The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 51 Chapter 7 part3

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The spears of broken ice in the sky were shining like snow and falling to the ground. It was truly absurd, how Weed was able to  block the powerful magic with just his sword and resilience.

"Ha ha ha. This is so cool."

Weed thought he heard someone cheer.

'Well. I can sell more of Karichwi the Orc's dolls.'

"Weed-nim is putting his life on the line to protect us."

'To be honest, I haven't put my life on the line. And it's all to make a profit.'

"He's always been that way. People sometimes complain and doubt, but we know that Weed-nim has always been like that."

'Emphasizing the good, hiding the bad, all thanks to you. I've been living so well thus far. But still, to know that I've had such a big influence… This must be why being a politician is so worthwhile.'

"I believe in Weed-nim more than in my father!"

'I must never have a son like him.'

As a matter of fact, it was like he was offering a new blindfold to the users who were already blinded.

"What's with this crazy choice?!"

"You could just avoid them… Are you insane?!"

The Hermes Guild members were also surprised. Though the spells were all aimed at Weed, they expected him to avoid them because they were shot from so far away. Crushing the spears of ice in midair was a feat of great combat ability, but on the other hand the consequences would be lasting. From what they could see, Weed had been hit by at least ten spears of ice.

"But still… wasn't that quite reckless?"

"His health must be low."

"Given the power of the magic, it's amazing he's even alive."

Weed had been hit by several high-level magician's Frozen Spears and he fell to the ground. He was covered in a mass of ice and stumbled.

"This is our chance."

"Let's kill him."

From the Hermes Guild members came out those, who were proud of being amongst the strongest. Like a snake charging and leaping in reaction to its prey, they have closed the distance with their flying magic.

Their goal was Weed of course!

They did not take their eyes off him, as they were moving.

"His body is completely covered in ice."

"I had my doubts, but it looks like it was on target."

"This is our real chance!"

It was a battle for the destiny of the Versailles continent.

Though they couldn't say for sure,  everything could be decided within that short time.

Is that not the moment when history changes?

Hoping to be the main characters, the Hermes Guild members quickly narrowed their distance to Weed.


"It'll end here. I'll be giving interviews at the station. To tell everyone, that he has died by Macaro's hand!

"Take my name too. I'm Twigin."

The Hermes Guild members had a firm sense of self-esteem, fitting those who had conquered the Central Continent.

'The one who arrives first, catches him.'

'Ignore the small fish nearby. That's a complete waste of time.'

'Our forces need to be more alert. No need to share this glory.'

It wasn't long before the Hermes Guild members' confidence was broken.

Weed swung his fist and broke out of the ice with a loud voice. He overcame the ice formation with his high magic resistance and stamina.

'It doesn't matter, you have no health left anyways. One hit will kill you.'

'Try and resist. There's over hundred people here.'

'No matter if you are Weed, it will be impossible to deal with us all at the same time.'

The hyenas united to grasp their best possible opportunity.

The Hermes Guild members at the peak of the Versailles continent gathered together and were force that couldn't be ignored.

Though Weed had broken out of the ice, his condition was certainly not normal.

Decreased health!

Decreased physical ability!

It was a serious decline in attack power.

And… In that moment, tens of thousands of lights in the shape of Karichwi the Orc gathered around Weed.

A bright and beautiful light!

Users of the priest and paladin professions from all platforms lavished cleansing and holy spells on Weed.

<Health has been restored by 382.>
<Health has been restored by 931.>
<Health has been restored by 2,474.>
<Health has been restored by 894.>
<Health has been restored by 126.>




There was a difference in the amount recovered, but all his life was restored. Weed was restored to his normal state, but also received all kinds of blessings. Though it happened a short moment ago, some of the priests who saw him get hit by the frozen spears had made an incantation of self-sacrifice. They had also given Weed a blessing that boosted his defense.

Karichwi the Orc!

His strong body was covered in strength and vitality. His elastic muscles wiggled, and his body was hot as if it was on fire.

"Hu ah ah ah ah ah ah ah."

Weed struck with his axe without hesitation.


With a terrible sound, the Hermes Guild members who arrived first were thrown backwards.

"Uh…. Ah, are you okay?"

The Hermes Guild members who were caught by the axe screamed and were surprised at the unexpected damage.

The armor had absorbed the hard axe hit.

Health was reduced by 7%, but it was all right.

"His attack is weak!"

"Weed. Your legend is…"

Just then, five people surrounded him at the same time.

