The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 51 Chapter 8 part1

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– Mapan: Weed-nim. It seems that the troops are gathering over there.

– Pale: The movements of the enemy knights are strange. The knights and cavalry quickly left during the battle.

– Irene: The Phantom Knights ran that way. You must avoid them!

– Surka: It's dangerous there. Come on.

– Lemon: I'm watching. Each of the squad leaders of the Grass Porridge Cult are saying that a large force is moving toward Weed-nim. Though we were blocking them, they were still able to pass through. Hurry and let's go!

Many people sent whispers to Weed.

The Imperial Army, conducting a large-scale battle on the Garnav Plains, ran like a beast that got loose.

"They're trying to catch me. Chwiiik."

The battles he fought today were fresh in his mind.

Twenty Imperial Legions had set up a trap and waited, going as far as summoning a burning meteor without hesitation.

The change in the Haven Empire Army's movement was clearly another attempt at him.

"What did I do wrong?… Chhhwi. I was just trying to keep my back warm and my belly full. Whoo!"

The users heard the news while Weed was lamenting.

"The Imperial Army is coming!"

"Mozori, he's coming here?"

Before they knew it, the sudden movement of the Imperial Army was officially reported on the emergency network of the Grass Porridge Cult.

Myul's Griffon army was also seen flying overhead in the sky by various people.

"Get out of here!"

"It's dangerous here, Weed-nim!"

Nearby users said this in their worry for Weed.

The Northern users had also recognized this place as a battlefield and were gathering around.

Nevertheless, the users scattered across the plain were one or two steps behind the Imperial Army.

'Having twenty legions narrowing down on us at the same time gives them a major tactical advantage over our troops, but it's clear that I'm their only target.’

Weed calmly surveyed the situation.

Even if you suffer at the hand of a swindler, if you get yourself together, there is always a way out!

Of course, if the swindler lays a perfect trap, it's impossible to survive. But there are many variables in this world.

It's not even easy to fry a piece of chicken perfectly.

"We'll stop them. You have to get away right now."
"You can't die here."

"We're fine. You have to survive, Weed-nim."

He welcomed the users' suggestions for making an escape route.


Weed's eyes twinkled with emotion.

It was plain as day what would happen next. Many of the users gathered here would be wiped out.

Countless users would be attacked from all sides and killed.

Weed's fame would fall if his escape got broadcasted.



All the popularity that had been gained so far would vanish into thin air.

Advertising revenue, appearance fees!

Weed's popularity now dug into the hearts of children and their pocket money!

Considering the increase in sales every year from the character business, running away would be the worst thing for numbers.

"We have to stop them for Weed-nim. We hope for everyone's cooperation!"

"Please stop the Imperial Army from coming. Weed-nim, please run away quickly!"

Though it was a short time, a few routing voices could be heard.

'No. I won't falter. I will protect my own. Even if a nuclear bomb falls.'

Weed roared.

– Everyone! The Haven Empire is gathering here!

Though most of the users already knew this, he told them again deliberately.

"Hurry and leave, Weed-nim."

"You should be able to leave now. We will stop them."

The users were determined to make Weed leave.

They thought he would say he'd leave and apologize, but it was the opposite.

– I'll fight to the end. Chwiiik! I won't falter a single step, and I will succeed! Chwiik. Chwi. We will not fail. I will show everyone a miracle. Chwiiiiik!

Weed shouted like he was running for Congress. And then, he raised a sculpting knife to create a miracle.

*Seuk seuk seuk seuk*

He started to sculpt a nearby rock quickly, and the figure slowly revealed a grubby grandfather with a beard.

'Though there is no other solution here, I'll figure something out.'

The nearby users focused on Weed as he roared and continued the sculpture. The Northern users who recognized the figure opened their mouths wide with surprise.

"My God."

"It's him."

"Who is it?"

"Emperor Geihar von Arpen! The first emperor to unify the Versailles Continent!"

The original plan was to restore it after a bit more fighting. Many sculptures were destroyed on the Garnav Plains and a lot of time was required to restore them all.

'Change of plans. Let's unload it all.'

From far away, in the 4th Legion, Calcus and the Hermes Guild members saw him sculpting.

At the same time, countless users were watching over the broadcast.

– The Emperor Geihar!

– Finally, it looks like he will restore the emperor.

– Not long ago, Weed has returned to the days of the Arpen Empire and protected its seashore. That was all in order to revive Emperor Geihar von Arpen here today.

– Who the hell is he?

– According to the data… As a sculptor, the emperor unified the entire continent.

The hosts of each broadcasting station were overflowing with enthusiasm.

With the appearance of Weed, the battle of the Garnav Plains was never-ending.

Though there were important battles going on in many regions, they were not as important as the one Weed was in.

And it grew increasingly more important as the Imperial Army concentrated their forces and the Northern Users followed them.

Perhaps the fate of the Versailles Continent would be settled here.

But the summoning of the Emperor Geihar!

"He pulled out a knife."

Calcus wanted to interrupt him as soon as he became aware of Weed's intentions.

The resurrection of a dead hero was inherently intriguing, but he knew it would be disadvantageous for it to be completed.

"Don't let him finish!"

The magicians of the Hermes guild chanted powerful long-distance magic spells without conserving any of their mana.

"We'll use Flame Magic which is full of diffusion and damage."

"Fire Blaster."

"Flame Shower."

"Fire Buster."

Hundreds of flame magic projectiles were shot across the sky, forming a huge parabola.

Their goal was Weed!

But this time, the Northern users were also fully prepared.

"Let's have our magicians return fire!"

"Let's stop it at all costs."

"Throw your own body if you have to."

Spirit and magic arrows, ice magic… Hundreds of those flew into the air.


An explosion occurred as flame magic collided with all kinds of projectiles.

