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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 52 Chapter 5 part1

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Weed was, of course, immensely popular among the Northern users.

"Weed, Weed, Weed-nim is here!"
"I came! I sold! I earned! Say that just one time please!"
"Weed-nim. You're so handsome!"

Although they were at war with the Haven Empire, the mood was as if they had already won.
Weed raised both his hands high.

"I came!"

With his Lion's Roar, the plains of Garnav had a tremendous response.

"I came!"
"He came!"
"It's finally started."

"I fought!"

"That's right. You fought, and so did we."
"We fought badly, but we tried our best."
"Weed certainly greatly distinguished himself on the battlefield."
"Miracle. It's a miracle. Really."

It certainly inspired empathy among users from the Northern and Central Continents.
Excitement heated up as if oil was poured onto a bonfire.
With the help of a nearby bard, Weed exploded with an amplified voice and used his Lion's Roar.

"I won!"

I came. I fought. I won!
It sounded simple, but these three words roused the hearts of the people who had come to the battlefield.

"We won!"
"Hurrah for the Arpen Kingdom!"
"Let's conquer the continent in the name of the Grass Porridge Cult!"
"Toadstool Porridge…!"

The Northern users were excited.
The fight against the Haven Empire was not over, but it certainly felt like they had prevailed.
There was also news that sculptural lifeforms created by Emperor Geihar were coming.

"It's a festival. Really… It doesn't seem like a battlefield."
"Board Mir, I kept saying that the Arpen Kingdom would win even when it was unfavorable for me, and it seems I was right."
"I knew they would win because Weed was there."

Hye, Fractal, Board Mir.
The 3 Mad Sharks of Becky Nin were also on the Garnav Plains.
They had huge navy fleets but participated in the ground battle as individuals.
Of course, it wasn't just about loyalty.
The Weed they saw was the type to remember and retaliate for every trivial thing.
They would regret it for the rest of their lives if they did not participate.

"And that scoundrel… No… That hero, it would be strange if he was defeated."
"It's more frightening if Weed-nim loses."
"How come?"
"Whoever beats Weed-nim, how strong would they be?"
"You're right."
"It would be the final days for the continent. Because of human limitations, there can't be another person greater than him."

There were users listening next to Becky Nin's three mad sharks.
They were the four backstabbers.

"Yeah. Weed has a great memory and always gets his revenge, but he never goes too far."
"A hero should have a mean side to them as well. If you look at how the Arpen Kingdom was founded, a human being is still a human being."
"I don't know who it will be, but you can't hope for an easy life after getting involved with Weed, the God of War."
"If you think about it, it is a family honor that we failed to backstab him."


Weed watched as a huge crowd gathered.
The Haven Empire army's defensive positions had been broken down, and users from all over the Garnav Plains came here.
A lot of people.
Regardless of whether they were high-level or low-level, what he could give to those who had come was joy.

'Yes. Life must be fun. Even if life is painful.'

Weed remembered his childhood.
He had never had a proper meal.
He was always hungry and had to worry about the rent being overdue.

'A happy life. I only thought about it. I didn't expect to feel that way.'

Looking back, there were many difficult times since he started Royal Road. Nevertheless, there were no bad days.

♪♫♬ We're not losing.
We always win. ♬♫♪

Weed started to sing as he roared.

♪♫♬ Samgyeopsal is delicious.
The light of the world.
Chicken is delicious.
Chicken legs, wings, neck, legs, torso.
You can eat anything you like.

I also want to eat pig's feet late at night.
Pizza doesn't betray us. ♬♫♪

Weed's voice boomed outward.

♪♫♬ Oooohhh whoahhhh!
I called.
I ordered steamed pork (bossam)!
You can get samgyeopsal delivered, and also chicken feet.

It's expensive, very expensive.
Prices go up and even making it yourself is expensive!
Though I'm conflicted, there is no regret after making the delivery call.

That's what the world is like.
Once you've lost, you're happy with hope.

Soy sauce marinated crab, marinated blue crab, spicy marinated crab, marinated crab! ♬♫♪

There was no tune or rhythm.
Rap and ballad, R&B, trot, metal, jazz, nursery rhymes, a complex genre!

