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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 52 Chapter 6 part1

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Lafaye closed his eyes while looking at the crystal ball showing combat images.

'We have lost…'

At some point he began to fear defeat.
It would be a lie to say that there were no burdens as the Haven Empire grew larger and larger.
He tried to ignore it because of the joy of realizing his future dream, but the defeat in this battle was painful.

'It was definitely a winning strategy, but all my moves were stopped by Weed.'


Tactics were drawn against that single man. The idea was that removing Weed, the core of the Arpen Kingdom, would dampen the hopes of the Northern users.

'All our moves failed, and the Alkin's disease was so simply eradicated…'

Lafaye let out a sigh.
He had thought that Weed would have had a hard time finding a cure.

'There's no way to reverse the battle now.'

Bard Ray and the Royal Guard… Although the 1st Legion hadn't set out yet, they had acknowledged their failure.

'Everything went wrong. There is no future for the Haven Empire that we made.'

The reason why Bard Ray's forces did not go forward was so they could rule the Versailles Continent.
Even if he were to manage barely winning, it would only show the limits of the power that the Haven Empire had.
Governing in the future would only be possible if they gave the impression that they could win without Bard Ray and his key forces.
Power is what you use when you have no other option.
It was impossible for the Hermes Guild to manage the masses following Weed and the rebel forces that may rise up.

"Check your equipment!"
"Bard Ray will take the field."

Bard Ray and the Hermes Guild members were getting ready to start.

'Because time wasn't on our side… This is how our dream of conquering the continent ends.'

Lafaye was lost in thought, looking out of the tent.

"We will win. I am the strongest on the continent."
"Hurrah for Bard Ray!"
"Let's go. We are the real Hermes Guild."
"Oh, come on. We're getting called out for a simple thing like this. It's annoying."

Bard Ray came leading the Royal Guard.
With Hermes Guild users and knights on horses, they gathered the large demonic creatures and readied for war.

"The entire army is ready to go."
"Let's move. Come on!"

The 20 to 30-meter-tall demonic creatures were in the thousands, boasting their high pressure.
The last forces of the Haven Empire appeared.

'Finally, we'll show the power of the Hermes Guild.'

Lafaye felt their limitations.
The reign of the Versailles Continent could not be attained by an individual force.
In the early days of Royal Road, they had drawn people's attention and gathered strong figures, but now that was all over.

'To win the continent, you must receive the hearts of the people. User named Weed… Your skill foundation and your ability to excite people is excellent. It’s to the point that it can’t comply with analysis and your scheming is unrivaled. You could not have succeeded in creating the Arpen Kingdom in the North with just mental calculations and being successful on some reckless quests.You needed to analyze and find the best possible way to do things most efficiently.

You've been nicknamed the God of War since the times of the Continent of Magic. I didn't believe it… But it seems you will win anyway.'

His mind was calm despite being faced with a war that he was bound to lose. However, he could not stand down like this.
Lafaye called adventurer Panther.

"There is something you must do."
"Share your ongoing quest and leave me the Dragon's egg."
"Dragon's egg…"

Panther was on an S rank quest.

< The Dragon's Egg

You have discovered an egg which was produced between the green dragon Arankald and the black dragon Kaybern. After Arankald departed for some unknown reason, the egg has been left in its current place until now.

The egg that has been subjected to human touch will incur the rage of the dragons. In order to quell their anger, you must hatch the egg safely and wait for the birth of the baby dragon.

Difficulty Level: S

Restrictions: You must have discovered the dragon's egg. It is impossible to abandon this quest at the current progress stage. >

"I understand."

Panther, who had received a lot of help from the Hermes Guild, was unable to refuse the request.

"I'll leave you the Dragon's Egg."

< The quest has been shared >


Bard Ray and the Royal Guard.
The 1st Legion was advancing to the Garnav Plains.

– Steer: The 10th Legion has been annihilated. The 7th Legion is in bad shape.

Reports were frequently coming in from the intelligence squad, but there was no good news.
They were only getting killed by the users on the side of the Arpen Kingdom.

"Let's kill them all."
"Yes. Because Bard Ray, the Godly Warrior, is heading into battle."
"You said you were badly hurt by them in the 2nd Legion. The situation will change completely once we step in."

The Hermes Guild users on horseback laughed and chatted.
Despite several defeats at the Guild level, this time they believed it was different.
Bard Ray and the users with him gathered the best from the Hermes Guild and were full of confidence.

"If it's the 10th Legion, they are led by Slater."
"My friend is in there too."
"Was the 10th Legion really swept away?"

– Steer: The 13th Legion has also been annihilated. Though they fought hard… Draka has also lost his life while destroying two mega sculptural lifeforms.

In the past, he was a commander of the Northern army, and flawless in his ability. Now he had died alongside his troops.
Famous strong men that the Hermes Guild had boasted about were now collapsing one after another.

