The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 52 Chapter 6 part2

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*Bang! Bang! Bang!*

Fabio and Herman were busy hammering.
The mega sculptures were being urgently repaired, but their work was far from finished.

"Oh, no. It will be too late!"
"Even if we are unable to produce this armor on time, I think Weed will still be able to pull through on his own."
They were building armor as master blacksmiths with the metal of God, Helium.
Through Weed's adventure, Essen Porat's skin and heart brought by Yurin, a Rank 1 Mana Crystal, the Iron Mace of Gratorgue, the Metal of Ruin, and even the tears of a dragon were mixed together at an optimum ratio.

"Though they're almost too good to use… this is about making the very best work."
"I'll open the last stores"
The two blacksmiths brought out rare minerals they had saved up until the last minute.
– Narok's Crystal
– The Horn of Fortune
– Hell Star fragment
– The False God's Scythe
– Deep Earth Lava .
The rank 1 rare blacksmiths brought out all their materials and cooperated in making the protective gear.

"We can't be ignored by Weed. The humiliation from that time was something I had never felt before in my life."
"Yes. You're right. Old man. Let's show him a work that will blow Weed away."
Complaints about Weed!
They made boots from the hide and feathers of a Pegasus, and a helmet laced with unbreakable gems.

"The armor is the key."
"Of course. Weed will probably be very particular."
"I can't be disregarded again. This armor will enable him to move quickly, will be comfortable for activities, and it won't weigh him down."
"We must equip it with unprecedented defensive power."
"I'm thinking about something more than a medium armor."
"Yes. We'll need to combine the materials well to get a lot of options; very special and rare options."
"Though it's difficult we'll have to manage."
Fabio and Herman were master swordsmiths.
They used to think the sword was a symbol of strength.
In reality, making armor took a lot more effort and was a more difficult task.

"No matter what, we need to finish before the war is over."
"Of course."
Fabio and Herman worked together on their honor and pride as blacksmiths.
– It's not much.
They should never hear these words spoken by Weed again.
All the attributes were prepared to fix all the stats and options with a focus on defense.

"Infuse it with beauty as well."
"We should insert the star fragment well."
Just as the two blacksmiths were finishing their work.

– Weed: Old man Fabio. The armor is going well, right? It's running a bit late.

It was a strangely abrasive yet polite voice.

"Keuheum. It's almost finished."
– Weed: This battle is coming to an end as well. But Bard Ray is coming.
"We know too."
– Weed: I want to use it when I fight Bard Ray. It seems like a good opportunity for your armor to shine.
"I'll send it right away because it's as perfect as can be. We have made a piece that is worthy of the pride we feel from being given the Helium."

Fabio and Herman were feeling proud of themselves.
Their labor had been painful and hard.
There was a lot of trial and error, but they still managed to create the best armor, a masterpiece they could truly be proud of.
– Sky Ruler Armor Set.
If Weed were to fight in this armor, everyone would know who the best blacksmiths are.

'But weren't we already the best?'
'What? How did it come to this?'

They finished the job and looked for any flaws.
Unlike the many swords they made, they felt an attachment to the armor as if it was their child.

– Weed: Also, please fit it for me.
"Oh, don't worry. It will be very comfortable. It will fit well."
– Weed: I'd like it in the form of Karichwi the Orc.
"Orc? And that of Karichwi?"

When he transformed into Karichwi the Orc, he was much bigger than a human.

– Weed: I'll transform into Karichwi when I fight Bard Ray.
"Why are you telling me that now…"
– Weed: So, get it done quickly.

Fabio thought.

'Weed, is he actually a bad guy?'

The Hermes Guild was polite when they made requests, but the way he was giving orders left and right made him bossy.

'I wonder if it would have been better to stay with the Haven Empire…'

A moment of deep regret passed by.

– Weed: If I beat Bard Ray, it would be due to both of you.
"Due to us?"
– Weed: Yes. If I interview with each station, your names and help will be the first thing I will talk about.
"Keuheuhum. It's not that big of a deal."

Fabio was about to refuse to save face but looked at Herman and saw him shake his head in a hurry.
Old men.
In their situation, their desire for fame was greater than anything else.
Although they refused, they were eager to make it not seem like a genuine refusal.
Fabio spoke in a hurry just in case.

"We'll be thankful if you don't forget our help."
– Weed: Yes. By the way, you can adjust the size to human form after the sculptural transformation, right?
"Of course. Huhhuh. No problem."


Bard Ray and the Haven Empire's elite corps arrived at the Garnav Plains.
They were the core users of the Hermes Guild, which had grown since they started in the Haven region.

"Battle formation!"
"Everyone ready for battle!"

Half a million elite troops spread out over a wide area and advanced, with Northern users backing off without fighting.

"What's this? Don't you want to fight?"
"It's a good thing if they're scared of us."

The Northern users had always been brave, but now they were stepping back.

"They're running away, let's kill them all!"

Boemong shouted with a loud voice.

"Wipe them all out!"

The knights were sent ahead, before the Haven Empire troops, to rush to the front and fight.
A slightly short but pretty female user walked out in front of them.
Among the users of the Grass Porridge Church, there were no strangers to the name of Saint Lemon.

"I've come to give you all a message from Weed-nim."

She was a confident woman even standing in front of the great army of the Haven Empire.
There was nothing visible because her level was low.

"What's going on?"

Royal Guard Arakhim advanced while riding on a horned demonic creature. The demonic creature Kenon had a level of over 600 and his strength was such that he could easily destroy a city gate, or even a knight at a similar level.

"Weed-nim is challenging Bard Ray to a one-on-one fight."

A commotion was made inside as soon as Lemon spoke.

"A fight?"
"My god. Is he mad? Weed and Bard Ray alone?"