"Weed, Weed!"
"It has finally begun. The war song of Weed!"

Though most of the users were enthusiastic, there were quite a few people who were embarrassed.

"Well, what?"
"Wow. It's the first time I've heard Weed's song in person."
"Those lyrics are coming out in a situation like this?"
"I don't know. In the media, even the professors of psychoanalysis said it was impossible to understand Weed's song."

With the sound amplification skills of the bards, Weed's voice spread throughout the Garnav Plains.

♪♫♬ That motorcycle coming in the distance running all the stoplights.
Over here. Ajusshi, over here!

Unpack it, quickly.
Yum yum yum yum, let's eat.
Though I want to eat more,
No more, no more. I already ate it all!

Life is worth living.
Step by step,
Eating something delicious,
Doing something fun ♬♫♪

The song was even worse than a drunk who drank 12 bottles of soju!
In addition to the estimated 100 million users on the side of the Arpen Kingdom, the Hermes Guild and Haven Empire army soldiers were also forced to listen.

"What is this?"
"They say Weed is singing."
"I don't have any direct involvement with the battle, but to think that we were stopped by somebody who sings like that."

The users who joined the Northern expedition force to conquer the past Arpen Kingdom were devastated.

"To think we have to listen to this song again."
"It seems worse than the last time. Is this even possible?"
"Amazingly, I can't forget that song. Every time I sleep at night, it comes to my mind."
"I heard it when I was restudying for the college entrance exams. When you listen to Weed's song, it strangely motivated me to work hard and because of that I got accepted into college."

♪♫♬ You encounter good things while living, and sad things,
Above all, there are too many things that cost too much money.

Will I be happy if I make a lot of money?
Will I be unhappy if I make little money?

Nothing is easy in this world
But today again I eat
And walk one more step. ♬♫♪

Weed's song finally ended.

"Indeed, it's Weed. It was kind of terrible but still cool."
"Kya. The rap was killer."
"What are you talking about. Wasn't it an opera?
"There were no high notes? Though he shouted."
"Weed is a rocker!"

Musicians had a hard time keeping a cool head as they watched the users' reactions.

'The song wasn't good.'
'You can't call it a bad song seeing the audience respond like that. Besides, hearing it many times strangely makes it sound nice.'
'Ha… It's hard to understand even with 30 years of musical experience.'

The users were even more enthusiastic about the oddly philosophical lyrics.
Life seems normal, but everyone has a few things to say about it. The song, with the message of living a happy life regardless of difficulties, combined with the battle of the Garnav Plains brought about the approval of the users.

'We'll win no matter what.'
'We'll never run away.'
'What is there to regret or be afraid of? What the hell.'

The bond between the users had become stronger.
Weed let out a roar.

"Let's all go forward! Our destination is the Haven Empire."
"The Haven Empire!"
"Let's go. Let's run!"

The Northern users shouted and began to run toward the Haven Empire.
The sight of tens of millions of users was chilling.


The Hermes Guild members standing in front reacted quickly.

"Guard the front!"
"We have to stop the enemy from approaching…"

The troops were so dense that they formed a defensive formation.
The guard was in the lead, with the infantry and swordsmen in the middle, and the spearmen behind.
However, the Northern users pushed them like angry boars.

"Bring it!"
"Push harder!"
"Let's get through this!"

The Haven Empire troops and Northern users clashed.
Feeble users died instantly from a combination of spear and shield soldiers, but many more arrived in their places.

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to pass through."
"Don't worry about us and go!"

The following people jumped up on the shoulders and heads of the combatants.
Like a flood breaking a dam, the Empire soldiers collapsed and were covered by thousands of users.

"Let's die together!"
"This is a mess. This is what it's about!"

The Imperial Army's formation of shield and spearmen was entangled with the users and subsequently collapsed.
Many users, who filled the sky, came on the back of the Avians as they dropped from the sky like rain.

"Kyaak. Kkak!"
"We are the airborne troops of Poison Mushroom Porridge! We haven't learned how to land though!"
"Ahhahah. Here we go. I'm level 2. Don't let me catch you."

Users poured down over the heads of the Imperial soldiers like rain.
The Hermes Guild troops in the back watched with a serious look on their faces.

