The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 49 Chapter 5 part2

The Agoltha Region!

It was the name of the vast grassland to the northwest end of the Central Continent.

When you cross the shallow sea from here you will enter the Northern Continent; and currently there were quite a lot of users flocking to this region that did not have any cities.

The powerful army of assassins, witches and demonic creatures were heading their way towards the north. There might be a big war between them and the Grass Porridge Cult, hence all those users came out to see it.

“I'm really looking forward to this fight.”

“It would be one massive showdown that will determine the fate of the Northern Continent. I think even Weed-nim would have to show up.”

“Yeah, but all those weak beginners would be more cumbersome than they'd be helpful.  I can't imagine how they are going to fight this war. “

“Well, they will eventually win, I mean, they even managed to drive back the EBN Order."

“But everyone had to go through such a hardship during that time, and it also took a long time; if luck is not on their side, this might be the end for the Arpen Kingdom…”

Users from the Central Continent and the Northern Continent alike followed the marching Shadow Army of Palma from afar. The distance between the users and the troops would have fit a mountain, but it was still fun to watch the army of monsters.

“We're selling chicken skewers!”

“I have potatoes. Have some grilled, boiled, and fried potatoes! “

The wealthy users of the Central Continent were enjoying some snacks at leisure in the meantime.  The Northern merchants had already come over and were selling a wide range of food, and they found the stuff very palatable indeed.

“This is Northern wine?”

“Yes, it was made in Morata."

“Wow, no wonder it tastes so delicious!"

“There is also some dried rat meat [1] , one of Morata’s specialties made with fresh rats which were caught while happily running about in the sewers!"

The users who were watching the Shadow Army of Palma noticed that another large army was following after them.

“Who are they?”

“Don't look like the Northern troops, judging by their equipments…”

“I see their banner; it has a burning sword-it's the Imperial Army!”

The Fifth Legion of the Haven Imperial Army!

They had set out from the Castle of Aren, the capital city, and caught up with the Shadow Army. But the task that the heads of the Empire had assigned their Legion Commander Bucking was far from something like the eradication of the Shadow Army of Palma.

Bucking recalled the conversation he had had with Lafaye.

“Weed and the Northern users will have to use all of their strength against the Palma army."

“Yes, I think so too.”

“You need to follow the Palma army, and watch for a chance to strike.”

“You mean the entire Fifth Legion?”

“Yes.  The role of the Fifth Legion is to kill Weed while following after the Palma army, or completely devastate the Northern regions while their users are too busy fighting them. “

“Indeed…” Bucking was very impressed when he realized what Lafaye's intentions were.

'Weed will barely be able to hold off the Palma army alone, so if we show up on top of that…the Arpen Kingdom will be thoroughly trampled. The prosperity it has enjoyed until now would be all gone, only leaving behind a pile of rubble.'

If things all work out in their favor, the Fifth Legion may intervene and achieve an overwhelming victory against the Arpen Kingdom, ending the war once and for all.

'It’s a good strategic move. It seems this clever one knows to prepare for a number of different scenarios.'

* * *

Weed had arrived in the Agoltha region by riding Wy-3.

“Sigh. I've just reached the level above 500, and now I have to suffer this loss.”

For the top-tier users of the Versa Continent, achieving level 500 was one reference point for measuring their strength.

The Hermes guild that had been monopolizing hunting grounds and quests for a long time had quite a lot of users above level 500, but among the other average users, there were only about 1000 of them with levels over 500.

“True, it's got a lot easier to level up after I became a Necromancer, but it’s still a damn shame.”

The hidden card of the Hermes Guild that had just been pulled out: the Shadow Army of Palma!

Weed had tossed and turned in his bed all night, designing the best strategy that can not only stop them, but even launch a counterattack upon them.

And all the while, he was almost beside himself with excitement.

‘I have only ever imagined it in my head until now; it just felt so evil I could not bring myself to actually act on it first, even against the Hermes Guild.”

Weed smiled a mean smile and patted Wy-3’s head.

“Doesn't it make you happy, just thinking about it?”


The large and clear eyes of Wy-3 shook uneasily; what kind of preposterously dangerous plan had his master come up with this time?

“I guess I can tell just you. There is something called Sculpture Resurrection. It revives the person who lived a long time ago. “

Telling all your plans to your pet: a classic move of a token villain in kid's animations!

Weed was now almost humming; he realized that it was actually a very fun thing to do, talking to someone close to you about the insidious plan you have envisioned in your head before executing it.

