The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 52 Chapter 4 part1

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It felt like the world had been destroyed.
Weed admired the fine dust that had come out.

'So many deaths.'

Although things had unfolded as he had intended, he had not expected to deal this much damage to the Hermes Guild.
Several Legions had been scattered around, and hundreds of people had lost their lives.


Weed barely managed to keep the corners of his mouth down.
Things were hectic, and Crebulta was just 10 meters from where he was.

"Hell! Damn it! Weed ran away!"
"Weed, you coward!"
"You act like you'll see things through to the bitter end, and then you run away? You dirty son of a bitch!"

The Hermes Guild members also cursed.
No one recognized Weed. It wasn't simply because his normal appearance was so ordinary that one would forget it by just looking away, but because he had used the Sculptural Shapeshifting skill to change his face.
He was even wearing the same armor, boots, sword, and shield as the Haven Empire's knights, which he had acquired during the battle.
Standing among the Haven Empire's knights, he surely looked like he was one of them.

'I'll never get caught. Even if I went with them to the Haven Empire and lived as a knight I probably wouldn't get caught.'

Trapped in a siege, there was no need to fight the enemy to the end.
If you think that the enemy is too strong, you can just sneak up on them.

'There are so many applicable Sculpture skill tricks to use. It's extremely fortunate that an honest person like me is a Sculptor.'

Weed could lose the war, but he was confident he wouldn't die in vain.

"Get rid of the undead first!"
"Get yourself together, and quickly get rid of all those undead."

The Hermes Guild members gave an order.
Weed approached the undead and fought excitedly alongside the knights of the Haven Empire.
The undead were considerably weaker than they were just a moment ago, as his Lich transformation had ended and the effects of Dark Rule and Death Aura had disappeared.
Along with his fellow knights, he managed to get rid of the Death Knights and the Doom Knights wandering around.
The Hermes Guild members attacked, but the last attack was exactly what Weed was waiting for.

< Your level has increased >

< The Doom Knight Jenfiro has been put to eternal rest.
Reputation has risen by 130 because of high fighting achievements.
Leadership has increased by 1. >

Although Weed had struck the last blow, the loot was taken by the Hermes Guild members.

"Wow. Bone fragments came out."
"Is that good?"
"I don't know. It seems like a Necromancer's goods… but it's a first-class blacksmith's ingredients."

*Tremble tremble.*

Weed's body quivered with regret.
He wanted to hit the Hermes Guild member in the back of the head, but he held onto his last bit of patience and stopped himself.

"Hurry and finish the undead!"
"Stop messing around and move."
"If you're wounded tell the priest. They'll fix you up."

The Hermes Guild members were busy fighting the undead at the order of the Knight commander.

"17th Legion. Take the left."
"Yes, sir!"

Weed was part of the 17th Legion and fought against the Death Knights.

"Use the Imperial sword skills against the Death Knights!"
"Yes, sir!"

He followed the sword movements of those next to him and brought down the Death Knights.
There was nothing odd about his swordsmanship and he was as skillful as the other knights.

'Just basic skills… this is nothing.'

There were so many Imperial Knights that he didn't stand out at all.
And yet, cleverly last-hitting the Death Knights was essential!
He was perfectly collecting all the items as well.
Weed's behavior was noticed by the leader of the 17th Legion. Of course, he was also an NPC.

"You fight well."
"Thank you, sir."
"If you work hard, you have the skill to be selected as a knight of the Haven Empire."
"I will work hard. Effort is the source of my livelihood."
"That's a great attitude."

Sweet-talking the knight captain was as easy as pie.
While Weed was cleaning up the undead, the Hermes Guild users started to lose interest.
The key to the siege was to capture Weed, which they had failed to do.
They thought that he had already escaped, and they knew that the northern users were coming to them.

'I've spent 16 levels, but I've only recovered 7. It's not easy for a battle like this to happen again, but it still stings a bit.'

Weed fought with the knights to destroy the undead.
The Hermes Guild users fought nearby, but they found nothing strange.

"Hmm. I'm hungry."
"Let's eat. It's just the undead here."
"You all are useless."
"You'll be fighting it out in a few minutes. With the North."

For the Hermes Guild, who monopolized good hunting grounds, the undead were a nuisance.
Weed had considered changing his body into a horse for the perfect disguise, but no one was suspicious.

'Is there anyone in this world that's as easy to fool as these?'

After making the sculptural lifeforms and the disaster, there wasn't much to do directly.
The Hermes Guild collapsed from their greed and suspecting themselves.

'Now that I'm winning… No. It's a bit awkward for things to work out so easily.'

Weed's instincts went off and issued a warning.

'What? What did I miss?'

Even though he tried to carefully look around, the Hermes Guild users didn't pay any attention to him.
To notice the Sculptural Shapeshifting, they would have to strip down the helmet and armor of the Haven Empire knights and carefully check his whole body.
All the same, it wouldn't be easy to know who had changed.

*Ku reu reu reu reu reu*

The earth, that had been torn into a dozen pieces, dug deep and collapsed. It had been destroyed by the disaster as well as by the Hermes Guild users' skills.
That same land shook as if there was an earthquake.


The nearby Hermes Guild members were surprised.

