The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 52 Chapter 3 part3

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Weed was confident even in such a situation in which it was impossible to see..

'All I need to do is think of everyone gathered here as an enemy.'

If there's anyone, just attack!

"Heraim Fencing!"

< You have successfully made the first serial attack. Your Agility will be increased by 20%. >

< You have successfully made the second serial attack. Your Strength will be increased by 40%. >

< You have successfully made the third serial attack. Your Agility will be increased by an additional 20%. >

< You have successfully made the fourth serial attack. Your Strength will be increased by an additional 40%. >

It was easy to use the Heriam Fencing skill to hit a series of blows.

"Weed is over here!"

The crisis began as people around shouted.
Several attack skills had been activated, and AoE skills flew in from far away.

'You don't have to care about defense if you are absorbing health. You just have to fight.'

Three Hermes Guild members were killed.
They responded, but couldn't defeat Weed in close quarters when they couldn't even see 50 centimeters in front of them.
Believing in his Lich form's Life Drain skill, he dug deeper into the enemy lines.

< You have successfully made the eleventh serial attack. Your Strength will be increased by an additional 25%. Shock waves travel afar.>

< You have successfully made the twelfth serial attack. Your Agility will be increased by an additional 30%. You may use 2500 mana to cause a bleeding effect. >

< You have successfully made the thirteenth serial attack. Your Agility will be increased by an additional 20%. Your Strength will be increased by an additional 20%. Most strikes will trigger a critical hit. >

Weed advanced like an angry wild boar. He bumped into something like an iron mace, and the enemies surrounding him used defensive skills.

*Shu wa wa ah ah ak kwa gwa gwang!*

The land was set on fire by falling AoE skills that seemed to come from nowhere.

"Kkeuk! There are friendly forces here, be careful!"

The AoE skills damaged not only Weed but also the Hermes Guild members.

'I'll be able to catch them more easily if they are hurt.'

He smiled with joy as he broke into the middle of the enemy lines.
Experience points, skill levels, trophies!
Where else would you get this opportunity to gather all these things while fighting?
There were treasures all around.

'Come at me with everything you've got!'

< The executioner Targrezsche was killed.
As a result of this achievement, the proficiency of your Swordsmanship skill greatly increases.
You are given one free stat point.
Fame has increased by 2,361.>

He relied on his intuition because of the lack of vision. He made judgments in the moment, and immediately moved.
He would know whether an enemy was strong or weak by hitting him once or twice.

'If he's weak, kill him; if he's strong knock him down and kill him.'

Sometimes you could meet powerful people who wouldn't give you any chance and would mercilessly take you down.
For them, the suddenly approaching Weed and his ruthless attacks were ending them without even giving them a chance to breathe.

< Battali the God of Fighting is watching your fight with happiness.
Your body doesn't know its limits.
Neither loss of health nor injury will reduce your combat power.
You can deal greater damage every time your health is reduced. >

It wasn't necessary as he had a Lich's body, but he was given the blessing of Battali, the God of Fighting.

'There's someone just ahead. And it's quite crowded around him too… Such a good opportunity.'

Weed followed his instincts.
Instead of thinking with his head, his body naturally responded with optimal efficiency.


Experience and senses trained through numerous battles.
He squinted slightly with his inexistent eyes.

'The impact feels solid. Their class must not be Fighter but Warrior, seeing how tough their equipment is… It's a shame, but I'm going to have to pass them by.'

As Weed passed through, several attacks belatedly exploded.

"Weed has already gotten through to here!"
"What are you doing? Hurry and stop him!"

Fear and imagination.
The fear that came from seeing nothing was much greater than expected.
They didn't know where they would be suddenly attacked from.
The Hermes Guild members used their skills in a rush because the sounds seemed much louder and closer than usual.
They were all thinking the same thing!

'Weed is nearby. Then I must attack. I hope I can hit him… But it doesn't matter if I don't.'

Using a skill when their visibility was blocked by the fine dust could result in anyone being hit.
It was alright even if the ones being hit were mostly the Haven Empire knights and Hermes Guild members. Level, fame, and skills would certainly rise.
Maybe they could get some good equipment they had had their eyes on.

'Nobody can see anyways… Nobody will even know it was me. Even if they do, I can just say I was trying to hit Weed.'

There was no such thing as allies. To begin with, the other users would keep using their offensive skills too. To avoid being the worst off, they all started to collect their mana and use their skills.

Weed entered the 7th Legion's lines alone, which led to hundreds of deaths among its soldiers. However, Weed did not suffer much because the Hermes Guild members acted as shields.
The faster he broke through the lines, the more attacks were left behind. From time to time, he was even able to finish off users who were already on the verge of death.

"Keu leu leu lok. I am the commander of the Immortal Legion."
"Kill them all."
"Yes. What a pleasant order."

The dead Hermes Guild members rose up as top-class Death Knights or Doom Knights.
Five or six bodies were combined and were born as rotten monsters.

"Watch out for the undead!"
"Stay calm. Wait until you've confirmed the enemy's location… Spirit Lance!"
"Use holy magic. Holy Light!"

