose even if I wanted to.'
Bard Ray knew after his talk with Rafael that the tides of war had turned against him.

"We don't have a future. We will collapse whether we are victorious or defeated."
"Then what should we do?"
"Though it would be better to win than lose. Don't drag on the attrition and instead engage in a duel with Weed himself."
"Will he accept?"
"Who knows. But, hope only lies in the battle between Bard Ray-nim and Weed. If not, the entire ranks of the Central continent will charge at us."
Roam, Kalis and the other noble guild heads. The infamous users of the central continent were eager to fight Bard Ray.

'Even if I were to be defeated, I can't die to some small fry. I will show them clearly what kind of being I am.'
Bard Ray wanted to protect his glorifying title Godly Warrior even if the Haven Empire were to fall to ruins.
Until his last moments, he wanted to show that no one can stand in his way.

'I need to defeat Weed. Only then I can rest on my title as the Godly Warrior.'
The Black Knight has never-ending suspicion.
The Black Knight is anxious.
The Black Knight does not trust anyone.
The Black Knight grasps for great power.
Class attributes that have been unlocked after the Black knight had become emperor.
Combat skills increased as he murders loyal subordinates.

'I sacrificed 7 legions of the royal knights. Hence… I am invincible.'
He felt overwhelmingly more powerful than usual.

The Black knight's weakness.
The weakness was his subordinates causing a rebellion, but he was past that stage.
He was blessed by the gods of every religious order and equipped with the best equipment.

'At my current state, I could pummel down monsters of level 800s to 900s.'
I fear nothing.
I will gush out everything that I've got.
Even if destruction awaits me at the last step that I take.

'Until the very last moment. I will take down Weed and all that opposes me one by one. That will be an unparalleled achievement.'

"Violent charge!"
Bard Ray began to charge riding on Suart.
Suart reached its maximum speed in just several gallops kicking against the earth.

Weed took him straight on, lifted his Loa sword then struck with all his might.


Along with the metal shrill, both sides staggered.

< Unbearable Strike!
Health points decreased by 4,281 by an enemy's charge.
All stats decreased by 3% for 14 seconds. >

Even with the Loa sword and Sky ruler's armor set, an astonishing shock passed through.
Bard Ray also got a message alert.

< Clash of blunt strength!
A shockwave that trembles the soul.
Health points decreased by 891.
Paralysis effects for 4 seconds and physical conditions temporarily weakened.
Suart absorbs a portion of the damage. >

'Godly warrior Bard Ray. He is as powerful as expected.'
Weed took a couple of steps back.
Bard Ray swung his sword 3 more times on his horse, but every single strike was deflected.
Even so, he could feel the immense force behind them.

'His level is estimated to be around 600… Several pieces of equipment are unidentified.'
He was beyond an expert when it came to Royal Road, but even he saw many of the equipment for the very first time.
Both were fully stacked with equipment!

'I have transformed into Orc Karichwi, but cannot defend lightly. His abnormally high stats and blessings like the surging strength of the War God Batali cult are all bestowed to him.'
He could make out a rough estimate.
Weed built up affiliation and contribution with several cults throughout his adventures.
Bard Ray used his authority, status and wealth as the emperor of the Haven Empire to gain the support of many cults.

'To be pushed back in a frontal strike… I could have been at a huge physical disadvantage if it weren't for the Orc Karichwi transformation.'
He had gained immense stats through his adventures and sculptural techniques.
That was his strength when he faced other users, but Bard Ray had also stacked incredible stats through his combat achievements.
Ever since Royal Road was unveiled, he had hunted only boss level monsters with his guild members.
After Melbourne mines, he united the Central continent and focused solely on battles which certainly made him stronger.

"Another sword, glorious pact. Sword of Nature."
He became faster and swung more powerful blows with each additional attack.
This sweet skill is similar to the Heraim Fencing skill but combat skill that automatically activates for 30 attacks even if they missed the opponent!

'Level, equipment, spells. All are almost at perfection.'

Arrays of attacks after another.
Weed blocked or deflected them.

After a light exchange of attacks, three secret sword techniques were activated simultaneously.
Bard Ray's great sword was enveloped with blazing flames.

'Another round.'
Weed locked his two feet on solid ground and endured.

*Clang Clang Clang*

Bard Ray charged again, and swords sparked viciously.
Fireballs flung everywhere, and shockwaves pushed back Weed's body each time.
Glorious Pact is a skill that triples the user's combat strength temporarily.
Sword of Nature imbues more than one nature attribute per attack.
Bard Ray's attacks transformed into myriad of elements like fire, wind, water, earth and ice.
He was sliced by sharp winds and pummeled by jets of water.
Firm grounds split suddenly, and the surroundings would freeze.
On top of all this, another sword was flying through the air aiming for his side and rear.

<Impact of consecutive attacks!
Additional damage is taken by the opponent's quick attacks.
Damage is accumulating!
Health points decreased by 3,381. >

'This is pretty excruciating. If it weren't for the armor this would have hurt a lot.'
Weed smirked.
When Weed transformed into Orc Karichwi, he assumed that he would be over the edge in terms of physical abilities, but he was wrong.
The power of the attacks and the level at which Bard Ray exercised them were superb.
He also synced well with his horse Suart, allowing him to fall back a great distance when Weed counterattacked.

'The combination of his skills is good. He can't be compared back to the time at Melbourne mines. I saw some of the recent footages, but it seems he did not show his true abilities.'
One of the many ways of demeaning Bard Ray was calling him the Last Hit.
It meant that he would swing the last attack to finish off a boss level monster that has been taken down by the Hermes guild.
Compared to Weed who creates results with his own hands, this could seem very low and insignificant.
However, one could feel just how powerful he is once they faced him directly.

"Destruction Strike, Revolving Hack, Spell Burst, Executioner!"
Bard Ray continued his relentless assault by activating consecutive skills.

"Tyrant Frenzy!" Even so, Bard Ray's attacks were in forms that were impossible to stop completely.

(To be continued)

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