The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 52 Chapter 3 part1

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Weed shouted in the hope of saving some time.

"Is there anyone who knows how to shape rocks?"

Magic spells were flying in from afar and exploding at nearby locations.
Even in the middle of this chaos, users still raised their hands in response to Weed's call.

"I can!"

There was a considerable number of people among the northern users that had trained their Sculpting skill a bit.
Although, they were quitters that couldn't bear having to patiently sit for several days carving a sculpture…

"This guy is skilled!"
"In terms of skill, he's the best."

The one who stepped up with praises from the surrounding users was the architect Keio.
He was a famous architect who built a great structure, the Sturdy Stone Bridge.
Keio expressed embarrassment.

"I built many stone structures so I know how to shape some stones, but my Sculpting skill is at Beginner level 7. I fear that I won't be any help to Weed-nim."
"Then who has a higher skill level than Beginner level 7?"

Weed's call silenced the surrounding users that had been shouting needlessly.
All were familiar with the Sculpting skill, but most were around Beginner level 3 or 4.

"Seems like Beginner level 7 will have to do. Do you have some stones in your possession?"
"I have quite a few."

Architects always had materials such as stones and dirt in their special backpacks that reduced the size and weight of whatever was stored inside, so that they would be ready for any architectural project requests.

"I will sculpt some human figures, so please shape it roughly and hand it over to me. Are you capable of doing that for me?"
"If it's a rough shape then yes, I can."
"I will help too."

Keio and 10 other sculptors cooperated in sculpting stones.

"I think we have to know what we are carving so that we can work efficiently. By any chance are you going to sculpt the Grass Porridge Goddess?"

One sculptor asked with eagerness.
It was not only the sculptors, but all the users around them that were in great anticipation. They were not interested one bit in the war that was occurring near them.

Seoyoon's sculpture called the miracle of beauty!
It would be a lifelong honor to witness such a sculpture, and it would be a marvelous sight to observe the process of sculpting such a masterpiece.

"No. I am going to sculpt something that resembles myself."

Sighs full of disappointment.
Keio and the sculptors roughly shaped human figures, then Weed carved in the details and completed them.
It was a simple shape that made for a quick task when so many users contributed.
Truth be told, they were biting their nails from the moment the Haven Empire attacked.
The desperate screams of the northern users never ceased, and the last resistance of users on the verge of death could be seen all over the battlefield with just a turn of the head.

"How is it?"
"It is alright. Though it's a tad shorter than I am."
"Sorry? I made it 3 cm taller than Weed-nim, to be safe."
"I am a Master Sculptor. I may need to skim it, and it is exactly 2 cm shorter than I am."

The sculptors just nodded in half-hearted acknowledgement, but Keio could not accept it.
To an architect, height was a sensitive subject: nothing is as rubbish as pillars of irregular height and size in a tall building.
He was reassured as he looked at Weed stand next to the rough figure.

"Look closely. The sculpture is taller."
"You're just imagining it."

Weed then carved them in his own image.
He stuck the nose up, tweaked his eyes and shaped a wide forehead. He finished sharpening the jaw and he was fully satisfied.

"Very handsome indeed. I could have made a living with just my handsomeness alone."

The sculptors could not rest as a war was happening in close proximity. But no matter how they looked, it was weird.

"These look similar to Weed-nim, but they are different."
"Hey. There is certainly a small difference but they're about the same. They are all so plain."
"Shh. He could hear us. Let's just keep on working."

Weed shaped three sculptures resembling himself.
The Haven Imperial army could have penetrated through the undead but the northern users arrived just in time.

"You cannot pass as long we stand!"
"You can never pass through!"

The closer they approached Weed, the more he was surrounded by the most skilled of the northern users. They made their final stand as they had nowhere to retreat to.

"Battle Fury!"
"Rampaging Thrash!"
"Vengeful Frost Ray!"

The best users over level 400 casted the skills that they saved up and died amongst the novices.
A single Hermes Guild member wasn't enough to take them on, so several of them dove at the same time to deal the final blow.

It was also due to the fact that Legion commanders Heiller and Crebulta were in no rush.

"Stand back. We will advance gradually."
"Reduce meaningless casualties and strengthen our surrounding formation. We will dominate this area completely with our forces."

