The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 51 Chapter 7 part2

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Myul, who was leading the Haven Empire's air forces, received a private message.

– Calcus: Come here at once and give us a hand to kill Weed!

Five thousand Griffon Knights.

Besides them, other flying monsters such as Drakes, Harpies, Mechai and Gorghols that were useful in combat were all under Myul's command as well, although they were not carrying any riders. Myul possessed a vast territory in the Haven Empire, and this army of great size was the result of him pouring all of his funds into military forces as per the policy of the guild.

"I want to kill Weed with my own hands."

– Calcus: I am well aware of your thirst for revenge. And I can give you a chance to quench it, too.

"Alright. I'll be there."

Myul gladly accepted Calcus's request for support and ordered his forces to move.

One advantage of airborne troops was their ability to move swiftly without having to worry about terrain features or the presence of other troops on the ground.

"The land looks splendid, my brothers."

"I did not expect such a day would come."

Rangble and Dorkeh, two users of the Second Legion, commented on the scenery below. The Garnav Plain they saw from the sky was full of lights like the night view of a city. They were not only coming from the torches the users were holding, but also from blasts of magical spells and spreading fires. When the Flaming Meteors hit the ground a far distance from them, the whole night sky lit up as brightly as the middle of the day for an instant.

'Casting such a large-scale spell as if it is nothing… Our Hermes Guild is quite insane indeed.'

Myul was one of the power elites of the Hermes Guild, but he did not always agree with every decision the guild had made. The more you knew about the Hermes Guild, the more you found out that the entire guild was controlled by Lafaye and Bard Ray. The rest of the users were merely feeding off the guild's power in exchange for lending their strength, thus forming the base of its military forces.

'A battle that will determine the fate of the continent.'

Myul spoke to his comrades in the Second Legion.

"Let's go. Time to show them how we fight."

"Good. I was itching for some action."

"Let's fly at full speed."

"I'll lead the vanguard, my brothers!"

The Second Legion was organized quite uniquely compared to other Imperial Legions. It consisted of users who were all Myul's companions and possessed great interest in flying. The same users who had been with Myul all the way from the days when he first took up the reckless challenge of taming a dragon formed the core of the Second Legion. Not surprisingly, they boasted excellent teamwork and combat capacity, which gave them the nickname 'a cavalry in the sky'.



Weed, still in the shape of Karichwi the Orc!

He had just stumbled upon a new weapon. He didn't exactly mean to get it, but a warrior user who happened to be nearby dropped it as he died.

< Ridiculously Solid Greataxe: Durability 190/200, Attack Power 45~104
Somewhere in the free cities, there lived a mad blacksmith. He spent more than ten years of his life crafting a single battleaxe. Heating and hammering, then hitting and hammering again… This heavy axe is seriously strong.
Restrictions: Strength 280 or higher.
Item features: Maximum Attack Power increases by 2.5 times when used as two-handed.
If a successful critical hit was dealt to an opponent with great gap in strength, the damage is increased to 200%.
Knocks back weak opponents. >

"Well well, this looks like a fun weapon to wield."

For quite a long while, Weed had been using Kolderim Daemon Sword. It had an effect of weakening monsters, and various other features such as giving extra Strength and Dexterity stats and Magic Resistance. The base Attack Power also ranged from 103 to 211, which meant that this greataxe could hardly be compared to the Daemon Sword. Due to the restriction that one had to use both hands to wield it, as well as the fact that it was a large-sized battleaxe, it could not slash and pierce as quickly as a sword. Nevertheless, Weed found himself quite liking the axe.


The Loa Sword was too light for Karichwi the Orc. Same could be said for Thunder Spear, but this axe provided excellent grip to the Orc's large and ruggedly hands.


After one swing of the axe that swept past like flashlight, the shields that the Imperial soldiers were holding all shattered to pieces. Weed's overflowing strength did not stop at that, and sent about twenty of the soldiers flying.

"This isn't half bad."