“Though thousands of heroes must have lived on the Versa Continent, not all of them were good and kind.  Once upon a time, there was a man named Bar Khan, a sorcerer of darkness.”

Wy-3 wondered who he would be for a while, then recalled the master of that precise name and screamed.

– Screeeeech!

Bar Khan Demoff!

There was the time when wyverns were born only to be dragged into the battle against the immortal legion led by Shire, Bar Khan's student.

The one who was at the very pinnacle of dominance over the perpetually rising undead army!

“It is as you think. I will revive Bar Khan.”

– No. master.

“Yes.  And no matter what reason you have against it, it won't change my mind.”

– Why?

“Because when I'm told not to do something, I just want to do it more!"

Weed’s plan to fight against the Shadow Army of Palma was to resurrect Bar Khan.

Having succumbed to the dark mana, Bar Khan Demoff was an awfully dangerous and treacherous being to deal with.

The desert warrior Hestiger might be of some use as well, but the person who had been revived once could not be called again; so it had been the final parting with his former subordinate, never to meet again. If his skill level in Sculpture Resurrection got higher it might be a different story, but even then Weed thought it would be quite impossible.

‘It is a war. Bar Khan would be a better choice than another subordinate during my time as the Great King of the Desert.'

There was nothing in existence that could match the capabilities in warfare Bar Khan and his Immortal Legion possessed. In addition, just reviving one person will bring a comprehensive gift set of an army of immortals as a package product.

‘The deadliness of them would be… Well, it was sold at an expensive price, I can say that much. ‘

He had already sold the exclusive broadcast rights to the KMC media and several broadcasting stations when executing his Bar Khan Plan.

Weed took out the carving knife and began to sculpt using a nearby rock.

‘What's there to lose? The rest will work out somehow once I've done it.'

Scrape scrape!

Pieces of solid stones were being cut off with the fluid dance of the carving knife, moving as part of his body.

The sorcerer of darkness and the ruler of the immortal army.

The statue of the wizard Bar Khan, right before he turned into a lich, was complete.


Now that he had actually finished sculpting, Weed's heart was beginning to pound. This was not an easy person to handle, like his loyal Hestiger; an extremely dangerous being that wouldn't be easily swayed even by Weed's skills in flattery.

“I can just raise him and run off. This is the best plan I can think of. Sculpture Resurrection!"


– You have used Sculpture Resurrection skill.

-Bar Khan Demoff, the Sorcerer of Darkness and the Lord of Undead, will walk upon this land once more by the call of art.

-Art stat will permanently decrease by 45.

-Faith stat will permanently decrease by 10.

-Your level has been lowered by 3.

-18,000 points of Life force and Mana have been spent.

-The person revived by Sculpture Resurrection has the knowledge and abilities they possessed in life. They may be grateful for being able to see the world and move around in it once again, albeit for a short time, or they may not.

-Your skill proficiency in Sculpture Resurrection has increased.



The resurrection of Bar Khan!

As soon as he moved, Wy-3 spread his wings wide.

– Farewell, master!

“Wait! Take me with you too!"

Weed revived Bar Khan Demoff using his Sculpture Resurrection skill, and ran off with Wy-3. The mages were so intelligent that it was often difficult to manipulate them by simple means as it was the case with Hestiger; so Weed chose to just let him be, not willing to take the risk of failing to persuade him.

– So you don't have to do anything from now, master?

“Yeah. As they say, man proposes, God disposes." [2]

– Those words are difficult to understand.

“It means when you buy a lottery, you have to wait until Saturday."

Weed observed the ground while flying high in the sky on the back of Wy-3.

Life was slowly instilled into the statue of Bar Khan Demoff, until finally it came alive.

Although he was just a pale man in a black robe, he was the one who once led the whole Versa Continent into chaos.

‘Now. What will happen?'

A short while after Weed and Wy-3 fled into the sky, the ground began to shake.

The Shadow Army of Palma.

Witches, assassins, and giant demonic creatures were rushing to the place where Bar Khan had just risen in order to get to the Arpen Kingdom.

‘And now they have met.’ From his position high above the ground, Weed could notice that the Shadow Army was making the first move after spotting Bar Khan; several large demonic creatures tore out of the rest of the troops, dashing their way to trample on Bar Khan who was standing in a plain.

“Indeed.  Neither side needs a friendly conversation or persuasion.”

The massive creatures approaching from afar towards the sorcerer.

Bar Khan, who had been standing blankly after his resurrection, raised his hand and gestured towards the creatures.

“Bind them.”

Thorned vines grew from the ground with an enormous speed, covering the creatures' bodies like a net.