To lure the northern users into contracting the Alkin disease, Weed needed to be kept alive.
Their worst possible scenario was Weed fleeing from battle, so the Hermes Guild members surrounded him from all directions and slowly closed in on their formation.

– Heiller: Prepare thoroughly. From this point on, we wipe out the enemy completely.

The Doom Knights and the Bone Dragons were also defeated.
Neturus and the Doom Knight cavalry were hugely prominent but were destroyed by the skilled Hermes guild members.
The two Bone Dragons were covered in wounds and fled into the sky.

"Weed! It is over now. The Haven Imperial army will unite the continent!"
"We will crush the Arpen Kingdom. We will burn and lay waste to all."
"This is the end!"

Weed was hearing echoes of the Hermes Guild members from everywhere.
Those who had faced no hardships in life would have said that this was as far as it went, that it was all over, and they would surrender to the outcome.
He glimpsed at the sky as he was sculpting; the Great Disaster still hadn't activated. Even so, there was a considerable number of northern users that still held their grounds.

"Grass Porridge! Grass Porridge! Grass Porridge!"
"Hail to the Arpen Kingdom!"

He was touched by those who were fighting for him until the end.

"Even if I win this war… I have no intentions of being good to these people. I will continue to increase the taxes and exploit them."

He felt a tinge of guilty conscience, but being a well-off villain was a whole lot better than living a just and hard life.
Being at an adequate level of evil, not to the extent of selling out an entire country, meant wealth and comfort for one's family.

"They say people become corrupted by power once they grasp authority and higher position. I think I am pure in that respect, since I wanted to be bad in the first place!"

Weed thought to himself that he needed to invest more for him to win.
The Hermes Guild members that had gathered in this location were the top skilled users of Royal Road. It would not be easy to withstand them all.

"Hell. I guess this situation calls for more and more sculptures."

While Weed was contemplating, Keio and the sculptors had shaped 7 more figures.

"Weed-nim. I think we finished most of them, though they are lacking. All that's left are the details on the face."

Keio and the sculptors' task was a simple, tedious one that did not require detail. They trimmed the body to an acceptable level.

"I got it. My face is substantially difficult to express."

Weed lifted his sculpting knife and carved the face.
The jaw trimmed even sharper than before, prominent nose and profound eyes.
It was perfectly symmetrical, but after all the improvements it was still a plain face.

"I think it's a little more handsome than before… No, it's about the same as the one before."
"Don't you think one good face wash would have had the same effect?"
"Master of the sculptural techniques. It is intriguing how all his sculptures look similar even though he sculpts them differently."

The 10 sculptures had subtle differences and more handsome than the original. However they were so plain that you would easily forget the face.


Weed looked at the sculptures and let out a long sigh.
Emperor Geihar, whom he had trusted, had fled the area drunk.
If it were a typical long-term war he would have room to breathe, but it was only a matter of time!

"Hermes Guild. When this war is over, I will take revenge for my grudge on you all."

Weed did not hesitate like he did when eating good fried chicken.

"Sculptural Life Bestowal!"

< Life has been bestowed to the sculpture.
The level of the sculpture is based on your Art stat.
The Art stat is currently 4,115, so the sculpture’s base level will be 589.
This is a sculpture representing a real figure in existence.
The sculpture is identical in the personality, speech and behavior to that person.
Additionally, 6 attributes are bestowed to the sculpture as life is granted to it.
The imbued level of attributes and abilities depends on the form and quality of the sculpture.
Perseverance attribute (100%), Perfect Art attribute(100%), Perception attribute (100%), Combat attribute (100%), Star attribute (100%), Mother Earth attribute (90%).

Perseverance attribute
Increases patience in any event.
Defense is increased, and you become more resistant to poison and magic spells.

Perfect Art attribute
Art allows you to demonstrate a high level of creativity.
At time your actions will influence surprising and noble events.

Perception attribute
Heightened senses allow you to detect dangers and react early.

Combat attribute
You are under the protection of Battali the God of Fighting.
The power of all combat skills are increased, and additional bonuses can be gained depending on enemy level.

Star attribute
You are blessed by the stars.
When all your power and life force are depleted and you fall to the ground, you will be resurrected to fight once more.