The formation of the shieldbearing troops was pushed back, and collapsed into a mess.


Weed lunged at them, brandishing his axe joyfully. He was liberally exerting the strength he had boosted using Sculptural Destruction skill as he was wielding the axe.

Karichwi the Orc, marching forward while breaking through and destroying the lines of shielded soldiers!

"Weed-nim is opening up a path for us. Everyone advance!"

"Hooray, their defense has been breached!"


Through the opening Weed had made, countless users poured in. Like a collapsing dam, once a small hole was made the users began to spread at once. As they involved themselves in combat enthusiastically, an intense battle against the 4th Legion soon broke out.

"I am Gusoon of the Hermes Guild. I challenge you to a duel."

"I'm Weed. Chwit!"

Weed enjoyed the occasional duel against the Hermes Guild members that came at him.

A one-on-one fight!

Among those who had not yet experienced defeat in a duel, there were quite a lot of people who still underestimated Weed.

'He's nothing but a mere sculptor…'

'It must have been through some dumb luck he's made it so far.'

'Even if he is really as strong as they say, I'm still going to defeat him here. I'll become a hero once I get Weed.'

In the form of Karichwi the Orc that was optimized for combat, Weed got to work to give them all a bitter lesson.


He seized victory after victory, beating the living soul out of his opponents with his axe, or striking them with his Loa Sword.


The Hermes Guild members, subject of much condemnation and blames from the people around the world, chose to fight honorably and died one by one.

The top 10,000 users of Royal Road! Once you get to that level, there were quite a few users with notable abilities, those who had honed their basic techniques faithfully and worked on their Skill Proficiencies, not like Ultar and his unbalanced combat style.

"Downward Smash!"

Weed forced his opponent to lose his balance with a swing of his axe.

The difference in size was evident, and this cunning Orc had converted all of his Art stats into Strength by breaking Masterpieces through Sculptural Destruction!

Each time Weed emerged victorious, cheering screams broke out in his vicinity. More and more Hermes Guild members were constantly coming to challenge him to a duel.

'They haven't experienced the world enough. There are surprisingly many pure-minded people among those who are aware that what they're doing is evil. The best way to put them right is to give them a few black eyes.'

Although Weed was engaged in the battle personally, he also had to command his troops against the 4th Legion. Unlike Geomchi and other companions, he was conscious of the battle situation over a large area.

'I need to send reinforcements to the East, but they wouldn't be able to hear me if I give an order from here.'

He was fighting alongside the countless users whose names he didn't know. Even if he managed to find the squad captains and direct them to attack the East, it would be difficult for them to move through the confusing mass of the crowd.

'Which means I need to move myself.'

Weed charged and occasionally changed his position as necessary.

– To the East! Tsschwickk!

"To the East!"

"Let's head eastward!"

"Weed-nim is moving to the East!"

Whenever Weed let out a Lion's Roar, the entire troops moved simultaneously.

As the 4th Legion demonstrated great combat capacity, many users were killed in battle against them. Some stood in the way of charging Imperial knights in an attempt to protect Weed, and others were killed in great numbers by magical attacks.

"Bear Porridge all assembled! We've come to provide reinforcement."

"It's an honor to fight alongside you, Weed-nim. Strawberry and Banana Porridge squads have arrived."

"W-we're… Mineral Water Porridge. Try drinking some clear water with porridge!"

However, the endless stream of newly arriving users was at their back reassuringly. An ever increasing number of Northern and Central users kept appearing to join the fight. Although they had been terrified by the Summon Flaming Meteors spell, the heat of the battle had led them on. This sight of thse users assembling was also clearly seen by the Hermes Guild users and their leaders.

"That guy sure does not lack popularity."

The muscles around Calcus' eye twitched in irritation.

Weed the God of War!

He was the one user who boasted great fame that could match Bard Ray's, but Calcus wasn't going to admit that so readily; it's not true if he says no, even if everyone else in the world says yes.

