The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 52 Chapter 2 part2

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While the northern users were defending against the 4th and 6th Legions, they were observing the Haven Imperial army gathering up.

"The sun will be up soon."

– Mapan : The movement of the Imperial army has hastened. They are ignoring the risk of being separated and are bypassing the skeletons to increase their speed.
– Hidden Money : Additional enemy forces are arriving within 3 minutes.
– Lemon : The 2nd defense line has been penetrated. Please evacuate quickly!

It was an extensive, breathtaking fight.
Weed and the northern users had to hold their ground until their reinforcements arrived.
The problem was that this was not going to be easy, as the Haven Imperial army was moving swiftly.

"Weed-nim! It is dangerous here!"

A user named Whalefood who was recently appointed as vice-captain, shouted at Weed.

"We have to evacuate now!"
"Be on your way!"
"Weed-nim must escape. We will create a path."

It was chaotic near Weed.

"Reinforcements are coming. Spread out in a defensive formation and hang on for a little longer!"
"We will win!"

The Hermes Guild members from the 4th and 6th Legion were still alive. Each one of them was powerful, so they were able to sustain themselves quite well.
Gross wore the Armlet of Revitalization, which fully healed the user when life force dropped below 3%.
He took a long beating from Weed, recovered his life force, and then hid himself in the crowd of enemies.
However, the Hermes Guild members and Haven Imperial knights revived as greater undead when they were slain.

"I obey the oath!"
"This Death Knight is yours to command."

Over 500 Doom Knights and several thousand Death Knights had been created, making the undead army even more powerful.
The undead force, that was reinforced by Death Aura, was pushing back the Haven Imperial army under the command of Van Hawk and Torido.
Weed remained calm and poured out wide area curse spells, leading the battle to his favour.

"I can see Heiller and Crebulta from afar."
"The generals are approaching with their core forces!"

The northern users recognized the Hermes Guild members drawing near, and screamed.
They were well-known ranked users who were also also famous for appearing often on broadcasts!

'These guys are too quick. They'll get here before our allies.'

Weed had been communicating with his comrades, including Pale.
Users on the side of the Arpen Empire were gathering from all parts of the Garnav Plains, but it was unlikely for them to arrive on time.
Past the swarm of undead, the northern users were surrounded by the Haven Imperial army.
The fact that Myul's 2nd Legion was not attacking but revolving in a wide circle in the sky was also a nuisance to Weed.
A smirk appeared on Weed's mouth.

'Yes. This is what you call a tight spot!'

Recently, Weed had come to think about his life being too mild.
He recalled his experiences in the Plains of Despair, where he led the orcs and warred against the Immortal Legion. It sparked excitement.

'First I need to buy some time. I must reduce their numbers. It is essential for me to target a wide area. Of all my skills, only Disaster Sculpting can make it happen!'

Weed returned to the skeleton mountain and took out his sculpting knife and the Metal of Ruin.
He had acquired the Metal of Ruin after defeating the Gratorgue on the Path of Struggle.
It had remained in his possession after he gave away the other 1st class blacksmith materials to Fabio and Herman.

*Slak Slak!*

Weed began carving the Metal of Ruin.
It was very dense, but he could carve off a bit at a time.
He sat down and began to shape it without rest.

'A mediocre disaster will only be in vain.'

In fact, it was highly likely that the weak northern users would be wiped out first instead.
Therefore, the Hermes guild would have also excluded the possibility of a Great Disaster.

'I will show them why they need to fear disasters.'

The Hermes guild members were gradually gathering in the camp of Heiller's 3rd Legion.
As they closed in on Weed, Slater's, Heroid's and Dain's forces merged.

"Weed is creating a sculpture!"

An urgent report came in from a user from the 6th Legion.

"I don't know what he is sculpting… But it is nothing more than a last-minute struggle."

Heiller swung his sword and blew away the skeletons in a 50m radius with Heat Storm.
The mana consumption was costly, but it was an attack skill that covered a wide area.
Most of the skeletons were destroyed completely and could not be resurrected. However, skeleton after skeleton charged in persistently, as well as the remaining Death Knights.

