The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 52 Chapter 3 part1

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"That's crazy. I said that's crazy!"

Mapan let out a scream-like groan.
He had finished all his work as a merchant.
He had worked hard to prepare for the festival in the Garnav Plains and had provided the maximum amount of battle supplies by scraping up the last bits from the Arpen Kingdom and the Central Continent.
Of course, it was only natural that there had been considerable profits in the process.
All that was left to do after the battle broke out was to report the situation on occasion and watch the battle, which is how he witnessed the incredible spectacle of ten Weeds appearing.

"I don't know what's going on in this battle anymore."

Mumbled his cousin Hidden Money beside him. Just as he said that, there were audible lively cheers from the users across the Garnav Plains.

"It's strange. I thought we were going to lose in the beginning because the Haven Empire came out strong… The situation has gotten worse, but I get the feeling that Weed-nim still has something up his sleeve."
"My thoughts exactly, Bro. I still feel like we're on our last straw, but I don't think we'll die just yet."
"That's Weed-nim's charm. We merchants sell things, but he makes miracles. It's as if he creates consumers and markets simultaneously."

The scene of the sculptures alive and moving was truly amazing, and the footage would get a large number of views on many video sites.

'Weed-nim will once again make a considerable profit with advertising revenue.'

Mapan was able to assess the situation right away.
There had to be huge commotions in the studios of every broadcast station.
Nowadays, cool videos were more often viewed directly on video sites rather than via live broadcast.
A commercial in such videos would earn about 1 won per view.
Weed's videos had about 3 commercials between the start and the end.

'3 won per view. If you think at least 100 million people see it, 300 million won?'

Many videos would be made of this battle.
Weed's own feed would be the center of it, all and it would earn tens and hundreds of millions.

'Aside from that, 10 Weeds eating chicken, using cell phones, turning on air conditioning, putting on clothes… Wow. The effects on advertising have infinite potential.'

Mapan showed sincere admiration.
Even if Weed were to be defeated in this battle, there was no doubt that Weed would be able to own a whole building after this.

"Grass Porridge, Grass Porridge!"
"Fern Line Porridge Battalion moving out."
"The Fish Cake Porridge Unit has gathered!"
"Bamboo Shoot Porridge Unit falling back. We need to support the rear first!"

That being said, given how tight their formation was, it did not seem like the Grass Porridge Cult would lose.

"There's an infected person over here. Everyone, step back!"
"None of my healing magic has any effect right now. I'm sorry to say that those of you who are infected with the Alkin disease need to die as soon as possible."

It was an outbreak of Alkin disease.
Every time an infected person appeared, they had no other choice than to kill their own members to prevent further damage. Nevertheless, the disease was spreading rapidly among the Northern users.
This was a great threat because the more the users were concentrated in a small area, the faster the disease would spread.
Hidden Money shook his head.

"Bro, this is too much even for Weed-nim, isn't it? It's hard enough as it is to survive the Haven Empire's siege."

Mapan's cheek twitched as he looked toward his younger cousin of little faith.

"In this world, there are many people who live a good, honest, and determined life. They're so innocent that they don't know what to do and panic when they fall in danger."
"That's where the Hermes Guild's strategy failed. If they knew Weed-nim well, they would never have devised this strategy. Catching Weed-nim off-guard is no ordinary task."

Weed’s cautiousness knew no bounds.

"Knowing Weed-nim, he's already prepared a few ways to survive. He'll probably turn things around and land a surprise attack on them instead. He's not someone who will spend time caught in a trap."


Weed had a stomachache when he saw those to whom he had bestowed life.

"You all were born with a golden spoon in your mouths."

They were a strong bunch in terms of levels, born into the highest-class because of his enormous Art stat.
They did not inherit all of Weed's skills, but some of them had their own unique characteristics.