"Our reinforcement will be here shortly, too. Let's finish it all here!"

Calcus sent out all the Steel Knights that were assigned to the 4th Legion.

Ten thousand Steel Knights, with their infinite stamina and astounding defensive ability!

The Golems made of Steel pushed the users back as they marched.

"Kill them all. This is going to be a head-on match."

A general mobilization order was issued to the entire troops of the 4th Legion as well, so the soldiers began to fiercely drive the users back. The Hermes Guild users also joined in the slaughter, blasting their skills without restraint.

"Weed-nim. I'm a big fan!"

"My blade is yours. Aaargh!"

Although Weed was surrounded with flocks of users following his lead, he could sense the change in the tide of the battlefield. The 4th Legion was deploying all of its troops into the fight. The Mages and Archers were also pouring out all their firepower without any concern for the later battles.

– Mapan: Weed-nim, things are getting serious. All the Imperial troops are moving towards you.

– Pale: We are currently engaging the Imperial forces, but their high-mobility knights have all left the battlefield to head to your position. We're sending reinforcement, but I fear they'll arrive later than the enemy troops.

– Seasoned Crab: Ahem-hem. Seasoned Crab here. I was fighting the 8th Legion, but their main members have disappeared. It looks like they are moving to your position, Weed-nim.

Weed's companions and high-rank users of the Grass Porridge Cult were sending urgent reports on the assembly of the Imperial Army. Among the twenty Legions deployed by the Haven Empire, all the core forces were currently moving to the area where Weed was fighting. The army whose power was without match, the same army that had united the Central Continent, was now focusing its forces in one single position.

This was a decision made by the heads of the Hermes Guild.

– Lafaye: Every Legion Commander will support the 4th Legion as their top priority.

Lafaye gave them mission instructions.

Ultar of the 11th Legion had suffered an unexpected defeat in the duel, but he had still managed to buy a little time. However, Weed with his quick wits had squeezed his way out of the 20th Legion's attack as well as the Summon Flaming Meteors spell.

The Hermes Guild had twice missed their chances, but this was the moment that the Imperial Army was really waiting for as they swept across the Garnav Plain.

"They say the number of users in the Garnav Plain reaches one hundred million… But not all of them can fight in the battle."

As a strategic move, the Imperial Army was going to seize control of every single area in the vicinity of Weed's position. All they had to do was to wipe out Weed and the users fighting with him after isolating them from the rest of the Northern users and other people on the Arpen Kingdom's side by blocking their ways. All of the Empire's main forces that could be moved were heading towards the location where the 4th Legion was fighting. The rest of the Imperial troops started a guerilla warfare in order to stop the Arpen Kindom's users.

"We are going to determine how this battle begins and ends. This place will become Weed's grave."

However, Weed soon saw through the Hermes Guild's trick and used Lion's Roar.

– We are winning. Everyone attack!

The users were rushing about in frenzy.

"He said we're going to win."

"Of course we are."

"Waaaaaah! Let's fight!"

They didn't know if it was true, but it still had the effect of raising their morale and setting a counter fire against their enemies.

The forces of the 4th Legion was beginning their assault while being spread widely rather than huddling in one spot, their artillery blasting off without a pause. On the opposite side, millions of users were dashing in a full sprint, in an equally widespread formation.

A war of attrition: killing and being killed!

"Break them all!

Weed played an active role, swinging the axe with one hand.


"They're using Magic."

Then suddenly, the sound of screaming users was heard; hundreds of spears made of ice were flying at them from the east. As they had been seeking their chance to hit, the 4th Legion had waited until Weed got sufficiently close, then fired magic spells simultaneously.

Weed's brain worked in a flash.

'Frozen Spear. Powerful, but you just need to avoid being hit. It would have been more troublesome if they used flame spells that explode in midair.'

The white, radiant spears of ice possessed remarkable density and destructive power. They most probably chose to use such a strong spell with Weed's Life Force and physical toughness in mind.