The 4th Legion and the 6th Legion.
The northern users that guarded this location revived as undead and attacked tenaciously.

"Their resistance is growing heavier, but we are close to where Weed is."
"We shall not lose to Crebulta's side."

The 3rd Legion became the heart of the formation. The 10th, 18th and 19th Legions took the wing positions and broke through together.
There were questions about Dain's combat strength, but the users of the 19th legion opened a path like a honed spear and proved their worth.
Although they were not recognised by the Hermes Guild, they were highly exceptional users in the Central Continent.

"Alright, alright. Everything is perfect!"

At that moment, Neturus and the Doom Knights charging on their Hell Horses came into Heiller's view.

"Defend the front line!"

The Haven Imperial army was run over like haystacks, and the Doom Knights broke through.

"Lay down the path of death!"

Doom Knights were individually powerful monsters, spreading dark auras while on their flying Hell Horses.
They used their dark auras to affect large areas, struck with their weapons, in order to annihilate the Haven Imperial troops.
The Hermes Guild members caught in the path of the knights' charge perished helplessly.
Heiller screamed.

"That is Weed's core military force! We must get rid of them!"
"I agree. If we take care of those Doom Knights, we can quickly deal with the remaining undead."

Slater also agreed enthusiastically.
The skilled users were excited at the sight of the Doom Knights charging towards them.

"Eliminate them!"

Numerous users, the most skilled of the Hermes Guild members, stepped forward.
They gathered around the Doom Knights charge, not in the front, but at the sides and rear…
They tried to close in on the Doom Knights while using attack skills, but the Doom Knights recklessly charged forward.
Their assault was frightening, and those who died at their hands revived as undead.
In most cases, when Hermes Guild members died they emerged as Doom Knights and joined the assault.

< The aura of death is becoming stronger.
The living are intimidated.
The undead in this region will obtain increased attack.
There is a higher chance of spawning greater undead. >

"Use everything at your disposal to obliterate them before the situation turns for the worst!"

Heiller led the Hermes Guild members in the entire region.
They pressured the undead using all their resources, sparing none of their remaining holy water, relics or magic scrolls.
The Doom Knights cavalry got swept away by hundreds of offensive magic spells.
Nearby Haven Imperial soldiers and Hermes Guild members were sacrificed in the blast, but they did not show a hint of hesitation.

"Bone Dragons!"

Two Bone Dragons flew into the battle.
The Bone Dragons, boasting tremendous power and life force, roared and ripped through the Imperial army.

"It is nothing to be feared! It is only an undead!"

Users in the Hermes Guild had countless experiences in raiding boss monsters.
They knew how to divide their roles and lunged relentlessly.
The Bone Dragons and the Doom Knights boosted by Death Aura stalled for more than 10 minutes.
The half-hearted kills led to resurrections, and more of the fallen emerged as undead.

"Good. Only a little more left."

Meanwhile, the Haven Imperial army advanced and closed the distance with Weed.
More northern users fell, were resurrected as undead, and continued fighting until they dissipated completely.
The entire 4th and 6th Legions were annihilated and turned into undead; Gross and the Hermes Guild members managed to escape, but they had lost all their military forces.

"The power of death reigns over this land!"
"Intruders. Taste the power of immortality!"

It was a desperate fight indeed, but Heiller was smiling brightly.

"This is it. There are no more variables in this fight."

A little further and Weed would enter the range of his arrows.
The number of northern users were reduced to a third.
Slater turned his head to the rear and shouted.

"There is a large force of users gathering on the outskirts."
"It doesn't matter. By the time they arrive, Weed will already be dead. Furthermore, if more users continue to gather up… kukuku. All the puzzle pieces will be aligned."

He was filled with excitement from head to toe.
The Alkin Disease!
The most powerful weapon in possession of the Hermes Guild.
The entire Haven Imperial army hunting for Weed was the ultimate objective and bait for turning the battle into victory.
Users scrambled frantically in their quest to save Weed.
If the Alkin Disease were to spread amongst these users, they would all perish indefinitely.