< Cool-headedness attribute (100%)
Remain composed through any crisis and escape quickly from abnormal conditions. >

< Insight attribute (100%)
Show excellent judgment based on all given information.
You can recognize threats, remain composed, and quickly identify enemy weaknesses. >

Up until this point, those were relatively common attributes.
But when you collect all kinds of them, some useful ones are bound to appear. Good things happen to those who keep trying.

< Honor attribute (100%)
Doubles the effects of Fame and of command skills.
You can bring out the complete potential of your subordinates and speed up their growth. Helps you gain the respect of knights. >

< Sun attribute (100%)
You are chosen by the sun.
You can absorb the sun's power to restore health and mana. All fire related skills become stronger. >

< Roar attribute (100%)
You can quickly tame large monsters and control subordinates with your charisma and courage. >

< Rush attribute (100%)
Nothing can stop you from charging forward.
Although it consumes a bit more energy, life force and attack power are greatly enhanced. >

These outstanding attributes, which were hard to obtain through normal spells, belonged to the Weedlings.
If those sculptures that he carved and gave life to were to be a book, they would be an autobiography; the sculptural creatures were bestowed attributes based on all of Weed's actions.

Of course, the ten Weedlings were not only born with great attributes.
There were also multiple attributes like Greed, Miserliness, Fake Smile, Close to Death [1], Meanness, Solitude, Extortion [2], Hazard and Misfortune.
Those other, undesirable, attributes were split amongst them. Nevertheless, they were very powerful due to their levels being in the late 500s.

Weed quickly hastily opened his mouth to the Weedlings.

"I have to explain the situation first…"


Weed-6 raised his hand. He was a sculptural creature who was born with the Insight attribute.

"I think there's a war going on. Are those in the distance all enemies?"
"That's right. All you have to do is…"
"You aren't going to be ridiculous and tell us us to fight them. Are you? I mean, there is no reason to. Have you got no shame?"

Weed-6 interrupted. He had an unyielding nature.
Even if Weed gave them life, there was no way that they would offer their full loyalty!
Weed-8 also raised his hand.

"Umm… I analyzed why our faces are identical."

Then the other Weedlings spoke.

"Isn't it because it was a hassle to sculpt?"
"It could be because it was urgent. There wasn't enough time."
"Not really. I think there's some kind of trick. I feel quite pleasant."

Said Weed-10, who had the Meanness attribute, as he laughed.
Weed-8 spoke in a loud voice.

"Is it to confuse us? We can't tell each other apart from one another."
A successful trick by Weed!

"No. If you look closely we're different. I think I have a bigger nose."
"I definitely feel about 1.3 centimeters taller."
"Symmetry is important for the face."
"A sharp chin makes a handsome man."

The Weedlings argued about who looked better.
When sculptures looked similar, they would get off to a bad start.

"Men are about height."
"It's all about the money. Money!"
"Hoo… You need to speak well."
"Life's success is money."
"I agree. I think money is the best."
"To be honest, it's money over height."

Meanwhile, not one of them offered to stop the Haven Empire or buy Weed and the other Weedlings time to escape.
Weed had guessed that this would happen the moment he gave life to the sculptures.
These Weedlings would run away, and save only themselves when the opportunity presented itself!

'They can't be trusted.'

From the start, it was impossible to persuade them to cooperate in a difficult situation or to sacrifice themselves for a cause.
Just as people finally understood their parents after having their own offspring, there was mistrust in the way Weed looked at the Weedlings.

'Might as well trust Bard Ray. Although, the most dangerous is a guy like Hestiger who says he'll sacrifice himself. You have no idea what evil intentions they might have.'

When that was the case, it was difficult to guess what the trick could be. There was a possibility that the guy would try to sell out the Arpen Kingdom.

Weed raised his voice.

"All right. Now listen to me. I'll give you 2 gold when I finish."

The Weedlings shut their yapping mouths.
Although they remained quiet, they were busy looking around. They realized it was a dangerous place, and each one of them was thinking about escaping.

'This bunch have got real devoted lives ahead of them…'

Weed stared at the advancing troops from the Haven Empire, and spoke.