Mother Earth attribute
All creatures and plants that exist on Earth have affection for you.
You can borrow from their special powers and great life force.

262 mana have been used.
The skill efficiency has increased. Stats and level consumed when bestowing life have decreased by 20%.
Your Art stat permanently decreases by 6. Lost stats can be recovered through sculpting and other art-related activities.
Your level has been reduced by 2. Due to the decrease in level, 10 points have been deduced from your most recently upgraded stat. The stats will be regained once you regain the lost levels.
Please be careful with the sculpture’s life.
Upon death, the sculpture must be granted life again to return its soul.
The sculpture cannot be revived if it has been completely destroyed. >

Weed gave birth to a tremendous monster.

"Sculptural Life Bestowal!"

< Life has been bestowed to the sculpture.
The level of the sculpture is based on your Art stat.
The Art stat is currently 4,109, so the sculpture’s base level will be 588.
… >

< Life has been bestowed to the sculpture.
The level of the sculpture is based on your Art stat.
The Art stat is currently 4,103, so the sculpture’s base level will be 588.
… >

< Life has been bestowed to the sculpture.
The level of the sculpture is based on your Art stat.
The Art stat is currently 4,097, so the sculpture’s base level will be 587.
… >

The sculptures shared up to five attributes with each other, and there were no significant level differences.
Weed's life sculptures began to move.

"So, this is the feeling of being born into this world."
"I need a name… for convenience I will choose Weed-1."
"I'm Weed-2."
"Weed-4 will be mine."

The sculptures were the ones who chose their own names.
Similar sculptures weren't supposed to get along when they met for the first time, but it didn't matter with this group of Weeds. This was because Weed, the original version they were based on, also served as a model for their personalities! They were Weedlings born with all of Weed's behavior patterns and decision processes.

"Ehem. This isn't how it was supposed to be…"

Hegel's hands were trembling badly.

"Capture and kill Weed!"
"Grass porridge! Grass porridge! Grass porridge!"

He was in the middle of the battlefield.
It was hard to keep one's balance as the ground was shaking violently as if a magic spell had exploded nearby. Flying arrows darted down near his feet.
It was a bloody, dynamic battlefield.

"Ugh… I was prepared to die, but this was not what I had in mind! It's too frightening."

Hegel wrapped his arms around his head.

Bella, Rumi, and Nide.
He was waiting to meet his Korea University colleagues from the Virtual Reality program and was suddenly mixed up in the battle.
It was his first time experiencing such a large-scale war.

"This is not the battlefield I imagined."

A significant number of users were dying from ranged attacks, not realizing what had killed them. Some were also massacred by the knight cavalry.

"Soon-jo… Hey, Nide!"

Hegel was glad to see Nide's ghostly entrance.

"What about the others?"
"They're already dead."
"What? Even Bella?"
"Yeah. She died just a moment ago."

Hegel's face became distorted. He was closely acquainted with the swordsman Bella as they hunted together.

"Soon-jo, why are you alive? You are higher in levels, so you should have protected them!"
"Luckily I managed to kill two Hermes Guild members, but I'm a Thief. I wasn't confident in a head-on battle so I escaped. I will engage them again."

Hegel finally examined Nide's condition.
His leather armor was ripped and his dagger was half broken.

"If you re-engage you will die."
"Yeah, probably."
"And this isn't our battle anyway."

Hegel turned his head to Weed in the distance.
As he bestowed life to the sculptural lifeforms, the mass of users nearby burst in a roar.
A brilliant figure praised with the attention of the people.
Weed probably didn't even know that Hegel was here.

"It's Weed, and I only fight for myself."
"For yourself?"
"I follow my heart, so I don't regret it later."
"I see…"

He could see another side of the gentle Nide.
Hegel himself felt that he had lived a life of ease.
He wasn't embarrassed to bow down to the strong and he showed off in front of the weak. All that was left from such behavior was mediocrity.
He didn't see himself as dignified, and had nothing to boast about.

"Do as you feel. No one is forcing you to fight. If you want to survive, survive; and if you want to die, die."

Nide spoke in a composed manner, then charged into the Haven Imperial army formation.
A second later, Hegel pulled out his long-sword.

"Bring it on! I am Hegel!"

He then charged towards the swarming 3rd Legion.

(To be continued)

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