"Yes. With this, the Haven empire will seize control over the entire Versailles continent."

*Slak Slak!*

Weed carved his sculpture with composure.
If the undead could not stall, he would have rushed, but they were buying him considerable time. Northern users were also fighting bravely and giving their lives.
Though this situation was set up without any option to retreat.

"This is a difficult sculpture, but I think I am almost finished."

He cut stones into figures of buildings and humans.
A great sculpture of a city if he left it the way it was.
No state of catastrophe, but his true character was about to be unleashed.
Weed grasped handfuls of dirt with his two hands and sprinkled them gently over the sculpture.

"Summon Xing Xing!"

He called for the wind elemental spirit Xing Xing that he forged himself.

"You have summoned me, your highness!"
"Yes. Use a gentle breeze so that the dirt does not blow away. "
"Understood. My handsome highness of great stature."

Xing Xing created a gentle wind and a whirlpool.
Weed's sprinkling dirt turned into a murky grey cloud and engulfed the city sculpture.

Fine dust!
The most horrific catastrophes of the modern society - sand and fine dust buried the sculpture.

"Still not enough. More over here!"


He applied pressure daringly and created a crevice on the bottom of the sculpture.
Contorted and split.

"There. Now it is complete."

It looked as if he was sloppy, but each time he carved with his sculpting knife he poured in all of his concentration.
It was quite detailed, considering that he had made the sculpture in a hurry.

– Please name the sculpture that you have created.
"The name of the sculpture is Curfew."
– Is Curfew correct?
"Yep. It's correct. It is a piece that reminds us that our bed is the safest haven in this world."

< A masterpiece! You have completed the Curfew sculpture.
A friend of Mother nature!
A piece representing a horrific catastrophe, sculpted by Weed by incorporating all expressions of beauty.
The unfortunate world of humans buried in thick sand is cracking.
The piece was sculpted from a special material called Metal of Ruin and gives off a gloomy atmosphere.

Artistic worth : 26,891.
Special traits : All creatures that stare into the curfew sculpture gain 11% increased life force and mana recovery rate.
– Morale of all units is weakened.
– Increased chances of taking higher damage when attacked.
– All resistance is reduced by 3%.
– Temporarily decreases maximum life force by 10%, but increases all stats by 5%.
– Increases the effects of area damage spells.
– Permanently increases Intelligence by 1.

The effects do not stack with other sculptures.

Number of masterpieces completed: 37
Reputation increases by 21,391.
Art stat increases by 21.
Endurance increases by 3.
Wisdom increases by 1.
Faith decreases by 1.

As a reward for sculpting a masterpiece, all stats gain an additional 1 point. >

< Minne, Goddess of the Earth dislikes this sculpture. >

A perfect sculpture!
He thought he would be satisfied even with an exceptional piece, but he ended up creating a masterpiece.
It was all due to his detailed representation of the disaster itself.

"The most despised and feared catastrophe in modern society. You cannot possibly avoid fine dust. Disaster Sculpting!!"

< You have activated Disaster Sculpting.
Art stat permanently decreased by 20.
20,000 life force and mana consumed.
All stats temporarily decreased by 15% for three days.
Your affinity with Nature decreases.

Disaster sculpting can only be used once per day.
Once you call down a dangerous disaster, Reputation or Notoriety may increase depending on the severity of the damage.
Please bear in mind that you may be killed under a disaster. >

< Metal of Ruin was destroyed. The power of the Great Disaster increases by 60% >

The sculpture shattered into pieces and fell to the ground.

"So, that’s one bad thing done for now."

He picked up the destroyed Metal of Ruin.
The forces that dominated the Central Continent had now all gathered to this location, so he felt that this wasn't enough.
Several Legions were rushing toward one single objective.

"The world has changed. Villains nowadays are competent and are even diligent!"

Weed began carving another sculpture.
He had already used Sculpture Resurrection. He did not wish to face any bigger loss but he had no other choice.

"Whatever. Levels I can grind back again. After all, you only live once."

(To be continued)

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