There was even more confusion as the undead attacked nearby users.


"So, there was this method."
"I don't think it's bad at the moment."
"It really is a dirty trick."

The sculptural lifeforms loved what Weed was doing.
And they all had monstrous fighting power.

"It's an opportunity."
"I'll go first."
"Well… let's stay alive and meet again!"

The Weedlings seized the opportunity and scattered.
A large force ran past the northern users.
You couldn't see it from far away, but up close you could recognize the same armor as the Haven Empire troops.

"Sword Cloning!"

Weed-1 started off with a powerful skill.
Dozens of clones poured in and advanced through the defensive forces of the Haven Empire.

"It's Weed!"
"What are you talking about? Weed is on the other side!"

Dozens of Haven Imperial knights who were part of the siege were killed by Weed-1's skill.

"Moonlight Sculpting Blade!"

The sword drew beautiful lines and cut down the Haven Imperial knights.

"Keu ooh eu eu ohk!"

Whether or not the undead got up or not, Weed-1 was quick to break through. He ran like the wind, making use of his Rush attribute.

As many as ten sculptural lifeforms were breaking through the siege simultaneously;
it caused a great deal of confusion within the Haven Imperial army, and the effect of the disaster on top of that prevented the commanders from leading their forces.
The earth shook and cracked at random.
It wouldn't be too dangerous if it wasn't for the limited view, or the mayhem caused by Weed and his sculptural lifeforms.
The Hermes Guild members and the Haven Empire knights were all the more scared as the ground shook and cracked.

"Weed is coming this way!"
"It's Weed. Right in front!"

There was only the sound of Weed coming from all directions.
Their choice was to use powerful attack skills!
In the area full of fine dust, all kinds of skills were triggered as they killed each other.


Oh Joo-wan and Shin Hye-min.
They live broadcasted the Battle of the Garnav Plains.
Live viewership was 23%.
Every station was recording their highest ratings ever.

"Weed has encountered a desperately dangerous situation. The Haven Imperial army is conducting their siege perfectly… Shin Hye-min-ssi, will Weed get out of this crisis?"
"It seems serious. The Northern users are running to help, but the Hermes Guild's tactics seem to have hit home."

They tried to stay neutral while broadcasting.
Although, it was no secret that several broadcasting stations, including KMC Media, were on Weed's side, having an objective view was important.

"The Haven Imperial army is defeating the defensive forces and approaching! It looks like there's going to be a direct fight with Weed."
"It seems that the big shots in the Hermes Guild are getting ready to go."

It was a moment of increasing tension.
Weed set off a disaster and created sculptural lifeforms.
When the fine dust swallowed everything, the broadcasting station couldn't show anything.
A misty haze thickly covered everything.

"There's something going on in that disaster."
"Dear viewers. This is not a broadcast accident. We are also perplexed, but a disaster is occurring.
"On-the-scene reports say there is an explosion of skills. Weed seems to be fighting the Hermes Guild in there."

The fine dust floating in the air slowly subsided after more than 30 minutes.
In what appeared to be the end of a long disaster, the Haven Empire had suffered a devastating blow to its forces.


– Crebulta: Everybody calm down! Are you sure Weed is there?
– Heiller: Check for Weed and then attack. Don't just use your skills recklessly.
– Draka: We must prevent him from getting out of the perimeter. We can attack after visibility has been secured.
– Heroid: Weed is over here! We can catch him. I'll do my best to get rid of him!
– Max: Weed is here too… Weed is over here!

During the great disaster, the Legion commanders tried their best to stop the Hermes Guild members from using offensive skills and gave out many different commands.
However, those on the front lines did not listen.
They really felt that Weed was coming at them and were attacked by skills flying in from somewhere.

There were several military commanders and the troops were mixed as the siege narrowed.
As the chain of command collapsed, the Haven Imperial army killed itself and collapsed.
Although the earth was divided, the undead were the biggest cause of confusion.
The Haven Imperial army was swept away by the undead rising from everywhere.
Sharp blades clashed and broke.
The scene was horrible after the great disaster.

After regaining their sight, the Hermes Guild members were speechless. About half of the troops had disappeared, and in their place many powerful undead had risen.

"Weed, what about Weed?"

The army commanders hurried to find Weed.
They thought they could avoid the worst consequences as long as they caught Weed.

"He's gone."
"This is the 3rd Legion's report. He escaped a while ago…"
"The 7th Legion said it seemed as if he had escaped."
"The 10th Legion has a similar report…"

Most of the sculptural lifeforms that Weed had created had succeeded in escaping the great fuss.
Three were killed in the battle.
If it was Weed, he would have handled it skillfully, but they ended up losing their lives, because they had just been born.
Heiller's shoulders dropped.

"Has Weed… has he already escaped?"
"I think so."

The undead had risen on a large scale, but they looked much weaker than before.
Death Aura had disappeared, and those who died no longer returned as undead.
Perhaps it was proof that Weed was not here.

"Now we're royally screwed. We really are…"

(to be continued)

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