– Grrrraaagghh!

The vines were growing layer upon layer, tightly gripping the monsters and making them unable to move.

“Destruction of Flesh. Crash their blood and bones."

As Bar Khan uttered an incantation, the magical curse took its effect.

The demonic creatures howled in pain, and soon after, they perished, unable to endure the agony. Then their bodies disintegrated and turned into hundreds of skeleton fighters.

There was something inherently different about those skeletons from the ones Weed had summoned so far. Frightening red glows were coming out from their empty skulls, and they were wearing powerful armors made of bones.

“Krrr… “

“I gaze upon thee, Master of Immortality.” The skeletons bowed politely to Bar Khan at once like some sorts of royal knights, and soon began to fight against the demonic creatures.

Although the skeletons were overpowered by the strength and size of the creatures, they spread out systematically into a battle formation. The skeleton warriors directly pit their strength against the creatures in front, while the archers ran around and shot arrows.

Even as their bones break and shatter, the fighters climbed up to the bodies of the creatures and furiously slashed their swords. The broken skeletons repaired their bodies in less than a second only to hurl themselves into the fray again and again.

The battle of the undead, with their endless life force.

The skeletons were continuing their fight in frenzy, overwhelming the demonic creatures one at a time. Those creatures that fell on the ground seemed as though they were caught by a curse, their bodies disintegrating and turning into about 40 or 50 more skeletons.

In no time, the skeletons multiplied themselves in numbers that reached several thousands.

“There is a wizard who's blocking our way.”

"Get rid of him.  We'll lead him to the path of death. “

As witches and assassins arrived, the battle began to grow in scale even more.

“Exploding Worms!”

“Grim Whispers!”

“Deepening Hate!” The witches attempted to blast Bar Khan with all kinds of attack spells and curses. The purple aura was pouring in like a wave, but Bar Kahn blocked the magic before it reached him with gestures and incantations, and put a powerful curse in reverse.

“Inhale the breath of the inexhaustible poison.”

Soon the witches were wailing, clutching their necks.

The invisible assassins quickly penetrated the battlefield and snuck onto him, but there was a wall of souls built around Bar Khan that was made of screaming demonic creatures.

– Aaaaargh!!!

The assassins were caught in the wall of souls, and perished after suffering a great pain.

Their bodies rose again as Doom Knights: the knights from hell who had sworn an absolute obedience to Bar Khan. And it was not just any ordinary Doom Knights; each of them was a sub-boss level monster, with a name of their own.

“Give us an order, O Ruler of Life and Death.”

“Wipe them out.”

"As you wish.”

Doom Knights stormed towards the Shadow Army of Palma. As they ran, all sorts of strengthening enchantments were being put on them by Bar Khan.  The perfect 'golden-spoon [3] ' undead that are equipped with everything from the moment of their birth!

Weed saw that some red energy was coming out of the bodies of the assassins and witches who had lost their lives by the Doom Knights, to be absorbed by Bar Khan.

“It seems he is sucking life force and magical power from them.”

– Is that dangerous, master?

“Yeah.  When a wizard is gathering his mana, there's only one reason for it: he is getting ready for something huge.”

Weed put his hand into the backpack with a serious face, then pulled out a dried apple and chewed it.

“You've got to have some snacks when watching a fight!”

– If you have some horse meat…

“Here, eat.”

– Thank you.  master.

“That's the riding fee for this year.” Weed and Wy-3 continued watching Bar Khan's fight at leisure.

‘He’s a dangerous person, but as long as I don't get involved in his affairs, there's nothing to fear. Anyway, this Sculpture Resurrection is quite handy, since its effect only lasts for a day. It's really convenient to be able to call and make use of him like this.'

In fact, at one point Weed was considering resurrecting Bar Khan in the place where the Hermes Guild was; he was not the one to let any damage done to him slide by without any retribution. But he had to restrain himself, since there was a possibility that the Hermes Guild, with their enormous strength, would simply hunt down Bar Khan by showering him with divine spells or some other means. Weed himself had succeeded in defeating him once, although he had got some help from Geomchi and other Geomchi brothers.

"Although…he does seem to have gotten stronger since then."

Bar Khan’s undead legion only increased in number over time. In the beginning their number was not enough to match even a tiny portion of the Shadow Army of Palma. But the number and quality of the undead increased exponentially as the battle went on, until eventually their strength seemed to be toe-to-toe against the Palma army.

And then this delicate balance of the battle swung towards Bar Khan in a blink of an eye.