"I think we need to be thorough about our defense."
"Whatever formation we take, there's no meaning in this situation…"
"Morale is a problem. Contact the magic brigade and make them come to their senses."
"We don't have enough magicians to rally. Too many have already died."
"We will definitely die if we stay here. Let's break through the siege and get this over with."

The military leaders were divided.
There was a lot of siege warfare during the conquest of the Central Continent, but this situation was new.
Draka asked Slater indifferently.

"Break the siege?"
"In which direction? How far will we have to break through to clear the perimeter?"

None of the Hermes Guild commanders responded.
The situation in which they had surrounded Weed had now been reversed. They were trapped and had tens of millions of users as enemies.
There were no exits, so there was nothing else left to do but fight.


Weed stayed in the rear for a while without participating in the battle.

"I think the Alkin disease will be a problem."

According to Mapan's report, the disease spread like wildfire whenever users on the Garnav Plains gathered.

"What's the death rate?"
"Though it depends on their level and resistance, it's almost 100% lethal. However, they are holding on with the help of the Poison Mushroom Porridge troops."

Poison Mushroom Porridge troops infected with the disease.
They were used to dying.

"From my experience, it doesn't seem to be a nerve poison."
"It eats away at the body. Health decreases as well. Seeing that it's highly contagious, it’s not a mineral poison either."
"I'm sure it's related to a curse. It also seems to have something to do with black magic because of its adverse reaction to holy power."
"If the multiple symptoms are complex, even if we find a cure it would be difficult to combine. We don't have enough ingredients."

Nevertheless, the Poison Mushroom Porridge unit did not give up.
After deliberately getting infected with the disease, they tried to experiment on their own body.
Eating both medicinal and poisonous herbs, they found a first-aid treatment to weaken the disease.
Even so, a proper treatment was impossible, and everyone who was infected was dying.

"What do we do? Weed-nim? I think we could get sick while fighting the Haven Imperial army and wipe ourselves out first."

The Saintess Lemon and high-ranking officials from the Grass Porridge Cult came to ask what to do.
They spoke soberly about the seriousness of the disease, and that the lack of a cure was the biggest problem.
Weed let out a low sigh.

"I can't believe we've yet to solve such a simple problem…"
"I'll get rid of the Alkin disease in five minutes."

It was just unbelievable.
Even as fans of Weed, the users of the Grass Porridge Cult considered it impossible.
Weed was invited by Saintess Priestess Lemon and joined the chat channel where the users of the Grass Porridge Cult gathered.

– Weed: To those with the Alkin disease. How distressing and painful it must be.

"Huh. It's Weed."

Even the users who were fighting the Haven Empire were very interested in Weed's message.

– Weed: The Alkin disease is not curable at this time. You will die if you get infected and the development of a cure is impossible right now.

The Alkin disease spread fear and circulated among the Northern users.
Weed revealed the truth to everyone, but of course he had a solution.

– Weed: Unfortunately, there is only one way to make the disease disappear. All those who are infected with Alkin's disease should kill themselves. Once the patients are gone, there will be no more infections.

A way to wipe out any infectious disease at once!

– Weed: Anyone who dies from Alkin's disease will receive a year-long free pass to the Puhol Water Park, a 30% discount on the sale of a villa, and priority entrance to the palaces in Morata.

He offered generous gifts in addition to those.

– Weed: If you give up a significant number of levels, you will be appointed as a lord when the Central Continent is conquered, and given the right to purchase seafood from Varna Harbor at an affordable price.

We'll also create a lottery for users infected with Alkin's disease and appoint a total of 10 winners as lords of the Arpen Kingdom. All these rewards can only be claimed by committing suicide within 3 minutes to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

The aftermath of Weed's spread message was immense.
Immediately after, the users staggering from the disease took out their weapons.

"Don't treat us."
"Oh yeah! Then I have to die right away."
"A body that's already gone. Might as well get the benefits."
"Wow… still I'm thankful to Weed-nim who took care of me until the end."
"We are still winners. Phew."

91% of the users who were infected with Alkin's disease died in just three minutes.
After about five minutes, there were no more infected users. With just a few words, the worst epidemic ever had been swept away.

(To be continued)

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