Weed's body, like a mirage, vanished through a dimensional door.

Then he appeared in a different place and attacked the Hermes Guild members with his Loa Sword.

Cut, cut, chop, and slash.

With each step his shoulders and arms moved automatically, and the movement of his sword did not stop. Drawing a beautiful line, the power of the sword continued.

Instantly, three Hermes Guild members took heavy damage and backed off.

"He's perfectly fine."

"It's more than that."

"The axe is weak, but that sword is real!"

They had thought it was the chance of a lifetime, but they belatedly realized, that they had stepped into the cave of a tiger.

Weed was fully recovered and from close seemed certainly strong.

"Keuh ho ho. But this is the catch of a lifetime."

"Let's not waste time and finish this in one shot."

Hundreds of Hermes Guild members!

Their eyes shared the goal of eliminating Weed and attacked at the same time.

"Mind Rapture!"

"Heaven, Earth and Wind Smite!"

"Iron Rush!"

The Hermes Guild members unleashed their most powerful abilities.

"They're like wild boars."

Weed's head turned quickly. A few skills he could use came to mind. Moreover, a list of equipment passed by like a slideshow.


< Armor of Mother Earth!

Increases your maximum health by 350% and on activation reduces your physical damage taken by 87.4% for 10 minutes. >

Thanks to the holy magic of the priests of the Church of Mother Earth, the sacred power was stored and was possible to invoke it at any time. This armor could even be worn on an orc body. This was because it was the armor of the goddess of the fair land that cares for all.

*Cha la lang!*

Weed took out the armor from his inventory and put it on. With this nice armor, the white and green Karichwi the Orc was akin to a deadly weapon.

"Look here, a champion that does not retreat!"

< The Blessing of Devotion!

A champion who does not retreat. The power of the dragon skin is given to those who move forward on the battlefield. >


The Blessing of Devotion had a very short duration but it could exert a tremendous defense boost, as long as you did not run away.

Weed had tried to save it for Bard Ray, but in the end he decided to use it now.

There were a lot of variables in war, but it was better than wasting the blessing!

'Ah. Did I waste it? That's too bad, but…'

As soon as he used it, he started running quickly to the front. Naturally, there were Hermes Guild members that had to be attacked.

Weed at this time did something nobody could have imagined. A burst of skills, dust and flashes that made it hard to keep one's eyes open. He did not avoid, did not block, and took every hit with his body.

"Heraim Fencing skill."

Weed began to swing his sword.

In the Hermes Guild, there was no awareness of this sword skill. It was normally used against monsters and not users, who were more prone to deflect it.

'You can just block once in the middle, right? Even if you spend a lot of mana, hit them with defensive skills and it's over.'

"I can avoid with evasion skills.'

'I am not a fool; how could I not even dodge one.'

An abnormal skill that only gets stronger with consecutive successful attacks.

Even if Weed had used the skill on the Path of Struggle, it was difficult to use in a real battle.

Let alone against themselves.

*Pu pu pu puk!*

Weed swung his sword in a flash at the nearest enemy.

A sword that penetrates attack and swings at the unprotected user! Merciless strikes were poured out on the Hermes Guild members.


< 1st consecutive successful attack completed. Agility increases by 20%. >
< 2nd consecutive successful attack completed. Power increases by 40%. >
< 3rd consecutive successful attack completed. Agility increases by an additional 40%. >


"Catch him!"

"This way."

The Hermes Guild members were coming at Weed like moths. Because of their greed, they all rushed together at once and were unable to use any area of effect skills lest they hit their own allies.

*Ddaa dak. Puck. Ppak. Pakwang!*

*Gwang gwang! Kwa kwa kwa gwang!*

Weed swung his sword like crazy as he took their blows.

More than 10 times, he struck heavily enough to knock out their eardrums and then became like an uncontrollable storm.

Power and speed.

Combining judgment and boldness, he sent the Hermes Guild members flying into the air at random.

Four or five people per second!

From a distance, the Hermes Guild members seemed to attack in force, then in one moment they were swept away.

Karichwi the Orc's skeletal muscles flexed and generated an explosive force.

Though you couldn't see it clearly, his thick thighs supported his center of gravity and the sword sharply cut through the wind.

After more than 30 attacks, no one was able to stop Weed. Even if the Hermes Guild members were wearing good equipment, if they took hit head-on they would lose their life.

"Ahhhhh. Crazy!"

"What the hell! How is he so strong!"