As the undead began to overwhelm, the powerful and dangerous card that the Hermes Guild had pulled out, the Palma Shadow Army, was collapsing from everywhere.

“That's undead for you…” Weed watched on in awe.

His strategy in battle engagement was a textbook Necromancer approach. The disadvantage in number means nothing; it will sort itself out in your favor as the battle continues.

As Bar Khan managed to summon a Bone Dragon from the gathering corpses, they had to distance themselves even further as it became too dangerous to stay where they were and watch.

“Is a Bone Dragon normally this easy to summon? His specs are getting a bit suspicious now. “

– The Master of the Immortal Legion, Bar Khan Demoff has made his appearance and is now driving off the Shadow Army of Palma.

– Look at the sky.  Those are Weed and Wy-3.

– Weed the God of War showed up!

– Weed has brought Bar Khan from death.

– Weed manages to foil the evil scheme of the Hermes Guild with a brilliant move!

The broadcasting stations that had been monitoring the Shadow Army of Palma began their live coverage of the battle, and the users who had been following them closely also cheered in delight.

“It's a war! And even better, it has undead!”

“All the high-class undead units are here.”

“That is the Immortal Legion. Look at how powerful their skeletons are.”

Of course, the users had also retreated to a far place in order not to be seen by Bar Khan.

Each time Bar Khan’s undead summoning magic unfolded, dozens of Death Knights and Doom Knights have appeared. Not only the bodies of the witches, assassins, and demonic creatures, but the bodies of the animals buried long ago beneath the ground rose to become undead as well.

Weed smiled contently, observing that the number of the Shadow Army of Palma had reduced to a mere one tenth of their original amount.

It was a good time to stop spectating and leave; he ran out of the dried apples, too.

“All is well now.  Bar Khan and his immortal army will drag this Agoltha region into chaos."”

…Even though they will disappear as soon as the spell's time is up.

It was possible that the Hermes Guild did not know that the time limit for Sculpture Resurrection is short.  If so, the Fifth Legion that had been following the Palma army would rush into the battle before the undead gains even more strength.

“When fighting the Immortal Legion, you need to make them collapse from within or try to hit them unexpectedly. It would be near impossible to beat them with a frontal attack, and if you don't have any divine spells with you, it is best not to touch them at all. “

Bar Khan was the greatest Necromancer in history, and his capabilities in directing a battle was incredible. Not long after, even Palma himself, the commander of the Shadow Army, suffered in great pain with dozens of curses put on him by Bar Khan, and finally lost his life by the coordinated attack from the Bone Dragons and the Doom Nights.

Even as they tried to flee, due to the prison of bones that shot up high into the sky like a pillar of a temple, not a single troop of the Palma army managed to escape; everyone met their horrible demise, surrounded by woeful screams of the specters.

-The Shadow Army of Palma destroyed!

– Bar Khan Demoff has exterminated the entirety of the powerful demonic creatures. No, let me correct that. He turned all of them into undead.

– An unbelievable fight.  Bar Khan finished his battle completely untouched.

– So this is the true capabilities of a Necromancer in battle…it is truly marvelous.  Of course, there are big gaps in strength among swordmasters, too, so one would not be able to reach that level of power just by mastering the undead summoning skills…

“Looks like my job here is done now.”

Weed was about to leave, intending to let the aftermath of the event unfold itself. At that moment, Bar Khan, who was on the ground, muttered in a low voice.

“This pitiful body … failed to overcome death.”

The body revived by Sculpture Resurrection.

Bar Khan precisely identified the limitations that body entailed.

“I shall save the eternal life of immortality from death.

With the power of the endless mana, I will transcend the very boundaries of life and death.”

More details from the translator

[1] This is actually a rather common word-play joke in Korea. The original Korean word for this delicacy is pronounced "Jui-Po", and it is not made with rats; it is actually a dried filefish fillet. But since the word "Jui" means "rats" in Korea, (and "Po" usually refers to fillets) people often joke that it is made with rats. Except in this case it IS made with rats.

[2] A famous Chengyu (Chinese character idioms) originating from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It basically means once after everything that can be done by a man is done, then the rest depends on the will of God. Weed explains this meaning to Wy-3 by using an analogy, saying that once you bought the lottery ticket, all you can do is just wait until Saturday (when the lucky number is revealed).

[3] An internet jargon that became sensationally common, especially among the younger generations of Korean. Basically this refers to people who were born with 'a golden spoon in their mouth', which means the people who were born wealthier than others. The expression has a wide variety of variations, the most common of which is 'dirt-spoon', which basically means the opposite of 'golden-spoon'.

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