"The death of this land has awakened me. All living things will be swept away by rage…"

Dark clouds soared high in the sky from the divided land. Skeleton knights slowly climbed out… Abyss Knights!
Some of the strongest undead monsters had sprung up.

< A large event has occurred
The birth of Abyss Knights!
As the earth became stained with death and despair, the power of darkness became uncontrollable.
Heavy darkness, seeded with grief and fire, grew from the blood and became Abyss Knights. >


Weed didn't say anything, but he could feel the Haven Empire's knights trembling.

"My God."
"We're dead."
"It's over. The world will be ruined!"

The Imperial knights were terrified.
The knights' morale was at rock bottom because of the Abyss Knights' appearance.
Weed had to follow suit and act.

"Oh. I'm scared. I'm really scared. It's hard to hold my sword."

*Ba deul ba deul.*

He really got into his acting, deliberately dropping his arms and legs and staggering.
When the Haven Empire's knights collapsed, they got down and crawled together.
The acting ability to outperform Hollywood movie stars!

'I want to last-hit them as well… It's not possible though, right?'

Greed filled him as he looked at the Abyss Knights.
Nevertheless, his mind was kept in check by cold logic.

'It's stupid. This is an enemy camp. Let's not.'

He barely repressed his desire.

'Is this what it feels like when a landlord wants to raise the rent?'

Weed decided.

'Anyway, kill or be killed. I'll just run away.'

He wanted to compliment himself for making such a basic judgment.


"Oh no. How could this happen?"

Yoo Byung-jun bitterly smiled at his monitor.
It was regrettable, even taking into account that the whole Haven Empire army had gathered to catch Weed.

"Isn’t it too easy for things to end like this?"
"It’s no fun to watch if Weed is caught up in a trap and has no tactical options left at all."

Because then it becomes too easy for the Haven Empire to take control of the continent.

'I hate Weed, but I don't like them either.'

The best he could hope for was to watch Weed keep running and suffering as he enjoyed drinking cocoa.

"You’ll have to go through hardships before you win anything."
"What the hell, you call that a huge disaster?! That can hardly do any damage against the Hermes Guild!"

Yoo Byung-jun laughed at him hard as fine dust covered the whole place.
Even though some darkness affiliated magic could be broken by light magic, it was meaningless against the disaster of fine-dust. The effects of a disaster couldn't be remedied with any magic.

Within the dust, Hermes Guild members kept dying again and again.
Weed hadn't stopped after causing the disaster, but had gone on a rampage using three or four other big skills as soon as the first one had hit.
A vast expanse of hell in the dark.

"The damage… What's the damage…"

The artificial intelligence Versailles answered kindly.

"Currently, 142,586 out of 323,837 Hermes Guild members have died."

Even though only a short period of time had passed, it was a huge loss, and this even lead to Abyss Knights rising.
3 Abyss Knights had been born in the dark.
The energy of death was so powerful that dangerous monsters were born.

"They could kill Weed."

Yoo Byung-jun shook his head as soon as he got his hopes up.

"The Abyss Knights."

Weed was more resilient than a roach.
He would take advantage of the Abyss Knights' presence, and wasn’t likely to die by them.

"This cocoa is bitter."
"The amount of sugar in the cocoa you are currently drinking is 24% more than usual."

* * *

Seoyoon worked with users from the Central Continent to kill the Haven Empire’s wizards.

"This place is cleared. It won’t be summoned anymore."

It was a great achievement to prevent the Summon Flaming Meteors spell from being used again, and to destroy several magic troops units.

"They’re under attack."
"Now the line of defense…"
"The Hermes Guild is gathering like dogs."

News of the battle around Weed was being spread by all the users in the Garnav Plains.
Although he had summoned the undead, there was news that the Haven Empire was making a strong breakthrough.

"Let’s go."

Seoyoon said while riding on a Baraag’s back.


The users who fought by her side quickly flew up into the sky on the back of giant Baraags.
Fighting the wizards had reduced their numbers a lot.

"That way!"

The plain was covered with users as the sun rose.
It was a spectacular sight as a large crowd ran toward Weed, but there was no time for calm appreciation.

‘Until yesterday, the festival was lively, but it changed to this.’
‘This is a death area.'

Skeletons and zombies didn’t seem to be bored, and the Imperial army and northern users were fighting fiercely in groups.
The battle seemed so small, yet it was a decisive battle for the fate of the Versailles Continent.

"I’ll go down to the ground for a bit to gather some reinforcements. I’ll be back with Kalimdor and his mercenaries. I’ll be right back."
"Yes, I see."

Each user on the Baraags had a large network.
Level 400 and 500 users quickly joined in to reinforce their forces.

"We’re here!"

The sight of Baarag troops drew a large number of avians.
Despite the Haven Empire armies raising up gusts of wind into the sky in an attempt to interrupt their rally, the Avians managed to break through at the cost of many wounds all over their bodies.

"Chirp chirp!"

Those avians were carrying northern users on their backs.
The average avian was able to carry two to three users on its back, but now more than five were on board.
Regrettably, those with level below 300 were unable to ride on the back of the Avians.

"Let’s go faster! To the Battlefield!"

(To be continued)

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