Combining absolute defensive power with the Heraim Fencing skill resulted in the strongest attack power.

Weed roared like a lion.


A loud roar from a thick neck!

More than 30 people had lost their lives in such a short period of time.

Though Weed's body was littered with direct blows, the Armor of Mother Earth was barely damaged at all.

It originally had the Unbreakable option, and on top of that it could restore its durability on its own by absorbing the aura of the earth.

Weed began to move forward again.

Karichwi the Orc!

Every time he wielded his sword, the Hermes Guild members were crushed like beginners.

"To be this strong…"

"He's crazy strong."

"Don't try to survive! We can't leave this place. If we can create an opportunity, we can catch him."

"Yes. He should be hurt too!"

The Hermes Guild members blindly ran in in the heat of the moment, but really they had no better option.

It was difficult to go back because the Northern users were already present in their vicinity.

Weed, at least in their view, was also quite hurt.

He had already demonstrated tremendous amount of combat power in the battle, though he should have been dead at least a dozen of times.

Like one of his nicknames, the God of War, Weed pressed his attack with strength.

"I have pride. I can't lose!"

"Yes. Weed! This is your grave."

"Let's see the end. Chaos!"

The Hermes Guild members gave up on their defense and did not even look to the safety of their comrades.

They just used all their mana to show off their best skills. It was their best judgment!

If Weed evaded the attack, the Heraim Fencing skill would be stopped.


< Blade Cut!
You were cut by the side of the sword of Mujadin.
Your thick skin reduces the damage.
Health was reduced by 4,281. >

< Sharp Penetration!
A sharp sword pierced your back.
The bleeding doesn't stop!
Health decreased by 7,381.
You will lose 318 health every second until you treat the bleeding wound. >

< The Last Counterattack!
Gisa Duzon countered at the moment of his death.
This final counterattack contains all of his power.
You receive 40,846 health damage.
Maximum health decreased by 7%. >

< Skin Rupture!
Fire magic burns you and your body catches on fire.
Though it is overcome through fire resistance, a part of your skin bursts.
Health was reduced by 7,466.
Endurance weakened by 13%. >

The damage dealt to Weed was reduced by the Armor of Mother Earth and the Blessing of Devotion.

< 747 health has been restored. >
< 912 health has been restored. >
<481 health has been restored. >

< Enhanced Defense!
The Blessings of Rock Skin has been granted.
It makes your skin hard. >

< 9,928 health has been restored. >
< 54 health has been restored. >

< Glory of the Sword!
The Loa Sword emits Lugh's light.
It increases the weapon's damage by 14%. >


Once again, the full healing of the priestly group of northern users!

Weed's body was covered with all kinds of divine powers and was treated neatly.

He recovered several times his maximum health.

"This is cheating."

"Total cheating."

"I can't… I can't fight anymore."

The Hermes Guild members froze.

Karichwi the Orc, that brings the God of War to mind!

He was scarily running and hurling them aside one by one with the Heraim Fencing skill.

In the beginning, only two or three were thrown just slightly away, but now they were all sent flying for 50 to 100 meters.

Goodbye, literally!

Some Hermes Guild members decided, that they would not be able to do it and tried to make a run for it.

However, they were blocked by the northern users.

One down, one more, and another!

Each time, Karichwi the Orc's steps shook the ground as he ran, before he swiftly swung his weapon and dreadfully reaped the lives of his enemies.

"Ooow wah wah ah ah ah ah ak!"

Weed roared again, and at that time the army that gathered to fight the four corps cheered together.

Everyone wanted to become a hero while playing Royal Road.

They wanted to go on wonderful adventures, and to hunt boss monsters.

However, the most fearful and dangerous beings were the Hermes Guild members.

Even in cities, or villages, they were recognized as being special, way stronger than others.

For over one hundred of them to lose their lives to Weed, in the form of Karichwi the Orc, was a great scene.

Looking at the scene from afar, Calcus clicked his tongue.

"Tsk. I was too greedy. I didn't know I would lose like that."

Though they were excellent, they were only a hundred.

Given the 700,000 guild members, it was not a big deal, but it still left a bitter taste.

Calcus had decided not to attack when Weed was frozen.

"It's not easy to win. However, the trap is thoroughly set."

Under the command of the head of the empire, each army of the Imperial army was taking control of the area.

Aside from all the battles and situations, the Imperial forces across the Plain of Renna were gathering here.

"I'll take special care to kill each and every single one of you."


(To be continued…)

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