It seemed as if all the world's fireworks burst at once as they spread through the night sky.

Fire magic burned like a meteor shower and penetrated the atmosphere, breaking into pieces and falling towards them.

"We can stop it!"

"A little more power!"

The magicians shot their ice magic again, and the priests casted protective magic around Weed.

In addition, the users gathered together to form a wall of defense.

They were able to throw themselves forward because Weed had promised to protect them.

"Ugh… No."

"Let's block them. That's what we're going to do."

The wall of users gazed at the approaching magical flames.

The flame magic in the dark night sky became all kinds of fireworks, crisscrossing and dispersing everywhere.

Seeing that they could no longer reach them, the users raised their arms in triumph.


"We did it again!"

Hot rain streaks fell from the sky in the aftermath of the ice and water magic blocking the flame magic.

*Ssuah ah ah ah.*

And while in the rain, Weed did not take a break from his sculpting knife.

The quickly forming sculpture of Emperor Geihar!

Wrinkles at the corner of the eyes and chin, the slightly protruding teeth, everything was intact and being restored.

'He had a big bald spot on his head, can't leave out the small details.'

If you looked closely, Emperor Geihar didn't look that heroic, but there's something you learn from living in society: a normal-looking person can be very scary!

Sometimes, a vicious-looking landlord may feel a little sorry when they raise the rent.

On the other hand, an ordinary-looking man may do it with confidence.

"I'm going to raise the monthly rent by 30,000 won[T/N: about $30], starting this month."

"Old man. Sir. I'm barely making it now. The surrounding market price hasn't gone up either."

"If you're unsatisfied you can leave. You think I can't find another tenant? I pitied you and saved you from staying on the street!"

"For us, 30,000 won a month is a burden. You didn't fix the boiler, either."

"Do you know who dug up this house? Did you so much as shovel when I was building it? Huh? Did you!?"

Weed reminisced about his horrible landlord as he continued working on the sculpture of Emperor Geihar.

It was perfectly normal, yet strange and a little different.

A sculpture completed by quick hands rather than artistry or refinement!

A grandfather with dirty clothes and a beard!

Rather than a hero who unified the continent, he looked as if he had fallen asleep after drinking makgeolli and eating samgyeopsal [T/N: respectively Korean rice wine and pork belly].

Perhaps there was some resemblance to an old man he had seen long ago on some corner.

'I wonder if that grandfather bought some cocoa.'

Though he had only met him for a moment, that grandfather's shoulders looked narrow and pitiful. He was the type that looks hearty at first, but the more you look at him the more pathetic he gets.

"It's going to be hard if he gets older and loses weight. I don't know if he's getting enough to eat."

It was so sad that even the stingy Weed willingly handed over 200 won [T/N: About 20 cents] for him to drink some cocoa.

"The sculpture has been finished!"

"Wow. It's been less than 5 minutes and you've made a human being. Are you a copy machine?"

"He's like a 3D printer. It's exactly like Emperor Geihar."

It was a startling speed to the users who had been watching Weed make the sculpture.

Just a slight movement here and there and elaborate details were made. Body and face lines were formed, and wrinkles were caught.

He could be lacking compared to other artists' artistic sense and creative expression, but when it came to squeezing things together and working speed, he deserved to be called a master.

The myth of the old world!

Weed immediately put his skills to the test.

"Sculpture Resurrection!"

< You used the Sculpture Resurrection skill.
The ruler of a vast continent.
Spreading art widely, and the father of all life forms.
Master of Sculpture, Emperor of Arpen, Geihar von Arpen.
Receiving the calling of art, he will move again on this earth.
Art stat permanently decreased by 45.
Faith stat permanently decreased by 10.
Level dropped by 3.
18,000 life and mana consumed.
The person brought back by Sculptural Reincarnation has the knowledge and ability they had during their life.

They may or may not be grateful for being able to see and move around in the world again for a short time. >

< Your Sculpture Resurrection skill has improved >

The sculpture of Emperor Geihar!

It did not respond for a few seconds.

Although Weed held his breath, Emperor Geihar stretched and let out a yawn as if awaking from a long sleep.

"Euuh ha ah ah am. This is… my student."

"Yes, Master."

Weed bowed his head without hesitation and greeted him.

Just because he could revive him, it didn't mean he would help.

Those resurrected by Sculptural Resurrection did as they wanted.

'In the name of saving the continent, I swindled, bought alcohol, and bought meat. I did everything that was asked.'

In the worst-case scenario, even having to dine and dash!

Although Geihar was the first emperor to unify the Versailles continent, Weed felt a twinge of uneasiness.

While looking around, Emperor Geihar confirmed that the 4th Legion and the users were fighting fiercely.

"This is the battlefield. Just as you said, this moment is that moment."


"They're the bad guys?"

"That's right. They're complete scumbags!"

Weed further explained that the Haven Empire would pay for what they did in the past.

The evil empire, threatening peace on the continent, belittling art and destroying sculptures!

Weed spoke in a grim voice.

"After they take over the land, I fear your great achievements will disappear. Even Yellowy…"

"What! Did the cow die?"

Emperor Geihar's affection for sculptural lifeforms was extraordinary.

He even rode on its back and had an attachment to the nice cow. Of course, Yellowy was very annoyed and forced to let him ride.

"He's not dead yet. But they smacked their lips while watching the cow. They went to get the salt too."

"Beef needs to have salt."

"That's right. You don't need this or that, it's perfect with just some good salt."

"The ribs of a cow are simply excellent. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water."

"I've got some makgeolli [E/N: the Korean rice wine mentioned before] for Master to quench your thirst too."

Weed smiled and brought out a wooden liquor bottle.

Makgeolli as the best bribe! It was a perfect shot at Emperor Geihar's tastes.

(To be continued…)

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