'I suspect it took them at least twenty Mages above level 450 to cast it.'

Based on the information about the spells he saw on the Hall of Fame or video sites, he could even make such estimation.

Five seconds to impact!

'I can dodge it.'

Through the power of the Gloves of Dimension Doors, he would be able to avoid the spears like a formless ghost. Or he could just make use of his incredible strength and leap upward from the ground, moving out of the way by dozens of meters. But just as Weed was about to escape,

"Weed-nim! Quickly, run!"

A user with a young looking face yelled.

Just one of the countless many Northern users, but Weed once sold a fox sculpture to him in Morata during the earlier days of pioneering the Northern Continent.

"Um, Weed-nim… I'd like to buy your sculpture."

"There's just one fox sculpture left."

"The thing is, I only have 7 Golds… This wouldn't be enough to buy your work, would it? I'm sorry."


"It is my wish that everyone would be able to appreciate works of art without having to worry about the expense."

"Wow. Does that mean you are willing to sell it to me?"

"Yes. I will sell it for 7 Golds."

And this was how Weed had blatantly overcharged this user when he sold his fox sculpture. The novice user he had met then was wearing old and shabby-looking gloves and cloak, and his armor was of quite humble quality. Even now his level didn't seem high, maybe because he hadn't been occupying himself with monster hunting or adventuring very much. Suddenly, Weed felt bad for taking 7 Golds from this guy. What other people would call a fraud was a mere business practice to Weed, yet in this rare occasion he was feeling a slight pang of conscience, his long and tumultuous history of ripping off customers notwithstanding.

3 seconds until the collision with Frozen Spears.

The icy lances were piercing the air as they flew across dozens of meters of distance.

'If I dodge out of the way now, this person will die. This is a sacrifice I cannot avoid.'

People say that when a person is in mortal danger, fleeting images of their past crosses their mind like a kaleidoscope. And with the pang of conscience Weed was experiencing right now, he had a lot of memories to recall.

Instead of running away like he had originally intended, Weed made his grip firm on his Loa Sword.


The muscles in his thighs bulged like thick ropes, and Weed kicked the ground hard as he jumped. He rose several tens of meters, facing the ice spears in midair.

"Sword Cloning Skill."

Suddenly, Karichwi the Orc multiplied himself into more than fifty clones. The whole sky was now filled with ferocious Orcs.

"Moonlight Sculpting Blade!"

Weed began to parry the spears of ice with his shining sword. With his clones also swinging their swords at once, the spears were shattered into ice shards.

'Too fast, and too many.'

He kept breaking the Frozen Spears, wielding his sword of light while burning his Mana liberally. He brandished the sword in every direction out of pure reflex, not even taking a proper look at the almost dazzlingly number of ice spears that approached him. Incredibly, the spears were broken into tiny pieces and fell to the ground, but some of them found their mark on Weed or his clones. The clones simply winked out of existence, but Weed had to take the full damage of the spears.


< Attacked by Frozen Spears!
Due to your high Physical Toughness and Magic Resistance, the damage has been reduced by 87%.
Your movement speed was decreased by 3.5%
Your body movements slow down by 1.4% >

< The Frozen Spear has hit you in the side.
Your tough skin prevents it from penetrating your body.
Your Stamina has been reduced by 5% as the wounded area freezes.
Your Life Force will take 13,812 points of damage for 5 seconds. >

< You are currently taking continuous hits by Frozen Spears.
Your resistance against ice spells has been temporarily reduced by 8%.
Your general physical abilities diminish as your body freezes.
Occurrence of Status effect possible!
Your Life Force has been reduced by 4,991 points.
You are now feeling a severe fatigue. >

< A series of hits by Frozen Spear!
The merciless ice spell is causing intense ice formation.
You are unable to move your body as the thick layers of ice bind you.
Movement disabled.
Your Life Force will be reduced every second.If you cannot remove the frozen condition in 3 minutes, it will eventually result in death. >

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