The Hermes Guild members thought Bard Ray's victory was natural.
It seemed reckless for Weed to ask for a duel, but much more so because the Arpen Kingdom had the advantage; there was no reason.

"What the hell is he trying to do?"
"Is his plan to drag him inside and surprise attack him?"
"He'd be severely condemned for that… there's no reason for that."

Lemon grinned and spoke.

"Everyone. There's no conspiracy here. In other words, Weed-nim doesn't want to let anyone else defeat Bard Ray, he wants to do it himself."

The Hermes Guild members kept their mouths shut.
Hurting their pride was a secondary problem, and it was hard for them to control how to react to this good fortune.
They thought they would win the battle, but now that they were here they had lost a lot of confidence.
The battle would be much easier if Bard Ray defeated Weed.

Northern users.
Since Weed was at the core of the Arpen Kingdom, if he was done away with, they would be sheeps without a shepherd.

*Ttagak ttagak*

Bard Ray rode his horse towards Lemon. He was equipped with the best equipment on the continent and rode a silver-white horse that shined like jewelry.
Stuart, a warhorse descended from the renowned Lindlin steeds of the past.

"Did Weed really ask me to fight?"
"Yes. He said he is waiting at the fight location. I will guarantee your safety the whole way there in the name of the Grass Porridge Cult."

Every Hermes Guild member and Northern user in the room was watching Bard Ray to decide.
Bard Ray raised his hand.

"I will accept the duel. Everyone, advance."

The Haven Empire troops advanced through the open path as the users stepped aside.


The officials at KMC media and the other stations were startled.

"A fight like this decided so suddenly?"
"Yes. This will be a huge publicity stunt."

Weed and Bard Ray!
Ratings were soaring at the news that a duel would take place to decide who was the strongest on the Versailles Continent.

"Finally! It's time for the viewers to decide who is the strongest on the continent."
"There are a lot of rankers, but I haven't seen Bard Ray's stronghold. The same goes for Weed. Bard Ray has never lost a battle in hunting or battles with users."
"To be precise, Weed has lost to Bard Ray before in the Melbourne Mines. But it has been a long time since then."
"Yes. At that time, there were assessments that it was a very disadvantageous fight for him."

Oh Joo-wan reviewed the materials reported in real time.
Apart from the Hermes Guild, almost every user on the Versailles continent was on the side of the Arpen Kingdom.
The Grass Porridge Cult, the Frontier Spirit, Saeroeum.
The victory of the Arpen Kingdom was sealed if there was no unexpected change in their power to attract the people.

"With the power balance out of proportion, the battle may end quickly depending on the outcome of this fight."
"I don't think the Northern users will collapse even if Weed loses. But the Haven Empire would quickly collapse."
"Because Bard Ray is the strongest in the Hermes Guild, a defeat would have a huge impact."
"But can you kill Bard Ray? The armor he is wearing is Legendary tier, near the tier of the apostles of God."
"Yes. If you watch combat videos of Bard Ray, there are no flaws to point out. High offense and defense. And he has mastered all of the best skills with perfect form."

"Weed is quick and bold. He is keen and does not miss a single moment, having an extraordinary ingenuity. Still, it remains to be seen whether he can be safe from Bard Ray's spear and shield."
The studio was filled with enthusiasm as the Haven Empire forces advanced to the battleground that was being built on the Garnav Plains.

"But why on earth did Weed suggest a showdown first?"
Oh Joo-wan spoke in wonder.
Famous users from the Central and Northern continents attended the event on a panel, but they too were unable to guess what had happened.

"The way we see it, the Arpen Kingdom was in a situation with a great advantage. It's a fight you don't have to go out in person."
"Weed was known for not making reckless judgments."
"Could it be revenge? He had died once to Bard Ray."
"Would he take such a simple emotion like that to this big battlefield? Winning a war should be revenge enough."
"It's honor! He needs the honor of beating him with his own hands to unify the Versailles continent."
"You have a point. But he could still lose, to take that kind of risk…"
Everyone spoke their opinion, but nothing was conclusive.
Oh Joo-wan and Do Chan-mi's gaze headed toward Shin Hye-min, who was sitting next to them.
They assumed that she would know what was going on since she had gone on adventures with Weed and she was close to him.
Shin Hye-min thought hard and spoke hesitantly.

"Uh… umm. I'm not sure. Could it be that Weed-nim's purpose is his desire for gear?"
Oh Joo-wan opened his eyes wide at the entirely new angle.
Every user was paying attention to the fight on the Garnav Plains that would decide the battle.
Honor, revenge, what could be his intention. Gear!

"Bard Ray has been nicknamed the Godly Warrior. He has a lot of top-class equipment among the users."
"Yes, because he is the emperor of the Haven Empire."
Broadcast stations had covered Bard Ray's equipment on numerous occasions.
He was famous for changing his best equipment every week and month.
There was a system where Bard Ray would use equipment from the Hermes Guild even if there was already an owner and would return it once he got something better.

"Weed-nim isn't someone who would be driven by just revenge."
"Revenge isn't the reason?"
"Even if he wanted revenge, he would have given up if it turned a loss. Even he if pays back a grudge, Weed's way is to make a profit or surplus."
Shin Hye-min's firm remarks left other hosts and participants unable to speak.
Is there any more complex human being in the world?
He seems to be a great adventurer yet is stingy, a war genius yet a master sculptor.
He was undoubtedly someone who would seek revenge, but also had a rational personality that would give up if there was no economic feasibility.
Do Chan-mi shouted as if he knew.

"Warrior Bard Ray has never died! He's notorious for being a murderer, so if he dies, there will be a lot of gear…"
"If we sell that gear, it would be Godly Warrior Bard Ray's limited edition. We could get whatever price we ask."

(To be continued)

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