"This really is…"
"This is ridiculous. Check out the KMC media video. The users are sweeping us like a tsunami. How can we survive this?"
"What the heck is that falling from the sky?"
"It can't be ignored. All those who fought for the conquest of the Central Continent have switched sides to the Arpen Kingdom."

As they advanced toward the soon-to-be battlefield in the Garnav Plains, the hearts of the Hermes Guild users became heavier.

– Steer: The 19th Legion led by Commander Dain has surrendered. There were a lot of users from the Kallamore area… They decided to stop fighting and switch sides to the Arpen Kingdom.

Dain had fought bravely on the battlefield.
Although she had performed better than expected with the Kallamore-born users on her side, the balance of power had shifted too far.

"We've lost. There's no need to die fighting pointlessly, let's surrender and go on over to the Arpen Kingdom."

Users of the 19th Legion followed the decision of Dain and furtively laid down their arms.

"Wow… To be honest I actually really like Grass Porridge."
"Frankly, I stayed because I had roots in the Central Continent, but I've wanted to join the Arpen Kingdom from the beginning."
"Stop! They're friendly forces!"
"Stop the attack! Stop the attack!"
"Let's not fight and just share a bowl of Grass Porridge."

In a flash, a nice and warm Grass Porridge exchange market opened.
Hermes Guild members who belonged to the 19th Legion also surrendered and decided to join the Arpen Kingdom.
They were aware of the situation and didn't want to die pointlessly.
What was absurd was that after seeing the 19th Legion stop fighting, many of the Hermes Guild members nearby followed suit and surrendered.

"We used to like the Arpen Kingdom too."
"Weed-nim is the true hero of Royal Road."
"I'm really going to switch sides. I'm sick of the Hermes Guild."
"I'll try calling Bard Ray a son of a bitch. Bard Ray you son of a bitch. Bard Ray you son of a bitch. Bard Ray you son of a bitch."

These scenes were being relayed on every station. Unlike CTS or KMC media, the small and medium broadcasters did not hesitate to release sensational and provocative videos as they were competing for ratings.

"Here in the studio we have Saerom-ssi himself, a famous Northern ranger. Saerom-ssi."
"As things stand now, it seems the Hermes Guild is totally ruined."

The comments from the hosts were strong, and the images only showed Hermes Guild members dying in droves.
Imperial soldiers being trampled to death by the galloping mega sculptural lifeforms on the Garnav Plains.

"The Hermes Guild lost because they underestimated Weed's ability to survive."
"To survive?"
"Yes. The plan to catch Weed was wrong in and of itself. It seems like the situation is completely reversed."
"That's right. Weed-nim's acquaintances were saying that Weed is someone you can't kill with a siege or a plague… So let me ask you then, how can he be dealt with?"
"I don't know. I really don't. But it certainly won't be possible to catch him with most traps, I can tell you that."
"Ah. Right now the Grass Porridge goddess has appeared, leading the Baraag troops. They came over after suppressing the wizards who summoned the burning meteor."

Bard Ray and the Hermes Guild members who accompanied him were also distracted when Seoyoon appeared on screen.
Whether they were an ally or an enemy, it was a beauty that every man and woman could see.


The Baraag troops led by Seoyoon and the elite troops of the Arpen Kingdom joined forces.
They shot arrows and magic from the sky.
In a close battle you would wait for the projectiles to fall before attacking, but without hesitation they broke through the sturdy defenses of the Haven Empire.
Following the surrender of the 19th Legion, powerful support forces emerged on the side of the Arpen Kingdom!
Even as the avians were constantly transporting troops in the sky, there was no way to guess how many there were.
The Hermes Guild members began to lay down their arms.

"I will surrender."
"I've sinned a lot, so you may kill me. I won't resist anymore."
"I wanted to be strong, so I joined the Hermes Guild… If I can get a second chance I will become a resident of the Arpen Kingdom."

The battlefield situation was rapidly resolving.

"We joined the Hermes Guild this time. They said we would regret not joining if we wanted to live on the Central Continent… Last time it was the Corom Guild. You know it had a good reputation for beginners, right?"
"I once posted the Insane Dungeon Invasion with more than 8 million views. It sounds like an excuse, but I didn't mean to live badly. I was forced to. Can't you forgive me now?"

As the Hermes Guild grew, users who used to be members switched over to the Arpen Kingdom.
Hesitation was small because there was no loyalty from the beginning.

"These are the Garnav Plains. Hermes Guild members are rapidly surrendering…"
"The splendor of the mega sculptural lifeforms. It's like they don't die."
"Look at the sky. I can see people all over. They're jumping!"

The Garnav Plains were becoming the territory of the Arpen Kingdom.
The Haven Empire fell, and the Arpen Kingdom grew stronger.

"Can we win this?"

The hearts of the Hermes Guild members on the march alongside Bard Ray were heavy.

(To be continued)

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