"There's only one thing I expect from you all. This place will soon be blown away by a catastrophe, so take advantage of that opportunity to survive."

He briefly explained what type of disaster was about to begin.

"And here are the weapons and shields stolen from the Hermes Guild users. Use whatever you like."

Weed even handed out the equipment to arm the sculptural creatures.
Each one of them were expensive beyond measure, but if he kept them to himself the chance of survival for the creatures would drop harshly.

"I'm sorry to have brought you all to life at such a time. May we survive through this and meet each other again."

The Weedlings had a sour look despite the touching words and kindness.

"Shouldn't the king of the Arpen Kingdom have better equipment?"
"I think he saved the best for himself to sell later, then gave us the leftovers."
"Survive… What kind of irresponsible remark is that. Is that all you have?"
"Guys. Be thankful for even this. If it wasn't for this situation, we wouldn't get anything."
"You gave us life, so we should thrive on our own?"
"He's also trying to exploit us more later. He's the king of the Arpen Kingdom. It's not worth believing in a politician's apology."

The sculptural creatures knew Weed inside out.


The disaster had begun.
The army led by Crebulta could see a cloud of dust blocking their vision.

"Oh hell! It's just a little further!"

Weed was very close.
About 500 meters, a close distance on a galloping horse.
Though there were quite a few undead and Northern users left, if they managed to run past them they could easily start a battle with Weed.

"Let's just advance. Signpost of Illumination."
"I'll light the magic lantern."

The magicians fired rays of light that were soon swallowed by the fine dust.

"The magic…"
"It doesn't work because of the dust."

It became as dark as midnight, but what was worse was that they couldn't even see their own hands and feet.

"Be prepared for a disaster since we can't see for now!"

The military commanders were forced to stop, including Heiller and Crebulta.


They were covered with fine dust so thick that it was hard to breathe. The Hermes Guild members had yet to lose any health, but they were feeling displeased nonetheless.
Dirt was flying straight into their open mouths. It was a truly a horrible sensation.
At that moment, something popped out.

"Sculpting Blade!"

The 1st Legion was in turmoil when their opponent shouted the name of their skill.

"It's Weed!"
"Weed appeared."
"Which direction?"

*Swoooooo b-b-bang!*

Skills were causing loud explosions, but they could barely see.
There was a formidable shockwave on occasion.

"Weed is attacking. Hurry up and help!"
"Which way?"
"I think he's right next to us. Let's strike. Merciless blow!"
"Violent Charge!"

The Hermes Guild members who were close to the sounds used attack skills.
In just 2 or 3 seconds, hundreds of skills poured out.

"Stop! What crazy fool is using AoE skills here!"
"Damn. I can't see anything."
"Moonlight Sculpting Blade!"

At that moment, the clear sound of a skill name was heard again.

"Over here. Weed is continuously attacking!"
"Chain Lightning!"
"Blizzard Tempest!"
"Multiple explosions!"
"Breath of Destruction!"
"Dagger of Annihilation!"
"Sword of Extinction!"

Many attack skills were fired in the direction of the sounds.

"Stop. You idiots!"
"I said stop!"

Most of the attacks exploded in the Haven Empire camps. There was no way to assess how much damage was done or what it looked like. It became an uncontrollable flow of events.

"Heraim Fencing Skill!"
"Weed is over here!"

There were all sorts of skills fired in the assumed direction of Weed's voice.

"Spear of Blood Rage!"
"Destruction of Nightmare!"

Skills fluttered everywhere in this field where vision was jammed by fine dust. The rampant, uncontainable attacks blew away thousands of people in an instant.

(to be continued)

Note from the proofreading team

[1] E/N: Name subject to change when we learn more about that attribute. The literal meaning is "Survival", which we didn't keep because it didn't feel like a bad quality in itself

[2] E/N: Name subject to change when we learn more about that attribute. The literal meaning is "Omnivorous", which we didn't keep because it didn't feel like a bad quality in itself. For now we assumed it referred to how he doesn't only get his money through honest ways

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